With all the call-ups and breakouts, it really makes me want to experiment next year by only focusing on the first ten rounds of offense, grabbing a starter, and a million relievers, and then just streaming/grabbing prospects to fill out my roster.  Paul Skenes is the latest in awesome call-ups.  Undrafted in every RCL, he could have been had for anyone who timed things right.  I had him watch listed, but didn’t strike fast enough anywhere.  I imagine he’ll be a hot name on the trade block, kind of like how Colton Cowser has been.  I’ll be very curious to see his return in the coming weeks.  We had eight trades this week with some interesting names on the move.  We’ll cover those as well as the weekly leaders for the week that was, week seven.



Each week we’ll peek in at our resident ‘perts to see who is laying claim to best “expert” RCLer in the land.  We’ll take notes, check the standings and generally stalk them.  The heading is also hyperlink, so feel free to follow along as we go.

Remember two weeks ago when we joked that Grey was making a run from last place?  Well, three weeks and 30.5 points later, Grey is just 4.5 points out of first place!  Kirksey lost 8.5 points this week to fall back to the pack and Grey gained 13.5 to rocket up the standings.  Just twelve points separates 7th from first, and 28 separate last from first, so things are tighter than Robbie Ray’s pants over here.



Each week we’ll also take a look at the top ten overall standings in our other Razzball sponsored league, the RazzSlam.  This is our NFBC Best Ball league with managers from all across the industry, from content providers to fans and readers just like you.

The top three remained unchanged this week, with most of the top ten sticking around save for Ariel Cohen and Yancy Eaton falling out in favor of Stephen Gesuele and Brent Franey.  Matt Kupferle gained the most spots this week (87) thanks to a league leading 704 points.



All the trades that have gone down in the past week.  Public ridicule is not only allowed, but encouraged.

5/7/2024 RCL 30
lelandaiken traded Nathaniel Lowe to Texas Chainsaw for Luis Arraez
5/8/2024 RCL 34
Can’t Truss It traded Corbin Carroll to Ptown High Heat for Esteury Ruiz & Nick Lodolo
5/9/2024 RCL 34
Afternoon Delights traded Jordan Romano to jgumbel for George Springer
5/9/2024 RCL 31
WahooFan76 traded Christopher Morel to Vinyl for Andy Pages
5/10/2024 RCL 17
Black Diamonds traded Nestor Cortes Jr. to Hometown Hero for Kyle Finnegan
5/11/2024 RCL 12
PlatanoPowers traded Adolis Garcia to Gerice2 for Max Fried
5/12/2024 DFSers Anonymous
VickyB traded Carlos Estevez to Family Juliens for Brent Rooker
5/12/2024 RCL 3
Ghost of Cito Gaston traded Jordan Romano & Kerry Carpenter to Don’t Panic for Anthony Santander & Jack Flaherty

Did I maybe panic a little with Corbin Carroll?  Perhaps.  Am I bitter that Lodolo got shelled and Carroll hit a homer the day after this trade went through?  Absolutely.  Am I very confused why the A’s aren’t playing their best player every day?  VERY.  I’m not rooting for Carroll to have shoulder surgery, but I think the potential is there and while I maybe could have gotten more, I was ready to move on.

A lot of closers on the move this week, which is typical and in almost every deal, I’d rather have the closer.  Closers gain value as we approach the deadline and I’d rather wait unless I was blown away.  If you can steal a closer for Brent Rooker, who was right there for free on waivers, that’s a win…provided Estevez doesn’t implode and lose the job.



The best of the best from the week that was.

R – 58 – Natsguy1820 (RCL 28)

HR –20 – cjsullivan3 (RCL 9), Orlando Calrissians (Original Recipe), & Dingle’s Berry (RCL 28)

RBIs – 59 – Natsguy1820 (RCL 28)

SB – 17 – Zissou (RCL 16)

AVG – .326 – Finkelstein Ballers (RCL 7)

K – 89 – Capital Offense (ECFBL)

W – 10 – fat Elvis (RCL 8)

SV –  9 – Stretch Run Punchouts (RCL 10) & Wheel of Nonsense (RCL 27)

ERA (Min. 40 IP) – 0.79 – Ding Dong Johnsons (RCL 8) (in 57 IP)

WHIP (Min. 40 IP) – 0.737 – Ding Dong Johnsons (RCL 8)


No weekly records this week, but still some impressive numbers, especially from RCL 28.

Some additional weekly numbers from VinWins:

77 teams had an ERA over 5.

28 teams had an ERA under 2.

The average ERA was 3.63.

14 teams hit under .200

17 teams hit .300+



Our weekly shout out to the team that killed it the previous week.

Team: fat Elvis

League: RCL 8

Stats:   AVG: .252, R: 42, HR: 15, RBI: 48, SB: 7

IP: 86, ERA: 1.78, WHIP: 0.988, K: 80, W: 10, SV: 2

Summary: The batting average leaves a little to be desired, but the rest of these numbers sparkle like an Elvis body suit, especially those pitching numbers.  How do you throw 86 innings and not have a single blow-up?  Well, Yu Darvish throws 12 shutout innings to start, Bailey Ober adds a win and 17 strikeouts with ratios of 1.59/0.441, and then Brayan Bello, Chris Paddack, Tarik Skubal, Gavin Stone, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Luis Gil, Kyle Harrison all pick up wins.  Not a bad start among them.  Meanwhile, Ryan Jeffers is going nuclear, he and Ketel Marte each hit 3 HRs this week and chipped in 7 RBIs apiece.  Last week fat Elvis sat in sixth place with a mere 59 points.  After the big week, they now sit in fifth place with 70.5 points.  It’s tough sledding in RCL 8 where the top four teams all have over 90 points, but more weeks like this will do fat Elvis well.  Honestly, so would a salad.  Nice work, Elvis, keep it up!

Want to be my internet pal?  That’s kinda creepy, but you can follow me here: @MattTruss or here: @matttruss.bsky.social

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5 days ago

13 team dynasty 5×5…I lost Casas-CES-now Hoskins…Traded Jared Jones-Andy Pages and Wyatt Langford for Matt Olson and Manzardo…gave up a lot, but I am in the hunt this year…thoughts?

5 days ago

Springer was outright dropped in a couple of my leagues. Nice scoring Romano in that deal.

Reply to  VinWins
5 days ago

Yeah, indeed

5 days ago

Grey’s back in the race baby, he’s back! BTW, can we talk about how Kirksey has made less moves than anyone ever in a 12 team mixed league

Reply to  MattTruss
5 days ago

You guys must be bad. In the Writers League I’m over 50 ahead of Kirksey, and he’s made 9 (NINE!!) moves there.

Reply to  VinWins
5 days ago

That’s good news, I don’t have to send a search party for him