What a week! A weekend of rivalries that found New York playing Boston, Philadelphia playing the Mets, and St. Louis matched up with Milwaukee. And of course, the storied rivalry of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Kansas City Royals. A rich history between those two teams, which was only outdone by Albert Pujols turning back the clock and going all machine-like.

Jumping into Monday with a bigger slate of games than usual.

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Luis Castillo, SP: DK: $9.200 / FD: $11,200 – All Luis Castillo has done since becoming a Seattle Mariner is own the New York Yankees. Since being dealt he has faced the Yankees twice, logging 14.2 innings, allowing only eight hits and three earned runs, putting his WHIP at 0.89 for the month of August. He is the most expensive starter but worth it. Castillo will face a mostly futile lineup in the Los Angeles Angels. He is a must-start.

Marcus Stroman, SP: DK: $7,200 / FD $8,400 – The Chicago Cubs spent a pretty penny on Marcus Stroman, and while he has not been what they expected, this is a matchup that favors a good result for the right-handed starter. Stroman was red hot in July, allowing only two runs over 20.1 innings. Through his first two starts of August he has allowed 7 earned runs, but he has also lasted 11.2 innings, and struck out twelve batters. Tonight, he faces the Washington Nationals. At $7,200 and $8,400 he is the 11th most expensive starter in Fan Duel, and the 12th most expensive in Draft Kings. This is a great value-add opening dollars for other positions.

Will Smith, C: DK: $5,000 / FD: $3,700 – The Milwaukee Brewers just dropped a tough series to their division rival, St. Louis Cardinals in the most bitter of ways. A game that did not end on an Albert Pujols emotional, three run homer, but did end on an emotional, three run homer. As Busch Stadium exploded that signaled the end. Freddy Peralta has been good, with an ERA just above 3 his last 7 games, however, right-handed batters hit .271 against him, which is higher than the .159 from lefties. Will Smith’s recent game log is a fistful of lava. My man is scorching. I am not one to over-invest in batting average, but I am going to do that right now:

Last 7 games: .444

Last 15 games: .367

Luke Voit, 1B: DK: $3,900 / FD: $3,000 – Yes, I know recommending Luke Voit who is facing the recommended Marcus Stroman is odd but hear me out. Voit is a career .375 hitter against Stroman. He will bat either third or fourth, with many opportunities to do work. He, most importantly, has a chip on his shoulder and while the numbers as of late are not good, he has fared much better against right-handed pitching than lefties. His strike out rate of 10.5% is lower than the 17.3% against right-handed pitchers. He will make contact against Stroman. And as we know, he can hit the ball a long way. An inexpensive, high upside lineup addition.

Wilmer Flores, 2B: DK: $4,000 / FD: $3,000 – Flores is hitting everything. A sneaky add that will not be owned by most of those you are competing with, Flores is hitting .340 his last fifteen games, and is hitting .329 for the season with runners in scoring position. He is a contact hitter. We like contact hitters.

Ramon Urias, 3B: DK: $3,000 / FD: $2,700 – In a limited sample size (2 for 4) Urias has hit Blue Jays starter Yusei Kikuchi well. With Baltimore grinding for a wild card spot, they will need all hands on deck. Urias is a low-cost add that can do damage. His last couple of weeks have been rough. Recently, he has been batting cleanup. A move to a lower spot in the order may be coming, and the numbers indicate his performance is night and day, batting .271 when batting sixth through ninth. This is a flyer, but a cheap one.

Bobby Witt Jr, SS: DK: $4,800, / FD: $3,100 – Another guy that is too cheap to ignore. Witt Jr. entered the season the favorite for American League ROTY. He has had his difficulties, but as expected, is a particularly good ball player. He finds a way to produce in a lineup that does not have a ton to offer. Do not let the history against Twins’ starter, Joe Ryan deter you. It is only 4 at bats.

Cody Bellinger, OF: DK: $3,900 / FD: $3,400 – Belli gives you all or nothing. When it is all, it is a lot. It sounds crazy to say his batting average is “way up” lately, as he is hitting .208 on the season, but it is. Cody is batting .280 his last seven games, with three dingers and nine rbi during that span. Oddly, Bellinger has only faced Brewers hurler, Freddy Peralta one time, so the history is basically non-existent. Bellinger’s OPS is .146 points higher against right-handed pitching. As mentioned earlier, the Brewers are reeling after a tough finish to the weekend series. This is a good day to start cheap Dodgers.

Whit Merrifield, OF: DK: $4,000 / FD: $3,100 – Admittedly I have a thing for Whit Merrifield and over-start him. I am, however, careful of when I do, and it often works out. A two-position player in a potent lineup, against Baltimore Orioles starter, Kyle Raddish, who has an ERA of 6.42 seems like an easy decision to me, especially with Merrifield at Dollar General prices. Also, the right-handed Merrifield is a better hitter against right-handing pitching.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Washington and Atlanta both have a chance of some showers tonight, so keep an eye on them before lineup lock.  Neither should be call for a PPD though.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Toronto has the highest Vegas implied total tonight, which bode well for Whit.