Players are saying they want to play 114 games; owners are saying 50 games; I’ve been saying 100 games, and, if I were just guessing now for the first time, I’d split 114 and 50 and still tell you 80-100 games.

The players are saying 114 games because, well, for a myriad of reasons, I imagine. One reason might be they want to seem like they’re ready to play, but owners are holding them back. This way the players can say, “We said ‘Let’s go and play,’ but the owners said, ‘Nah, you can’t have any money, we’re poor babies, so no baseball.'” Another less cynical reason might be the players just want to play, if they’re paid. What stood out to me in the players’ proposal was the contingency that a player can sit out if they want. They don’t need to be high-risk to Covid-19. They can just say, “Yo, y’all do your thing, and I’m gonna do my thing and I’ll catch you on the flip.” So, with that in mind, and, in the highly speculative market of futures and dart throws, or simply Fu DarTh, as it’s known in most circles that rely on the Force and midi-chlorians, a guy like Mike Trout could sit out this year. Fu DarTh relies on space (on the field) and a light (on players) and dark side (of the MLB this year without its best player). Jo Adell would benefit in this space (on the field) scenario. *white text on a black screen scrolls out with the MLBPA proposal, suddenly, a SWOOSH, and a giant Joe Maddon head overtakes the dark space* It will give Joe Maddon less options to use instead of Adell, too. Keep your nonsense with playing Brian Goodwin, if you must. Assume Justin Upton gets on the field, if you have to. If Mike Trout’s not there, Jo Adell will have to be. By the way, I mention this on Trout, because he’s already said he doesn’t want to play if it means he can’t leave the team to be with his wife for the birth of their child. Plus, Trout’s set for life; he doesn’t need this headache. Finally, I haven’t even mentioned how rosters will be expanded and there won’t be minor leagues this year. Even if Mike Trout plays, Jo Adell should too. So, what can we expect from Jo Adell for 2020 fantasy baseball and what makes him a great dart throw?

2nd half of the question first, he’s a great dart throw because his price is practically free. Some people aren’t expecting him to succeed off the bat, so to speak. People who are expecting him to succeed, include Prospect Itch, on his top 50 dynasty outfielder ranking, Adell was 14th. For me, back in October (it is hilarious how long this preseason is — yo, my hair is still thick and lucious even though I’ve been living the same preseason for 27 years), I was between Luis Robert and Jo Adell as which was the sexiest for this season. I finally landed on Luis Robert, but it’s not like Jo Adell was bad. Here’s what I said 27 years ago, “Jo Adell is a Rorschach test for fantasy baseball prospects. I can look at him and see a number one hitter — 40 homers, 15 steals and a .290 average. I can also look at him and see a 33% strikeout rate, speed that he doesn’t use for steals and the miserable to hit in Los Angeles But Not Los Angeles Angels Stadium. Of course, none of this means Adell can’t be great, superb, glowing adjective long-term, I’m talking about 2020. Okay, let’s do one of my patented GIFs that I just steal from someone else’s source.

I pulled this clip, because all his other clips I saw were of him striking out. Plus, I have a deal with Forefront Dermatology. “Sorry, about your bacne, maybe we can refer you elsewhere.” I also grabbed a home run clip because I was watching tape of him (I sound so scouty) and I wasn’t sure if he had the bazingas to go mondo loco into center. He does though. Obviously. I also wondered about him going oppo taco and not just on Taco Tuesday, but I found a clip of that too, just didn’t share it because I didn’t feel like making another GIF (it takes, like, 90 seconds and who has that sorta time). His stats last year in Triple-A:  22/0/8/1/.264 in 27 games with a 32.6% strikeout rate and a 7.6% walk rate, which is beautiful if you have an eye problem and can’t recognize beautiful from not beautiful. Of course, 27 rando games in Triple-A don’t make him a bust. He was fine in Double-A last year — 28/8/23/.308/6 in 43 games — and I think he can be fine in the majors too. As previously mentioned, I do think Robert is more enticing for 2020 and Adell looks more like a 30/15/.280 guy vs. Robert’s potential 30/30/.250, but that’s splitting hairs and I use conditioner so no split ends.” And that’s me quoting me! With the shortened season, and pitchers not knowing or having time to know Adell’s weaknesses, he could rip up the majors for three months and be a top 25 outfielder, as good as, say, Kris Bryant, Charlie Blackmon or, the aforementioned Robert. Adell was one of the top dart throws, before the world went sideways, and still remains so, you just have to tilt your head a little more.