In a week where I’ve had 4 roto drafts (so far! I may yet get roped into more!), I don’t want to stop. I have momentum. I have spreadsheets of such intricate detail it would make a mandala-making monk cry. If only there were a way to keep drafting every single damn day. Even after the season has started. And to win money doing it.

…But wait! There is! It’s called and I’m going to tell you about it!

As our DFS reprobates here know, Razzball has been affiliated with FantasyDraft and FanDuel for a while now. This season we’ll continue those partnerships, but we’re also working with a new site: In his DFS primer, Matt Truss ran you through the basics and advanceds (not a thing, but it should be) of daily fantasy baseball and how FantasyDraft and FanDuel work, but is a whole new kettle of ballgames.

The clue to how it works is right there in the name: you, well, draft your temporary team of superstars, rather than select a lineup, as is the case on other DFS sites. Sometimes the pool is shallow, sometimes it’s deep ( offers 2- to 12-person drafts), but you’ll always ever draft only 1 pitcher, 2 infielders, and 2 outfielders. That’s it: a 5-round snake draft, 30 seconds to make your pick per round. No salary cap to navigate; no limits other than who you can grab before the next guy/girl does. The entry fees range from free to $1 to $1000.

I’ve been playing around on the site (in these pre-baseball days, I’ve been NHL-ing it, like the good Canadian I am) and there’s a lot to like. The interface is pretty and easy to use; there’s also an app so you can draft on the fly. Each draft is quick, easy and adrenaline-filled. offers beginner-only drafts where you can get your feet wet. I also like that in this format, obviously you get away from the “chalky” (see Matt’s glossary!) aspect: there is only one Clayton Kershaw in a draft, and you’ll either nab him or you won’t. You’re not up against a hundred other managers who have slotted him into their lineups as well and are living and dying by him. (That said, I’m now about to contradict myself and tell you that DRAFT does also have a “Dream Team” format, whereby you pick 5 players and compete against other managers; no draft clock, but still no salary cap, either.)

As with a regular old season-long snake draft, I’d recommend setting your pre-draft rankings and queuing up the players you want: many of the drafts start “when filled” and may catch you unawares; obviously, autopicking isn’t ideal, but at least you can prepare a little. There’s some advice on strategy for drafting pitchers and hitters on the blog: some of it carries over to the other DFS sites, too.

If you’d like to create an account on our DFS sponsor sites, please do it through us: we will love you even more than we do already. Here are the links for each site:

And lastly but not leastly, the inestimable Rudy Gamble is offering the unbelievably valuable (actually, no, I’m upgrading that adjective to “crucial,” especially for DFS) tools of Rudy Gamble: Stream-o-Nator, Hittertron and more. Head over here to see the deals when you sign up for a DRAFT, FanDuel or DraftKings account.