Another Razzball Commenter League Update with still no Opening Day in sight.  MLB is killing me, smalls. Is there any doubt that the owners and the MLBPA will drag this out until the last possible minute?  It’s like when we have a government shutdown looming and miraculously at midnight they come to an agreement.  With the lack of news and the lack of knowing it’s still hard to do a whole lot.  I imagine our legacy leagues will all look to get drafted up in June, but until an announcement on Opening Day is made, who knows.  If you’re really itching for a league, we still have one more RCL that I’ve been pushing the draft date back and back on.  The current draft date is Thursday, June 11th at 9 PM ET.  I figured that would be close-ish to whatever is going on with the season.  If you’d like to join and draft one more team, you can click HERE and you’ll be in!  It’s that easy.  While there, you can draft all of Grey’s Dart Throws and have the all dart throw team.  I figured we could take at the RCL ADPs of all those dart throws just to see where they land, if they aren’t just 100% free for the taking.

Aristides Aquino 218.11 156 300
Rougned Odor 236.4 181 281
Starlin Castro 244.97 193 300
Austin Riley 251 187 300
Nate Pearson 265.94 167 300
Domingo Santana 273 174 300
Nick Madrigal 273.53 193 300
MacKenzie Gore 282.74 188 300
A.J. Pollock 292.69 181 300
Teoscar Hernandez 296.79 253 300
Monte Harrison 297.29 220 300
Wander Franco 298.45 265 300
Anthony Santander 299.45 269 300
Tyler O’Neill 299.63 280 300
Alec Bohm 299.66 289 300
Franchy Cordero 299.71 282 300
Kyle Lewis 299.97 298 300
Isan Diaz 300 300 300
Kevin Cron 300 300 300
Taijuan Walker 300 300 300
Joey Bart 300 300 300

Twenty-one dart throws!?  Who knew Grey had been so busy during quarantine?  As an FYI about the ADP values.  A 300 is my default for when a player isn’t drafted, that doesn’t mean someone took these guys as the final pick of the draft in a league.  If you see a 300, assume they were free.  There has only been one May RCL draft so far so not many chances to bump up the ADPs of these players based on Grey’s intel.  

The only player on the list who was drafted in every RCL so far is good ol’ Rougned Odor, we just can’t seem to quit him.  Everyone else on the list was free in at least one league.  Isan Diaz, Kevin Cron, Taijuan Walker and Joey Bart are truly free, having been drafted in zero leagues thus far.  Aristides Aquino has to be the craziest player on the list, his draft position ranges from 156 to undrafted.  What a roller coaster of a preseason it’s been for him!

When rounds 20-25 come up and it’s all a crapshoot I’d be looking for Pearson, Gore and Madrigal in that order and then take a stab on someone in that 299-300 range that fits my team’s needs well.  Maybe you leave your UTIL spot open until the final round and fill it with a dart throw.  Your deity of choice knows you’ll be streaming that spot most likely anyway, just looking for that hot schmotato.


Click the LINK in the ‘League Link’ column (see below grid) for the time you want and YOU’RE IN.  Damn, that’s too easy.  Oh, I guess I should also mention make sure you’re joining a league for free or for money, depending on your preference.  If you want a league for money, then 1) Click the link. 2) Pay the money.  That’s it!  No pesky third requirement!  Again, Fantrax and Razzball take no money.  You can join as many free or paid leagues as you like.  To quit a league, go to OTHER –> All Options –> Quit League (located at the bottom).  Now go join some leagues!

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