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Baseball season eh? Are they going to play any? Am I right? It’s not all bad, they still have to make up the games so it should lead to more full slates and double headers. Hopefully more full slates, I’m not a big fan of the double header. Who likes to see 1-8 with a run scored next to a player for the day? Life is full of disappointments elsewhere, leave baseball alone. Like we did in the first two weeks, we are going to look at the player rater and find some gold that your league mates might be under appreciating more than you under appreciate prestige television like The Americans.

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In his start against the Padres, Kenta Maeda will run the game and have the whole world talking. King Kenta is the Stream-0-nator’s top starting pitching pick on Wednesday against the feeble Padres lineup in arguably the best pitcher’s park in baseball, Petco Park. The Padres have the second highest K-rate against righties this year at 27.6%, giving Maeda a very high ceiling for this start. Maeda has 14 strikeouts through 8 2/3 innings with a clean 2.08 ERA this season – no bones to pick here, Maeda is a top SP option tonight.

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The Indians and Twins set sail for the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico to rid themselves of the cold weather.  Puig should really be from there, because white people pronounce each similarly awful.  “Welcome to Pwwwwwayto Rico!”  This was a homecoming for Francisco Lindor (1-for-5, 2 RBIs) and he promptly hit his 2nd homer, a moonshot that went about 275 feet (but, hey, it counts).  Also, taking advantage of the short fences was Michael Brantley (3-for-5, 2 RBIs, 1st homer), Jose Ramirez (3-for-5, 4th homer) and Yonder Alonso (1-for-4, 3rd homer).  The video of Lindor going around the bases is all that dem feels that baseball does right.  How does baseball not have a team in Puerto Rico?  Talk about something that is so obvious you have to be as ignorantly run as MLB to not see it as plain as day.  Move the fences back 25 feet in Hiram Bithorn Stadium, switch out the fungo bats for mofongo and let that star shine!  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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We’re back with our second installment of this year’s Roto category leaders.  Once again, listed is the current leaders, favorites in a group (if tied), and who is licking their chops to, meow mix meow mix please deliver, take over the lead, ready to run a train on them chicken fingers nom nom nom nom.  You know what, let’s get right into it!

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Is it just me or is half the league on the DL right now?  Everyone seems like they have a strained this or a sore that.  Can the Razzball Commenter Leagues go to five DL spots next year?  I never thought I’d miss Rougned Odor so much. Ozzie Albies is helping to ease the pain though, thanks Ozzie.  Now, if Ronnie Baseball could go ahead and join Ozzie with the big club, that’d be swell. I know I’m not the only one itching to see Ronald Acuna called up ASAP.  His ADP was 79.58 and that was with early drafts having him go off the board around pick 100. The closer we got to Opening Day, the higher he was drafted, spiking at pick 47.  Team cdwiz26 was the big winner, able to nab Acuna at pick 117. Is it too soon to worry if you’re falling behind in stolen bases or some other category? Probably not yet, especially if you have a guy like Acuna waiting to make an impact.

It’s the silly season for our leagues at this point, where we can have huge swings in the standings based on 2-3 good days of stats.  Thanks to Rudy and the Robots (also the name of my Depeche Mode cover band) we have a starting point for the Master Standings. Big thanks to Rudy for working with FanTrax to get this rolling even earlier than we did last year with ESPN.  Who’s the number one team after the first couple weeks of the season? You’ll have to click below to see that. Let’s take a look at the standings as well as some trades in the week that was, week two in the RCLs:

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Every week I get up here and tell you “This episode has it all!”. But this week, I actually mean it. Where else can you get discussions of “Butt-texting”, exit velocities, launch angles, and geriatric dating, other than the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast? Not up to speed on what hanging zucchinis are? Take a seat, and let the Fantasy Master Lothario Grey Albright explain. Outside of Grey’s eccentric family, we come back with some hot takes, and deep discussion of Bartolo’s near perfect game, Ozzie Albies breakout, and every wavier wire darling from Joey Lucchesi to Franchy Cordero. Finally, please make sure to support our sponsor by heading over to and entering promo code “SAGNOF” for 20% off the highest quality t-shirts in the fantasy sports game. It’s the latest edition of the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast:

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Tonight is my favorite kind of night on The small rosters usually mean you’re choosing between great hitter A and great hitter B. Some tough match-ups equals slimmer than usual pickin’s for this slate. That’s going to help you gain an edge by doing your homework and finding advantageous spots for players like Justin Bour and Mike Foltynewicz. So sharpen up your pencil, and maybe stop doodling inappropriately.

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There’s no greater compliment I can give a player than I wish I owned him in every league.  Okay, maybe a higher compliment is I wish he’d married my mom and been my dad, but then he’d be old and I wouldn’t be able to own him in every league, unless he married her when I was, like, 20 and he was three years old, but then I’d sorta be like his dad, but I would have to call him dad and that would be confusing, what would I call him, “Lil’ Dad?”  “Half Pops?”  “Daddy Little Jeans?”  And if Daddy Little Jeans were my dad and I owned him in fantasy and he had a bad game, then dinner would be awkward.  “Hey, Daddy Little Jeans, you can’t get a hit off a Marlins pitcher?  You’re useless, and my mom wants a divorce!”  So, in conclusion, it’s best if I say I want to own a player vs. have him be my dad.  Seriously, though, Bryce Harper (2-for-4, 2 runs, 3 RBIs with his 8th homer, hitting .315) could be finally putting up that 45/15/.320 season we’ve all been dreaming about, and headed for a $750 million pay day with the Yanks (after holding out for three months into the season).

Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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Each of the last two weeks, I’ve looked at pitchers who changed something in their repertoire. The first change I looked at was my opinion of starters – Take that for data! – before that exact trio started generating substantial buzz (Corbin, Bundy, Lucchesi). I then navigated to velocity changes on two arms I was particularly intrigued by (Berrios, Castillo). Now to complete the trinity, I wanted to look at what I consider “hipster pitchers.”

Said in layman’s terms – are hipsters layman now? – these arms are following the breaking-ball trend that has taken over the game, buoyed by the philosophy that your best pitch should be thrown more than the past would suggest. Breaking balls are the most successful pitch at inducing whiffs for the majority of pitchers, that’s why the majority of starters, when broken down by pitch usage and count, will tend to utilize breaking balls with two strikes (duh!). They’re also the most fun to gif up – just ask one of the most popular baseball accounts on Twitter, @PitchingNinja.

Speaking of pitchers, if you like the sound of my voice, which you can judge for yourself weekly on the Razzball Prospect Podcast I co-host with Ralph, I’m doing also doing a weekly “Pitcher Thoughts” podcast. It’s available on the Apple Podcast app, Stitcher, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Shameless plug!

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The stolen base department is always a tough sledding affair.  It is filled with guessing and presumptuous displays of picking the right guy in the right situation.  Steals are very hard to come by on a regular basis currently so the steals are a “trending downward” property. So hitting on one SAGNOF flyer for the week or via the waiver wire for immediate returns is just a hard thing to predict.  At best, the wire fellas will net you one steal a week, and that is being generous.  So looking at the trends “against teams, by teams that steal” is the best model for the stolen base business. Upcoming matchups for the week are the way to go if you wanna guess, but guess with style and maybe a better idea of who is stealing on who and how often.  Taking not only advantage of a catcher skill set but a team skill set for their propensity to give of the thievery.  So here is the SAGNOF report for this week with a scheduler forecaster for the 10-most frequent base stealing teams and their schedule for the week…

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