I call it mayonnaise malaise because those words go together as cool as words can, and that it reminds me of how my wife always make fun of me for how I say mayonnaise (I say it May-naze, which is the Chicagoan in me I guess though Tony Soprano says it similarly so maybe it’s my Italian side) even though I didn’t even like mayo until my late twenties and my wife is a fan of Miracle Whip.  Now though my wife makes her own mayo (we did move to Cali this year) and I’m stuck with the mayo malaise blues.

Those two words also encapsulate the feelings I have right now for fantasy baseball.  Only six weeks left in the season and I’m feeling the malaise worse than past seasons I’m not afraid to say (uh, cause I just said it, duh).  Though as a Razzball writer it’s hard to admit as one assumes we love fantasy baseball 110% of the time.  But you know and I know and you know that I know that this time of year is the hardest to push on through and finish.

There’s a few reasons for that I figure.  If you have kids, or you are a kid, you’re dealing with school starting.  Fall signals football, and if you’re like most fantasy baseball players you probably play fantasy football; if you’re not in contention in your baseball leagues then you’ve already started your prep work (Any sleepers I should target?).

I’m going to be frank (and you can be Nancy, or really anyone you want, this is the internet after all), the baseball season is long, which is a hindrance and benefit to the sport in general.  Benefit because they make a lot of money with so many games; there seems to be an abundance of free (or cheap) tickets available, especially if your team isn’t contending.  Also the option to go to a game is on the table for six months, so if you don’t go today, you can always go tomorrow.

Hindrance because no one game is that important.  Yeah, yeah the one’s at the end seem more important, but they’re not as important as that May 27th game, because if you’re team had one that one they wouldn’t need the win on September 30th.

So what am I getting at here?  Am I trying to bring you down (to Chinatown)?  Well Chinatown is highly recommended in most cities (I have no facts or proof to back that up) and more importantly, don’t let the malaise take your eyes off the prize.  If you are lucky enough to still be in contention in your leagues (I am in three of mine, so I have to press on)  then don’t let baseball’s long and meandering season get you caught up in not trying to win your league, collect whatever winnings are due to you, and brag to your friends, colleagues and co-workers how awesome at fantasy baseball you are.

I used this closing in a previous post but it’s even more appropriate at the end of this one: Remember, YOU GOT THIS! (And if you’ve already been eliminated from your leagues, well you didn’t have it this year, it happens, but as the eternal Cubs slogan goes, there’s always next year!)

PS: I didn’t mention any players to add this week, so I highly recommend Grey’s buy/sell column for some guys to consider, though I just re-read the column and it’s slim pickings (unlike slim pickles, which I like better than fat pickles – don’t judge me or read too far into this).


  1. jiggy says:

    Thank you for this inspirational post.

    Could use your advice. Need batting average first, SB/HR second but need both, really. NL only league.

    Lost Story + Giancarlo for the year. But holding on to first.

    Start 2 out of 3: Galvis, Adam “four-hit” Frazier, and Matt “ceasar” Szcuzururur

    Who you got?

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @jiggy: I’m in the almost the same spot! Lost story and Stanton, but I just got passed for first. I’d roll Frazier, Galvis, C-Zar, just because C-Zar isn’t going to play consistantly enough, and Galvis kills the AVG but does help steals. Thanks for reading!

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