When you’re 6’7″, 275 lbs as an athlete there are a few limits to how you can reach the highest level. Running back? Nope. Shortstop? Nope. Quarterback? Well, Jared Lorenzen did at about 4 bills, so maybe? But as much as Andre 3000 loved singing about the prototype, you can’t put that label on a 6’7″, 275 lb outfielder. Remember Richie Sexson? Ugh. Hey, @JB…what would it look like with you galavanting around the outfield? #Razz30

All that to be said, I was totally out on the Aaron Judge experiment. He has massive power in his bat, but I just didn’t see his build and makeup translating well into a MLB slugger. Same worry I have about Phillies minors monster Dylan Cozens. In 670 plate appearances at AAA the last two years Judge hit around .250 with 27 HR. He improved from 2015 to 2016, but I just held some big hesitations.

And man…was I wrong.

  • Aaron Judge, OF, NYY (75.4% owned) – Alright, it’s a small sample size, but in 63 PA this year Judge is slugging .281/14/6/13 with a 25.4% K rate and almost double-digit BB%. That’s solid, fam, and his patience at the plate shows he’s disciplined enough to adjust and continue improving. I don’t see any reason the Yankees don’t play him every day as he’s the face of the youth movement they desperately need along with Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres. The ISO should drop from .386, but the hard hit % could easily remain at a ridiculous 48.8%. Even in his poor 2016 debut of 27 games he had the identical %. The super easy, low hanging comp that everyone can see coming: Giancarlo Stanton. And it wouldn’t surprise me if it comes true. Oh, and he’s got an inch and 30 lbs on him according to his profile. I’m a fan. I’m in. And I’m pissed I missed him on every team. He’s climbing fast.

Eye rolls all day. And much of the below rankings are my subjective thoughts, so don’t agree? THAT’S WHAT THE COMMENTS ARE FOR!

Note: These rankings are considered ROS Trade Value

[email protected]’s Top  Hitters

(Rankings based on 12-team Roto. GREEN = player rising. RED = player dropping. BLUE = new to the 100.)

Rank Name Pos Team
1 Mike Trout LAA OF
2 Bryce Harper WSH OF
3 Mookie Betts BOS OF
4 Nolan Arenado COL 3B
5 Jose Altuve HOU 2B
6 Paul Goldschmidt ARI 1B
7 Kris Bryant CHC 3B/OF
8 Charlie Blackmon COL OF
9 Freddie Freeman ATL 1B
10 Anthony Rizzo CHC 1B
11 Manny Machado BAL 3B/SS
12 Trea Turner WSH 2B/OF
13 Corey Seager LAD SS
14 Daniel Murphy WSH 1B/2B
15 Josh Donaldson TOR 3B
16 Ryan Braun MIL OF
17 Joey Votto CIN 1B
18 Miguel Cabrera DET 1B
19 Francisco Lindor CLE SS
20 Carlos Correa HOU SS
21 Nelson Cruz SEA OF
22 Wil Myers SD 1B/OF
23 Brian Dozier MIN 2B
24 George Springer HOU OF
25 Edwin Encarnacion CLE 1B
26 Robinson Cano SEA 2B
27 Xander Bogaerts BOS SS
28 Yoenis Cespedes NYM OF
29 Giancarlo Stanton MIA OF
30 Khris Davis OAK OF
31 Jonathan Villar MIL 3B/SS
32 A.J. Pollock ARI OF
33 Eric Thames MIL 1B/OF
34 Christian Yelich MIA OF
35 Rougned Odor TEX 2B
36 Kyle Seager SEA 3B
37 Jose Abreu CWS 1B
38 Matt Kemp ATL OF
39 Andrew McCutchen PIT OF
40 Carlos Gonzalez COL OF
41 Ian Kinsler DET 2B
42 Chris Davis BAL 1B
43 Mark Trumbo BAL OF
44 Buster Posey SF C/1B
45 Adam Eaton WSH OF
46 Trevor Story COL SS
47 Adam Jones BAL OF
48 J.D. Martinez DET OF
49 Gregory Polanco PIT OF
50 Hanley Ramirez BOS 1B
51 Matt Carpenter STL 1B/2B/3B
52 Aledmys Diaz STL SS
53 Marcell Ozuna MIA OF
54 Ian Desmond COL OF
55 DJ LeMahieu COL 2B
56 Miguel Sano MIN 3B/OF
57 Kyle Schwarber CHC OF
58 Eric Hosmer KC 1B
59 Carlos Santana CLE 1B
60 Michael Brantley CLE OF
61 Jose Ramirez CLE 3B/OF
62 Justin Upton DET OF
63 Alex Bregman HOU 3B
64 Stephen Piscotty STL OF
65 Evan Longoria TB 3B
66 Jake Lamb ARI 3B
67 Nomar Mazara TEX OF
68 Jackie Bradley BOS OF
69 Jonathan Lucroy TEX C
70 Brad Miller TB 1B/SS/2B
71 Albert Pujols LAA 1B
72 Andrew Benintendi BOS OF
73 Lorenzo Cain KC OF
74 Jay Bruce NYM OF
75 Mitch Haniger SEA OF
76 Gary Sanchez NYY C
77 Odubel Herrera PHI OF
78 Aaron Judge NYY OF
79 Adam Duvall CIN OF
80 Justin Turner LAD 3B
81 Todd Frazier CWS 1B/3B
82 Eugenio Suarez CIN 3B
83 Ender Inciarte ATL OF
84 Elvis Andrus TEX SS
85 Cesar Hernandez PHI 2B
86 Anthony Rendon WSH 3B
87 Dee Gordon MIA 2B
88 Billy Hamilton CIN OF
89 Manuel Margot SD OF
90 David Dahl COL OF
91 Jean Segura SEA 2B/SS
92 Jason Kipnis CLE 2B
93 Brandon Phillips ATL 2B
94 Eduardo Nunez SF 3B/SS
95 Kevin Kiermaier TB OF
96 David Peralta ARI OF
97 Steven Souza Jr. TB OF
98 Troy Tulowitzki TOR SS
99 Michael Conforto NYM OF
100 Yasmany Tomas ARI OF

The Honorable Mentions (Next Five In…)

Rank Name Pos Team
101 Jason Heyward CHC OF
102 Starlin Castro NYY 2B
103 Jonathan Schoop BAL 2B
104 Chase Headley NYY 3B
105 Salvador Perez KC C

Dropped from the Rankings: Starling Marte (14), Joc Pederson (59), Yasiel Puig (87), Adrian Beltre (93), Willson Contreras (95), Avail Garcia (99), Keon Broxton (100)

A few notes on the 100:

  • Yep, Harper up to #2. It’s like I’ve been fighting against myself to put him there since the offseason. He’s the same player that went ham in 2015, and showing to be even better now. The Trout and Harper tandem is back in full effect as the top tier.
  • Starling Marte drops out of the rankings due to the 80-game suspension, but I’m still targeting him everywhere. If he’s been dropped, stash him (if you can). Be smart on your league settings and format, but from July-September he could be a Top 20 player again. RCL’s make it tricky with the format, but if you’re stashing Yoan Moncada for two months, it’s worth stashing Marte for three. Beltre also drops out due to the injury, but when he’s healthy he’ll likely jump back in immediately.
  • Eric Thames jumps his ranking again this week. Doubles it. I’m a believer, so I’d rather take his upside than the names under him. I think that ceiling will be met. However, don’t overpay as a buy-high right now when he just had a Bondsian-type two weeks.
  • Should be fun to watch all the young OF populating the bottom of the rankings the rest of the year. Margot, Conforto (I want every share), Souza, Tomas, Kiermaier, Dahl, Haniger. How do y’all think they rank ROS?

As always…don’t agree with something?


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  1. Eric Karabell says:

    I’m considering shopping Greg Polanco for a SP. Who would be a decent straight up guy to target? 12 team mixer. Nice work bro

    • @Eric Karabell: Thanks not Eric Karabell!

      Strasburg would be a decent comp, but I’m still a little high on Stras compared to some others. Carrasco would be a likelier equal, with Stras/DeGrom being a stretch and the Teheran/Porcello/Tanaka range being a sell-low.

  2. lwomack58 says:

    Add Conforto drop Kiermaier or Inciarte

    • @lwomack58: All depends on your team. Right now I’d keep Inciarte. Hitting atop the lineup, and with his little power blip, I think he’s the safest option, especially for runs. But if you need a more balanced counting stat option, take Kiermaier. Need biggest upside and a little more power? Conforto.

  3. Mike says:

    Would you give up a closer like Tony Watson to get Marte? I’d have to have him on my bench for 3 months. What would be your projections for him for July – Sept?

    • Daniel Moran says:

      If it’s not a holds league and the are no more than twelve teams, I make that trade. Sagnof baby, you can always find saves on the wire

    • @Mike: Projections? Man. No idea. Um, 5-8 HR with 15-20 SB? Hit near .300? I’m not super high on Watson as a closer, but I probably wouldn’t make that move in a Roto league. In a H2H, yep. Do it. That’s only 1-2 saves per week across ~10 matchups, vs. the upside of a top 20 hitter for home stretch and playoffs.

  4. Chucky says:

    12T Dynasty. Is it ok to drop Joc “he is who we thought he was” Peterson in favor of D Peralta?
    Same league….MI…..Motter or Devon T?

    • @Chucky: Don’t drop Joc. I like Peralta, but not over Joc in a dynasty league. He’s still super young. The same age as Conforto.

      Get Peralta another way.

      And Travis over Motter. Love Motter and think he actually projects well, but Travis has the higher upside. Motter’s done this over only two weeks of his whole career basically.

  5. Eric says:

    I take it spring training phenom, Greg Bird, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrely missed a spot in the honorable mentions! :)

    • @Eric: Haha, nope. Not barely. I’m a fan of him, but that’s a nasty slump to start the year. No reason to trade anyone lists above for him in a standard roto league.

  6. Paul says:

    Don’t believe in Zimmerman?

    • @Paul: I believed in 2012 Ryan Zimmerman. He’s done nothing to prove he’ll either stay healthy or continue this. He has a stupid .450 BABIP and an ISO at .387, when his previous high was in 2009 at .233. He may get to 20 HR this year if he can stay healthy, but he’s not a top 100 hitter ROS.

  7. primetime says:

    [email protected], Why no love for Hunter Pence? Not understanding.. He’s hitting over 300, OBP of 375. 1 homer 8 runs and 8 RBIs.

    He got better stats then Hosmer, looks better then Dozier.. Explain..

    • @primetime: He has better stats than Hosmer (whom I’m not a huge fan of), and looks better than Dozier, but he’s not better than either of them. He’s someone right outside this list, but with a very minimal ceiling I don’t see a reason to really go after him.

      Also, 8 RBI and 8 R as of April 24 translates to about 70 of each across the whole season. Nothing special. Whereas, even though I won’t own him anywhere, Hosmer should top both of those numbers with more reliable health, and Dozier could skyrocket past them if he gets close to last year.

  8. Jaaaaaake says:

    Razz30 is life!

  9. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    #Razz30 don’t stop, cause we can’t stop

  10. Zubaz says:

    Is Joc Pederson droppable in a 12 team league? What are you thoughts on him ROS

    • @Zubaz: Hurts me to say, but yes. I’m a big fan of what he can do, and believe he will do, but you can’t start the year like this and expect to still be rostered or viewed with any sense of value. He can still get to 20+ HR and 10+ SB, but will need a big turn around to get close to a line of .260/75/20/70/10 that he’s capable of.

      And now he’s got the groin injury. Sheesh.

      • Zubaz says:

        @[email protected]: I’m almost hoping they put him on the DL so I can just stash him there or have a reason to drop him

        • @Zubaz: There he is on the DL. You’re the reason why. Slow clap to you, haha.

  11. The Dude says:

    Been offered judge for L. cain.
    Do I do it?

    • @The Dude: Yeah. Get him. Haha, Cain’s a better name, but the ceiling’s higher for Judge. They’re 5 rankings apart, but I’d prefer the power of Judge in a vacuum. Does that mean I have to change the rankings now? Ugh!


  12. Hello says:

    Someone offered me Frazier for Franco in a pts league you think I should do it?

    • @Hello: I’d rather have Frazier. Great buy low, especially when Franco is being dealt for him.

      For its league I may rather have a better option that either, tho, if possible.

  13. luvpho says:

    Should I drop Wieters for Austin Hedges?

    • @luvpho: Can I vote for neither? Can I vote for no C at all? Haha, I’d prefer Wieters to Hedges, I think. Hedges hit tool is pretty poor, even though he’ll provide some pop.

  14. Rudy says:

    Grey loves Mitch Moreland. I imagine if he did these rankings, he would definitely put him in the top 100. What’s your take on Moreland? Batting in a good line up…. do you like him better than Taylor mottter? Jason kipnis? Where do you put him?

    • @Rudy: I think he’s a strong option in deeper leagues and AL-Only options, hits in a good lineup, and is pretty reliable for his production. But there’s no ceiling. He’s gonna hit around 20 HR with low counting stats and a .250-.275 AVG. Not Top 100 to me.

  15. Chaz says:

    I received a trade in Yahoo keeper league and don’t know what to make of it. It’s a keep 5 league with Obp, Slg, and QS.

    Starling Marte (he Is one of my keepers)
    Danny Duffy
    Cory Dickerson


    Aaron judge
    Mitch Moreland
    Danny Salazar

    • @Chaz: Goodness. That’s tough. With OBP and SLG, though, I may rather have Judge than Marte if you’re getting some boost alongside him. Not a Dickerson fan, and Salazar for Duffy is essentially a wash. Could you get a little better over Moreland? Play up the keeper idea with Marte being the best option by a lot.

      If you can improve Moreland to something better, I’d do this. I like all the names you’d be getting, and not married to any of the ones you’d be dealing, especially with the cats you have.

      Love me some Judge long term.

  16. chris pierce says:

    Drop Pederson and Pence for Coforto and Heyward?

  17. Cuthbert Allgood says:

    Which two: Conforto, Headley, Inciarte?

  18. CUBS WIN CUBS WIN !!! says:

    in a 12 team h2h weekly points league -1 for a K would you pick up Conforto and drop any of these guys? Chris Davis, Polanco, Piscotty, Calhoun, Odubal, Thames or Dickerson? Thx for the info !!

  19. TTRA1N says:

    Would you trade Benintendi /Springer for Kris Bryant in a 10tm semi deep keep 5 4life keeper?

    • @TTRA1N: I’d take the combo of Debintendi and Springer. And Ralph Lifshitz agrees.

    • Bye Felica says:

      @TTRA1N: take Bryant and run with it. He’s going to be special for the next decade. Springer is a bust, always hurt, hits .240 isnt a 30 steal threat like he was touted. Bryant will hit 50 dongs in his prime. Book it

  20. GFY250 says:

    Han Ram was dropped in my 12 teamer, is he worth throwing FAAB $ to get ($100 FAAB budget)? My 1B is questionable right now unless I throw KB there instead of 3rd.

    • @GFY250: Yes, go get him. He should be owned in a 12 team league. And in 10 team leagues.

  21. James Stechschulte says:

    Severino in Boston tonight. Do I dare start him?

  22. Alex says:

    Would you take Peralta over Duvall? I drafted Duvall for $7 in a keeper league.

    • @Alex: I’d keep Duvall at $7 if that’s part of the question. In a vacuum it really depends upon what you need. High floor with some power? Peralta. High ceiling with a lot of power but holes? Duvall.

  23. joeproblems says:

    Ryon Healy or Greg Bird as a 3rd/4th corner infielder the rest of the way? OBP league. Finally just dropped Bird for Healy and as a yankee fan it’s breaking my heart. Do I need to take off my homer glasses and let him ride out the slump on waivers?

    • @joeproblems: Yeah, let him ride it out on waivers. I’m a believer, but when it’s this bad he’s not worth rostering. We’re not talking about Edwin Encarnacion with a track record. For now go with Healy.

  24. Kevin says:

    If I need pitching and SB, is a deal for my Story and Maeda for his Nunez and Lester a decent bet?
    16 team, roto. Story kept at $4 so has added long term “value”

    • @Kevin: Nope. Don’t move off Story at $4 for the current desire for SB and pitching. You can find pitching elsewhere without moving the great asset, and can stream some SAGNOF possibly. Deal someone cheaper for the SAGNOF, pray Maeda bounces back (he should) and ride out Story’s streaks.

  25. AJ Burns says:

    Comments…..8 team AL only….Quintana/Hosmer/Marwin Gonzo for Hamels/Moncada/Hicks…..

    • @AJ Burns: Get Moncada. 8 teamer the Quin/Hosmer/Marwin guys who cares. Moncada could surpass them all in just a few months and is the best asset. Gotta load up with those, especially in an AL-Only.

      In a keeper league even more…

  26. scottydoes says:

    You have Bregman at #63 but he’s showed no signs of life and traditionally we all need 3B to be hitting, running, and RBI’ing.

    Would you drop him for Gallo at this point. Gallo is hot (minus the BA) and Bregman continues to do nothing.

    • ctrengove says:

      I just did that very transaction. I’m stoked about Gallo’s prospects and glad I have him rostered, but I’m now thinking about how to get back Bregman (without losing Gallo).

      I’m in a 10-team points league, so rostering is tricky.

      • scottydoes says:


        Ugh. hes been horrible. yea I’m with you.

        Actually held Bregman as this league is a keeper league and he hasnt done ANYTHING. 3B is such a power position for all stats and he’s been absolutely dreadful. I’m being patient wih a lot of my team that havent done much yet but had to let go of Bregman. Thinking nobody else will dare grab him at this point so if he does get hot, ill try and swoop in. Gamble, but willing to take it at this point.

      • @ctrengove: Gallo in a points league is dangerous because of the K’s. Just beware of it. But both of them are really mitigated in a points league because pitching takes such a more dominant place in the strategy.

    • @scottydoes: Yes, typically we want our 3B to do this. And I think he will. This was the #1 prospect coming out of the minors last year at one point. His bat’s legit, and the Astros don’t have much reason to not trot him out there as long as he’s not Byron Buxtoning it. Which he’s not.

      If he doesn’t produce soon he’ll drop in the rankings, but I’d rather stay away from the bottoms-out floor of Gallo in a 12 teamer.

      • scottydoes says:

        @[email protected]: appreciate the reply’s [email protected] I’ll grab Bregman again and keep him benched until he gets back to mashing in the 90 degree texas sun.

  27. dp says:

    no travis shaw?!

    • @dp: Nope. I don’t think the .316 ISO holds up, he has an OBP of only .306, and the 25% HR/FB can’t be sustained. He’s trending in a good way with his hard hit % increasing, but half of his RBI came in a three game stretch that doesn’t project out well across ROS. That could change, but not yet.

  28. Pat says:

    Is there any chance you guys could start posting these weekly rankings on Sundays?

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