Have you ever read Razzball and thought to yourself,  “I enjoy their musings and perspectives on fantasy baseball and only wish they would stop hoarding their opinions on other subjects.  I mean, really, they must think about something besides fantasy baseball.  Am I unknowingly contributing to their unhealthy fantasy baseball addiction by frequenting this blog?  Should I schedule an intervention?  Did I mention hoarding and intervention in the same paragraph?  Man, I have to stop watching so much A&E.  Is it ironic or self-fulfilling that shows about compulsive behavior lead to compulsive viewing habits?”

We hope you think like that because we’ve launched a new blog that will solve the above conundrum (except the A&E part)!

The blog is KitchenSnark.com.  It’s up and running now at a eerily similar URL.

To start, we’re covering ‘Entertainment’, ‘Sports News (no fantasy stuff), and ‘Videos’.  Over time, we’ll grow the subjects to match our interests and personal growth.  I’m already envisioning a Pudding section in 50 years where I’ll debate the virtues of rice vs. tapioca and make puns like “The aide stole my teeth!  I know it because I’ve been puddin’ it in the same spot every day.”

If you’re the social media type, see below for Facebook and Twitter info on all our blogs:


Razzball (Fantasy Baseball)
Razzball (Fantasy Football)


KitchenSnark.com – www.twitter.com/kitchensnark
Razzball (Fantasy Baseball) – www.twitter.com/razzball
Razzball (Fantasy Football) – www.twitter.com/Chetrazzball
Razzball (Fantasy Basketball) – www.twitter.com/RazzballHoops
Rudy Gamble – www.twitter.com/rudygamble

  1. Black Beard says:

    Congrats on the new venture. All Hail the Razzball Empire!

  2. That’s hawt. Good luck with this new jump off. I’m looking forward to the flavor of snark that I’ve come to know and love here at Razzball.

  3. Black Beard says:

    Just a thought, but shouldn’t you guys post this on the Football and the Basketball blogs as well in the event those folks don’t come over here?

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