Did you hear this week’s big news? No, not the story about the man who bit the seagull after it tried to steal his Big Mac. Even bigger news: Grey is now releasing his weekly buy/sell articles one day early to all our valued Patreon members! We’re also raffling off two of the final RazzBowl fan spots to Patreon members this week. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you’re a Patreon member who would like to be entered into that raffle. And if you aren’t in the cool kid’s Patreon club yet, what in the name of Albright are you waiting for?! Join the Razzball Patreon now for just $5/month.

Anyway, on this week’s episode of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Not News with world renowned comedian Billy Hurley, we talk about more offbeat news stories. What you heard about the man who bit a seagull was all true. And no, that man wasn’t previous Patreon Podcast guest, Lenny Dykstra. Well, as far as we know.

Here’s a little teaser from our first podcast with Billy Hurley if you missed it:


As if you needed even more reason to join, here’s another teaser clip:


In other not not news, Turkmenistan is also dealing with a very serious dust pandemic and they’re requiring all of their citizens to wear masks. And they’re also now dealing with a severe shortage of Swifters. Grey is impressed with the business savvy of the man who’s trademarking potential new team names for the Washington football team formerly known as the Redskins, and Billy is fascinated by the man who just obtained his 150th Guinness Record by keeping three balloons in the air for over an hour. Find all of this plus a brief appearance by the wildly popular Billy-Ivan, on this week’s Razzball Patreon Podcast!