We’ve got a three-way pennant race going as we head into the last 1/4 of the season! Our own Grey has seen his 9 point lead evaporate over the past two weeks down to only 1 point against his most bitter rival – his blogger in crime Rudy Gamble. That’s right, me. And Fantasy Baseball Generals (led by Mike Podhorzer) have met my pace and cut a 13 point deficit down to 5.5 points out.

It’s hard to fault Grey as his team has increased by 1.5 points over the fortnight – it’s just my team and the Generals team have harvested a bumper crop of points after spreading fertilizer all over our respective rosters. It’s tough to know if the momentum will continue or they’ll be a correction. The Generals gained an amazing 5 points in runs over the two weeks, going from 5 points to 10. But look at the top 5 adjusted totals for Runs: 517 (Generals), 519 (DFA), 520 (Rotoprofessor), 522 (Grey), 525 (Rudy). And Grey leads the Generals by only 1 HR (89-88) and 1 K (685-684) + me by only 1 Loss (69-68). Crazy.

While it’s too early to count out Roto Professor, DFA, one-time leader Aardvark Trading Co and Herb Urban, the 17 point gap b/w the 3rd place FB Generals and the 4th place Roto Professor hints that they may be limited to competing for 4th and spoiler roles.

Mop Up Duty can move up from his 8th position but his blog name seems appropos for his team’s performance. Greener on the Other Side (aka FantasyPhenoms) is being spared the ignominy of solid anchor Defunct Baseball Lab which is run by our favorite guest blogger Lou Poulas who clearly is too enamored by his Fantasy Baseball Hall of Famers and All-Stars to concentrate on Razz*Stars.

I’m off to Europe for two weeks so next update will be the week of September 8th. I’ll do weekly updates from then on..

  1. Lou says:

    I have no excuses for my lack of participation. I sincerely apologize. Once I couldn’t sort properly in Yahoo and had to comb through players manually, my interest in league waned. The FBHOF takes up all of my spare time too for sure, not to mention my kids, drug habits, and my unnatural affinity towards yard work.

  2. @Lou: No worries, Lou. Does his mean you won’t be doing a FBHOS (Fantasy Baseball Hall of Shame)? C’mon, hook Brad Ausmus up!

  3. JR says:

    Is there a link to the razztastic rosters?

  4. Doug Ault says:

    @Rudy: I’d like to get in on this next year

  5. @JR: JR – We’ll definitely be posting the rosters at the end of the season.

    @Doug Ault: Definitely. We’ll be expanding into multiple leagues next year. Stay tuned in the offseason for news/updates!

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