June 1st is just around the corner. There are many prospects that are just waiting for that deadline for their major league call-up. From Ackley to Moustakas to Rizzo to Belt and Jennings, the fantasy world will clamor at their availability and set grandiose expectations for performance. Remember, ma’ always said rookie-nookie should be ingested in small doses to prevent statistical indigestion. If excitement last more than four hours, offer your fellow league mate a turn, just don’t let your eyes meet.

Eric Thames | TOR | OF: Was called up as of 5/16/11. See Friday’s Buy/Sell post, or read past the link for where I quote Grey, “If I were in an AL-Only league, I’d grab Thames for a little HBI (Hot Bat Injection), but he’ll probably strike out a ton and I’d hold for now in mixed leagues.” I’d concur, especially since his M.O. is power and strikeouts.

Jay Buente | FLA | RHP (AAA): Will start today, Sunday, filling in for the injured Josh Johnson. Has a career 9.4 K/9 with a 3.6 BB/9. At 27 years old, his prospect status isn’t very high, if at all. Throws a low to mid 90s fastball and split-finger that induces a fair amount of groundballs. With a 44:10 K:BB ratio at Triple-A this year, he could be quiet source of strikeouts.

Jordan Lyles | HOU | RHP (AAA): Doesn’t have the ceiling of Julio Teheran, or the sexy appeal of Micheal Pineda. However, Lyles’ ability to control his 88-93 mph fastball, low 80s slider and a strong cutter project him as a number three starter. His strikeout rate has dropped progressively at each level of the minors. Will be more valuable in real baseball than in fantasy-world.

Dustin Ackley | SEA | 2B (AAA): Report on May 17 is that Seattle’s brass want him to improve his defense before considering calling him up. GM Jack Zduriencik followed that comment up with an equally vague statement that he wants Ackley up “sooner rather than later.” So June? Has 12/12 potential over the remainder of the year; at second base, you can do much worse.

Brett Lawrie | TOR | 3B (AAA): Continuing on the quoting trend, Yahoo’s Blue Jay report stated, “Asked about possibilities [of] the regular third baseman, manager John Farrell said, ‘We’ve got three options there. (INF Jayson Nix, INF John McDonald and 3B/1B/DH Edwin Encarnacion.) And when Brett Lawrie comes up, there’s another one.’” Here’s hoping that everyone knows Lawrie-salt makes everything better, including fantasy line-ups.

Brandon Belt | SF | 1B/OF (AAA): Since returning to Triple-A, Belt has .373/.509/.602 in 83 at-bats with a 24:26 K:BB ratio and 11 XBH (4 Hr). His scouting report states he makes consistent contact and has good strike zone judgment with ability to make quick adjustments. Appears he just needs some more time to adjust to major league pitching and could provide a .300 average and 20 to 25 home runs.

Anthony Rizzo | SD | 1B (AAA): Continues to hit well (.325/.391/.650 in last 10 days), and looks poised for a June first call up.

Desmond Jennings | TB | CF (AAA): Starting to show power and the strikeout rates that come with it (31 in 152 at-bats). Nothing to be too worried about for the time being. With Sam Fuld continuing to regress and disappoint, look for Jennings to finally get an opportunity soon. Think .275 with 12 to 15 home runs and 15 to 20 steals for the whole year.

Zach McAllister | CLE | RHP (AAA): Josh Todd got the call-up to replace the injured Alex White, but Tood is a reliever. McAllister has been brilliant this year at Triple-A with a 7.3 K/9 and 1.7 BB/9 in 52 innings and a 1.02 WHIP.  That said, his stuff is mediocre and is an end-of-the-rotation starter.

Mike Moustakas | KC | 3B (AAA): Starting to heat up at just the right time. In the last 10 games, he has slashed .333/.413/.718 (39 AB). During this time he has 9 XBH (3 Hr) and is making better contact (5:5 K:B). Be forewarned, his tendency to swing often and frequently making contact should be noted. His swing is solid and is learning to lay-off the breaking pitches. Should be owned when called up.

Mike Montgomery | KC | LHP (AAA): Slowly improving upon a disappointment start of the year. It seems that every step forward is met with another step backwards. Last Saturday, he was rocked 8 ER in 4.1 IP and a 4:3 K:BB. On the 19th, he dazzled with 7 strikeouts and 9 baserunners in 7 innings. Pitches better at home than road, which makes sense as Omaha is a slight-pitchers park. I don’t expect to see him up until mid-to-late summer.

James Darnell | SD | 3B (AA): Continues to lace the ball at Double-A in San Antonio, which is historically a strong-pitchers park. Bolstered by a solid 19:29 K:BB ratio and a .299 ISO, Darnell is pushing hard for the case to be promoted to at least Triple-A. With a career .206 ISO, strong plate discipline and good contact skills, Darnell could be a solid play in deeper mixed leagues by the end of the year, and in the near future.

Paul Goldschmidt | ARI | 1B (AA): Paul Bunyan’s nephew go yard yet again. 15 home runs on the year. Please Arizona, dump Miranda and Branyan so Brandon Allen and Goldschmidt finally get an opportunity.  (Rudy:  Your Branyan wish came true but Miranda and Xavier Nady are still around….)

  1. ChicksDigMyLongBalls says:

    Nice article. Ackley, Belt, Lawrie and Moustakas are all available. Who helps me the most this year? Also, lost Wright and need to pick up one of these schmohawks: Reynolds, Rolen, or Espinosa? I can slide Figgins over to third if I get Espinosa. Thanks!

  2. DJSatane says:

    should we start to discount jesus montero for this year? Yankees obviously wont call him to play dh, and with martin there things look bleak.

  3. Racehorse says:

    Yonder Alonso’s AAA slash line .333/.393/.551, 5 HR, 5 SB in 147 AB

    Eric Young Jr’s AAA slash line .362/.463/.539, 15 SB in 141 AB

    What’s Walt Jocketty & Dan O’Dowd waiting for? Can’t get more ready than that.

  4. Giant JJ says:

    I own Nady in a 20 team league. Should I drop Nady and pick up either Allen or Goldschmidt? If so, which one is the better bet for a call up. Thanks again!!

  5. Dawg says:

    Duffy command issues? I’ve seen this mentioned a few places but don’t really get it. He had a 43:10 K:BB ratio in AAA this year. Yeah small sample size, but it doesn’t scream command issues. To point to a player’s first start in the majors and deem his walks indicative of command issues is crazy. Michael Pineda had 12 walks in 31 innings in April…by your logic, that would mean he is a pitcher bound to have control issues…but he’s followed it up with 2 walks over the next 27 innings in May. Duffy doesn’t have a track record of Hall of Fame level control, but I wouldn’t say a 2.9 BB/9 with a 10.5 K/9 career in the minors is exactly knocking on Aroldis Chapman Control territory.

  6. AM2 says:

    Jeez, not a great start for Dominic Brown.

    0-4, 2 Ks, 5 LOB in the 2 hole, and he even managed a CS.

  7. AM2 says:

    At what point do we sell M. Pineda? I haven’t looked at the standings and I’m too lazy to do it now, but I’m guessing the M’s aren’t going to be in contention, and they’ll want to cap Pineda eventually.

  8. BlinkULDHC says:

    Need lineup help! 12 team, 5×5, H2H league

    Ok going into Sunday, here are the pitching stats for the week:

    ME: 4 wins, 7 saves, 62 Ks, 2.25 ERA, 0.92 WHIP
    OPPONENT: 1 win, 3 saves, 45 Ks, 2.57 ERA, 1.12 WHIP

    Probable starters for me (Sunday): D. Hudson home vs. MIN, Wandy Rodriguez @ TOR — with K-Rod, H. Street, Hanrahan, E. Sanchez, F. Salas as RP

    My opponent has J. Shields @ FLA, J. Sanchez vs. OAK, M. Harrison @ PHI; his relievers are Marmol, Soria, F. Cordero

    I’m going to win W & SV obviously. I’m up by 17 Ks, and while I do have a -0.32 ERA and -0.20 WHIP lead, we both have crazy low ERA/WHIP this week, so it’s a bit riskier than normal to start just about any pitcher (since in the long run, I’m not going to improve on a 2.25 ERA 0.92 WHIP, even with Halladay/Lincecum/Lee/FHer/etc).

    Shields, JSanchez and Harrison should combine for 17 Ks, along with some help from relievers if it happens.

    So here are the questions: Do I SIT Wandy and/or Hudson and just be happy with my W/SV/ERA/WHIP? Or do I start either/both to protect the 17 K-lead and try to go for the 5-0 sweep?

    I guess I could sit Wandy & Hudson, and bank on my relievers adding some strikeout cushion without F’ing up my ERA/WHIP (and just be happy with a near-guarantee of 4-1 in pitching, likelihood of 5-0)— but if I started Hudson I’ll definitely lock up Ks and get a 5-0 sweep if Huds doesn’t implode. THOUGHTS?

  9. BlinkULDHC says:

    wow that was a long post, apologies

  10. AL KOHOLIC says:

    goldschmidt rizzo or belt ?number 1 will they get a june 1 call and if so who do you want on your team,great roundup again,oh and less advertised but where does thames fit in that group

  11. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BlinkULDHC: id have to throw hudson vs minn. he looks to be really getting in a zone

  12. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Stephen and/or anyone else who knows about this sort of thing:

    10 team h2h 8×8 keeper league,which is the best option for THIS yr and which one going forward?


  13. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: 8×8 i would guess means obp and k,s for hitters,belt or rizzo for that format and maybe jennings who has added some power this year but some extra k,s with the hr,s,mouse low average lots of k,s but sure power numbers

  14. MattW says:


    Start Liriano @Arizona? H2H league

  15. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @MattW: thats a roll of the dice but im saying yeah

  16. JMONTE says:

    Nice post!

    Quick 2 part question:

    I need CI help and would like to take a flier on either

    1)Order of preference if you were taking one?
    2)Pedro Alvarez or one of above if they’re all playing?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Stephen – Lawrie has 2B eligibility @ CBS. Right now that looks pretty good compared to Fuggla.

  18. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: yeah,im at my witts end with uggla,

  19. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @JMONTE: i still think alverez can have a good year from here on in after he gets back

  20. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @ChicksDigMyLongBalls: Moustakas, Lawrie, Belt, Ackley – in that order for your needs. Pick up Espinosa.

    @DJSatane: No. Montero is a solid prospect and the Yankees have the same reason(s) to withhold arbitration years. However, he is limited PT until Posada or Martin get hurt, or Posada loses some of his ego.

    @Racehorse: re:Alonso: Where is he gonna play with Votto in the way? re: Eric Young Jr: He is who he is at this point. We definitely know he’s not a power hitter.

    @Dawg: I don’t remember stating Duffy would have significant command issues. He control his fastball well, but has had issues overthrowing his pitches and his “crossfire delivery” has created control issues in the past. However, he has good control and would continue to stay he should have been than average ability to limit walks.

    @AM2: IIRC, the Mariners made comments about limiting his innings early in the year. I would imagine a limit around 150 to 170 innings.

    @BlinkULDHC: I’d start Hudson.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Rizzo/Belt. Goldschmidt is still at Double-A with many road blocks in the major (Miranda and Branyan) and minors (Brandon Allen at Triple-A). Thames is a solid play in deep leagues looking for some power.

    @Oilcan Guiseppe: This year, in order: Jennings, Rizzo, Belt, Moustakas,; moving forward, Moustakas, Jennings, Belt, Rizzo

    @Matt W: Yes.

    @JMONTE: 1) Rizzo/Moustakas; 2) The hot bat.

    @AnotherFalstaff: That does look good, but you know Ackley’s power is no where near Uggla’s.

  21. yankees2011 says:

    Good stuff!

    A question – would you replace Smoak with say a Belt or Rizzo (when called up of course)? I have Smoak as my UP, but he has been somewhat disappointing of late. Keep in mind I am not the most patient of owners.

    Thanks much.

  22. Always look forward to this read every Sunday, nice work per usual.

    What are your expectations of Danny Duffy going forward? He’s available in my ultra competitive 14 team mixed, H2H, non-keeper league (6×6; holds is pitching category). Do you like him more than any of the following:

    Derek Holland
    Chris Narveson
    Mike Minor

  23. A Surviver says:

    Speaking of Counting stats from here on out would:

    Justin Turner = Casey McGehee??

  24. L-Boogie says:

    My offense sucks. Need help at just about every position.

    Picked up Rizzo for a buck last week based on your advice/rankings. Still have him above the rest or should I swap him out for Lawrie for another buck this week? Sounds like impending callup.

    Thanks dude.

  25. Flunkie says:

    Holy cow, that’s a generous RoS ceiling projection for Belt.

    Anywho, I’d be thrilled it if you could rank the following CI guys on RoS and long term value:

    Hosmer, Smoak, Ike Davis, Belt, Trumbo, Rizzo, Moustakas, Chisenhall

    It’s a dynasty, and 3B is Alex Rodriguez, so I’m going to need another bat to fill in for him when he poops out over the next few seasons (might try to trade him, actually). I already have Hosmer as my starting 1B (I was a Kendrys drafter..), have Trumbo as a Util, and Moustakas sitting on my bench. Belt, Rizzo, Chisenhall, are available & Smoak and Davis are both taken, as they should be. Belt’s owner dropped him a few weeks ago – loving the impatient owners in a DYNASTY – but I’m gambling on waiting on picking him up, and I already have three 1B. I also have a need for MI, as Figgins is old and sucks, but Ackley is taken. Lawrie is still out there, but would you drop Figgins for a flier on Lawrie or Ackley? I wouldn’t, if I had to make the decision now. What I could use is a SS, as I’m not happy with Lowrie in that slot. He was more of a short-term solution and I’d prefer to be future-proof at the SS position. What’s the timetable for Machado?

    My team looks like this offensively: Napoli, Hosmer, Espinosa, A-Rod, Lowrie, Figgins, Braun, Victorino, Brantley, Hunter, David Murphy, Delmon Young, Trumbo, Bench: Moustakas, Morales.

    Suggestions? Open to dropping whoever. I’m definitely a long-term kind of thinker. Thanks in advance for all your help, and apologies also in advance for this being so long.

  26. Insanity says:

    Trade question..

    Standard 5×5… I’m currently in first…

    My roster is weak on steals and saves (didn’t have a closer till I traded for Walden and Madson finally took over)..

    I traded Hamels for Walden and Ogando

    Same guy is offering Hamels + Crawford for Halladay

    So the deal would have officially ended up: Halladay for Walden, Ogando, and Crawford..

    How’s that look?

  27. Eng says:

    Are the Belt and Jennings predictions for Rest of 2011 Season, or for the whole 2012 season? It’s unclear. Both are gone in my league but I remain curious

  28. Lopes says:

    Should I sacrifice Feliz for Prato?

  29. Lopes says:

    Nice typo up there…prado obviously

  30. Cole says:

    In ESPN leagues Lawrie is considered a second baseman, so he will be MI, and CI eligible once he gets a some starts at 3B in the majors.

  31. BayFilmsSuck says:


    yes. Prado’s killing the ball recently and Feliz looks like he’s hiding an injury. BUT, and this but “is no moon”, who else do you have as RP?

  32. Lopes says:

    Right now I got bell Capps and hanrahan with Feliz on the bench

  33. rafi says:

    are we really likely to see mcallister? it looks like talbot is taking white’s spot.

  34. T.K. says:

    Allen Craig or Justin Turner going forward? Need IF help in general

  35. MouseRat says:

    Awww, crap. My week’s game all comes down to how well Francisco Liriano does today. Let’s just say, I don’t feel confident.

  36. LeRoy says:

    gordon beckham or justin turner this week?

  37. Racehorse says:

    @ Stephen

    Alonso has played 24 of his 39 games in LF. Might as well strike the iron while it’s hot and run Alonso out in LF, splitting ABs with Heisey, than the current LF triple-headed-platoon-dreck of Gomes-Lewis-Heisey…

    As for EY2, well, Herrera has cooled off and Lopez is faintly showing a pulse and that’s about it for the ROX at 2B. Sure, Herrera is good with the glove, probably better than EY2, but EY2 does have some versatility in being able to play the OF.

    Anyway, what the heck, pining for the next prospect to break thru keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

  38. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @yankees2011: I would keep Smoak for the time being.

    @El Burro: Thank you for the compliment. I would like him over Minor at this point because the Braves have not committed to Minor since the early start of the year.

    @A Survivor: Plausible.

    @L-Boogie: I like Rizzo over Lawrie, Toronto hasn’t committed to giving him the time. San Diego has nothing to lose.

    @Flunkie: re: Belt: The projection was over a full season. He easily could put up a Posey type rookie year. re:ranking request: Hosmer, Chisenhall, Moustakas, Belt, Davis/Smoak, Rizzo, … Trumbo.

    I like Belt over Trumbo long-term, as in, Trumbo is several steps below Belt’s potential. Personally, I really like Chisenhall. I think he will be a quietly consistent player, much like Chin Soo-Choo is a quietly solid player. Lawrie wont be a MI long-term, I like him, just know that. As for SS, many of the prospects that start at SS don’t stay. Machado is probably 2 full years away. You need to start looking for a few OF options too.

    @Insanity: If it’s a need, I’d take the offer.

    @Eng: Belt’s was over a full year. Jennings could do what I said in a short time, but that would also be over a full year.

    @Lopes: Sure.

    @rafi: Most likely not, but the possibility is there, so I mentioned him.

    @T.K.: Turner.

    @MouseRat: hehe, good luck. As a Twins fan, I feel ya.

    @LeRoy: Beckham

    @Racehorse: I like Alonso, truly. I’ll mention him next week. It’s worth a shot in the dark. However, I don’t see the Reds rushing him up.


  39. Eddy says:


    I’m keeping an extremely close eye on three names: Lawrie, Chisenhall and Moustakas.

    Last week you said you preferred Chisenhall. Lawrie has produced better numbers so far and shown more power than the rest of the guys.

    I’d love a 3B replacement, but are we still rolling with Chisenhall over these two? It’s a keeper league, but we only keep four and I don’t think I’d have room for so many rookies, so I have to make some wise choices.

  40. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Eddy: Lawrie has higher power but a lower average. Moustakas has the highest ceiling but lacks strong plate-discipline (doesn’t walk often and will have slash line fluctuate more). Chisenhall, over a full year is a .275, 20-25 home run hitter (quietly consistent). Moustakas is the sexy option. Lawrie is the busty option. Chisenhall is the girl-next-door option. Personally, if I played in a minor league keeper league, I’d have Chisenhall for the consistency, and trade Moustakas’ hype. I love Lawrie, just less than Chisenhall at this point. Lawrie plays in a friendly hitting environment at Toronto’s PCL home park, not to mention playing the PCL.

  41. Eddy says:


    Ha! Love your analogies. All right, then. I think I’ll pick up Moustakas and Chisenhall.

    Any word from the Indians front on Chisenhall? I have not heard a single thing about him since his monster ST. Is he an immediate call-up like Rizzo?

  42. Tom Emanski says:

    Mike Minor has given up a HR in 5 straight starts and 6 on the year. Is that a bad sign? He’s still doing well overall and he’s being called up for 2 starts.

  43. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Eddy: I haven’t read anything of that sorts. I only would hope so.

    @Tom Emanski: It’s concerning, but I don’t see that being a long-term factor.

  44. Flunkie says:

    First of all, thank you so much for all the input you’ve given this week and weeks before. I really appreciate your time. Now..

    All of the immediate OF prospects (Brown, Jennings, Trout, Harper) are all taken, so my hands are tied. Who(m) of these guys should be called up immediately on June 1st and start to contribute right away, or is that still too much of a guess?

    Also: I have Hosmer, and he’s not going anywhere. I have Moustakas, and don’t really think it’d be wise to drop him at this point. With my team above, who should I add/drop and keep? Drop David Murphy and Trumbo for Belt and Chisenhall, or some other combination of additions and subtractions? If so, when do I do that? I still have roster positions to fill, but it’s not like Trumbo and Murphy are that much of a contributor to my overall week. I just don’t know what moves to make to maximize my prospect potential, while still maintaining a steady flow of actual production.

  45. OMGpleasestop says:

    Flunkie, do you contribute $ to these guys? All I’ve done is read your two posts, without having to fashion an answer to your eight zillion questions, and it’s still turned my brain to mush. Factor in the pain and suffering, and asking you for $5 would still leave me on the losing end. I would beseech you to don’t take advantage of Stephen’s generous nature — it’s like asking Mother Teresa (or her latest successor) to wash your car. Eventually she may decide the huddled masses aren’t worth her time.

  46. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Flunkie: Dropping Murphy and Trumbo for Chisenhall and Belt make sense if you could sustain the loss of statistical production if Chisenhall isn’t called up right away.

    @OMGpleasestop: Thank you for the implied kind words. I’m here to help.

  47. Flunkie says:

    OMGpleasestop: To answer your question and ignore your elitist, condescending nature, there’s no FAAB, the original draft was not auction style. There is, however, a hefty year-after-year buy-in with payout due accordingly, so the stakes are a bit higher than your average league.

    Stephen: Thank you for your help.

  48. papasmurf says:

    I would imagine that Jennings will have a higher sb:hr ratio than you project. At least I hope so… I am not rostering him for power.

  49. OMGpleasestop says:

    Flunkie, I’m talking about you contributing cash to this blog. Not to your league.
    Thanks for your good work, Stephen.

  50. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @papasmurf: Those projections were for this year. Over a full season I would expect 10-15 hr with 30 to 35 steals.

  51. Ryan21 says:

    In one year leagues which use positioning such as middle infielders and corner infielders would you recommend adding lawrie or rizzo as a CI and who do you think will be called up first, if not both on June 1. Thanks.

  52. Ryan21 says:

    And do you have any projections avalible for both(Lawrie/Rizzo) for the remainder of the season?

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