A week after covering two of the less exciting systems in baseball, the Broshitz train keeps on rolling. Running on nothing but the pure excitement the Angels top 5 prospects bring. We don’t spend much time chit-chatting on this one, we dive right into Shohei Ohtani, his impact, outlook, and potential value in 2018. We spend a good chunk of time digging into the swings of Jahmai Jones and Jo Adell. Debating which Angels outfielder should rank higher, and what the finished products will look like. We discuss Kevin Maitan’s market correction, Brandon Marsh’s back hip coil, and which MLB player his swing reminds us of. There’s some discussion of the back end of the Angels top 10 and a couple of hidden jewels. Finally, please make sure to support our sponsor by heading over to RotoWear.com and entering promo code “SAGNOF” for 20% off the highest quality t-shirts in the fantasy sports game. It’s the latest edition of the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Prospect Podcast:

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  1. Big League choo says:

    10 team dynasty OBP league with TBs, no BA

    Need SS help

    1)My Jacob Faria for Jose peraza

    2)My Villar for Duffy

    My MI as of now Chris Taylor, Semien, Willie Calhoun, Villar

    3)Trying to create open spots to stream, would you cut Austin hays, adam jones or Aaron hicks in a league this shallow with 5 Minors spots?

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Vegas says:

      @Big League choo: I’d go Faria and Duffy, you have plenty of MI.

  2. Regan says:

    Oh boy, the Los Angeles Anaheim Angels of California! Excited to listen to this one. Just finished our dynasty auction and ended up with a big share of this system in Jones and Marsh. Really wanted Jo but he went crazy expensive. Like 15, couldn’t crack the big had to lay off and go to plan B Jones, but hey it freed up the money for your boy Marsh. All in with you on this kid!

    Here is the rest of the team, let me know what you think. 14 team, 12 man ML roster $120 budget. This is a keep forever with $4 inflation. I went off a combo of you and 361’s rankings. I feel pretty good about the team, top end tallent was crazy exp. Some yahoo blew his whole wad on Ohtani. My boy Guererro, who was my #1 target went for 81 and Ocuna 75. I laid back and tried to get the best value with highest upside. 11 hitters, 1 pitcher. Quantrill was a nod to your boy at 361 who has him super high. I do like SD pitchers and he was decent value. Went heavy with 5 tool OF, seemed to be best value and so deep.

    Fernado Tatis Jr 44
    Leody Taveras 16
    Taylor Trammel 13
    Kyle Lewis 9
    Cal Quantrill 8
    Jahmai Jones 6
    Bobby Bradley 5
    Brandon Marsh 5
    Jorge Mateo 4
    Colton Welker 4
    Nick Pratto 4
    Christin Stewart 2

    • Rip City Sultan says:

      @Regan: Rip City Sultans here. Really like Marsh,Welker, and Jones for the price! Nice

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Vegas says:

      @Regan: Hahaha nice. Yeah, looks good, I like Quantrill too, but he’s likely a 3.

  3. Prince George says:

    Hey Ralph, enjoying each of these podcasts. Thanks. Dynasty Question: a no salary, 15 team, keep forever, …..trade my DeJong for a first round (overall #3) pick where I would draft K. Hiura? Thanks.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Shohei Lifshitz says:

      @Prince George: I’d do it!

  4. Richard Davis says:

    So I’ve been offered the 8th pick in our current Prospect Draft for Michael Chavis. I could draft Jesus Sanchez, Keston, or Helliot. Do you take any of those guys over Chavis? Its a keep forever 20 team league and I’m top 5 now, so I’m thinking even if Chavis is a little less upside, he will be up first so I could use faster. Thanks

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Shohei Lifshitz says:

      @Richard Davis: Hmmm it proximity is the focus then no. Though if it’s Hiura and I had a hole at second I’d be tempted. Is it average or OBP?

      • Richard Davis says:

        Thanks for the response. It is actually OPS. However, the pick has already been used by the other owner, and then Keston, Helliot, and Jesus Sanchez went picks 9, 10, and 11 lol, so I’m keeping Chavis. I think Chavis is close with all 3 of those players, and I already have Altuve and Moncada for 2B, so I’m prolly good there. Thanks for EVERYTHING you do and all your hard work on prospects, it’s really a very big help.

  5. Bterry says:

    Hey Ralph, long time forever keep 4 league. Standard 5×5 with k/9 instead of k.
    Would you rather keep Gary sanchez and either Hoskins/b ham as your 3 & 4 keepers, or toss back Hoskins and b ham for a shot at Ohtani as my 4th keeper? It looks like only 2 guys in the league are keeping 3 so I’d have a decent shot at getting Ohtani and would be able to fall back to one of the two I currently have rostered if Ohtani goes to one of the two picks in front of me. Thoughts?

    • Bterry says:

      My first two keepers aren trout and arenado.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Shohei Lifshitz says:

      @Bterry: I’d keep Trout, Arenado, Sanchez, Hoskins, and Hamilton.

      • Bterry says:

        @Shohei Lifshitz: can’t. Can only keep 4. There is a good chance I could keep Hoskins and get b ham in 5th round tho. I’m pick number 7. Plus the 2 guys only keeping three would put me picking 9th IF I kept one of Hoskins/beam. You thinking I should just roll with the hitters and let Shohei go?

        • Ralph Lifshitz

          The Castillo Hype Machine says:

          @Bterry: I’d keep Hoskins. That’s an awesome four keepers.

  6. Niceguybilly says:

    Hey Ralph,
    Great stuff as always!
    Bit off topic but my prospect pick is coming up. Looks like the guy I wanted the whole time, Trammell, is going to be available but somehow Tucker has not been picked. I know your rankings from October clearly has Tucker ahead but would it be crazy to stick with Trammell? I don’t care about timeline, just about upside.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Shohei Lifshitz says:

      @Niceguybilly: Go Tucker, you have to.

  7. Imtherealohtani says:

    Ohtani fever!!!

  8. Mobin Can't Hack It says:

    16 team dynasty. active rosters are max 28, prospect list max 7. roto. i won this last year but some draft picks (last year was 1st year) weren’t looking good at this point. we’ll do a prospect draft then later a regular online one which is really just preseason waivers. stats are a lot
    hitters: 5×5 stuff minus AVG with these added: slugging, OBP, OPS, hits, total bases, steals %
    pitchers: 5×5 stuff plus holds, K/BB, K/9 (can’t do K% in yahoo), QS, net saves. 1750 max innings.
    C zunino (was streaming him and others for a while, ended on good chair if duck duck goose)
    1B swiggy
    2B jose ram (3B)
    3B longo
    SS semien
    MI solarte party (2B/3B/SS)
    CI r-zimm
    LF mancini (1B)
    CF kiermaier
    RF mookie
    OF jew don (RF)
    OF brocktune (LF/RF)
    util hanram
    util d.travis
    BN mcmahon (could be moved down of course), bader (same, we have 2 NA slots in addition to prospect list during season, but cannot add new players other than trades to prosepect lists, can send down guys though if they were called up earlier), mini donkey, d.fisher (LF/RF)
    SP (5 starters with 1 P slot): wood, cueto, grin and lamet, hamels, morton, peacock, rodon the monster, mccarthy
    RP (5 slots) kimbrel, knebel, rivero, neris, morrow, yates (hells yeah this had to be my best drafted RP league last year)

    prospect list: i.diaz MIA, c.stewart, meadows, a.reyes (has to be called up very soon into season), k.lewis, collins, fedde

    have to drop at least 4 guys from active roster. mcmahon/bader could be sent down. easy drops are yates (although i’d be all closer no holds guys, but that seems like an easy thing to trade out of), mini donkey, mccarthy, but who’s the 4th? only useful SP in FA for online draft would be maeda/richards, but i doubt with pick 16 (even if i drop somebody) i’d get either.

    2. also (probably more for ralph only) i draft 16th in odd prospect rounds, 1st in evens; who’s best guys to drop from that (i’ll later find all the available names from your top 100 prospects)

  9. Max

    Julius says:

    Bichette or Otanis in dynasty? have the first pick and debating it in our draft.

    Stats are below. What would you?


    • Lance

      Lance says:

      It’s Ohtani for me.

      He should be the first pick in every FYPD.

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