If you haven’t signed up for the Razzball Patreon yet then you’ve been missing out. The 59 minutes I spend each week laughing about weird news stories with comedians Billy Hurley and Grey Albright, are easily 50 of the most entertaining minutes of my week (and 9 of the most confusing minutes when Grey gets off on a tangent about an imaginary Russian man named Ivan who wrestles sharks). Speaking of shark wrestling, we discuss this wild shark wrestling story on this week’s show:

Grey and Billy both give their best impersonations of Grey’s imaginary Russian friend Ivan—Billy wins easily—before we discuss flying snakes, 3D printed steaks and the new Guinness World Record for sponge hits to the face. Plus our first Florida man story with a guy who got trapped in quarantine with 200 parrots. Can you believe this all is news?! I for one can’t believe it isn’t isn’t not not news! Join in on the madness, laughs and future Razzball Patreon insider benefits now while helping support you favorite fantasy baseball site! (95% of all proceeds will go towards Grey’s Boba tea addiction.)