We have a winner….and it’s Ankur Pandya (aka SalaChor) with 195 points.  Ankur didn’t have any of the top 4 players (Brandon Moss, Trevor Plouffe, Pedro Alvarez, Brandon Phillips) but lucky for him, the 1.5% of those that picked one of these 4 didn’t otherwise pick  particularly well.

Ryan Braun – 5th place, 80 points (on 31.7% of entries)
Mark Reynolds – 8th place, 65 points (on 2.6% of entries)
Dee Gordon – 12th place, 45 points (on 0.6% of entries)
Joey Votto – 20th place, 5 points (on 59.6% of entries)

Ankur was one of only two contestants to guess 4 players who finished in the top 20 – the other one was yankz1313 of Phoenix, AZ who nailed four of his first 5 picks (Joey Votto (5), Michael Cuddyer (55), Curtis Granderson (40), and Ryan Braun (80)) but went 0-for-5 in his last 5 picks to finish in 4th.

‘Duder’ of Redwood City (California?) finished in 2nd place with 190 points – hitting the same trifecta of Braun/Reynolds/Gordon and falling short because he didn’t end up choosing the 3rd most popular pick in Votto.  (He had Kinsler who finished 30th and Aramis who finished 48th).

‘Seversino’ of Dallas, TX finished in 3rd place with 185 points thanks to the trifecta of Braun (80), Reynolds (65), and Granderson (40).

Click here to see the full final standings as well as the responses + player rankings.

Thanks to the folks at LG for providing the sweet prize (retail price: 2,499) and thanks to all 930 of you who participated!

  1. HustlinOwl says:


  2. duder says:

    Dang it! I shoulda picked Votto instead of MCab.

    • @duder, Well, if it makes you feel better, you’d have lost on tiebreaker questions (3-1).

      • duder says:

        @Rudy Gamble, yeah. Pure laziness.

  3. The Real McCoy says:

    Awesome job Rudy and the rest of the Razzball Team. Thanks for providing us with the opportunity of free contests to go along with your free advice. Not many people/sites like you guys anymore and I know we sheep appreciated everything you do just out of the pure enjoyment of the game. Keep it old school fellas!!

    • @The Real McCoy, You’re welcome. The contest went as well as we could’ve hoped. Now we just need to find some more advertisers like LG who want to reach the valuable target audience that is Razzball Nation!

  4. chata says:

    yay !
    i finished in the top 96 %
    and only 195 points behind the winner !

    congratulations to pandya .

    • @chata, Ha. Well, at least you got two of the tiebreaker questions right :)

  5. L-Boogie says:

    I never sent an entry in and I still lost. War Games lied to me.

    How about a nice game of chess?

  6. beardcrabs says:

    I’m so jealous… Congrats Ankur…

  7. Ankur says:

    Wow — thanks Razzball! It would have been funny to have won (or lost) on the tiebreaker questions (pure laziness, like Duder mentioned)…

    • Congrats. BTW, I sent you an e-mail for your address so I can get on LG to send you the TV.

  8. uncdrew says:

    Thanks Rudy, Razzball and LG.

    Congrats Ankur. Well done. I’ll take my 51st finish (good for me since I suck at fantasy stuff).

    LG TVs rock. Y’all should buy a few.

  9. thefaketom says:

    Congrats bud. Enjoy it! Thanks Rudy for making this available to us common folks. And thank you LG for the opportunity.

  10. Chris says:

    Awesome promotion, guys.

    Definitely try to work in something like this again in the future…

  11. stoopid says:

    Congrats Ankur.

    Thanks Rudy & Razzball crew!

    Finished 12th. It’s no TV, but out of 930 entries, I’ll take that!

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