I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.  This Razball Commenter League update will be a little more brief than normal because of it.  We are still without Master Standings, but once again, VinWins has provided his Vin Points leaders as well as several other goodies for us to dig through.  This was also one of the biggest weeks for trades I remember in quite some time.  So, let’s work off our holiday hangover and jump right into things.



Each week we’ll peek in at our resident ‘perts to see who is laying claim to best “expert” RCLer in the land.  We’ll take notes, check the standings and generally stalk them.  The heading is also hyperlink, so feel free to follow along as we go.

Son has stormed the league this week, shooting up 8.5 points and opening up a 10.5 point lead.  Son led the league in Runs and RBIs en route to his big week.  MarmosDad gained 9.5 points this week to have himself a big wekk as well.  Marmos jumped up four spots, the biggest jump of the week.  Going the other way this week was Cram It and B_Don.  Crammy lost 11 points this week to fall to seventh and B_Don lost eight and fell three places to tenth.



Each week we’ll also take a look at the top ten overall standings in our other Razzball sponsored league, the RazzSlam.  This is our NFBC Best Ball league with managers from all across the industry, from content providers to fans and readers just like you.

The top four teams all held on this week with Beck and Yatta each keeping their positions in first and second, respectively.  Matthew Davis falls out this week with Alan Harrison moving in.  Chris Spencer was the big gainer this week, gaining 707 points and moving up 64 places to 94th overall.


TOP 10

1 Merry Band of Schmohawks COUGS R US 110.58
2 Wake-N-Rake RCL 12 105.39
3 Starfish & Coffee RCL 33 104.98
4 LauraHolt NOTLZ 102.35
5 TheSpaceman RCL 31 99.53
6 Swing Away RCL 3 98.57
7 Tuck It In RCL 29 98.43
8 Stolen Vortex RCL 6 98.41
9 Son PERTS LEAGUE 97.65
10 Vin 34 RCL 34 97.13

Merry Band of Schmohawks continued their run at the top as they hold COUGS R US at their mercy.  Huge lead in a league full of incredibly active managers has the Schmohawks in the catbird seat.  My team slipped to third as Wake-N-Rake jumped up and Laura is right on my heels.  Son’s big week boosted him into the top ten and Vin sticks around for another week.



All the trades that have gone down in the past week.  Public ridicule is not only allowed, but encouraged.

5/22/2023 RCL 36
rloyod traded Jesus Luzardo for Dunphy’s Joint Venture for Carlos Correa
5/24/2023 RCL 18
Young Guns II traded Mitch Keller & Aaron Judge to Bluefield Baby Birds for Matt Strahm & Ronald Acuna Jr.
5/24/2023 RCL 34
Vin 34 traded Alex Verdugo & Hunter Greene to crkws for Shane McClanahan
5/25/2023 COUGS R US
AllRice traded Jonathan India & Jon Gray to Jeremy Gibbs for Max Muncy
5/25/2023 RCL 37
Diamond Archers traded Jhoan Duran to Finkelstein Ballers for Luis Severino
5/25/2023 FCL
Vegans traded David Robertson to More Like Smoketown for Nick Castellanos
5/26/2023 CRAB ARMY
Steven Cherimoya traded Bobby Witt Jr. to Kiwi King trades for Christopher Morel & Anthony Volpe
5/26/2023 COUGS R US
AllRice traded Alec Bohm & George Kirby to baseballworld for Yandy Diaz
5/27/2023 RCL 15
All Who Wander traded Charlie Morton & Christopher Morel to Finkelstein Ballers for Riley Greene
5/28/2023 RCL 36
Cheddar Goblins traded Alex Verdugo to rloyod for Brent Rooker
5/28/2023 RCL 36
Cheddar Goblins traded Tim Anderson to rloyod trades for Jake Fraley
5/28/2023 COUGS R US
Trussell Shuffle traded Josh Hader to NY Sturgeon King for Josh Jung
5/28/2023 RCL 27
rloyod traded Eduardo Rodriguez to Vin 27 for Jarren Duran

A HUGE week of trade flurry as we had 13 trades made this week.  Rloyod was responsible for three of those, including selling Carlos Correa because Grey said so.  Christopher Morel was moved twice this week as I’m looking to shop him around in leagues.  I paired him with Volpe for Bobby Witt and he was paired with Charlie Morton for Riley Greene.  I also moved Josh Hader for Josh Jung in COUGS as I look to make up ground in HRs and if you notice a theme…I have several teams hurting at 3B…thanks to the Cards shipping Jordan Walker to the minors.



The best of the best from the week that was.

R – 73 – The Lineup Builder (RCL 4)

HR –21 – KumaDeviL (RCL 25)

RBIs – 64 – Sillysmacked (RCL 24)

SB – 21 – NY Sturgeon King (COUGS R US)

AVG – .332 – FLIBWIP (RCL 12)

K – 103 – Jeremy Gibbs (COUGS R US)

W – 9 – Hoboknives 25 (RCL 25) & Jeremy Gibbs (COUGS R US)

SV –  9 – Cavendish (RCL 2) & MattTruss (Writers League)

ERA (Min. 40 IP) – 1.16 – cubeee (RCL 22) (in 43 IP)

WHIP (Min. 40 IP) – 0.834 – MattTruss223 (DFSers Anonymous) (in 50.1 IP)

ABs – 360 – Son (PERTS)

Hits – 110 – Satchel Rages (NOTLZ)


We set a new weekly record in Runs and Stolen Bases this week as RCL 25 and COUGS R US were well represented.  Some more fun weekly facts courtesy of Vin:

31 teams hit over .300 (20 last week); 16 teams hit under .200 (including Laura in Perts and 3 Jeremy Gibbs teams.)

13 teams had an ERA under 2.00 (4 last week); 100 teams had a 5+ ERA (32 over 6)

3 teams had 0 Wins; 67 teams had 0 Saves.

1 team stole 0 bases. 94 had 10+ (76 last week). The average was 7.


As for RCL leaders as we hit the third way mark:

Save the World had a 5.40 ERA this week to finish (probably) the chances of a new ERA record. Their 2.47 shot up to 2.93.

Keithw had a 1.57 WHIP so the best now is 1.07


HR: 137 Starfish & Coffee ( RCL 33 )

SB: 99 EarlThePearl#17 ( RCL 17 )

R: 429 Vin 25 ( RCL 25 )

RBI: 438 Starfish & Coffee ( RCL 33 )

AVE: .289 happyharry ( RCL 17 )

W: 48 Jeremy Gibbs (COUGS )

S: 62 jjbanks ( RCL 14 )

K: 685 Jeremy Gibbs (COUGS R US)

ERA: 2.69 Florida Crackers ( DFS ) 461.67 IP

WHIP: 1.070 Derek from Texas ( RCL 37 ) 407.33 IP



Our weekly shout out to the team that killed it the previous week.

Team: Hoboknives 25

League: RCL 25

Stats:   AVG: .248, R: 51, HR: 17, RBI: 50, SB: 7

IP: 87.2, ERA: 3.29, WHIP: 1.072, K: 89, W: 9, SV: 5

Summary:  The Hoboknives brought a pitching glove and a bat to this knife fight.  They co-led the RCLs in Wins and were right around the top in Runs, HRs, and RBIs.  The average leaves a little to be desired, but we’ll look over that with everything else clicking.  Marcell Ozuna and Bobby Witt led the offensive charge while Hunter Greene and Merrill Kelly pitched the Hoboknives into TOW honors.  Hoboknives is leading RCL 25 by just a hair and more weeks like this week will go a long way to opening that lead.

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