Just like the title says, the table is set, the forks and spoons are in their right place, and hopefully there’s food ready to go. But in terms of the RCL universe (because I’m hungry and I might end up writing 700 words about food and then eating my monitor), the league has taken shape. And when I say league, I mean league, not leagues. Because ef pluralization…I mean, what has it ever done for me? Actually, it’s done a lot, but at this point, I have no idea what I’m talking about. But you have to remember, this is one complete universal league. The Milky Way of Fantasy Baseball if you will, including Mike Trout, Saturn, and of course, Uranus. Don’t roll your eyes, you knew it was coming. I only mention this (not Uranus) because as teams fall out of contention, owners begin to pay less and less attention to their roster, and soon, you’ll have a 12-team league that feels like a 3-team league. This is actually quite common in free-to-play leagues and perfectly normal, so don’t feel scorned. Those owners aren’t there to entertain you, only themselves. I mean, that’s why I write, it’s only to entertain myself. You guys are the crazy ones reading this. And of course, at the dawn of the season, everyone feels excited, bashful hope abound. Puppies and ice cream everywhere! But as the season moves past the All-Star break, you have to remember that you aren’t necessarily playing against your league. No, you are playing against 1,100+ teams in one league. For a hoodie (don’t wear it in Florida) and ultimate bragging rights. So don’t feel alone. Enjoy the journey. Participate as best you can. Be one with the fantasy baseballs (and Uranus). I guess that’s my last bit of advice as the RCL Updates will now be handled by J-FOH. He will be your in-season storyteller, and starting next week, he’ll begin to tell your story. The RCL story. And I can’t wait. (I’m talking about eating…)

Before we start taking a look at the some of the leagues that have already drafted, I’d like to thank VinWins for providing the data that you’ll be looking at. 

With more drafts, we have more info to look at, and we’ll lead off first with the fun little table that shows which players are being matched up with Mike Trout, and then the 1st Catcher, the 1st Pitcher, and the 1st reliever being taken off the board and when. Despite the names being mostly obvious, you’ll be able to at least see how the draft plays out generally and reset your strategy based on it. Then again, you’ll have to account on other RCL owners resetting their strategy to counter you resetting your strategy. Or maybe they’ll do it twice to counter you doing it once. Or they just won’t care. Probably that one. Below are the averages, just in case you’re like me and never want to math.

League Link Paired with Trout 1st C (Pick) 1st SP (Pick) 1st RP (Pick)
Beddict’s butth*le pleasures Draft Sale, Donaldson Posey 42 Kershaw 6 Chapman 51
Upton my grill Draft Harper, Desmond Posey 42 Kershaw 7 Chapman 61
Slamming Sammys Draft Sale, Bumgarner Posey 37 Kershaw 11 Chapman 58
Skunk Beard Draft Posey, Felix H Posey 24 Kershaw 10 Chapman 53
The Lords of Sarcasm Draft Arenado, Pujols Posey 41 Kershaw 7 Chapman 50
The Filthy Spawn of Beddict Draft Brantley, Desmond Posey 23 Kershaw 5 Chapman 42
The Donkey is a Unicorn Draft Hanley, Strasburg Posey 43 Kershaw 5 Kimbrel 48
The Underground Draft Freeman, Scherzer Posey 26 Kershaw 6 Chapman 37
Saskatchewan Draft J-Upton, Beltre Posey 38 Kershaw 6 Chapman 63
Alberta Draft Scherzer, Strasburg Posey 48 Kershaw 7 Chapman 46
Razzball Snipers Draft Beltre, Freeman Posey 41 Kershaw 7 Chapman 46
Take on Jay #1 Draft Brantley, Arenado Posey 41 Kershaw 5 Chapman 76
Take on Jay #2 Draft Altuve, Hanley Posey 43 Kershaw 7 Chapman 46
WET TAIL!! Draft Donaldson, Dickerson Posey 35 Kershaw 6 Chapman 38
Smokey’s Den Draft Harper, Arenado Posey 39 Kershaw 4 Chapman 41
Euro Razzball Draft Strasburg, Desmond Posey 36 Kershaw 5 Kimbrel 56
Razzball DC Draft Brantley, Hanley Posey 45 Kershaw 3 Chapman 52
West Coast Razzball Draft Cano, Beltre Posey 38 Kershaw 11 Chapman 39
Manitoba Draft Donaldson, Hanley Posey 44 Kershaw 9 Kimbrel 36
King Ralph’s Emporium Draft Tulo, Beltre Posey 52 Kershaw 12 Chapman 71
Beddict’s Brood of Bros Draft Beltre, Dickerson Posey 39 Kershaw 5 Chapman 58
JFOH Hearts Tristan Draft Strasburg, Hanley Posey 42 Kershaw 7 Chapman 44
Rotokings Draft Sherzer, C. Gonzalez Posey 37 Kershaw 7 Chapman 46
DriHeat Draft Kinsler, Frazier Posey 32 Kershaw 6 Chapman 46
Do I Make You Razzy Bab Draft Hanley, Dickerson Posey 43 Kershaw 5 Chapman 54
British Columbia Draft Puig, Freman Posey 30 Kershaw 8 Chapman 69
Nova Scotia Draft Scherzer, Braun Posey 42 Kershaw 4 Kimbrel 41
Grey’s Mustache Wax Draft Strasburg, Dickerson Posey 40 Kershaw 6 Chapman 51
Hoodie Dreams Draft Scherzer, Hanley Posey 30 Kershaw 6 Chapman 59
Damaged Goods Draft Sale, Upton Posey 40 Kershaw 9 Chapman 49
Razzball Soccer Sympathizers Draft Dickerson, Pujols Posey 42 Kershaw 10 Chapman 49
They Call Me Au Shizz Draft Cano, Beltre Posey 26 Kershaw 10 Chapman 35
Blues Odyssey Draft Pujols, Harper Posey 46 Kershaw 8 Chapman 54
Yeast Infection Inspections Draft Brantley, Dickerson Posey 31 Kershaw 7 Chapman 52
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore Fistery Draft Rendon, Harper Posey 32 Kershaw 4 Chapman 69
In The Danger Zone Draft Beltre, Freeman Posey 37 Kershaw 10 Chapman 42
HA! Draft Marte, Price Posey 33 Kershaw 9 Chapman 45
F-Her right in the Posey Draft Beltre, Strasburg Posey 28 Kershaw 7 Chapman 57
Northern Exposure Draft Hanley, Pr ice Posey 33 Kershaw 5 Kimbrel 53
RCL FIPping the Bird Draft Hanley, Arenado Posey 28 Kershaw 7 Chapman 59
$12 Salads Draft Sale, Hanley Posey 33 Kershaw 2 Chapman 46
The Captains of Outer Space Draft Hanley, Harper Posey 35 Kershaw 6 Chapman 53
Don’t even remember last year Draft Arenado, Pujols Posey 29 Kershaw 6 Chapman 42
Eff fWAR Draft Hanley, Desmond Posey 28 Kershaw 7 Chapman 53
Averages       36.68   6.82   50.82


Here’s a breakdown of how many starting pitchers are being drafted in each round on average. I can only assume that Clayton Kershaw is the one pitcher going in the first round, while the 0.2 was added because I drafted R.A. Dickey in the same round.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
1.2 1.6 2.9 3.4 3.6 3.1 4.1 3.7 3.2 3.3 3.4 2.8 3.1
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 T
3.1 3.6 3.5 3.8 3.3 3.3 4.1 3.5 3.9 4.1 4.2 3.4 83.2

Here are the average spots that these players are going at right now. Plan accordingly!


Same story, but with the hitters.



Click the LINK in the ‘League Link’ column (see below grid) and enter the PASSWORD at ESPN. Emails are there for some leagues, but you shouldn’t need to email anyone.  You can join as many leagues as you like.


Please create a league in ESPN based on the league rules reference above. Step by step: Hit Create. Then Create ESPN Custom (middle option), Name League, Change to 12 Teams, Restriction Type: None, Open to All Users, Access: change to Private, create Password, leave as Roto and Snake, Make Draft Date and Time, Create. From Default settings all you have to do is change to TWO DL SLOTS and 180 Starts by pitchers. So, you go to ROSTERS and Click “Edit Roster Settings.” There, change to 2 DL Slots and 180 Starts (the counter will change to 20.0 per slot). Then SUBMIT Roster Settings. Finally, Create Your League! (Important Note: Make sure league is viewable to public but requiring a password to avoid non-Razzballers joining.) When that’s finished, click here. You will be permissioned shortly so you can add your league info to the Google Doc (the below grid cannot be edited from this page). On that Google Doc, you will need to enter your name, league link, password and please UPDATE the number of openings as your league fills up. That’s it. Oh, and don’t use your bank account password. You can start as many leagues as you like.

Want more of the Jay? Don’t we all folks? Don’t. We. All. Well, you, in fact, can have more. AMAZING. I know. You can find Jay enjoying his dig’s over at the Football side of Razz.

  1. Goose! says:

    Nobody told me my draft was gonna be charted! I was in a razzball post, who wants to touch me?

    (I had 1st pick in the soccer sympathizers league.)

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Goose!: Nice! No illegal touching without my explicit permission…

  2. dizzystpizzy says:

    Any public shaming for commissioners who also gave themselves 1st pick?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @dizzystpizzy: did this really happen? All drafts should be automatically set to randomize an hour before the draft.

  3. Baggiejohn says:

    It’s not like me to pontificate – that’s the Pope’s job, right? – but I need advice on a Trade, for the 2nd time this week.

    I give:

    Starling Marte
    Andrew Miller

    I get:

    Corey Dickerson
    AJ Pollock

    6×6 (Holds and Walks)Dynasty League, keep as long as you like. I’m really sweet on Marte, and the trade does unbalance my line-up which is already light on RPs. But I think this is a good offer. My other OFs are Puig, Kemp, Martinez, Ozuna and Span, plus Danny Santana and Moss can play there.

    Any advice? My indecision is final.

    Love the article btw. I was Kimbrel at 56, which is my brief moment of RCL fame!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Baggiejohn: yeah, I hear ya. Still leaning Marte aide here.

      • Baggiejohn says:

        @Jay: Thanks Jay. Usually I get a strong feel for Trades, but I think at the moment I’m trying too hard to do something, rather than just staying put.

  4. Milwaukee Sausage race says:

    Hey man love your write ups, looking for some advice for my draft (this week or next week), it’s an 8 team , h2h pts .

    For pitching we have 5 pitching slots so the league can manage how many SP’s or RP’s they want , we do have a Pitching games started limit for the week’s matchup (& it turns out to be 2.0 games per slot)

    I’m going to throw out some names & see if you would ; draft early (reach)/wait or draft later/ do not draft.
    For each position.

    C: evan gattis, posey, Yan gomes, mesoraco , d’arnaud

    1b: goldschmidt, Rizzo, Jose abreu, carlos Santana, mark trumbo (if eligible at 1b)

    2b: pedroia, dee gordon, dozier, anthony rendon, Kolten wong

    3b: Kris bryant, Josh Donaldson, Todd Frazier, Sandoval, moustakas

    SS: hanley ramirez, Xander bogarates, Alexi ramirez, danny santana , asdrubal Cabrera

    DH: David Ortiz, Jose abreu, Kendrys morales (not sure who else is eligible at DH)

    OF: bryce Harper, carlos Gomez, soler, Mookie betts, joc pederson, jason heyward.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Milwaukee Sausage race: I’d wait on the catchers, I like Trumbo thise season, Donaldson is safe, I think Xander is a big sleeper, and I think Jason Heyward has a good rebound…

      • Milwaukee Sausage race says:


        heres how the draft turned out

        (h2h pts w/espn, weekly lock)

        C- Devin mesarasco

        1b- napoli

        2b- odor

        3b- todd frazier (eligible also at 1b)

        SS- hanley ramirez ( i have a feeling he’ll have eligibility at of too)

        IF- danny santana (eligibility at SS & OF)

        OF- puig

        OF- Bryce harper

        OF- Trumbo (also eligible at 1b)

        OF- wil myers

        DH- edwin encarncion(also eligible at 1b)

        utility I’m sure it’ll change but as of now its carlos santana who has eligibility at 1b, 3b & DH.

        bench- kris bryant, aramis ramirez, javier baez, arismendy alacantara.

        we have 2 DL’s

        P- Max scherezer

        P- Jeff samarjdza

        P- Matt harvey

        P- deGrom

        P- mat latos

        P- iwakuma

        i don’t have any pitchers on my bench but i have two open spots .

        would you make any roster moves? drop/add anyone?

        here are a few available

        c- d’arnaud, willin rosario, wilson ramos, jon jaso, kurt suzuki,zunino.

        1b- michael morse, cj cron,ryan howard, steve pearce, justin smoak, jon singleton.

        2b- scooter gennett, marcus semien, howie kendrick, neil walker, jedd gyorko, brandon philips, brett lawrie.

        3b- nick castellanos, alex rodriguez, chase headley, brett larie, marcus semien, lonnie chisenhall, trevor plouff

        SS- Andrelton simmons, addison russell, jj hardy, jed lowrie, asdrubral cabrera, jung ho kang.

        OF- ben revere, oswaldo arcia, joc pederson, lorenzo cain, steve pearce, austin jackson, adam eaton, michael cuddyer, dalton pompey.

        Pitchers- brett cecil, taijuan walker, aaron sanchez, john lackey, shelby miller, tyler clippard, mike leake, jesse hahn,kevin gausman, jonathan niese, neftali feliz, matt shoemaker, jose fernandez, hector rondon.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @Milwaukee Sausage race: I’d certainly pick up Cecil. Probably Shoemaker as well. But I like the balance on offense.

          • Milwaukee sausage race says:


            I have two open slots so I was def thinking adding atleast one pitcher. If Javier Baez doesn’t make the cut & starts the year in the minors would you think of dropping him? I do have his team mate ; Arismendy alcantara but not sure which above bats you’d recomend or just take a wait & see approach

            • Jay

              Jay says:

              @Milwaukee sausage race: Yeah, I wouldn’t mind dropping him. The power is nice, but I’m not sure what kind of contact he’ll make this year. I will say, if the Cubs think he needs more time in the minor leagues, that’s telling.

  5. Big Hurt says:

    Just a couple notes from my RCL draft last night:
    -Kris Bryant went 37 overall
    -If there are auto drafters in your RCL, you may not want to wait until the last round to draft a catcher. One team ended up with three of the better catcher options. And multiple other teams drafted 2 catchers. Not a lot to choose from at the tail end of the draft.

    • Baggiejohn says:

      @Big Hurt: They’ll be dropping those Catchers to Waivers though, right? I mean, who rosters 3 Catchers?

      I have 2 drafted teams with no Catcher at the moment … one will turn up at some point. There’s at least 30 of them out there.

      • Jay

        Jay says:

        @Baggiejohn: Depends on the names, but yeah, at least one of them has to go.

  6. George says:

    “as teams fall out of contention, owners begin to pay less and less attention to their roster, and soon, you’ll have a 12-team league that feels like a 3-team league.” Jay, having been in one of your 47 leagues last year, did you even manage your team when it was in contention? How about public shaming for commissioners that change the draft time less than 24 hours before the draft? That just happened, from one of your so-called experts.

    1000 Leagues < Razzball Jumping the Shark

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @George: I’m not sure I understand the personal attack, but if you want to link me to the league that manually changed the draft settings so they would have the first draft pick, it would be appreciated.

  7. CL says:

    I have an 8 year old dynasty team. I haven’t drafted a redraft league team in a few years, but am looking forward to it.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @CL: Sounds good!

  8. A Wesley Snipes Life says:

    for some of us, the only thing assuring us of a lack of solipsism is other owners grabbing a player we wanted. take heed!

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