The trade deadline in the Razzball Commenter Leagues is fast approaching.  Thursday, August 1st is your deadline, which means by the time you’re reading this, you’ll have about one week to make your move(s).  Happy trading friends. I happen to be on vacation this week which means I’m not at work and happily enjoying some day drinking like my DFS buddy, Richardo last week.  Fear not though, I’m still here for my fellow RCLers, I won’t leave you hanging. We’ve got top ten updates, updates on the ‘Perts League, trades and our weekly leaders for the week that was, week 16.  Hopefully, without too many hiccups.


Each week we’ll peek in at our resident ‘perts to see who is laying claim to best “expert” RCLer in the land.  We’ll take notes, check the standings and generally stalk them.  The heading is also hyperlink, so feel free to follow along as we go.

Once again, it’s Grey in the lead with me close behind.  However, a big week from Cram It rocketed him up the ‘Perts League standings and into a tie for third.  I’ve got a lot more on Crammy’s big week in the final section of the update but he was our biggest points (5.5) and standings gainer (two places) this week.  Ralph was the biggest victim, losing five points and falling three places to seventh.

TOP 10

For those too lazy to check the MASTER STANDINGS, I present to you, the current top 10

1 Fat Fuckin’ Babies RCL 2019 (#57) 114.9 111.5 104 111.8
2 Backdoor Splitters ECFBL 113.1 110 105 107.1
3 MattTruss223 DFSers Anonymous 110 102 107 107.5
4 UpNorth RCL 2019 (#65) 109.4 105.5 104 106.2
5 Team mcafeeeee RCL 2019 (#17) 108.4 110 101 104.7
6 Licketty Splits RCL 2019 (#52) 108.3 101 108 103.1
7 Squat Cobblers 2 RCL 2019 (#14) 106.5 108 100 105.4
8 kumamoto expungers RCL 2019 (#45) 106.1 100.5 106 102.9
9 Prague Defenestrators RCL 2019 (#15) 104.1 101.5 102 103
10 The Great Knoche RCL 2019 (#5) 103.9 102 104 100

FFB held on to the top spot for yet another week, it’s looking like their race to lose at this point.  Backdoor Splitters might have something to say about it if he can continue his tear in ECFBL. ECFBL could end up with a slightly higher LCI which could be all the difference in this race.  As it is, the Splitters have pushed themselves into second overall with a big week that had them third in the TOW standings.

My DFSers team remains in third for another week, but it’s not looking like I’ve quite got the horses for a first place push.

UpNorth remains in fourth place this week and Team mcafeeeee swapped spots with the Splitters from second to fifth.

Licketty Splits and Squat Cobblers 2 hold their positions this week in sixth and seventh respectivly.

Kumamoto expungers and Prague Defenestrators each make a jump into the top ten this week from just outside last week.

Rounding things out this week we have The Great Knoche who took a little time off from the top ten but returns for another go at it this week.


All the trades that have gone down in the past week.  Public ridicule is not only allowed, but encouraged.

7/15/2019 RCL #5
The Great Knoche traded Michael Lorenzen & Aaron Judge to Team johnnyhobbes for Gerrit Cole
7/16/2019 RCL #44
Team Negus_kris traded Nelson Cruz to Team DFresh for Blake Treinen
7/17/2019 RCL #57
The Great Knoche traded Tommy Pham to Fat Fuckin’ Babies for Giancarlo Stanton & Austin Riley
7/20/2019 RCL #52
Duderinos traded Walker Buehler to 65MustangFastbacks for Felipe Vazquez

Only four swaps this week as folks are no doubt gearing up for a big week of trades coming up.  

The Great Knoche was busy, adding a serious arm to his already top ten RCL squad.  Knoche has innings to burn and gets some quality innings to go with that now. Knoche also made a swap with the overall top team, wrestling what’s left of Giancarlo’s career in NY (I kid, sort of) and Austin Riley for Tommy Pham.  I really hope for my own team’s sake Giancarlo can give us something this year, but I have my doubts.


The best of the best from the week that was.

R – 68 – Team DFresh (RCL 2019 (#35)) & 5IVE5IVE9INE (RCL 2019 (#38))

HR –26 – Cram It (PERTS LEAGUE) & Texas Flood (RCL 2019 (#36))

RBIs – 70 – Matty’s Super Twos (RCL 2019 (#1))

SB – 15 – Honey Bunches of Sadness (RCL 2019 (#66))

AVG – .343 – Flint Crazier (RCL 2019 (#53))

K – 107 – New Jack Swing (RCL 2019 (#46))

W – 8 – 3 Teams Tied

SV –  12 – 3 Teams Tied

ERA (Min. 40 IP) – 1.05 – Team bwpercival (RCL 2019 (#8)) (in 43 IP)

WHIP (Min. 40 IP) – 0.837 – Team bwpercival (RCL 2019 (#8))

We finally broke the four way tie for the weekly stolen base lead.  Thanks Honey Bunches! New Jack Swing came within two Ks of a new strikeout record as well, but close doesn’t count in the record books.


Our weekly shout out to the team that killed it the previous week.

Team: Cram It


Stats:   AVG: .314, R: 58, HR: 26, RBI: 62, SB: 4

IP: 67.2, ERA: 3.33, WHIP: 1.182, K: 64, W: 6, SV: 8

Summary: I told you we’d have more on Crammy.  Cram led the ‘Perts League in HR, RBIs, Wins and Saves and co-led the entire RCLs in homers.  I’d say that’s a pretty solid week. Just to prove it doesn’t take anything too fancy to win TOW honors, Trey Mancini and Rafael Devers led the offense while Kyle Hendricks and Eduardo Rodriguez led the way on the pitching side.  It’s not always your Christian Yelich’s and Max Scherzer’s out here ripping it up. Cram has now pushed himself right up into third and is knocking on the door to second. Someone needs to give Grey a run here, maybe Cram can be that someone!

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  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Wow, he had 26 HRs in a week, that’s pretty insane…

    Guessing next week you’ll go over the trade between Donkey and me… It’s a doozy! (Not really)

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      I will, and it was! I wait for the trade to officially go through in case it gets vetoed.

  2. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph in 6th says:

    I blame the Cape Cod League for my shortcomings

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Makes sense. I’m checking out the Sea Dogs vs. Harrisburgh on Friday, should be fun!

  3. The Great Knoche says:

    Had Judge, Alonso and Bellinger and needed some solid K/9 , so parted with one. Chance to get that team up to 114 points just on Ks and Wins so seemed worth it.

    The other one FFB is trying to raise his average and I’m well out of it so a flyer on Giancarlo it was.

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Good trades all around, can’t wait to see how high you can push your top 10 squad.

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