Unlike the bad idea to make the movie that inspired the lede today, this weeks update is chock full of useful stuff for you. No, not you Magoo, you already know all the bonus content, but I know you are chomping at the bit to talk about bad 80’s movies. Seriously, even if you have no chance to appear on any of these lists, there is good stuff for RCL strategy, or really any game starts and/or “daily moves no limit on games played” leagues. Damn, that’s a mouthful… and finger full? That’s what I said! I don’t want to hear all the blah blah blah about your tough home league or H2H mumbo jumbo. This is RCL snitches! Before I get to the content, I have to humor my colleague the Big Magoo. He has a thing for bad 80’s horror flicks like a have a thing for bad 80’s b-movie comedies and all their gratuitous boob shots and short shorts. Saturday the 14th combines all those elements in the worst possible way. Silver lining moment of the flick was the appearance of Jeffrey Tambor. It was so bad they decided to make a sequel years later that was worse than the original. If these movies wanted to get it right, they would of gone the Transylvania 6-5000 route. Anythehoo, enough of all that, on to the update…



RUNS 60 Truth Hurts Hunter’s Hitters
HR 22 The Schmohawks Original Recipe 2015
RBI 72 The Schmohawks Original Recipe 2015
SB 16 Team bjorklundBack Pew GENERALS 3 Don’t even remember last yearLester’s RCL #3
AVG .349 Fevered Vorhees X Euro Razzball
K 91 No Chickensit FUBAR
W 11 Victoria Rockets DriHeat
SV 12 Seattle RocksTeam bartenKung Pao PandaStick it in my TeholColicky Fuddruckers CharlieHustlersRiverboat FantasyTake on Jay #7The Filthy Spawn of BeddictThe Razzies Challenge
ERA 0.39 Brawlin’ Brien Taylors Jawns

* ERA and WHIP are based off 40 innings pitched minimum

For the third time this season the HR leader and the RBI leader are one in the same. What a great week from one of the OG RCL leagues playas’. Hey look! A five way tie in saves. Is it me or does it feel like we have a massive tie every week in one category or another? Does any one even really care besides the names that get on the list? Kidding, I know everyone who misses out is green with envy. Everything else is pretty standard for the update until we get to the bottom of the list. Brawlin’ and Carnac have recorded the best ERA and WHIP on the year. I know, pretty exciting stuff, balloons are dropping and baby’s are smiling everywhere. Speaking of babies, congratulations to old school Razzballero Royce! on the birth of his second child.


The RCL Top-10, Week 14

This is the best around!… For the season… so far. Do you want to be Daniel Larusso? Then you got to beat all the Cobra Kai’s and win the All Valleys RCL Championship. Word around the office is that the grand prize is Sky jumping out of a cake in your living room and doing a strip tease to the the tune of Moment of Truth by Survivor. The table below contains the rank, team name, league name, RCL points, League Index and League Points.

1 Unpainted Arizona HA! 116.33 103 110.5
2 Wake Up FCL 111.65 108 94.5
3 Backdoor Sliders Razzball Champion’s League 111.00 106 98
4 RA the Rugged D ickeys King Ralph’s Emporium 109.93 102 107.5
5 Big Magoo Take on Magoo 107.73 101 108.5
6 Astros to Mouth Spiders and Snakes 107.41 100 109
7 Soler Powered Two Out Rally 107.33 102 102.5
8 drunc orks Euro Razzball 104.83 99 109
9 I’ve got Wood. … Phrasing! Take on Jay #1 104.46 102 98
10 Wood Street Wonders Blues Odyssey 104.18 102 102

Razzball Commenter Leagues 2015 MASTER STANDINGS

Well, would you look at that. Wake has finally jumped up to second place sliding past backdoor by the slimmest of margins (0.65 pts). RA the Dick holds tight again to the 4th spot while our bear/bull master the Big Magoo jumps up to 5th. Astros to Mouth jumps two spots to 6th while Soler Powered falls two spots to 7th. The drunc from Euro Razzball holds steady in the top ten for another week while I’ve got Wood makes a return to the top and newcomer Wood Street Warriors rounds out the top 10. Great job everyone, keep up the good work.

RCL Strategy Stats


Last week I popped in K/9 when I did category leaders…so far. I thought it would be a good idea (I also got a little nudge from Grey) to go in depth about K/9 and AB’s. I’ll talk about AB’s below with the other table. K/9 is how we create an apples-to-apples relationship between the teams in the RCL. I like to take it a step further and try to stay up on my K/GS ratio as I never want to fall below 8. Obviously the more starts we make the lower that ratio gets, but staying as close to 8 as possible is important. I achieve this by only keeping 2-3 high quality starting pitchers on my team, have a shizz ton of bullpen arms (closer + high K/9 MR’s), stream high K/9 middle relievers whenever I can, and stream starting pitchers heavily after June 1st when we have lots of data to make our calls. You can also employ the services of the Stream-o-Nator who from what I hear will be doing our taxes next year too. When you are playing in the RCL’s, the game starts average should be roughly 30 a month, you can stay low early but better ramp it up after the break. For the list below I did filter a few teams out to keep it relevant. Teams on the list needed to have at least 600 K’s and have at least 70 league points. We have one team from the top ten (Soler Powered) one of the all time great RCL players Mauled by Pandas (Odin’s Virulent Man Beard) and myself ( You Got SKUNKED).

Team League Lg Pts K’s GS K/9` K/GS
Suck It DriHeat 89.5 797 72 10.6 11.069
Soler Powered Two Out Rally 102.5 803 84 10.3 9.559
Evil Evies They Call Me Au Shizz 70.0 631 59 10.1 10.694
Yo Mama So Uggla Pretty Hate Machine 90.0 744 87 10.0 8.55
You Got SKUNKED JFOH Hearts Tristan 88.5 606 49 10.0 12.367
Richmond Braves Take on Jay #3 72.0 771 95 10.0 8.115
Slump Busters Saskatchewan 96.5 781 87 9.9 8.977
Odin’s Virulent Man Beard Razzball Champion’s League 80.5 717 69 9.9 10.391
Melvin’s Kids Skunk Beard 83.5 827 103 9.9 8.029


The batty call is the key to any successful run at a league title. Unless you play standard yahoo, which sucks, that does a limited game starts per position…BLAH! I went to Rudy on this one and I wanted to quote him, even though he said I didn’t need to: My research has shown that maximizing AB’s is the #1 most effective way to improve your fantasy team’s hitting success that is completely in your control in daily roster change leagues. Comparing team ABs gives some indication which managers are grinding the most. The link I posted is one of the most important reads for RCL players. We always have the hitter-tron at your disposal but there are other ways of making the calls. I hit up Magoo and Sky on a group text to collaborate on this subject. Here is a run down of things to consider when making a batty call: exploitable splits, manager lineup tendencies, ballpark factors, pitchers to stack and attack, speedsters going up against starters who struggle to control the running game (Lester, Burnett, Ross), and of course hot schmotatoness. To be honest, if you are paying attention to Grey every day there are many batty call hints to jump on. If you notice, on the list below, are players from 6 of the highest indexed RCL’s.

1 Backdoor Sliders Night of the Living Zombinos 4229
2 Kid A FCL 4187
3 Backdoor Sliders Razzball Champion’s League 4181
4 Mully Gann Jr. RCL FIPping the Bird 4180
5 Big Magoo ECFBL 4177
6 Johnny Utahs Razzball Champion’s League 4175
7 Crimson Fratellis Take on Jay #5 4172
8 NY NLF JFOH Hearts Tristan 4165
8 The Knudsens Cougs R Us 4165
10 Razzball Sky RCL ‘Perts 4156

Top Offensive Performances of the Week

Team League H AB Ave R HR RBI SB
The Schmohawks Original Recipe 2015 97 327 .297 53 22 72 7
Simply Fred The Game of Throws 107 329 .325 51 17 62 7
Truth Hurts Hunter’s Hitters 106 347 .306 60 15 48 12
PT Bruisers Hodgepadres ‘R’ Us 107 335 .319 55 15 51 10
Bama Bruisers Dan Carlin’s Hardcore Fistery 106 304 .349 48 13 48 10
Miami Minotaurs Freebird 103 305 .338 56 16 47 6
Chooing on Billys Beane The Lords of Sarcasm 95 314 .303 48 20 51 9
Lubbock Lobster Ghosts Pretty Hate Machine 98 298 .329 47 13 54 9
Lawrenceville Lookouts DriHeat 90 285 .316 49 16 52 8
Fevered Vorhees X Euro Razzball 105 301 .349 46 9 53 10
I. Bulldogs Jay’s Family and Friends 82 279 .294 44 20 47 10
Indiana Candy Stripes CharlieHustlers 92 306 .301 53 18 54 5
Fevered Vorhees II Hoodie Dreams 94 310 .303 42 16 54 10
Team MacDonald RCL FIPping the Bird 95 301 .316 45 13 58 8
I’ve got Wood. … Phrasing! Take on Jay #1 92 330 .279 57 20 51 5
Fevered Vorhees V Smokey’s Den 99 309 .320 46 11 44 13
Fevered Vorhees VI Eff fWAR 88 320 .275 46 16 62 9
Rookie Monsters Beddict’s Brood of Bros 99 304 .326 53 11 47 8
kumamoto expungers The Captains of Outer Space 103 344 .299 51 13 47 11
Team walker Johhny’s Bench 98 314 .312 49 10 48 12

Top Pitching Performances of the Week

Team League IP ER ERA K BB HA W WHIP Saves
Vancouver Rockies Vancouver 93 11 1.06 60 26 55 8 0.87 10
Vin and Pam Revue Spiders and Snakes 89 10 1.01 66 20 53 8 0.82 4
Vancouver Rains The Underground 81.2 9 0.99 49 19 48 8 0.82 4
Steve Garvey Is My Daddy Jay’s Family and Friends 68.2 8 1.05 53 8 35 7 0.63 8
Al Ghul’s Sandman Flute Dan Carlin’s Hardcore Fistery 70.2 6 0.76 58 15 46 8 0.86 1
Uncle Red Razzball DC 86 13 1.36 72 20 67 9 1.01 4
Team Lyon Original Recipe 2015 66.2 6 0.81 57 16 49 6 0.98 7
You Best Not Miss SchmidtHeads 72 10 1.25 57 15 43 8 0.81 6
Melvin’s Foot Take on Jay #5 61.2 7 1.02 57 10 29 5 0.63 8
Seattle Rocks CharlieHustlers 74 12 1.46 46 20 43 6 0.85 12
AK FortySevens Night of the Living Zombinos 75 11 1.32 61 19 43 6 0.83 5
Buge Hoobs Beddict’s butth*le pleasures 84.1 15 1.60 70 11 54 7 0.77 3
Team Riner Hodgepadres ‘R’ Us 66.1 7 0.95 66 11 36 4 0.71 1
illinois cardinals DriHeat 68.2 7 0.92 62 15 45 5 0.87 0
The Chosen One The Filthy Spawn of Beddict 65.2 7 0.96 52 11 47 5 0.88 5
Vin Regal Saskatchewan 81.2 15 1.65 60 16 52 7 0.83 7
Victoria Rocks Take on Jay #2 95 18 1.71 60 22 68 7 0.95 4
Wood Street Wonders Blues Odyssey 84 16 1.71 66 10 60 9 0.83 4
Full Baked WET TAIL!! 71.1 10 1.26 76 17 42 7 0.83 1
It’s A Shartnado!! Upton my grill 69.1 10 1.30 56 15 47 7 0.89 7




  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Great stuff, JFOH! Nice strategy stuff… Very important for all daily leagues, not just RCL

    • J-FOH says:

      @Grey: Yes it is…unless you pkay stupid yahoo format which I prefaced in the opener. And here I thought you came in to talk up really bad movies

      • Grey

        Grey says:

        Frank Grimes turned me on to a podcast which only talks about bad movies, How Did That Get Made, pretty hilarious…

        • J-FOH says:

          @Grey: that’s a good one. Been listening to it for a couple of years now. Has the two guys from the league hosting it. Sorry I didn’t tell you about it before. The one about the movie Toys is great

          • Grey

            Grey says:

            Ah, nice!

  2. Cram It says:

    Hey look at me, I made the top pitching performances of the week. Best K/9 on the board! I’m going to print this out and put it on my fridge…

    Oh yeah, and good read JFOH.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Cram It: which one are you? The k/9 is for the season

      • Cram It says:

        @J-FOH: Full Baked. Not the season K/9. I had the best strikeout rate of the top performers of the week.

        • J-FOH says:

          @Cram It: ah gotcha, good to see you do the math

  3. Joe Shmoe says:

    Thanks Mr. J-Foh,
    Really helpful strategy for the 2nd half…I’m at about 80 starts and have some decent MR’s…am not sure what happens when the other players hit 180 starts…What usually happens? Big sell off? Pitching dump? It sounds like an RCL apocalypse movie waiting for a script.

    Should I add to my three pitchers? Or should I pick up more MR’s? Oooo the drama!

    • J-FOH says:

      @Joe Shmoe: add MR’s and drop them for streams. its going to be a very roster churning process.

  4. GhostTownSteve says:

    Pretty spot on JFOH. I’d say the one place I diverge is I never “streamed” middle relievers. In the very beginning of the season I would add/drop almost daily as I waited for the pecking order to shake out. By about mid-May I’d usually have a stable of 8 and I’d only add/drop for non-performance, or looking for guys who might get the upgrade to closer. I think with relievers their usage is unpredictable enough the that you have a low hit rate for usage and because you’re fishing in the deeper end of the pool you increase your risk of a whipping. So I lean more to the buy and hold side there.

    • J-FOH says:

      @GhostTownSteve: good point, I stream MR less later unless I have a hole ( no streamer for the next day or two) and the MR hasnt been used in a few days. Thanks for adding to the conversation

      • GhostTownSteve says:


        Another thing to mention, I used to check my streaming effectiveness in RCL all the time. If you go into the “active stats” tab for your team on the ESPN site you get a list of every player you’ve used in a season. You can actually copy and paste directly from that page into a spreadsheet and run the numbers. If you sort from most games to fewest you can create a line between who your “streamers” are and who your regulars are to get a feel for how well you’re streaming. Another good thing to do is to go to the weekly totals periodically and check your ABs. Looks like 300 ABs per week is the minimum bench mark for success. If your falling below you’re not grinding it hard enough.

        • J-FOH says:

          @GhostTownSteve: I do that with the pitching, but never looked at the AB’s in that way. Good stuff, you are the master…of your domain

          • GhostTownSteve says:


            Gaming the RCL was essentially the birth of my fantasy number crunching hobby. Forever grateful.

            • J-FOH says:

              @GhostTownSteve: those classes you mentioned sound pretty cool, what does it cost?

              • GhostTownSteve says:


                The price is right, Bob. Freezies. Designed and led by and MIT prof, who doubles as the SABR instructor for Tufts experimental university. Has mentored a bunch of people who now work for big league clubs.

                • GhostTownSteve says:


                  And they set up the SQL sandbox for you so you don’t have to license any software either.

    • Wallpaper Paterson says:

      @GhostTownSteve: I streamed middle relievers quite a bit last year. My two RCL teams still blew. I think I did not have enough quality hitting or starting pitching.

  5. Great White North says:

    I have to smile reading your strategy. I am new to roto play, having been exclusively in suckass head-to-head leagues for years. I would usually be the only guy moving in MRs and streaming everything like crazy, and winning. Every year I would have multiple complaints against my streaming style, how my churning was ruining the game. Churn seems to be a dirty word in head-to-head play.

    I love to churn. I love roto. I love Grey, J-Foh, and GhostTownSteve. That is all.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Great White North: thats awesome, I used to be accused of churning and how it wasnt fair.

      Playing H2H is the worse

      • Great White North says:

        @J-FOH: Nevermore

  6. Buffalo Soldier says:

    Great write up on fantasy strategy with total at bats being important. Would you agree that in OPS leagues, total plate appearances would carry the same importance? As far as bad 80’s movies, I offer the classically bad Silent Night, Deadly Night. A movie that is made for the holiday season with killer Santa Claus.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Buffalo Soldier: good call on the flick, on the strategy i couldnt give you much insight because I dont play those type of leagues. I would assume its the same

  7. Great White North says:

    SLC Punk

    • J-FOH says:

      @Great White North: i actually thought that movie wasnt that bad, it reminded me of some of my friends. besides it was way past the 80’s. Now Surf Nazis must die would qualify

  8. A Hill O' Beans says:

    I LOVED Saturday the 14th when i was a kid! What a great movie…..until I watched it a few years ago and was like, what the hell is this crap? I don’t know what happened. Another great 80’s movie was House. I’m pretty sure, like they did with most 80’s horror movies, they made at least one sequal too.

    I saw the mention of checking your streaming stats in the RCLs up above, and it’s been a while so I figured I’d go have a look. Isn’t this supposed to be the year of the starterpocalypse?

    48 GS / 307 IP / 19 W / 241 Ks / 3.14 ERA / 1.09 WHIP

    Those ERA/WHIP numbers would each be good enough for 2nd in my RCL!

    • A Hill O' Beans says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: Ha-ha, just saw Sky mentioned House right above me. Great minds think alike!

        • A Hill O' Beans says:

          @Wallpaper Paterson: I thought there might have been. Iremember that I actually saw the first two when I was younger, then when I looked them up I was surprised there was a third. The first is a classic, but they just got stupider as they went along though.

    • J-FOH says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: I totally loved Saturday the 14th too as a kid but know now it was hot garbage. Those are great numbers

  9. Scott says:

    Dude, your Piers recommendation has been money! Thanks!

    • J-FOH says:

      @Scott: f**k he’s been

  10. Observer says:

    Basically playing in RCLs is DFS without the cash and with relief pitchers. To someone new to this the acquisition numbers of some top teams are a bit staggering. It’s definitely more about the daily effort than how well you drafted.

    • mauledbypandas says:

      @Observer: true and a little misleading. I would certainly like to go back and not draft Cishek, Rendon etc.

      But yeah, I am not a fan of free agency. I think all leagues should have bi-weekly pickups either FAAB or just by waiver order.

      You just gotta work the format though either way!

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