We participated for the 3rd year in a row in Yahoo’s Friends & Family draft – a melange of 6 Yahoos, 3 Rotowire peeps, 1 Baseball Prospectus writer (Baseball Prospector?), 1 HardballTimes.com guy, a WSJournalist and us.  Count ’em up – it’s 13 people this year.  Anyone can play 12 or 14 team leagues but only ‘perts can manage 13.

After a promising 3rd place finish in our rookie campaign, last year’s team stunk of sophomore jinx – finishing 10th out of 14th.  Contributing factors include drafting Justin Morneau/Pedro “Ceranno” Alvarez with our 5th/6th round picks and putrid SAGNOF bets (Lyon and Rodney!).

The most unique aspect of this league is the 1,250 IP cap.  For comparison’s sake, the average team in our 2011 Razzball Commenter Leagues had 1,341 IP.  This ~100 IP difference leads most teams to roster one less SP in favor of an MR.  Other ‘non-expert’ aspects of the league are:  daily roster changes (vs. weekly), snake draft (vs. auction), and unlimited FA pickups (no Free Agent $ limit).  This tends to play into Grey’s hands as he’s the Tony La Russa to my Jim Leyland.

Below is our team and here are the full draft results.

Position Player Round/Pick
C Russell Martin R25 Pick 319
1B Joey Votto R1 Pick 7
2B Neil Walker R14 Pick 176
SS Alexei Ramirez R10 Pick 124
3B Mike Moustakas R12 Pick 150
OF Andrew McCutchen R2 Pick 20
OF Adam Jones R5 Pick 59
OF Shin-Soo Choo R6 Pick 72
OF Colby Rasmus R16 Pick 202
OF Michael Brantley R17 Pick 215
1B/3B Lance Berkman R8 Pick 96
2B/SS Gordon Beckham R23 Pick 293
UTIL Alex Presley R19 Pick 241
SP Cliff Lee R3 Pick 33
SP CC Sabathia R4 Pick 46
SP Brandon Beachy R7 Pick 85
SP Tommy Hanson R13 Pick 163
SP Colby Lewis R20 Pick 254
SP Hiroki Kuroda R24 Pick 306
RP Carlos Marmol R9 Pick 111
RP Jason Motte R11 Pick 137
RP David Robertson R15 Pick 189
Bench RP Mike Adams R18 Pick 228
Bench RP David Hernandez R21 Pick 267
Bench SS Stephen Drew R22 Pick 280

Draft notes:

  • Picks 1-2: This was my third snake draft of the year (15-team LABR, Razzball Expert league) and 7th was the earliest pick I’ve had (Grey got 7th in the Razzball expert league, I had 10th).  This position had worked out well for me by nabbing a 1B (Votto/A-Gonz) and Longoria on the turn.  We got the 1B we were hoping for (Votto edging out A-Gonz by a hair) but the 20th pick put us in a rough position as Longoria was long gone (pick #15) and our last OF target (Giancarlo) was picked at #19.  After last year’s 2nd round SP (F-Her) worked out only okay (and seemed to put Grey on tilt), we ended up settling for Andrew McCutchen.  No doubt he’s a reach but I’ll take bets that he works out better than all but maybe one of the next 5 position players taken (Reyes, M-Teix, Wright, Beltre, and Castro).
  • Picks 3-4:  We had the 3rd draft pick slotted for SP and I had delusional hopes that one of the big three – Verlander/Kershaw/Halladay – would make it back.  With all three + Lincecum off the board, it was a coin flip between Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez and Grey pushed hard for Cliff Lee.  After a slew of position players came off the board with the next couple of picks, I pushed hard for us to draft another SP in the 4th round (vs. wait for the 5th/6th round).  My preferred choice was taken 3 picks ahead (Greinke) so settled for Sabathia.  Doubting myself now whether Hamels would’ve been a better call but the strategy proved smart as 4 more SPs went before our 5th pick.
  • General Hitting – Nothing very exciting about our offense after those top picks.  Speed in the MI positions went at a premium (Andrus, Gordon, Jemile Weeks) so we focused on R/HR/RBI value in the middle infield and got some speed (Choo, Brantley, Presley) in our OF.  This definitely isn’t a dominant offense but there’s some upside and hopefully it can keep us at least middle of the pack on offense because….
  • General Pitching – ….if we’re going to succeed in this league, our pitching has to dominate.  This team has top 2 potential across W/K/ERA/WHIP.  The low IP cap gave us (or at least me) the courage to reach a little on Beachy and take the risk with Hanson – both have so much promise.  Lewis and Kuroda are more matchup plays at least in the beginning of the season.  The IP cap really drove our MR quality + quantity – we’re expecting high K/9 and strong ERA/WHIP from K-Rob and Mike Adams.  With daily changes, we’ll able to slot them in every day.  Hopefully b/w them and David Hernandez, one ends up getting the closer job before year end – otherwise, we should stay middle of the pack as long as Marmol and Motte stay healthy.
  1. Alcesto says:

    Say you drafted Volquez in the last round. Are you starting him opening day against the Dodgers at Petco? (1450 IP limit)

    • @Alcesto, If you’re not starting him there, no reason to keep him on the roster.

      • Alcesto says:

        @Rudy Gamble, So you don’t give any Credence to the opening day hoodoo?

        Don’t you want to see if Volquez can manage less than a walk per inning before you hand him your ratios in a little pink box with a bow on top?

        • @Alcesto, it’s hard to ever feel safe with Volquez…i

  2. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Maybe you’ll get lucky right away with the pickup of Rauch.

    • @VinWins, Maybe. Wish the ‘Backs would’ve DL’d Drew already to save us from dropping a player to pick him up.

  3. Pops says:

    Funston snatched up Kendrick with the 62nd pick… he must read Razzball.

    • @Pops, Ha! Yeah, we were going to draft him in this league (forgot what pick) and we’re pissed/surprised at how early he went. He picked him in the Razzball Expert league too (with the 78th pick).

      • Pops says:

        @Rudy Gamble, I own him in a couple of leagues. That eligibility and lineup spot is so sweet.

    • DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

      @Pops, In fairness, Funston has been predicting Kendrick to win a batting title for like 5 years.

  4. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    I can see the logic given your draft slot/options, but Mike Moustakas at 3B is exactly the kind of nightmare scenario I was absolutely hell-bent on avoiding this year.

    Though hard to see how you sidestep it — Beltre at #15 is just too much of a reach, and everyone good was gone after you took Lee in the third.

    Any discussion of foregoing Lee and taking Sandovar or Lawrie? One of those, plus CC as your ace, seems like reasonable alternate reality.

    • @Baron Von Vulturewins, we were talking about Lawrie for the 4th round pick but he was snagged. we just assumed anyone with a lot of hype would be snagged too early based on past experience w/ this league. would’ve liked lawrie on one team though….

  5. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Whoops — meant to say Beltre a reach at #20; wherever you took McCutchen. Though not as much of a reach there.

    • @Baron Von Vulturewins, my zips/steamer projections for beltre look awful. i think there may be more risk to beltre given his age/position than people realize. 3Bs age bad…

  6. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Also nice to see you guys going all-in on Adam Jones, despite the lack of nether-tingles.

  7. Jeff Erickson says:

    Last year might have been the only year that Funston didn’t draft Kendrick. Kendrick is his white whale.

    • @Jeff Erickson, Ha. Good to know. At least he’s 2B eligible – unlike KC’s white whale (Billy Butler).

  8. El Famous Burrito says:

    Brandon Morrow or Gio Gonzalez in a weekly H2H league?

    • @El Famous Burrito, Gio b/c of easier division/league.

  9. DP says:

    Does anyone know when I’ll be able to put Utley on the disgraceful list? I’m not proud to say that I wound up with him on every team this year.

    • @DP, b/w now and opening day. not sure why it takes so damn long…

    • DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

      @DP, I am guessing he is going 60 day, so they aren’t in a rush. I could use the roster spot too.

  10. kingadrock says:

    I’m in a OPS league and need more power. been offered Uggla + Minor for Cuddyer + Romero.

    as far as SP – tbis would leave me with Lester, Anibal, Zimmerman, Minor, Cueto, Jair Jurrens, and Jonathan Sanchez.

    Would you bite?

    • @kingadrock, I don’t make the trade. Uggla doesn’t have good OBP which minimizes any gains you get from SLG. And I like Romero more than Minor.

      • kingadrock says:

        @Rudy Gamble, Thx Rudy!

  11. Jake says:

    Offense looks pretty rough, even for a 13 teamer. Gonna need some guys like Moose tacos and Rasmus to step up big time. Pitching does look very nice though.

    • @Jake, Agreed – the pitching staff is stronger than the hitting. We’ll need some guys like Rasmus and Moose to step up or find something on the waiver wire.

  12. Tom Thumb says:

    Did you guys already make your picks for awards? Mine are:

    NL CY- Clayton Kershaw, Bumgarner second
    AL CY- David Price, Felix second

    AL ROY- Matt Moore
    NL ROY- Brandon Belt

    AL MVP- Evan Longoria
    NL MVP- Justin Upton

  13. jimbo says:

    Interesting how just one more than a standard 12 team league impacted your targets . Missed G-lo by one and Zack too. I enjoyed the last spot in the snake this year. Never thought votto/upton would be an option.

    Drafted yesterday (12 team 5×5):
    C – J Montero (already qualifies)
    1B – Votto
    2B – Uggla
    SS – Andrus
    3B – Pablo
    CI – Butler
    MI – Desmond
    MI – K Johnson
    OF – Upton, Upton, Markakis, Boesch, AJax
    SP – MadBum, Garza, Beachy, Luebke, Holland, Cahill, Niese, Hochevar, Santos, Motte

    I’m curious how many rosters you’ve evaluated this year…more than 2,000? Any way to estimate on a per day or per post basis?

    • @jimbo, Grey’s reviewed more than me – he has to be in the hundreds at least. Solid draft – assuming this is H2H (otherwise light o relivers). Don’t love the OF – would drop Desmond for another OF to potentially replace AJax (unless it’s 4 OF).

  14. Rennan says:

    Team is terribly light on power. Puma is ur only player to hit over 30 hr last season and it’s a safe bet he won’t reach 29 hr this season. I’d try to package away ThEDreadPirate for some pop ie Bruuuce. Donkey went at value (I think early 100s right?) which is odd given how managers chased pop early in the draft. Surprised to see Kelley Johnson going so early.

    This is obviously a top 4 team but it’s 2 moves away from being atop of the league pre opening day. How about choo for Reynolds + someone else? He would give u for sure production at 3b, sending moose to a utility role or potential trade target.

    • @Rennan, Agreed that power is our biggest weakness right now but I don’t see us swinging a big move for a few weeks. We invested in power upside with Rasmus, McCutchen, and Moose. If they start showing solid power, I think we can be middle of the pack.

      • beardcrabs says:

        @Rudy Gamble, according to your calculations do you think your strength in pitching will make up for your weakness in power… how well have you done in the past taking 2 SP’s within the first 4 rounds… and did grey hate you after the draft…

        • @beardcrabs, I haven’t done any calcs on this league (you’ll see why in tomorrow’s post). hrs is one category and i don’t think our team is that far below average. not sure the last time i went with 2 pitchers in the first 4 rounds. but i’d rather take a worthy pitcher in the 4th round vs overpay for a hitter. look at the hitters b/w sabathia and our 5th round pick (konerko, zobrist, uggla, santana, youk, asdrubal, dee gordon). i like our next pick (adam jones) and our 6th round pick (choo) better than these picks.

          • beardcrabs says:

            @Rudy Gamble, HR’s supplement R and RBI as well… this year i targeted my first SP in the 5th round, but in the RCL i wanted a somewhat strong rotation so i took grienke in the fourth… i see your point though, really depends on what hitters are there… I remember last season you liked Uggla, not so much this year? The only reason I commented is because I was picturing you and Grey during this draft, probably a funny scene…

            • @beardcrabs, I don’t like uggla in the 4th round. i think neil walker matches him across the board except 15 less HR. i Think i got uggla in the 7th round of an NL-only league a couple years ago! but peeps are less afraid of AVG now. i think grey was campaigning for uggla though…

  15. Hawk says:

    Aroldis Chapman news from the mouth of Dusty Baker:
    “He’s [Chapman] a starter, a very good starter. But Billy Bray isn’t ready to be late-inning lefty right now,” Baker said

    Translation: He’s a very good starter. We love him as a starter but we need him more to get one out a couple of times a week.


    In the history of idiotic managerial statements, this might take the cake. The guy we had planned to get one or two outs a week isn’t ready so we’ll take a “very good starter” and make him do that instead?


    • Rennan says:

      @Hawk, Sounds like Sean Marshall is the closer based on that statement

      • Hawk says:


        It’s a Dusty-induced mess. Not the starter. Not the closer. He’ll be the LOOGY. Because somehow, that’s the most valuable combination of players he can come up with.


  16. fitz says:

    Hawk, agreed completely. Dusty is horrific.

  17. Hawk says:

    AL MVP: Cano
    NL MVP: Justin Upton

    AL Cy: Verlander
    NL Cy: Greinke

    AL ROY: Jesus Montero
    NL ROY: Yonder Alonso

  18. chata says:

    all off-season , we’ve been told to wait and start our staffs
    with the likes of bumgarner .
    now you guys go and draft 2 aces in the 1st 4 rounds .

    what gives ?

    • @chata, This draft had more of a Rudy fingerprint That SP advice sounds like Grey. One other note is that expert leagues draft pitchers earlier.

      • royce! says:

        @Rudy Gamble, Pianowski certainly zagged on SP, drafting only Wilson and Volquez. You’d think that by so doing he could have ended up with at least a top 1B.

        • @royce!, He clearly sees the 1250 IP cap as a good reason to punt SP, stock up on MR/Closers, and pick up SPs advantageously throughout the year from waivers and trades. I understand the strategy but don’t think it’s a winning one.

      • chata says:

        @Rudy Gamble,

        i certainly don’t want to cause a rift between you and Grey ,
        but if experts are drafting pitchers earlier , shouldn’t i ?

  19. Griff says:

    Hanson at 163 is insane value! With innings caps, I have to believe that injuries shouldn’t concern you as much. It’s more about quality innings. A JJ or Hanson can give you 100 quality innings and you can fill in the rest with spot starts/middle relievers.

    • @Griff, Exactly. No concerns for SP injuries (in fantasy – I care about their health from a humanitarian point of view). Josh Johnson would’ve been another pitcher we considered in this vein.

  20. Mike says:

    Big Braves fan in my league. Would you give up Heyward and Bedard for Morrow and Boesch? I actually think Boesch may end up with better numbers this year than Heyward. Thanks!

    • anarchy burger says:

      @Mike, do it

    • Pops says:

      @Mike, No brainer, Mike.

    • @Mike, It’s a fair trade either way. I think Bedard is near worthless given his injury concerns. I like Heyward more than Boesch but would do the trade to upgrade to a slightly surer thing at SP.

      • chata says:

        @Rudy Gamble,

        some of us …. (ok , maybe just me) … believe that bedard is in better health , today , than at any time since leaving baltimore .

        age has probably cost him a few mph on his fastball , but “back in the day” he was a crafty pitcher who worked the outside edges of the plate
        and then come inside and bust you , down low , and at an angle to the right-hand batter that was near impossible to hit without bailing out of the batter’s box .
        for lefties . it was away , away , away .
        the guy could certainly hit his spots , and i don’t think that has changed any … except for the fastball velocity , perhaps .

        injury should not prevent him from making his starts , but maybe age will .
        i’m expecting 24 starts , and hoping for more .
        as such , i’m anticipating 165-175 K’s … but for ‘old time sake” , i’m
        hoping for 185 .

        he may not have the best team behind him , but he has a doggedness
        about him that will make him battle into 7th and sometimes beyond .
        he never wanted to come out of the game … maybe because he had a shitty oriole pen behind him .. (i like a pitcher who prefers his OWN chances) .

        given the ‘double’ appearances against that division , he seems to be on a par with , if not better than , your esteemed anibal sanchez .

        i like his chances .
        and i like his draft position/value .

        worthless ??
        hell , no .

        • chata says:

          @ Rudy :

          i’m willing to make a small wager that bedard will make owners ,
          who overlooked him and vested in gio gonzalez , instead ,
          feel like a bunch of patzers , by season’s end .

          • @chata, If you told me Bedard will pitch 180 IP and be completely healthy, he’s not worthless. But in 12 team with the Pirates….eh, I wouldn’t fall in love with him. Sounds like you’re an Oriole fan so you might have some bias….Ha on Anibal…that’s Grey’s love. I’m so-so on him this year….

  21. Kane says:

    What do you think of this staff in a 10 team H2H? Thanks

    G. Gonzalez

    • It’s okay – I think you’ll lose more, though, than win on W/ERA/WHIP. Tougher call on K’s.

  22. Steve Stevenson says:

    H2H, 6 hitting cats (standard 5 + TB). Because of the extra power cat, I loaded up on pop and didn’t worry about SB or, to a lesser extent, AVG. Now I’m sitting on a team that should win 4/6 cats every week, but is weak in steals and has some AVG risk (Uggla, Cozart, Bruce). Would you deal Swisher for Ichiro in that format? What about for Gardner?

    • @Steve Stevenson, yeah on swisher for ichiro. no on gardner (not good on avg)

  23. Big Nate says:

    Rudy – How concerned should I be about Ubaldo at this point? I have an excess of speed so would it be worth it to flip him and Bonifacio for Tommy Hanson?

    • @Big Nate, i’m not a fan of ubaldo this year…don’t like boneface…make the trade.

  24. Steve says:

    You sure do love you some Colby Lewis. Was Grey in the bathroom? ;-)

    • @Steve, Ha. In 20th round, even Grey would like that pick.

  25. Richie says:

    @Rudy Gamble

    There’s a possibility that Andrew Bailey needs surgery on his thumb. What are your thoughts on Alfredo Aceves and Mark Melancon? Also, do you think whichever is the favorite for saves is a must own?

    • @Richie, melancon is the favorite. i think he’ll be below average.

  26. Daniel says:

    In a vacuum, which side do you like more? 20 teams but shallow benches so decent talent as free agents.

    Team a: braun, altuve
    Team b: kinsler, cc, and maybin

    I would be giving up braun but feel like I need another ace. Enough in return to give up braun?

    • Daniel says:

      10 keepers so its hard giving up braun in a keeper

  27. Kane says:

    Can you give your thoughts on my 10 team H2H points draft? Thank you.

    C M.Montero
    1B Votto
    2B Phillips
    3B Zimmerman
    SS Jeter
    1B/3B Youkilis
    2B/SS Kendrick
    OF J. Upton
    OF Stanton
    OF Cruz
    OF Heyward
    OF Belt
    UTIL Goldschmidt
    BN Gamel
    BN Espinosa

    SP Bumgarner
    SP Wainwright
    SP G. Gonzalez
    SP Scherzer
    SP Marcum
    SP Liriano
    SP Bedard
    RP Santos
    RP Street
    RP Walden
    RP Marshall

  28. exactly says:

    Hey guys, had my 12 team H2H points league draft yesterday, how does it look? Any areas that need improvement?:

    C Wieters (10)
    1B Votto (1)
    2B Kendrick (7)
    SS Aybar (13)
    3B Longoria (2)
    MI Cozart (22)
    CI Sandoval (6)
    OF Bruce (4)
    OF C. Young (9)
    OF Stubbs (14)
    OF Duda (16)
    U Gamel (20)
    SP Greinke (3)
    SP Lester (5)
    SP Garza (8)
    SP A. Sanchez (11)
    SP McCarthy (15)
    RP Street (12)
    RP S. Marshall (17)
    RP Addison Reed (19)
    P Worley (18)
    B G. Holland (21)
    B M. Adams (23)
    B Niese (24)

    Thanks, as always!

    • chata says:


      i’ve got you at 90 SB’s .

      maybe lose a pitcher for a back-up bat that qualifies at dual eligibility .

  29. Rob says:

    Word from Sox sources is that Bailey will need hand surgery. Am presuming that Melancon is the add here.

  30. @hHuskyRump says:

    What are the main differences between Ackley and Barney — besides the Ackl and the Barn? They look pretty similar except Ackley plays in SEA (yet seems to be higher valued.)

    • @@hHuskyRump, no way. ackley has 10 more HR, 5 more SB, and better AVG.

  31. Ralph says:

    Lets say you were in a 14 team roto league and had Brandon Belt on your team, and the Giants were to do something stupid like send him to the minors for an indeterminate period of time while they start Nate Schierholtz in his place. You really like Brandon Belt and don’t necessarily need the extra bench bat but the waiver wire is already looking pretty thin, the only intriguing players being Mat Gamel on waivers and Nolan Reimold as a FA, with the rest consisting of Willingham, Daniel Murphy and after that pure dreck (not that Willingham and Murphy aren’t dreck, they’re only like 95% dreck). You figure you have 3 choices: a) grab Gamel or Reimold, b) hold onto Belt and see who gets hot a week or two into the season and hope to grab them, or c) hold Belt and hope the Giants are giving him regular at bats by May. What do you do (general opinions welcome) on what I like to term the “Brandon Belt Situation”.

    • @Ralph, i don’t think belt will deliver much this year. drop him and pick up reimold.

  32. Denys says:

    Here’s my 10-team league. I think I lucked out a lot early on.

    1. (6) Ryan Braun LF
    2. (19) Evan Longoria 3B
    3. (30) Tim Lincecum SP
    4. (43) Jered Weaver SP
    5. (54) Jay Bruce RF
    6. (67) Eric Hosmer 1B
    7. (78) Madison Bumgarner SP
    8. (91) Brian McCann C
    9. (102) Drew Storen RP
    10. (115) Derek Jeter SS
    11. (126) Jordan Zimmermann SP
    12. (139) Anibal Sanchez SP
    13. (150) Sergio Santos RP
    14. (163) Yoenis Cespedes CF
    15. (174) Kenley Jansen RP
    16. (187) Jemile Weeks 2B
    17. (198) Neftali Feliz RP
    18. (211) Jhoulys Chacin SP
    19. (222) Francisco Cordero RP
    20. (235) Danny Espinosa 2B
    21. (246) Torii Hunter RF
    22. (259) Chase Utley 2B
    23. (270) Mark Melancon RP
    24. (283) Jonathan Sanchez SP
    25. (294) Roy Oswalt SP

    • Denys says:


      i stand corrected, 12 team league!

  33. Jarred says:

    Hey guys, I really need some help on evaluating a trade. I’m in a 12 team H2H keeper league. Cats are runs, hr, rbi, avg, slg, BB and NS, pitching cats are QS, BB’s, K’s, ERA, Whip, holds and NS. My current roster is:

    C: J. Montero (5)
    1b Votto (6)
    2b Uggla (3)
    3b Wright (2)
    ss Aybar
    of Granderson (3)
    of Bruce (2)
    of Stubbs (1)
    util Morneau/cain

    P Lee (2)
    P Strasburg (3)
    P D. Hudson (3)
    P Romero (2)
    P Ubaldo (2)
    P Marcum (1)

    In parenthesis are the amount of years i can keep them.

    Trade proposed would be my votto, bruce, granderson, lee, and d hudson for his fielder (3), braun (4), victorino (1), kershaw (3) and weaver (3).

    I love bruce, but is this worth it? I could also probably put in my stras and get back josh hamilton. Is this a smart move for me?

    • chata says:


      act quickly .

      but , maybe offer him ubaldo or marcum , instead of hudson , 1st .

      • Jarred says:


        Would you do the strasburg/hamilton side of the deal? or hold on to strasburg?

    • @Jarred, I’d make that trade.

  34. Charles says:

    Do HR hitters have less volatility in runs and RBIs? That would make them inherently more valuable, right?

  35. Jef says:

    Wow. I was able to draft 9 guys who went in the 1st 5 rounds: Votto, Upton, Hamels, Price, Bumgarner, Lawrie, Andrus, Cruz, and Cuddyer (i’m guessing his 2B pushed him up ridiculously).

    So I’m feeling pretty good about my team now.

    That being said, trade Votto-Werth for Braun-McCutchen-Swisher in H2H points 12-team CBS? Or am I just getting greedy trying to collect early rounders?

    Thanks for the great draft write-up.

    • @Jef, i’d trade Votto-Werth for Braun-McCutchen in a heartbeat.

  36. nightpandas says:

    Yahoo strategy question. Only have 6 bench spots, how do I best utilize them? (15 team roto, 2000 innings max, 36 acquisitions max (33 left) Right now my bench is JD Martinez/M Trout/Niese/Danks/Cahill/FFransciso.

    Holding onto Trout because I need to keep 7. (Possible keepers would be 7 of Pujols/Kemp/Bruce/Choo/VMart/Rollins/ARamTrout/DHudson/Latos). Maybe I should let Trout go?

    • @nightpandas, I think you have a solid mix. With that IP cap, I definitely want a couple of SPs to throw when their matchup is good. I’d think 1-2 MR/low-end closers and 1-2 bats. I like Trout but it does hurt some flexibility in the short-run if there’s an injury. JD is a solid bench bat given he’s a middle of the lineup hitter (albeit an awful lineup). Would be ideal if you had a little more position flexibility but hopefully you’ve got someone on your team with 1B/OF or something like that since it’s Yahoo’s liberal position rule. Good job!

  37. BostonEagle5 says:

    Question for strategy in a 12 team weekly league. We start 4 OF and 4 UTIL, 6 SP and 3 RP.

    My team is as follows:

    C: Ramos
    1B: Berkman
    2B: Kinsler
    3B: Longoria
    SS: Castro
    OF: Bruce, Heyward, Bourjos, Duda
    UTIL: Lawrie, Lind, Morales, Span

    SP: Darvish, Hanson, Zimmermann, Beachy, Buchholz
    RP: Motte, Street, Myers

    Obviously this team is lacking on pitching, my question is should I deal for an ace (since it’s a weekly league) using one of my big bats, or should I do a smaller deal to get more depth.

    Two offers I have on table:

    Bruce for Greinke
    Duda for Minor


    • @BostonEagle5, I’d roll the dice with your pitching staff. It’s got some potential. Use waiver wire/free agency to pick up another SP with potentially friendly home matchups (i like Mariner, A’s and Padre pitchers). I’d usually suggest using MRs but the 3 RP limit squashes that.

  38. Nonstoptalk says:

    Grey… Opinion on my team?

    10 Team Standard Mixed

    C: Russell Martin
    1B: Mark Reynolds
    2B: Dan Uggla
    3B: Evan Longoria
    OF: Jose Bautista
    OF Jay Bruce
    OF: Michael Bourn
    UTIL: Jayson Werth

    SP: Cliff Lee
    SP: Zack Greinke
    SP: Mat Latos
    SP: Rickey Romero
    SP: Adam Wainwright
    SP: Wandy Rodriquez
    SP: Francisco Liriano
    SP: Edison Volquez
    RP: Huston Street
    RP: Brandon League
    RP: Carlos Marmal
    RP: Rafael Betancourt

    Obvious average is gonna be terrible but do I have enough HR, Steals, RBIs and Runs to compete on offense to complement what I think is a good staff?

    Thanks in advance Grey.

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