We’re back with the Razzball Pod, and on today’s show we talk about the Top Chef finale and Grey’s NL-only Tout Wars team – one of those things went really well!  You’ll have to listen to find out which – that’s called a tease!  After breaking down Grey’s auction-drafted squad (which you can follow along and read more in-depth here) we delve into some Spring Training news including Brad Boxberger‘s injury, Juan Nicasio‘s crazy run his past two preseason starts, and a deep sleeper for OBP/Pts leagues.  Today’s Podcast brought to you by Grey’s undergarments!  Here’s our latest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast:

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  1. Jerry says:

    Hey, JB! Should I trade Shields for Chen in a head to head points league? Thanks!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Jerry: Yo! Damnnnn Shields is good in Pts, but Chen should be too. Gimme Chen

  2. Mickey Maloney says:

    I’ll be interested the take on Nicasio… Seems like a long shot, but hope something is there!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Mickey Maloney: Yeah, I mean I don’t think either of us are buying in too much, but there’s enough of a narrative to keep an eye on him , even in shallow leagues! He’ll enter my top 100 most likely, but like 95ish

  3. Bryce Krispie Treats says:

    Hey JB!

    Had my draft on Sunday afternoon. Let me know what you think!

    12 Team, 5×5 (avg, not obp), 5 keepers over 5 years, my keepers cost $103 in a $260 budget.

    C – Hundley
    1 – Goldy (k)
    2 – Castro
    3 – Arenado (k)
    S – K. Marte
    O – Harper (k)
    O – Marte (k)
    O – Conforto (for a freaking dollar!)
    U – Rizzo (k)
    U – Holiday (getting dropped tomorrow)

    SP – Kershaw, Carrasco, Odorizzi, Walker, Chen, Fiers, Nola, Heston, Giolito
    RP – Clippard, Colome

    Im really light in the RP department because closers go for a ridiculous amount in our league. I wait and scour the wire.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Bryce Krispie Treats: Geez, your keepers are unfair AND you got to draft Kershaw? Hah I think all the analysis you need is right there :)

      Yeah some closers will help, plus you have assets to trade if it really becomes a dire need by the deadline

  4. Chris says:

    Hello JB!
    Always good to get your input:

    H2h League, 3 keeper (Stanton, Encarnacio, Arenado).
    I have 2 first round picks.

    Which pairing do you like must considering my keepers?

    A. Arreita + Adam Jones/Upton (maybe Braun)
    B. Marte + Kluber/Cole
    C. Springer + Kluber/Cole
    D. Braun + Kluber/Cole


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Chris: Yo! 3 pretty dominant hitters there, i think I want steals upside. Option B fits that, but man Arrieta+Upton+a few stls guys next few rounds might be my overall favorite.

  5. Sasquatch slugger says:

    Dang!?! I have Box, Tolleson, Dave Hernandez, Diaz, Romo, Quack and (Ed Rod # 6SP) that I can add/drop. Should I add Dyson as well and drop Ed Rod. Others available on RCL wire are Benoit Siegrist Knebel Bailey Madson. Oh…should I drop Boxberger…haven’t listened to podcast yet. Thanks so much!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Sasquatch slugger: Yeah the Boxberger one hurts, I would probably wait and stash on DL when DL is announced. Then if you get a lot of injuries early, you can just drop from there. I’d prob drop Romo for Dyson and Bailey and stream away! Any time!

  6. Sasquatch slugger says:

    By the way…2nd year in RCL…my team was built on YOUR PODCAST alone. Total “reach” team that I personally like as a newbie (RCL-straight bestbuy homie). Gotta get up to date computer so I can use war room. Can I at least work with this team Or is it too thrown together? Thanks.
    C Cervelli
    1B Duda
    2B Schoop
    3B Bryant
    SS Semien
    2B/SS Orlando Arcia
    1B/3B Maikel Franko
    OF Springer
    OF Khris Davis
    OF Deshields
    OF Joc Pederson
    OF Ozuna
    UT Castellanos
    P deGrom
    P Syndergaard
    P Rodon
    P Iglesias
    P Nola
    P Ed Rodriguez
    RP Tolleson
    RP Boxberger
    RP Dave Hernandez
    RP Quackenbush
    RP Romo
    RP Diaz
    Maybe get a backup 1B? Whatever…thanks again.

    • Sasquatch slugger says:

      @Sasquatch slugger: This team was drafted two days ago (why I missed the news on Box).

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Sasquatch slugger: Haha, well welcome mr. podcast/RCL homie! Yeah war room is awesome, def try it out when you have a snazzy new comp!

        Def workable! You have good speed and good power, batting avg is gonna be rouggghhhh through.. So be careful there.

        Nah backup1B isn’t too big a need, Duda hit lefties well last year. I would just be looking for AVG boost guys as the season starts up

  7. Rusty Trombone says:

    Hi Grey,

    As a devout Razzballian, just wanted to get your take on my team that I just drafted over last weekend. Thanks in advance!

    C Realmuto/Gomes
    1B Goldschmidt
    2B Schoop
    SS Castro
    3B Arenado
    OF Trout
    OF Heyward
    OF Grichuk
    U Ellsbury/Conforto/Belt

    Jose Fernandez
    Chris Archer
    Luis Serverino
    Wei-Yin Chen
    Joe Ross
    Andrew Heaney
    Vince Velasquez
    Jason Hammel
    Jose Berrios

    Aroldis Chapman
    Brad Ziegler
    Fernando Rodney

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Rusty Trombone: Yo! I’m no Grey, love that O! Steals are light, you’ll def be Sagnof-fing. Love the pitching, I’m personally big on Jofer, Ross and Hammel respective to ADP and the same with Chapman. Nice work!

      • Rusty Trombone says:

        @JB Gilpin: Thanks, JB! Appreciate the feedback very much! I don’t have to accumulate steals. I’m in a H2H, 12-team, 5- man keeper league. My keepers were pretty obvious (Trout, Goldy, Arenado, Jo-Fer and Archer).

        I’m a faithful podcast listener and a fellow suffering Brewers fan (I live in WI). You going to Opening Day in Miller Park?

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Rusty Trombone: Oh cool! Yeah you can just punt STL or still consider a stream or two at the end of the week.

          Hah I wish! I live in NC so travel back up there is tough…

  8. Swfcdan says:

    Hi JB need to address my pitching weakness in my dynasty. Have an offer on the table for Yordano (who I love, well his stuff not necessarily him ha) offered to me: Yordano and Pujols for Miggy. Now its a deeper (16 teamer) so I don’t mind the 2for1 much, just don’t know if im getting enough for big Mig in an OBP league. What you think to it?

    Otherwise asked Grey what older, better pitchers I could get for a young arm like Shelby, he said maybe Wei Yin Chen? Oh tell me I can get more than Chen, wise young man, before I go mad! Would J-Zim be a worthwhile gamble, or even Tanaka possibly given injury risk? Never know how much you can improve for these young for old pitchers in dynasties/keepers, suggest a few other arms if you don’t like those.

    • Swfcdan says:

      @Swfcdan: And I’ll check back for comments tommorow as I know you get slack at answering comments when your threads are a bit old :) , or prove me wrong! haha

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Swfcdan: Wrong has been proven!

        Mehhhh yeah i dont love it, unless you’re focusing more on the future. I like Chen too! I think Hammel is undervalued this year. Liriano too, actually that could even work. I like Tanaka, risk is obviously there. Zimmermann I’m not big on…

        • Swfcdan says:

          @JB Gilpin: Nah I’m in win now mode, just in need of boosting my pitching staff and admit I am a liiiiitle concerned about Miggy this year and feel Pujols is undervalued for what he does each year. Though thing is it’s an OBPer that counts TB over HR’s, so Miggy is much more valuable in this right? Think he’ll be a top 10 player in this format this year?

          I think I’m gonna focus on sending another bat for an older vet arm if I can.

        • Swfcdan says:

          @JB Gilpin: Oh ha you did prove me wrong, nice job, thats FB loyalty dedication alright!

          Bit more about Yordano, already drafted him in one league and am targeting him in another. Isn’t he a true sleeper this year, where he’s going in drafts? Really fixed himself 2nd half last year and has 2 plus pitches, is it the lack of a 3rd pitch that’s keeping people down on him. I mean he also has everything else going for him, great team, park, D. Feel he has the stuff to take a Salazar like step forward this year and we’l never be able to get him this cheap again. I know he’s a punk and needs to chill tf out at times ha, but with maturity he will and could be this year. Injury risk from a wiry frame but what SP isn’t(?), and he’s been pretty healthy so far. I can’t see many better sleeper SP picks than him that could return no2 pitcher numbers.

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @Swfcdan: Hah dedication for sure!

            Yeah I’m holding off then. While I agree Miggy is a tad concerning and Pujols is being undervalued, they’re still pretty far apart to me. Yup I think Miggy should be top 10 in that!

            Ummmm, I dunno, his raw ability has always been there – since called up those final few starts of 2014 – and we’ve still seen such wild inconsistencies. He definitely “can” take that jump, but the guys I have ranked really high – CarMart, Joe Ross, Rodon, etc I think have better shots at making the jump

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