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It has been a while since we made some additions to our Razzball Glossary.  Thanks to everyone for their suggestions either in the Comments section or in the Forums.

Keep up the suggestions!

Charbonooooo! – A night or a season where your team starts off great but goes completely downhill from there. Named after Indian Joe Charboneau who had a great rookie year but did nothing after that.

Double D’d– Being stacked in one position. It’s a nice luxury to have, but usually requires a reduction to compensate for other weaknesses. E.g., I was Double D’d at 1B, but had to downsize to fix up my busted staff. (assist to BSUJam)

Jokey Smurf’d – When you receive a gift-wrapped package in a trade only for it explode in your face because of injury or a player’s poor performance.  See video for further explanation (as if any is necessary).  Example:  He gift-wrapped Aaron Harang to me for two crappy players but it looks like I got Jokey Smurf’d.  (assist to mikeisalegend)

Nattie Lights – Watered down talents that are better than nothing and can be had on the cheap – e.g, V-Mart is out and all the top-shelf catchers are gone. I’m going to pick up a Nattie Light like Jesus Flores and hope it gets me drunk… (assist to lincecumshot)

Scott Downs’ Syndrome – Successful late inning reliever whose progress is retarded by other bullpen mates.  After Scott Downs who has had a sub 2.00 ERA for the Jays from 2007-2008.  (full credit to Denys)

Tied To The WHIPping Post – When a pitcher’s defense tortures him with errors leading to a final stat line that’s ok on ERA but horrid on WHIP – e.g., “Man! Ponson tied me to the WHIPping post last night. 1.50 ERA but a 2.50 WHIP! Why is Jeter still playing shortstop?” (co-credits to Denys and Hebrew Hammer)

Weepstakes – Any popular waivers pick up that doesn’t live up to expectations eventually making you cry for wasting a top waiver pick on them. See Cueto, Scherzer, Kershaw, etc.  Example:  I won the Eugenio Velez weepstakes. Netted me a .125 average and .5 steals. Fun times! (full credit to Denys)

  1. Nick says:

    @ Grey: Alright so alot of things have happened in one day. First off Carlos Lee is on the DL?! That killed me. So I DL’d him and picked up Hunter Pence from waivers (8-team league). It says out 6-8 weeks with a fractured finger, is it worth holding onto him in the DL spot or will he not even be back before the end of the season? Next, my trade went through so I have an empty spot of my roster…looks like this.

    OF-Quentin, Dye, Pence

    SP-Sabathia, Zambrano, Greinke, Baker, E. Santana, Guthrie
    RP-Hoffman, B. Wilson, Torres, Gonzalez

    What position should I look to pickup at? Based on season ranks, the best available are Huff, C. Jackson, Cantu, Glaus, and also all the rookies. Bonifacio went 0-4 for second day straight…I’m thinking I have to go for a Closer since my offense is still solid with Lee on the DL.

    Closers available: Pit’s Closer (which is no good), Cleveland’s Closer (which is no good), Heilman, Hanrahan?

    Any help in this time of chaos?!?

  2. Lolhamburger says:

    I just dropped O-Hud due to his injury. It looks like he is done for the year. My replacement is Bonifacio right now. For the rest of the year, would I be better off with Hairston, Stewart, Baker, Lowrie, Infante, Keppinger, Garciaparra or any other semi-worthless MI that I am forgetting? In terms of priority, runs are probably more important to me right now than steals, though this is H2H, so steals are always helpful. HRs would be great, but that is wishful thinking and it’s not like I lost any power with losing O-Hud anyway. Thanks, folks.

  3. Denys says:

    Sweet! Cheers Rudy. Nice to see myself contribute.

  4. Lolhamburger says:

    Funny thing is that I’m not even too upset about O-Hud being out for the rest of the year. Seriously, is there a less productive .300 plus hitter batting 3rd in a major league lineup this year?

    Also, my other batters are Soto, Tex, Braun, M. Cabrera, Tejada, BJ, Hart, Victorino, Rios, McLouth, Longoria and Country Strong. This is like having lightning hit your house and realizing that only your mailbox was damaged.

  5. yak says:

    Give Howard,B.Wilson, and Mike Young for Pabst,Nady, and E. Santana?

  6. yak says:

    Also Huston Street came into the game in the fifth and is starting the 6th. Grab Ziegler? He got the save Fri. nite.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: I’m confused. You have Delgado on your bench and you choose to pickup Pence? Why not move Delgado to UT and Markakis to OF?

    Seems like Lee’s out for the season.

    Pickup Hanrahan.

    @Lolhamburger: Let Bonifacio run out there for a week or so. He’s the Nats leadoff guy so you should get your runs.

    @Denys: Yeah, they were good stuff. Thanks.

    @yak: I like it for you.

    Yeah, I’d grab Ziegler.

  8. Mike says:

    if you had to drop one out of Izzy or Chris Perez who would it be?

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: Izzy in a heartbeat.

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    **************From Rotoworld:

    “Brad Lidge admitted Sunday that his throwing shoulder has been feeling sluggish.
    Lidge won’t be available for Sunday’s game. He apparently developed a mechanical flaw over the past few weeks which is causing some irregular fatigue. “You want to make sure you can nip it in the bud and get through it and come back really strong,” he said. He should be ready to go on Monday.”

    Durbin’s the guy to look at.

  11. Scott S. says:

    Crawford to the DL.. My Crawford, Volquez, and Mussina for Holliday trade looks better every day.

    Kinsler finally showed up today. Kinda sucks when you have guys like him on one of your keeper teams and you know he’s gonna fade down the stretch, but you can’t sell high on him. But hopefully he’ll come out of his slump.

    I drop Ellsbury a couple weeks ago after having ZERO stolen bases or homeruns over the last month and a half. And immediately after dropping him he starts playing like a stud again. Why..

  12. Nick says:

    @Grey: I was just planning on playing Delgado when the matchups are right and the same with Pence. Do you think there is a better option than Pence at this point? CoJack/Huff/A rookie??? The waiver list is endless in an 8-team league.

  13. Nick says:

    & drop Carlos Lee ?

  14. Denys says:

    Rafa Perez got Scott Downs’ Syndrome.

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Scott S.: re: Ellsbury, Cause he hates you.

    @Nick: In an 8 team league, you’re better off playing a hot player. Gerut — 3 HRs this week, he was in Coors this weekend. Those kinda matchups.

    @Nick: Yeah, afraid so.

    @Denys: Worse than Corky Thatcher.

  16. Nick says:

    @Grey: So some recommendations for this upcoming week? Probably an outfielder or even a 2B…

  17. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: See what C. Jackson does this week.

  18. BigFatHippo says:


    Seems I been running into some papasmurf luck this week. Had to attend a company picnic in St Louis with 1000 baseball games going on.

    Ex-gash wanted to take the kids and leave early so I informed my boss and boarded the hayride wagon to take us back to the parking lot.

    As the wagon pulled away we could still hear the raffle going on. Imagine my surprise when they announced the next raffle prize, 4 box seats for Aug 20 game between the Cards and Pirates.

    Naturally the raffle ticket was 033, guess what my number was?

    You got it. And I didn’t.
    Murphy’s Law.

    At least I got back home in time to see Ludwick ground out to end the top of the 5th.

    So I got that goin for me, which is nice.


  19. BSA says:

    How does Gio look this week as a two start pitcher?

  20. SaltyBiscuits says:

    I have weekly roster locks and I am afraid Carlos Guillen might miss the early part of the week.

    Who of the following is my temporary replacement?

    Orlando Cabrewhaha
    J.J. Hardly
    Yunel Escobeans
    Sexy Alexei

    Also: Guardaddy or Hanrahanrahanrahan

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: That sucks.

    @BSA: Two tough matchups. In 12 team league and 15 team league, I’m starting him. Anything shallower, I’m not.

    @SaltyBiscuits: I’d stick Hardy in and go with Hanrahan.

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