1. RHP Max Meyer | 25 | MLB | 2022

Meyer’s an interesting sleeper pick for redraft leagues heading into 2024. The third overall pick in 2020, Meyer’s arrival in 2022 was cut short by Tommy John surgery. If he can come back with his dynamite slider and plus changeup, he might make an improbable run at rookie of the year. Feels like the kind of guy who’ll be an afterthought at the draft table until he pops up in the preseason and sends people scrambling to move him up their boards.


2. 3B Jacob Berry | 22 | AA | 2024

The sixth overall pick in 2022, Berry has been underwhelming as a professional, hitting just 12 home runs in 144 games. On the bright side, five of those homers came in 28 Double-A games, and he’s hitting well in the fall league at the moment. This system isn’t rich with bats, so if Berry can continue his upward trajectory, a job will probably be waiting for him.


3. RHP Noble Meyer | 19 | A | 2027

The top high school arm in his class, Meyer went 10th overall to this pitching factory that should help maximize his 6’5” frame and dominant stuff. He pitched 11 innings in Low-A and will probably open 2024 at that level, years and years away from impacting anyone’s fantasy standings.


4. 1B Troy Johnston | 26 | AAA | 2024

In 51 games in Triple-A, Johnston slashed .323/.403/.520 with eight home runs and eight stolen bases. Is Miami going to play him enough to find out if he can hit big league spin? Outlook is unclear. Has the aroma of a Nelson Cruz or Joey Meneses or Ryan O’Hearn situation where he’ll have to break through on a different team, if he ever gets that chance. At 5’11” 205 lbs, Johnston’s the kind of player some people look quickly past when seeking the real prospects.


5. SS Jacob Amaya | 25 | AAA | 2023

Drafted and developed by the Dodgers, Amaya finds himself in the right place at the right time to soak up some at bats. In 128 Triple-A games, he hit 15 home runs and stole five bases with a triple slash line of .252/.345/.407. Not the worst line in the world. Not something that figures to help us much except in super hot stretches.


6. LHP Thomas White | 19 | A | 2027

A prototype rotation piece at 6’5” 210 lbs, White was the highest profile high school lefty but fell to Miami at 35th overall as most orgs continue to steer away from high-priced teenage arms. There’s no room for them in most dynasty leagues either, so even though White has obvious upside, he’s a pass for me at the moment.


7. OF Andres Valor | 18 | 2028

Valor is 6’3” and 180 pounds with plus speed and burgeoning power, and he just slashed.294/.360/.466 with five homers and 21 steals in 51 DSL games. This system doesn’t have a lot of topside on the positional side, so a wartless young guy like Valor lands higher here than he would elsewhere.


8. OF Victor Mesa Jr. | 22 | AA | 2025

The younger Mesa brother has never dominated but has progressed steadily up the chain and played 123 games in Double-A last year, hitting 18 homers and stealing 16 bases with a .308 on base percentage. He’s not particularly thrilling at any aspect of the game but could contribute a little power and speed in a fourth outfielder role.


9. LHP Patrick Monteverde | 26 | AAA | 2024

Pretty much a pure innings play for deep leagues, Monteverde is a crafty lefty who can get hot when his command is on point.


10. OF Dane Myers | 28 | MLB | 2023

Lotta wrong answers on this list if you’re looking for a place to invest a dynasty roster spot. It’s kind of stunning for a team that’s picked near the top of the first round year in and year out, but they’re only recently getting their feet wet on the international development market, and the penalty for being late there has been plain on the offensive side. Myers has at least shown the ability to make an impact on defense and create the occasional offensive spark, so he gets the last spot as a possible redraft streamer.

Thanks for reading!

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Rick Brown
Rick Brown
1 month ago

Hey Itch,
I just joined a 10 team dynasty points league and have Witt, Bichette and O’Neill Cruz.
One manager has offered Trea, Casas and McLain. My current 1B are Justin Turner, Nate Lowe and Meneses and I don’t have a 2nd baseman currently.
Would you take that offer?
Thanks Rick

1 month ago

3 Meyer/Myers out of 10 prospects is HOF material.

By The Book
By The Book
1 month ago

Curious how far as Yiddi Cappe fallen? After trading away both Khalil Watson and Jose Salas, their MI depth seems rather bleak!

1 month ago

Bell being a FA Johnston may not be blocked. Hoping he gets a shot

1 month ago

How impressed were you with Vines’ start in the AFL?

1 month ago

Morning Itch! Thanks for the update!
The upcoming FYP draft Any pitchers out there that might be available in the 30- 48th pick range that I should consider?

Do you think Jacob Lopez has a chance to start for the Rays in 1024?

Do you think Steven Kwan has any power in his bat for the future?

1 month ago

The Itch!!!

a. My Lord, what a bad organization for minor league draft selection! After #4, things look bleak!

b. Loving the organizational top 10s, keep ’em coming!