We got Broshitz back together again this week and brought along our favorite guest/unofficial third host Emily Waldon. If you don’t know Emily, she’s the bee’s knees, a minor league expert, and the foremost voice on the Detroit Tigers minor leagues. She’s also employed by two of the biggest outfits in sports (Baseball America and The Athletic). Do to Emily’s expertise we dig into the Tigers prospects and the Midwest League. If you’re a Tigers fan this is a podcast you cannot miss.

  1. Kcc26 says:

    Hey! Question (12 team mixed)

    Kyle tucker vs. Bo Bichette:

    who do you see as having more value this year?

    A ss needy owner approached me about a swap for my bo. Thanks!

    • CMUTIMMAH says:

      Bo will likely stay with Toronto, Tucker has a higher chance of getting traded. If Tucker is in Houston, I want anyone in that lineup. If he gets traded, it could go either way, likely it’s a hit to Tucker’s value.

      All in all, I think Tucker has the higher ceiling, higher projected scouting. But if he goes to say the Orioles, you might be dealing with a mess lineup for a while. I would want Tucker.

  2. G-Squared says:

    This is streaming last week’s episode

    • Patdaddy says:

      Yeah they had a football podcast about griffin canning too lol. I guess there’s some glitches to work out

      • B_Don

        B_Don says:

        Working on getting that football podcast fixed.

  3. Slappy Jack says:

    is Mize’s injury not serious?

    • Non-Trads says:

      I have the next pick in our Farm system Keeper League 5×5 12-steam h2h standard league (we get three prospects to roster until they hit rookie limits)

      Available prospects:

      Casey Mize
      Gavin Lux
      Nate Pearson
      Jesus Luzardo.

  4. RazzballFan says:

    Machado and R Chirinos or Hosmer and Realamuto. Love Machado but can I go without much of a Catcher?

  5. Swfcdan says:

    Oh Prospect Jesus, which package would thou take for a selling team:

    Kelenic, 1st rnd pick (likely 10th-12th), J Bart
    Kelenic, L Urias

    Likely comes down to what you see Urias and Bart becoming. Thoughts?

    • Swfcdan says:

      Scratch that, seems he’ll offer the pick along with Urias too! Gotta take that side then right?

      Future line for Urias? Are you buying the power outburst this year?

  6. Scott says:

    Jeter Downs or Brice Turang?

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