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It’s your favorite hour of the week!  The Not Not News is back with all the Billy Hurley jokes and Grey Albright cackles you can handle. On this week’s show, we cover the story of a child found stuck in a trash bin using Google Maps and giant “harmless” Joro spiders. Then, scientists find a 300 year old mermaid with a human face and tail. All of this, plus a bonus Grey Albright produced reality TV show!

Listen to the entire show below to find out the details needed to join us for our Not Not News trip to Vegas in late March!

Here are this week’s stories so you can follow along:

Google Maps users baffled after finding child stuck in a bin

Beware the joro spider. Scientists say the giant, but harmless arachnid is spreading

Scientists working to unravel mystery of 300 year old mummified mermaid with human face and tail