It’s hard to believe that there will be some real baseball being played in just a few days.  I still feel woefully unprepared as I feel like teams have hardly any clue who is starting Opening Day.  We’re still getting opt-out news for crying in the clouds!  We just found out a couple days ago that the Nationals could play Opening Day in their park and we have no idea where the Blue Jays are going to be playing, AH!  Regardless, we soldier on and make the best of what we get, I’ll be watching Thursday night because I’m a sucker for baseball and because I have about 30 Razzball Commenter Leagues to try and manage this season.  Speaking of which, we have a league, drafting tonight at 9 PM ET and you can click HERE to join and draft one last team this season.  What’s one more at this point?  If you’re just coming out of your long spring stupor and starting to check your RCL team pages again, I have a few tips and tricks below on how you can customize your teams to make viewing things easier.  Unfortunately, there is no way to copy settings from one team to another, so if you have many teams *raises hand*, you’ll have to do these steps on every one.  Let’s get to it!

The first setting I change is to have my team page show the current day’s stats instead of Year-To-Date stats.  This one is pretty easy and brings us to a very handy spot on the FanTrax page that features many customizations to our team pages.  If you go up and hover over “TEAM” up at the top of the page you’ll see a menu flyout and an option for “My Team Settings”.  Click there and then click on “General”.  Here’s the mother load of options.  The preference we’re interested in here is under “Team Roster”.  Find the section for “Default timeframe” and change that to “Period”.  Period is the section of scoring for your league.  If you’re in a weekly league, each period is one week, for the RCLs, each period is one day.

This section contains a lot of things that will make your navigation easier and result in less clicks.  For example, checking the box for “Automatically submit lineups” will make it so you don’t have to hit that little “SUBMIT” button after every lineup change.  I also unchecked the box for “Show first unlocked lineup period by default”.  This annoyed me that late at night when I wanted to check on my team it would switch to tomorrow’s period and I would have to click back.  Just a personal preference.

If you scroll down to the “Players” section you can change the number of players shown on the players screen to 50, 100, or 200 instead of 20.  This reduces a lot of clicking through pages and I’ve gone with 50 myself.  I also have gotten so used to Yahoo’s interface that I like to change the “Default Viewed Position(s)” to “Hitters”.  Maybe I tend to go searching for a batty call before anything else, but I rarely want to look at hitters and pitchers all mashed together.

Finally, if you enjoy getting emails about certain goings on in your league, go back up to “TEAM” and hover there but this time click on “My Notification Settings”.  Early on I think FanTrax had everything checked for every option, but they seem to have fixed that.  Now, if you’d like to get an email when someone sends you a trade offer or someone posts a message to the message board, you can click that option here.

Hopefully, these tweaks make your life easier, I know they do mine and I’m happy to spread the joy.  Now, return the favor and go join the final RCL, drafting tomorrow night by clicking HERE!  Go ahead and add to the last bit of ADP data for this season so we can break it all down next week.  I am very curious what ADP for July will look like compared to say, March.


Click the LINK in the ‘League Link’ column (see below grid) for the time you want and YOU’RE IN.  Damn, that’s too easy.  Oh, I guess I should also mention make sure you’re joining a league for free or for money, depending on your preference.  If you want a league for money, then 1) Click the link. 2) Pay the money.  That’s it!  No pesky third requirement!  Again, Fantrax and Razzball take no money.  You can join as many free or paid leagues as you like.  To quit a league, go to OTHER –> All Options –> Quit League (located at the bottom).  Now go join some leagues!

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  1. Hoe Shmoe says:

    Hi there,
    Is Ohtani set to be pitcher and hitter? My Ohtani only has hitter settings. Ohtani this and Ohtani that.


    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      He has to pitch in 5 games I think before he has it since he didn’t pitch at all last year he had no eligibility for this year.

      • Joe Shmoe says:

        So that means we can’t use him as a pitcher this year! Whoa…. Shouldn’t there be a last minute amendment for players like Ohtani, who were not able to play last year and lost their eligibility because of that injury. His total value and roster space is completely quartered in waiting for that 6th start.

        I have been watching Ohtani since he originally came into the league and his Fantrax positioning was always as a Pitcher and a Utility hitter. There is a precedent that he should keep both positions, because he has always been a two way player.

        • MattTruss

          MattTruss says:

          Have to take that one up with FanTrax, but I think since they have him as one player and he was able to hit last year it’s no different than Khris Davis not having OF eligibility since he only DH’d. Ohtani didn’t pitch so the position he played most last year was DH, hence he’s UTIL only until he meets the in-season eligibility requirements.

  2. frankgrimes says:

    “Show first unlocked lineup period by default”

    Ugh that cheeses me too. Thanks!

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