Holy heffin’ hey, could arguably the best pitcher in baseball just get better? Well, yeah. Talked to a friend that is a Mets fan. This was his reaction, “We just got ourselves to the World Series. Who beats us? The Rockies? The Phillies? The Cubs? Padres? Please, their best hitter is Gonzalez. Maine/Santana, with our offense… Bring on October.” There’s a case to be made that he was right. I have a few random thoughts on the trade that sends Santana to the Mets.

–Johan Santana moves to a park where he has lifetime .60 ERA. This changes in ’09, but until then it’s a pitcher’s park.

–One thing that bothered me about Santana (and, frankly, there wasn’t a whole lot), he didn’t dominant the Indians, a team he faced a lot. He will now face hitters that are not as familiar with him.

–In the NL, marginal pitchers seem appealing. I found room for Brett Tomko when he was on the Dodgers and Padres. Great pitchers… They’re first rounders.

–I’m absolutely giddy to see how much Santana will go for in my NL-only auction. $40? $45? $50? Sold!

–I still like Peavy more. Before it was clear cut. Now it’s a tossup and I can see an argument that they’re interchangeable. The Padres face two weak divisional teams, Giants and Dodgers with the D-Backs a bit of a challenge but not much. Then there’s one offensive juggernaut in an offensive stadium, the Rockies. The Mets face the Nats and the Marlins, which is akin to the Dodgers and Giants. The Phillies are equal to the Rockies. The Braves are a bit of a challenge, akin to the D-Backs.

–Santana will now face pitchers and he doesn’t have to face Dontrelle. I’m Tivo’ing Santana pitching to Brett Myers.

–Santana in the NL…. This all seems unfair for the Senior Circuit’s junior batsmen, right?

  1. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Still and all, I am relieved that my Red Sox didn’t get him. It is going to take a LOT of money to tie him up, and I don’t think we really needed him anyway. Plus there have been whispers about diminished speed.

    And…better the Mets than the Yankees :)

  2. Who We Are says:

    Don’t think the Sox needed him as much as they couldn’t let the Yanks get him.

  3. rudygamble says:

    as a yankee fan, i’m glad the yanks or the sox didn’t get him. just annoyed that the mets got him for a shittier package. if the yanks could’ve had him w/o giving up hughes or joba, they would’ve done it.

    as a fantasy baseball fan, if i got peavy or santana in the later part of the 1st round, i’d be ecstatic. santana was #4 on the player rater last year and that was with facing the AL Central, DHs, and having an off year with HRs allowed.

    then again, it’s the mets. have they ever acquired anyone who didn’t disappoint his 1st year?

  4. Herb Urban says:

    With the package the Mets gave up, you’d think the Mariners would pull Adam Jones off the table in the on again/off again/back on again Bedard deal. If top prospects like Ellsbury, Buchholz and Hughes were deemed untouchable in deals for the arguably the best pitcher in the game, Bill Bavasi should be out of a job if he deals away Jones for an oft injured inferior lefty.

  5. Who We Are says:

    Couldn’t have put it any better. Ladies and gentlemen, Herb.

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