Chad Cordero reported stiffness and Jon Rauch came out to save Sunday’s true season opener. If Cordero’s injured, then it’s Rauch who will get the saves, so he’s a must add right now as we wait to see what’s going on with Cordero. Over in Dodgers country, Torre announced that Andre Ethier will be starting in place of Juan Pierre. Not only the right baseball move, but the more exciting fantasy move since Ethier has a higher ceiling for what’s possible, where Juan Pierre we already know what’s possible. I still see Juan Pierre getting 400 at-bats this season and at least 35 steals. I told you not to draft Juan Pierre. You have to hold onto Pierre at this point, because we really don’t know how Ethier’s going to react to the chance to start. Also, on Sunday, Tim Hudson picked up where he left off last year. Great WHIP, just eh Ks, but I’d be more than happy to have him on a team. In fact, I do.

  1. I hear ya, Herb. I’ve got Rauch in two blogger leagues including one where I have Okajima too. That team has two wins in 3 MLB games w/o one start!

  2. Kevin says:

    Cordero reportedly felt “sharp pain” in his shoulder. This could be serious. Add that to the fact that Cordero’s status was shaky going in, and you have a good pick up in Rauch.

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