Grey, Razzball co-founder and something-or-other, called me out yesterday, saying something like, “Hater Bell is probably wearing his fitted Malcom X hat blah blah blah and listening to Mobb Deep and blah blah blah…” If that isn’t the stupid calling the smart stupid. After he put me in Carlos Ruiz in the beginning of the year, he’s lucky I have my hands filled with ESPN’s top fantasy baseball analyst, Karabozo, and don’t have time for him. I have Miguel Olivo on one team because of you, Grey, and that’s the team I’m happy with, you WASPy-looking, Don Mattingly-impersonating, non-gully infidel! I’ll take an uzi to this blog if you step up to me one more time! Anyway, let’s see what utter crap Karabaloney cooked up that has my water boiling. This week he pretended to look at the AL bullpens, but we know he was looking at the pretty colors the sun makes when you stare at it for ten minutes straight. Ladies and Gentleman, Karabaloney:

Morrow should keep the closer job at least another month, pass Putz and save 15 games. Just don’t cut Putz, as he could end up with 15 saves as well.

Brandon Morrow has 6 saves right now for the Mariners, easily the worst team this side of the Potomac. Last week, Morrow suffered from back spasms causing him to miss some time. Morrow is pitching well, but he’s going to save 15 games in a month? The Mariners won’t win 15 games this month. Then Putz is going to return for 15 saves? Seriously, this wouldn’t make sense to a foreign exchange student who never heard of fantasy baseball or English. This is like a new level of stupid. I’m moving on before my ability to think straight is somehow hampered.

Todd Jones has a little hiccup from time to time, but we all know that, so why does a single Joel Zumaya save get everyone so excited?

Cause Todd Jones sucks. Okay, moving on.

Borowski sticks around and gets 12 more saves the rest of the way, finishing at 18.

This was written the day Borowski was removed from the job as closer. Not even the day before. I guess we’re lucky it wasn’t written the day after knowing Karabell’s reading comprehension. Erica Karabell, “Daddy, read to me The Baby-Sitter’s Club!” Eric, “Ask Mommy. Daddy’s playing tic-tac-toe with Matthew Berry.”

Look for Street to continue his success and end up with 33 saves.

Blame Karabell when Street’s traded into a setup role in a week.

Jenks is well protected by a number of pitchers who are ownable in fantasy, so leads will keep coming his way, and he’ll save 38 games.

Not even a mention that Jenks has been bothered by back pain. This pretty much confirms Jenks will continue to have problems. Prepare for Linebrink to be the closer by next week.

Hey, guys, did you know when you press seven numbers on this thing they call a “phone,” you can talk to people that aren’t in the same room as you?

Oh, wait, Karabell didn’t say that. It just seems like he should. Now get the crayons outta your mouth, Karabell, and go get your shinebox!