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Camden Chat and Oriole Post vent and illuminate on ESPN’s blinding love for the Yanks and Sawx. Can’t the Worldwide Leader give the O’s some love?

River Ave Blues uses box score results vs. hype to justify all the excitement over Joba moving to the starting rotation. What is up with these bloggers? Look away people. A true journalist relies simply on intonation and hyperbole. Here is how it’s done. (nice Sports Hernia post on the audio)

Redleg Nation teases us with news that a Jay Bruce is imminent. Check out the post comments – no surprise they want Corey Patterson out the door. More surprising to see the fans ready to say goodbye to Griffey. When Griffey hits his 600th HR, they should give him the hamstring from a cadaver.

Lone Star Ball commits a felony in Texas by inferring that Nolan Ryan might be wrong about something. The concern is that Nolan Ryan has never developed players before and his edict that their minor league pitchers will throw more pitches per game might be detrimental. My POV – no need to worry. Anytime you have a decent pitching prospect, you trade them anyway (Chris Young, John Denks, Edinson Volquez)…

Surviving Grady covers Bartolo Colon’s first start and shows a clip of umpire Tom Hallion going Enrico Palazzo on Colon’s first strikeout of the night. Guess it’s just Hallion being Hallion. Nice catch by announcer Jerry Rummy…I mean Ginny Remy….I mean Jerry Remy.

  1. BSA says:

    prepping my pitchers for the week and can pick four of the following to roll out there.
    Staff available – Beckett, Bedard, Cueto, Harden, Hudson, Shields.
    For those of you testy about Shields not getting enough love – notice the list is merely alphabetical.

  2. p0rk burn says:

    Without looking at the opponents and shooting from the hip my vote is on Beckett, Hudson, and Shields with Harden probably getting the 4th slot. I’m a historic Seattle fan but you can’t rely on that offense to do very much for you this season. Cueto may have the most upside out of the 3 vying for slot #4, but I think you should go with Harden’s nastiness while he’s still healthy.

    With that said, I just wanted to complain about Harang picking up 9 ks in 4 extra innings tonight. I didn’t need the stats per se but I cant help but think of what impact the extra work will have in games to come. Screw you Dusty.

  3. Matters how risky you want to get. Safest thing is to bench Bedard and Cueto as Bedard faces the Sawx and Cueto is the least consistent of the 6.

    But Cueto goes twice against Pitt and Atlanta. Could end up with 16+ Ks. Bedard looksed awful last start but could K 10+ if he’s on.

  4. BSA says:

    @Rudy I split the risk and went for Cueto, Beckett, Hudson, Harden.

  5. RT says:

    Rudy. Am I crazy? This trade just happened in my league… David Wright and BJ Ryan for BJ Upton and Mark Lowe. I voiced my displeasure, but others thought it was fair. Am I missing something?

  6. RT says:

    Oops. Edit: Wright/Lowe for Ryan/Upton

  7. @RT: Answered this in the Holliday post. Prefer Wright side but the trade is fair.

  8. Just found this site and I must say, you guys are exactly what I was looking for. A commenter on Yahoo blog referred you to me.

    First question of many more to come. I have 5th waiver priority in 10 team roto. Hoping 3 of 4 were celebrating too much to add Kershaw (the other needs no pitching). Here’s my problem. Who to drop?

    Ian Stewart (I have Chipper, Utley, KazMat), Andrew Miller, Nick the Whiffer, or Ludwick (have Maggs, Grady, Carlos GoGo, and patiently waiting on Bruuuuuuuuce). Thanks in advance. Hippo

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Don’t think Stewart’s path to every day at-bats will be as clear as Bruce’s. I’d drop Ian.

  10. BigFatHippo says:

    That’s what I’m thinking. Already have Stewart penciled in.

    But what about Swisher? Kinda gettin sick of him and good in OF and 1b (Loney, CoJack, Guillen).

    Thanks for advice man, eat another brat.

  11. @BigFatHippo: If you’re in a 10-team league or yes, I think Swisher is borderline droppable. He’s a good power source but has always been bad on average and not great with R/RBI. Basically, he’s a poor man’s Adam Dunn. I’d see if you can trade him and a player for an upgrade at that player’s position – e.g., Swisher and Mourneau for Howard, Swisher and Atkins for Braun, etc.

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