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This is the second morning I’ve woken up to a boxscore and I’m pissed off. This has nothing to do with fantasy baseball, and everything to do with baseball baseball. I like to watch the games. The first games were 3amPST (my time). First Selig makes an exhibition game, where none of the players care about the outcome, into the deciding factor for home field advantage in the World Series, now this. The opening of the season can’t take place while I’m fast asleep. It’s just stoopid. When they premiere a huge summer blockbuster is it done at 3am? No. Midnight. Which is reasonable. I would’ve stayed awake for that. The Japanese didn’t even care about the 2nd game because their beloved Dice-K wasn’t pitching. So who are you doing a game in Japan for? Expatriates? Bobby Valentine? Gedde Watanabe?

With that said, if Brandon Moss keeps getting starts, you might have to take a look soon because JD Drew has never been the model of good health. But I would wait until the Sox are back in the US to see how much Moss will play. He does have a good eye and decent pop. Manny looks like he’s starting the season on fire, which is good for his owners, but he’ll still get bored by July/August. Harden looked good last night at 3am (at least from the clips I saw, because it was too damn early to watch the game!), but let’s see Harden stay healthy for three months before we start giving everyone who drafted him a reach around.

Here’s looking forward to Sunday and the actual start of the season.

  1. I somehow managed to wake up at 3am and watch this game for its entire duration (3 cups of coffee played a part). Harden looked great despite working mainly off of only two pitches (fastball/changeup, though there could have been a few splitters worked in). Amazing he’s still so effective despite dropping his +curve and +slider. I hope he can stay healthy, he’s exciting to watch.

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  2. scott says:

    I agree…these annnual overseas junkets are getting old. Now if I may change the subject, I have a bench spot available that I would like to use for a pitcher with potential for a big season. I’m looking at Parra/Bush in Mil., the Doosh-man in Oaktown, Milwood/Padilla in Texas, Cabrera/LLoewen in Balt., Volquez/Cueto in Cincy and Bannister/Bale in KC. I know you were high on Parra a few weeks back but his spring has been awfully shaky and Gallardo will be back in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions?

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    I’m still high on Parra and will be writing about him tomorrow. Yes, his spring wasn’t good, and he’ll probably lose his spot to Gallardo, yet I still think Parra has the best stuff from the group you listed. Is he the best bet from the list for an opportunity to pitch? Not so much at this point. But Bush is shaky as all get-out, so I expect Parra to get more opportunities even after Gallardo returns. Someone else I like from the Brewers is Villanueva. Has nasty stuff and will also be mentioned tomorrow. With all of that said, Cueto has the most upside with the best opportunity to succeed right now, but he is the highest risk, followed by Volquez (history of wildness). Hope that helps.

  4. scott says:

    Yes, it definitely helps and thanks for getting back to me. I too was looking at Villanueva…he seems to have had a better spring than Parra and Bush but i fgured Bush would get more opportunities as the #3 and Parra had more upside. I enjoy reading your posts and definitely appreciate your sense of humor and your thought process regarding the game. So far I have followed your blueprint (although I was thwarted on J. Maine and S. Victorino and Posada fell so far I just had to take him in the 11th round) and I think my squad is solid. I will follow through and snatch up Cueto which is sort of poetic since the spot became available because I dropped H. Bailey after it became apparent that he is probably going to be sent down. Thanks again for your insight.

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    That’s good value for Posada at that point and I wasn’t able to get Victorino in any league. I’m bummed. Guess I talked him up so much people caught on and snatched him before I could. Here’s hoping Victorino pulls a hammy!

    Glad I could be of some service.

  6. Moss doesn’t have any value, and a sox buddy told me he was already sent to the minors.
    My question out of the whole ordeal…why not just start Ellsbury or Crisp in right?
    I know it was only two games, but Tek was god awful….8 AB’s he made 9 outs and had 6k’s, and he wasn’t even close to some of the pitches he swung at.

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