It’s been a long time since we showed the Razzball Standings – over 6 weeks to be exact (see here for the June 14th standings).

Grey has made it all the way to 1st place and has a 9 point lead on the pack – despite being 200 AB below the prorated AB minimum of 3530 (pro-rated 5200) and having to accept the penalty. With 90 out of 120 points, he’s sucked both on offense and in pitching – 2nd across 4 of the 6 offensive categories and 3rd or better across 4 of the 6 pitching categories. Top underperformers on his team include 3B-eligible Cezar Izturis (246 AB of 30/1/15/.236), 1B -eligible Jose Vidro (299 AB of 27/7/45/.236), and a cavalcade of pitchers including Greg Reynolds (46 IP of 7.63/1.70), Josh Fogg (48 IP of 8.32/1.66), and Tom Gorzelnanny (70.1 IP of 5.89/1.75). The only solace for the league is most of his best pitchers – as is always the case in Razzball – have been demoted, dropped, or sent to the Disgraceful List.

It’s Razzball 1-2 right now as my team (Rudy’s) is current in 2nd place. My offense is in the lead with 47 points thanks to having a number of high-AB/low HR players such as Michael Bourn, Willy Taveras, Fred Lewis, and Cristian Guzman. My pitching has overperformed for much of the past 6 weeks led by shockingly good performances by Paul Maholm (133 IP of 3.79/1.23), Kyle Lohse (102 IP of 3.79/1.26), and Doug Davis (67 IP of 3.63/1.30). Really, how many teams have to be in your regular mixed league before you start these guys – 15? I’m optimistic that I’ll enjoy a nice ride down the slope of regression with these guys though (see Doug Davis’s Sunday outing of 5 ER in 1 2/3 IP).

Razzball aficionados Fantasy Baseball Generals have jumped all the way from 8th to 3rd, led by a 44 point pitching staff headed by Brandon Backe (10 Losses, 4.72/1.56 in 130 IP) and the sabermetric-loving Brian Bannister (9 Losses, 5.40/1.41).

The biggest faller is one-time leader who now resides in 6th. While his .275 batting average is better than many normal FLB teams, it has been great pitching performances that have been his downfall. I thought I had it bad but how could 65 IP of Colorado’s Ubaldo Jiminez net out to 2.07 ERA / 1.16 WHIP? Gil Meche with 107 IP at 3.28 ERA/1.18 WHIP? Crazy…

Click on the below image for the standings. Click here for our Razzball Point Shares player rater to see the best of the worst.

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Patrick DiCaprio
14 years ago

My boy Mike Podhorzer is doing the job. of course he has the same roster in his real baseball league and I doubt he knows the difference.

14 years ago

I take full responsibility for my team’s rise toward the bottom of the stack.

If I have learned anything from participating in this league (and I wouldn’t bet on it), it is that if I ignore my other fantasy team it would probably be performing better than it is.

The weekly roster format of this contest continues to make it difficult for me to even remember to think about it most days, let alone explore additional avenues to make it worse.

14 years ago

I’m simultaneously sucking and blowing.