This is a moderate Buy.  I wanted to find a player that would make you excited to buy, but I also wanted to cover Grady Sizemore.  I owed it to you, loyal Razzball reader.  So here we are.  Grady has NOT (Hey, it’s Caps Night!) been terribly unlucky.  I know BABIP makes you say WTF, but I need to go there super quick.  His BABIP shows a guy that isn’t that far off from his career mark.  His line drive rate is around its norm and his fly ball rate is down.  His K-rate is up and his walk rate is down.  So to break this down into your Leisure Suit Larry terms, I think he’s pressing (that’s what the walks and Ks are telling me), his average should go up (his line drives), which should help his steals (guessing).  There’s got to be some homers in his bat.  Guy just doesn’t lose his shizz at 27.  Actually, they’re supposed to gain it.  I wouldn’t pay more than sixty cents on the dollar, but I would buy Grady.  The Indians are despised, according to the Wall Street Journal (that’s real PC there, WSJ), but that doesn’t mean Grady needs to be.  Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

Psyche!  Before we get into the post, I wanted to tell everyone I’m in Austin this weekend to attend Rudy’s wedding.  I won’t be near a computer for the weekend, so please help each other.  You can do it!  Now make me proud.  Anyway II, here’s the post…


Brandon Wood – I will now attempt to avoid any Wood puns.  As I opine… Dah!  If you’re hard up… Gah!  I give up, grab Wood.

Nick Swisher – Hitting over .400 in the last week.  Yes, he’s another Random Outfielder That Is On And Off Waivers All Year So Every Team Will Own At Some Point And You Only Want Them When Hot.  Or ROTIOAOWAYSETWOASPAYOWTWH, if you find acronyms easier to remember.

Chris Coghlan – Now Coghlan hit it so hot you got tanned.

Alexei Ramirez – He’s been a whole lot of nothing, then he muddled that together with mint and gave you a HeSucksjito.  He’s a 15/15 player that never plays well in April.  There’s value in that for the right price.

Frank Francisco – If saves are what you covet, Frank-Frank should be able to satiate you.  The preceding was probably cribbed from a bad Cinemax After Dark movie.

Alfredo Simon – Saves ain’t got no face, but if they did have a face they probably wouldn’t look anything like Alfredo Simon.  Nevertheless!

LaTroy Hawkins – I want to say LaTroy Hawkins will take over for Hoffman, but he’s a Cuddle Boy and he hasn’t even been doing a very good job cuddling this year.  Todd Coffey’s not a bad name… To poop on.  If you look at Villanueva from one angle, he’s the man.  Another angle and it’s Hawkins.  Another angle and it’s Hoffman.  Then Coffey bursts through the door like Kramer, only to find Manny Parra emerging from the bathroom with his shirt off.  Really, it’s a bad shituation, but I’d grab Hawkins since Macha hinted at him.

Evan Meek – “Don’t ask” Dotel has lived up to his name.  Yet, he’s still the closer.  You can grab Meek, but whatever you do, don’t speculate on more than one Pirate closer.

Miguel Olivo – Because of a sitewide zoning ordinance only one catcher can be mentioned per week in the Buy/Sell.  Olivo should be owned in every league.  Yes, even in 8 team leagues where the 7 other teams were autodrafted and abandoned.

Rhyne Hughes – Good grab for AL-Only leagues, but you have to platoon him until the Orioles realize what the Rockies and fantasy baseball owners have known about Atkins for a while.

Jhoulys Chacin – He Ks people and induces groundballs.  Hello, sexy, what’s your name?  Jhoulys. How do you spell that?  I don’t know. I’d watch Chacin in mixed leagues and own immediately in NL-Only ones.

Jaime Garcia – Carlos Silva is owned in 17% of ESPN leagues and Garcia is owned in 11%.  Um, well, uh… Okay.

C.J. Wilson – Here’s a quick lesson for the back of the room.  You know, the nappers.  When in doubt, you want a pitcher that can strikeout hitters because if a hitter puts the ball into play anything can happen.  If a hitter strikes out, nothing can happen.  Barring, of course, Gregg Zaun then throwing the ball back to the pitcher and the ball ending up in left field.  So C.J. Wilson has a K/9 of 7.36.  That’s solid, not great.  Could get better.  Dallas Braden has a K/9 of 5.70, which isn’t good and is artificially inflated by his first start of the year.  Okay, now comes the essay question.  Why is Braden owned in 61% of ESPN leagues and Wilson is owned in only 25%?  Extra credit:  Compare Braden, Wilson and ESPN readers to different Food Network stars.


Edwin Jackson – Sorry, I warned people in the preseason.  If you’re coming late to the party, well, where ya been?  Anyway, I don’t think we see last year this year from Edwin.  Say that fast three dozen times.

Rick Porcello – This is beating a dead horse, but since I still see him on some teams in our fantasy baseball forums, I’m putting it out there again.  Porcello –> blech.

Martin Prado – He has one homer and no steals.  That’s about the norm for him.  His value is coming from an unreal average.  Unreal as in not real like a fake.  Hey, Prado is a knockoff.

Jason Bay – I’m officially worried.  He’s been lucky as far his average goes and he’s hitting .269.  His new stadium could wreak havoc on Bay like it did on Wright last year.  If he can’t nudge balls right around the Pesci Pole, he might have a huge drop in value.  I’m not saying trade him away for a Gregg Jefferies rookie card, but I’d listen to offers.

Jorge Cantu – Leads the NL in RBIs.  Wait for it… It’s here somewhere… Oh, here it is… SELLL!!!!!!  Uh-oh, I released it and now I can’t control it… Watch out… Here it comes again… SELLL!!!!!!  I can’t stop it!  Hide your eyes; it’s coming again!  SELLL!!!!!!  Please someone help me– SELLL!!!!!!  It’s eating my arm!  SELLL!!!!!!  SELLL!!!!!! SELLL!!!!!!  Suddenly, SELLL!!!!!! stops and smiles.  SELLL!!!!!!, “Take it easy, Grey.  I was just messing with you.  Oh, and Cantu really is a sell.  For reals.  SELLL!!!!!! out.”

  1. William says:

    @Grey – I cried a little when I saw Bay as a Sell… I’m a biased Mets fan and a Bay owner.

  2. Tony B. says:

    @Grey: I drafted Marmol and Raffy Soriano as my 2 go to closers. Picked up Franklin Morales off waivers as well as Fernando Rodney. What has this gotten me? 18 saves and 2nd place in the category. Do I drop Rodney to keep this train rolling with the LaTroy Express?

  3. Terrence Mann says:

    Will be interesting to see what the Brewers do with Hoffman. They have that huge sign in the outfield selling the idea of Hoffman reaching 600 saves. At this pace, he only has to blow about 8 more to get there.

  4. Ryan Beariot says:

    @Grey, Freese or Smoak, who do you think is gonna have more impact?

  5. Effenhooer says:

    So Konerko is a free agent in my shallow 10-team league.

    Do I drop McLouth for Konerko and slide Rasmus into the OF spot?


  6. Beau says:

    The Land of Lounge Lizards just made my day, dont forget “Ken Sent Me”.

  7. I Am The Liquor says:

    Madson to DL

  8. Bob says:

    Coghlan or McLouth?

  9. Johnnie LeMaster says:

    Is Borbon worth grabbing if I must drop any one of the following: Quentin, Ibanez, Jose Guillen?

  10. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Wood, Brignac, or Inge for bench spot?

  11. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    I think it might be time to do something about my catching situation: Doumit, Napoli, Olivo, or Jaso?

  12. Roman says:

    Have fun in Austin Grey and don’t drink too much! ha, as if sexy college co-eds don’t hand you beers coming off the airplane.

  13. Matt B says:

    All- time to drop Reimold in 12-team 5×5 for Coghlan?

  14. Frank Rizzo says:

    Got turned down for giving Youk/Rios for Crawford/A Jones. But just got Youk/Rios accepted and got Lind/Victorino. I needed OF pretty bad. Solid trade for me?

  15. Mark says:

    I disagree on Cantu. Smacking the ball around like it was his ex-wife last year then got injured and power declined. Even withg the decline he was consistent. He’s an ideal H2H guy with consistency, never slumps, and will hit 25 homers if healthy with plenty of RBI’s too boot.

    His average and batting eye makes me believe in Cantu. He has great power every year when he has the starting job. Look at seasons of 400 plus ab’s(Granted small sample size), his power, avg, and every number is consistent. That makes last year an anomaly.

  16. Lava says:

    This is more topical in this…topic…well, in here.

    With Krispie out I have to play either Sizemore tonight against Slowey, or Span against Carmona. Which is the better play?

  17. El Famous Burrito says:

    @Effenhooer: McClouth for Konerko?

    I’d say Hell, yeah.

  18. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    @Effenhooer: That is a no-brainer, get Konerko now and kick Mclouth to the curb

  19. BeanyBill says:

    Sizemore/Pedroia for Votto/Phillips. Which side you got?

  20. BeanyBill says:


    Sizemore/Pedroia/Rajai Davis for Votto/Phillips/Pacman Jones. Who ya got there?

  21. Frank Rizzo says:

    @BeanyBill: Both of your options are weighted to the Votto side for me….although having Votto and Phillips would be a little weird.

  22. uncdrew says:

    I was hoping to see Dexter Fowler as a buy or a sell. I know he’s gotta be one or the other, but I don’t know which.

  23. Giacomo says:

    @Grey: I was just offered McCann for your boy J. Sanchez. I have Yadier who has had a decent season to date, and I wanted to see what you thought. I might be a little short on pitching because I have 3 guys on the DL right now, but I do think McCann is a significant upgrade and generally try to trade pitching for hitting. My league uses is a 7 x 7 with OBP instead of Avg, Hits and Total Bases as the extra two hitting categories, CG and QS as the extra pitching categories.

  24. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Same lyrics I was spittin’ about Grady the other day. Everyone called “bullshit” when I wrote it… now watch those same people rush to trade for him now that Grey wrote it. Damn you and your credibility, Grey!

  25. Critter Nagurski says:


    aka rotoslut

  26. Chris says:

    A: Grady Sizemore

    B: Carlos Beltran

    Which side do you want? Beltran prolly out to July at least, but half-season from him might be better than full season of Grady? Or is two months too long to stash a player who may not run when he gets back?

  27. brad says:

    @Chris: sizemore easy.

    beltran may not play at all this year.

  28. sean says:

    @Tony B.: Mean Gene has said Hoff is his guy until he finds someone else with as many career saves. Hawkins blows. Coffee isn’t much better despite what last year’s stats say. Villanueva gave me the shakes when he closed early last year. I’d say sit tight with Rodney or drop him for another team’s speculative closer (Gutierrez?). My guess is the Brewers keep playing that dumb song until Hoffman’s arm falls off. PS: ‘Member how Tom Browning broke his arm throwing a pitch back in the day? Gruesome.

    @Lava: Both are slumping. This is a pick ’em. Grady could have a two homer game somewhere in his coffee cup of trick. Not sure you can say the same for Span, but Span isn’t going to give you an 0-for-4 with 3ks either.

    @BeanyBill: Not a big fan of owning too many players on a team not the Yankees, but I’d prefer Votto/Phillips. Sizemore’s numbers are much easier to replace in the OF than Votto’s will be at first base — ie: you can find plenty of waiver wire 80/20/80/.275 OFs (ROTIOAOWAYSETWOASPAYOWTWH) but not any 80/25/100/.300 1Bs.

  29. tony b. says:

    @sean: i recall john smiley also breaking his arm on a pitch…

  30. brad says:

    zimmerman in the lineup today

  31. Nate Marcum says:

    Dave Trembley just quoted as saying that Alfredo Simon will get the share of the closing duties. SAGNOF.

  32. Matty D says:

    @Mojo the Helper Monkey: I’d be all over Olivo if he was available in my league.

  33. Lava says:

    @sean: Yeah, it’s a tough one. I’ll probably go with Span since I own Slowey and hope he’ll be tough on the Indians tonight.

  34. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    @tony b.: And Dave Dravecky. And Tony Saunders.

  35. sean says:

    @Chris: Beltran is done. For life. These injuries (bone bruises from losing knee cartilage) end careers, especially for a guy that relies on his speed. If he’s wearing a brace in May, do you really think he’ll even be in a lineup before the all-star break?

  36. sean says:

    @Lava: hard to argue with your reasoning.

  37. Thunder Dan says:

    Which slow-starting 2B/3B player will be more valuable going forward: Figgins or Beckham?

  38. sean says:

    Anyone care to help me ballpark a FAAB bid for CJ Wilson? $832/1000 remaining.

  39. sean says:

    @Thunder Dan: Totally depends on your needs. Becks for power and Figgy for speed (and defense)

  40. Jangles says:

    You guys have been good to me, so now I get to offer YOU some excellent advice: as a married man, I can honestly scream, DON’T let Rudy do it! It will not go well! Marriage never does. Sure, the sex is fun for the first year or two, then you have kids, and the wife starts to suck all the happiness and life out of you like some B movie soul vampire. Trust me. Anybody married over 5 years will confirm this. Especially if they have kids. If they tell you otherwise, it is because their wife checks their computers.

    So have a great weekend!

  41. brad says:

    @Thunder Dan: steals vs. power

  42. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Thunder Dan: I’m banking on Beckham (literally… I own him in about 5 leagues).

    @Chris: Sizemore by a ton.

  43. Nick from Madison says:

    Giving up Werth, Marmol, Alexei Ramirez and Smoak (or Prado) for Jose Reyes and Adrian Gonzalez. Background: my OF Is deep. Can only start 4 (3 of and 1 utility) of Crawford Werth Granderson Rios and Cargo. Fielder is my 1b. Have Ramirez and Evercab at short. Gonzalez would be utility. Other closers are Rauch Perez Dotel and whover got the last Oriole save with Mike Gonzalez on the dl. Smoak/prado are bench. Basically, this would be a bench consolidation move improving at ss and utility while giving up marmols k and svs. My SPs are k-heavy. Losing werths sbs but getting reyes’s for compensation. Is it “Werth” it?

  44. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Jangles: Have you ever watched any of Louis C.K.’s standup? He has, hands down, the funniest routines about marriage and parenthood. YouTube it, I have a feeling you will love it.

  45. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Nick from Madison: Consolidation is always nice, and you’re getting the two best players in the deal, so I’d go for it.

  46. dsimon says:

    I picked up Alfredo Simon for Fernando Rodney. Mistake? Thoughts? I could also have dropped Jim Johnson.

  47. brad says:

    @Jangles: not sure if i’m laughing with you or at you, but funny stuff.

  48. Denys says:

    in 14 team, looking for power @ 3B – Chipper Jones or B. Wood.

    Also available: Jose Lopez.

    …knew I should’ve grabbed Rolen from the get-go.

  49. Jangles says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I actually have never seen any of his stuff but will check it out

    @brad: Who’s laughing? I’m crying over here!

  50. Commish Cauda says:

    How about offering up Torii Hunter for Grady Sizemore in a 16-team H2H league?

  51. brad says:

    @Denys: I’d go Lopez or Jones, but no upside with either of those.

  52. Commish Cauda says:

    @dsimon: As long as your league doesn’t count holds, you should drop Johnson. He will only be the closer in an emergency. Simon is in there now, and probably Uehara will be next.

  53. brad says:

    @Jangles: That’s why I like dating feminists.

  54. dsimon says:

    Nope no holds. Now I gotta decide who else to pick up for Johnson…

  55. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Whats your thoughts on Theriot over Asdrubal Cabrera right now? Also good call on Olivo, VMart is taking bench spot until he can find his swing and Olivo hasn’t let me down.

  56. dsimon says:

    Juan Gut, come on down!!!

  57. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Jangles: Speak for yourself Jangles. I have 2 perfect kids, a garage with an Accord and an Odyssey in it, and have been married 9 bliss filled years to a Mila Kunis look-a-like. Sex life is fine. No regrets.

  58. Thunder Dan says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: @brad: @sean: Thanks guys. It’s a H2H league, and only 10 teams, so some impatient owners are cutting bait on slow-starters. I have Becks, but Figgy just hit the wire.

    Having both isn’t really an option, as I’m starting Utley and Zimmerman (when healthy) at 2B and 3B. I don’t mind carrying one extra hitter, especially a multi-position guy, but I’d rather use my other bench spots on spare arms.

    Just about everybody on my roster hits HRs. My only plus-speed players are Reyes and CarGo. I think I’ll make the move.

  59. “Guy just doesn’t lose his shizz at 27.”

    What age was Garrett Atkins when he started his slide?

  60. Bat-Bat says:

    Should I grab Wood and give Head(ley)?

  61. HighNOutside says:

    Add Kosuke Fukudome to your rosters if you like winning. Dude is quietly having an excellent season so far, and we’ve always known he had the talent.

    Plus, you can rename your team to something edgy like Baby, Fukudome!

  62. Nate Marcum says:

    @sean: It depends on the depth of the league…15 team classic? 12 team? I would go about $60-70.

    He went for $20 in my 12 team league, but I have also seen him go for anywhere from $60-$120

  63. Everyone: Not sure Grey’s still in LA, so you might wanna address your questions to the general public.

  64. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Elijah: I thought I did address to the general public. The Forum too. Stated I had an excess of strength at 1b/3b but felt vulnerable in the OF with Quentin on the shelf. Traded away Youk/Rios for Lind/Victorino. I think I like it but would love to hear other opinions.

  65. DavidSouter says:

    Would you trade Kemp and Reyes for Hanley and Lester (the dropping Kazmir for Kubel)? Steals are a bit cheap in my 12-team league…

  66. @Frank Rizzo:

    Didnt mean you bro. I liked your first trade a lot better but if you needed OF its probably a decent move.

  67. Carl Spackler says:

    Juan Pierre or Raja Davis the rest of the way?

  68. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Brandon Wood’s full name is Richard Brandon Wood….. Dick Wood hahahahahaha

  69. Brian says:

    @Bat-Bat: You can get a lot more for Headley. I traded him straight up for Adam Dunn.

  70. @Brian:

    That guy was stupid, but agreed.

  71. HighNOutside says:

    @Spackler Pierre. I’m a fan of Rajai Davis but he’s in a funk.

  72. @HighNOutside:

    On the other hand, Pierre is losing the leadoff spot.

  73. ***** Morneau (back/oblique) is in Friday’s starting lineup at first base against Cleveland, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. ****

  74. Matt says:

    Just traded away Grady for Verlander. Good riddance to that wasted draft pick.

  75. Anyone else notice that Yahoo! now lists the Baltimore reliever as “Michael Gonzalez”? When did that start? I can’t recall ever hearing him announced as anything other than Mike Gonzalez.

  76. Chase says:

    So buy low on cantu?

  77. Chase says:

    @Matt: its been like two weeks

  78. and1mcgee says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: it’s cuz his off-season home is in Arizona and “Michael” sounds less immigranty

  79. and1mcgee says:

    @Elijah: LOL

  80. JR. says:

    From rumor-monger John Perrotto at BP: “The tentative plan for Nationals pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg, now at Double-A Harrisburg, is to make his major-league debut sometime during a homestand from June 4-10 against the Reds and Pirates.”

  81. Matt says:

    @Chase: Tell that to Chris Davis. Perhaps calling Grady a wasted draft pick is harsh, particularly since he landed me Verlander. Either way, I am quite happy with it. I just don’t see 30/30 happening again. I think he will struggle to see 20/20 this year. I thought he was all the way back from the elbow, but after watching him in April, I am no longer convinced of that.

  82. Kazmere says:

    Quentin (hammy) DHing tonight.

  83. @Kazmere:

    Ozzie won’t be happy til Q’s on the DL.

  84. Nathan says:

    Just landed Adam Jones for my Chase Hedely. Chase is good, but when you have the chance to trade away a guy you plucked off waivers for Adam Jones…


  85. Tom Emanski says:

    Congrats, Rudy!

    Speaking of Rudy, do you recommend dropping Blanks for Freese?

  86. HowardtheDuck says:

    Would you trade Vmart/Guillen for Olivo/Sizemore?

  87. Real Tom says:

    hey razz pals, what do we think of Pierre/Gregg for Price?

  88. Real Tom says:

    I offered those two for Wainwright, but i dont expect a deal.

  89. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    Bay for McCutchen in an 6×5 (OPS) league?

  90. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Anyone starting the Hodgepadre du jour (Latos) tomorrow against the Brew Crew at Petco?

  91. Bob says:

    @ThunderDan: Ironically, I’ve got Figgins and Beckham on my team, and only one place for the two of them. I’ve been rotating them based on matchups and whether my team seems to be lacking in speed or power on a given day. I’m hoping that 2B eligibility will allow me to trade one of them or the other for an upgrade somewhere else. In other words, I wish I had punted 2B on draft day picked up Kelly Johnson off the waiver wire.

  92. Bob says:

    From Rotoworld:

    Lance Berkman is out of the lineup for Friday’s game against the Braves due to a minor groin injury.

    I have one question to ask Lance – was she worth it?

  93. Dingo says:

    Regarding Sizemore, if you want to make a small sample size even smaller by just looking at the past two weeks, he starts to look a bit unluckier and a bit less pressing-ish. Here’s his BB%/K%/BABIP over that period, together with his career averages:

    BB%: 10.0% (11.1%)
    K%: 13.6% (22.3%)
    BABIP: .179 (.314)

    Unless he goes back to striking out a bunch, his average should go up as more of his line drives eventually start falling for hits, right? Perhaps he’s ready to turn a corner? Please let this not just be wishful thinking…

  94. Mr2Bits says:


    You enjoy all that .190 BA and never ending K’s, Ill stick to the hot players as myself and a growing population aren’t waiting another month for him to do anything worth a damn. He has no supporting cast in Balt and its only getting worse. Sure he hit two dingers last week but who the hell is going to start him to get those?

  95. Maitland says:

    @Matt:@Chase: I think Verlander is a good get for Grady at this point. I don’t know about calling it a wasted draftpick, but, I mean, if you took the guy, you probably took him around 25-30 to take a shot that he’d be around the top 10. You didn’t draft him expecting him to be around 25-30 ranked, you know?

    It might be early, but there’s enough to make the call that he’s got less of a shot to get back to that top 10 form now, so it seems worth it to grab a solid pitcher not that far below where you drafted Grady.

  96. Dingo says:

    @HighNOutside: Not to throw any cold water on your Kosuke parade, but he’s done this before. Last year in April he hit .338 with 4HR, 14R, and 15RBI. He proceeded to hit .247 with 7 homers the rest of the season.

    That said, it’s still worth picking him up and riding the streak while it lasts.

  97. barker says:

    drop A huff for B wood in a 20 team league??? already have smoak to back up 1st

  98. bobbo says:

    @Real Tom: If someone trades you an elite arm like Wainwright for sagnof #1 and sagnof #2 then more power to you!

  99. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Dingo: I hope so, I just traded Bruce for Grady straight up. The guy who rejected my Bruce/Scherzer trade last night and countered with Brune for “None” got back to me today and said he made a mistake. He told me, “I don’t want your shitty pitcher. Just give me Bruce and you can have Sizemore.” Done.

  100. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Elijah: Cool… one more league where I don’t have to start Gordon Bencham today.

  101. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Real Tom: I’d want Price

    @Mojo the Helper Monkey: Wow… that seems like an extreme dump/desperation move. You gotta’ be able to do better than Robot for Bay

  102. Dingo says:

    While I’m looking for reasons to believe in a Sizemore rebound, here’s something else: so far this year, he’s faced a lefty pitcher in 40% of his plate appearances, which is much higher than his career average of 31%. Same goes for Curtis Granderson – 36% this year vs. 24% for his career. Once these guys start seeing more righties, I’m guessing their AVGs will start to rise.

  103. Harmsy says:

    Speaking of Sizemore, just got an offer of Zobrist/Hamels/Gardner for Sizemore/Theriot/Bedard. Pitching staff has struggled (Lester/Cain/Baker/Lilly, but someone dropped Floyd, so grabbed him – also, Lester turning the corner – essentially last place in all pitching categories except saves (forgot to mention Harang helped with that)). Have Alexei Ramirez as other SS and actually fairly stocked at CF with the Dread Pirate and Torii Hunter as OF.

    Based on comments, thinking of pulling the trigger, especially since someone just dropped EverCab (can stash him on DL with 2 DL spots in the league) and O-Cab is also available. Any thoughts?

  104. @Grey: Beckham a buy? He’s been terribly unlucky and might come cheap. Not from me, but from someone.

    San Quentin in the ChiSox lineup tonight btw

  105. and1mcgee says:

    start Bruce or Quentin tonight?? I’m leaning Bruce… thanks

  106. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    @and1mcgee: I think Quentin out, right? Or at least still hurting? Bruce all the way.

  107. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    3Fingers is correct. Quentin is DH tonight. I still say Bruce though.

  108. Harmsy says:

    Just offered Zobrist/Hamels/Gardner for Sizemore/Theriot/Bedard – suffice it to say my SP could use a boost and I have the Dread Pirate and Torii Hunter in CF already.

  109. Harmsy says:

    Let me clarify – I was offered Zobrist/Hamels/Gardner for the others.

  110. and1mcgee says:

    Quentin 1 for 1 with a double. And Konerko another jack. Is it the apocalypse?

  111. @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): Q ripped a double into the gap in his first at-bat. Maybe the ChiSox bats are heating up with ARam leading off and Pierre buried in the 9 hole.

    Konerko’s HR was helped by a fan’s jacket that kinda sorta got in the way of Swish’s attempted robbery.

    I hope both teams keep hitting. I’ll have 6 of my guys on the field when I see them play tomorrow.

  112. and1mcgee says:

    konerko’s on juice + corked bat + umm

  113. and1mcgee says:

    zimmerman jack.
    wright jack.
    byrd jack.
    soto jack.
    not a good pitcher’s day so far…

  114. GoodbyeHorses says:

    Should I trade Ryan Dempster for Matt Capps? I’ve only got 2 closers and need a third.

  115. and1mcgee says:

    longoria jack
    francoeur jack

  116. Martin says:

    what do you guys think of getting soria and giving up matt capps and jose lopez? (i dont think capps can be THIS good for so long)

  117. mrbaseball says:

    who is jack ?

  118. john says:

    McLouuuuuuuthhh….I knew it was going to happen eventually with him having a permanent spot on my bench, but sonavabench I could have used that homerun.

    Here’s hoping Headley jacks 2.

  119. @Grey: If Quentin is made of paper-mache, than the paste is made from whatever’s left of the baseballs he crushes.

    AJax does not stop hitting!

    I also tried to trade Pedroia at the beginning of ’08. Nobody wanted him at the time either.

  120. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @3FingersBrown: Yeah, he’s a buy low, for sure.

    @Martin: You want to give up a SAGNOF and a bat to get a SAGNOF? That doesn’t make any sense. Especially when you’re targeting Soria. Have you seen KC’s middle relief in action? Greinke sure has.

  121. Martin says:

    @awesome maximus- my reasoning was that by doing a 2-1 trade, i would get a stud closer and be able to eventually pick up a sagnof on waivers like lidge. Lopez is currently on my bench

  122. 2 Homer day for Zimm, hes back.

  123. timSTi says:



    Yeah I forgot to activate Zimmerman.

  124. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Would anyone call me crazy if I dropped Scherzer for Garcia? And not just for a spot start, but to go with for the foreseeable future. NL central, lineup that can produce run support in bunches, great start to the season… go ahead, someone talk me out of this.

  125. @Awesomus Maximus:

    I hope Mad Max does well, hes a good kid, but the fact is, until he can control that slider he’d be better off in the bullpen. So, in so many words, no I don’t think its crazy.

  126. penpen says:

    And right on cue Sizemore finally hits his first homer of the year! Here comes the breakout!

    Oh wait that’s SCOTT Sizemore with his first homer of the year? So Grady still has none? Ok. Back to sulking.

  127. I can’t help but to laugh at the RCL team that picked up Piniero after I dropped him. Maybe I should have labeled him “For Streaming Only.”

  128. Dopey play on the basepaths by Beckham.

  129. anon says:

    Man, I sonovabenched Zimmerman AND I am starting Nolasco in the same league!! Is there a glossary term for a sonovabenching simultaneously demolishing your pitching?

  130. Q pokes it off of the end of his bat and it goes to the wall.

    Does anyone else think Freddy Garcia looks like The Rock?

  131. Tom Emanski says:

    So glad I didn’t sonvabench Zimmerman. It’s those little victories in life..

  132. Austin Jackson, the pickup of the year for me so far. It was a total flier too, I just was hurting for SB’s after the draft.

  133. penpen says:

    @3FingersBrown: Saw that too: so close and yet so far, sigh.

  134. timSTi says:

    @anon: I’m in the same friggin boat amigo. Sucks!

  135. ThePensive says:

    @anon: I nominate Perfect Shitstorm.

  136. Maitland says:

    @john: ha, i thought i was gonna get sonavabench’d by going with Mclouth and benching Adam Dunn when I saw Dunn got a triple first hit. Mclouth shockingly didn’t want me to look the fool.

  137. Kazmere says:

    Have an open slot now that Zimm is back. I’m trying to be proactive in case Posada is out thru the weekend. Better short term pickup?
    Snyder or Jaso?

  138. @Elijah: Hell yeah. Same here. I drafted Stubbs and then watched a lot of both of them in spring. Jackson looked like a better all around player.

    Can’t seem to get rid of him, so I’ll ride him to glory. Yeah, I know that sounds gay.

    Still wouldn’t mind trading him for a good pitcher. Much easier to find fast OF’s than quality arms.

  139. Tom Emanski says:

    Who sonavabenched Alex Gonzalez?

  140. Petey Pablo says:

    @Grey I have a crowded outfield. I start Justin Upton and Carlos Gonzolez but in the third spot i can’t decide who to start every day between Josh Hamilton and Jason Heyward (keeper league :) Im also debating dropping Rajai Davis for Dice K coming off the DL.

  141. Matt B says:

    zimmerman or sandoval as your 3B in a 5×5 (obp instead of avg) keeper?

  142. CarGo moving to the #3 spot and Helton sliding down to #5.

  143. @3FingersBrown:

    It does sound gay but I’m doing the same thing, Pony Express and all that. If someone wanted him it would be different but in the RCL grey’s been telling everyone to sell him so he has zero value. The strikeouts are coming down so who knows, maybe he can hit .300 this year.

  144. anon says:


    haha, I like it

  145. @Elijah: 5 for 5! Just stole another. I just wish Leyland would hit Cabrera 3rd.

    Morrow threw fire tonight. I liked him against the A’s but didn’t want to risk my WHIP, so I didn’t take him. Slowey took care of that anyway. Sadness.

    Now I need Bills and his stupid smugshot to get roughed up tonight.

  146. @penpen: Did you see him hit that laser beam that nearly took A-Rod’s hand off?

  147. Nick0rz says:

    I have Kinsler coming off the DL now, and need to drop someone to take his spot. The options I have on dropping is Smoak, Michael Bourn, Hunter Pence, (Pence and Bourn I both got off waivers) Jim Johnson, Mat Latos, Frank Francisco, and Dotel.

    If I drop one of the pitchers then 4/5 of my bench spots would be reserved for offence which I want to avoid if I can.

  148. penpen says:

    @3FingersBrown: nah but I believe it. He’s building up lots of good BABIP karma, must be time to cash it in soon.

  149. BigFatHippo says:

    Hey Grey……….

    Grey’s not here, man.

    Hey guys, Grey’s not here, let’s abuse him.

  150. ScoutAbout says:

    12 team H2H. I need a 3rd closer/saves. I’d appreciate it if someone could rate the following: J. Johnson, L. Hawkins, Meek, Gutierrez, Villanueva. Thanks!

    Oh shit, Barajas just hit a HR off of Lidge!

  151. @Nick0rz: I’d drop Jimmy Jam and look to flip Smoak to someone with a rookie fetish.

    Or trade Kinsler after he’s played well for a week, because you can bet he’ll be back on the DL before the season’s done.

  152. Mr. Barajas and Los Mets said hello to Brad Lidge in a big way.

    I got rid of Madson, but I don’t regret it. Let someone else suffer through his cuddliness.

  153. KarlJ. says:


    Thanks for rubbing it in.

  154. Kazmere says:

    @all yous guys: Could use an RP to help my ERA/WHIP. Not so much interested in saves (lead in that category), but wouldn’t turn em down either. Who do you think is the most trustworthy option?


  155. ScoutAbout says:

    Votto + Span for Miggy. Which side?

  156. @Kazmere: I like Villanueva since he’s got a chance to bag some saves. He’s also got SP eligibility in Yahoo, which is nice when you play like that distinction.

  157. Kazmere says:

    @3FingersBrown: Good point. Much appreciated! If you’re still there– What are your thoughts on this strategy in 10 team 5×5 roto? I suppose ANYTHING helps in regards to ERA/WHIP, but is it worth it? Really happy with the rest of my lineup, so no other ‘needs’ at this point.

  158. @Kazmere: Unless you play with a really deep bench, you should be able to find useful starting options that will help you more than a MR.

    That’s my .02. Opinions differ.

  159. Kazmere says:

    @3FingersBrown: That has been my usual M.O., but have seen others try this approach and thought I might give it a shot for shizz & giggles. Maybe I’ll try to get a trade together or hold off for a bit. Thanks for the input.

  160. Andre Ethier’s Mom cheers wildly.

  161. ScoutAbout says:

    @Elijah: Thanks!

    Span or Austin Jackson for the rest of the season?

  162. GopherDay says:

    @ScoutAbout: I’d go Span, Jackson’s BABIP is inflated, and his K rate is terrible. He could come crashing sown to earth any time now…

  163. GopherDay says:

    I hope EY2 gets LF eligibility! I could use that in my league!

  164. tony b. says:

    E.Y jr – singles, steals 2nd, scores on Car-Go RBI single – like it

  165. @GopherDay:

    Interesting stat…as much is being made about Jackson’s K’s, hes been improving there, and he actually has less strikeouts than Justin Upton.

  166. sean says:

    @Kazmere: I like using MRs to bring down my ratios. Thornton is one of the best, obviously. Clippard has been great this year. Also, look at Sergio Romo on SFG.

  167. ScoutAbout says:

    Really, how can Tracy not keep starting EY Jr.? Can’t start Barmes over EY Jr.

  168. @Elijah: I find the most encouraging thing about AJax is his 35.6% LD rate coming into today.

    For an interesting comparison, look at Curtis Granderson’s first full year in ’06. I think we’ll see similar BB/K ratios at seasons end. Granderson showed more power than Jackson probably will, but Jackson will probably end up with more steals.

    Just some food for thought. Either way, his luck can’t keep up and ultimately he’ll be a better hitter if he improves his plate discipline.

  169. Howard says:

    Anyone hear any news on Borbon?

    Who wins this this trade? Vmart/J.Guillen for Sizemore/Olivo

  170. @Howard:

    I think the Vmart side right now. Sizemore is too much of a ?

  171. BKK says:

    @Howard: You see the Habs game tonight?

  172. Howard says:

    @elijah Thanks cause I’m the Vmart side! I just need OF help. My OF is Bay/Guillen/Fowler/Morgan/Willingham

  173. @Elijah: I ain’t complaining. I’m hoping my opponents will rue the day that they could have had Jackson for #4 starter.

    @Howard: I like the Sizemore side. I have no faith in Guillen being good for more than a week at a time. I think both VMart and Sizemore will come around and have pretty decent years. Olivo looks like the sleeper in this deal. He could be a big surprise, or just another lousy hitting catcher with some pop.

  174. Howard says:

    @BKK Unfortunately! I think we lost our best player (Markov).

  175. Howard says:

    @3FingersBrown Sounds about right!

  176. Howard says:

    Nice little pitching duel between Lewis and Lee!

  177. Bobo Brazil says:

    12 Team, H2H

    I trade Johan Santana, Jason Bartlett, Mike Napoli

    I receive: Votto, Dunn

    I have Soto, pitching is deep… and my only other SS is Alcides Escobar. Is it worth doing? Any idea when/if Alcides makes the jump to #2 in the order?

  178. Shambo says:

    Which side do you want?

    Adrian Gonzalez and James Shields


    Yovani Gallardo and Dan Haren

  179. BKK says:

    @Howard: That was a punishing hit. I didn’t hear what happened, I was guessing a collar bone or shoulder issue.

  180. @Bobo Brazil: Good move if you’re really in need of power. You’re taking a big hit at SS by downgrading to Escobar though.

    I may be in the minority about Alcides, but he doesn’t do much for me. Another SAGNOF SS I say. I don’t like putting too much stock in a rookie carrying a .296 OBP.

  181. Bobo Brazil says:

    Thanks. How about this…

    Which side do you want?

    Adrian Gonzalez and James Shields


    Yovani Gallardo and Dan Haren

  182. Howard says:

    @BKK I’m not sure, maybe knee. Just hope it’s not serious but it looked bad.

  183. @Bobo Brazil: I wouldn’t make such a move so early unless I saw a major deficiency in my team.

    In a vacuum I’ll say the AGon side, but that’s also because I’m biased from owning Haren in H2H in the past and having to cope with his not so amazing 2nd halves.

  184. GopherDay says:

    @Elijah: Well, have you seen Upton’s decreased production? I mean strikeouts don’t tell the whole story, but if you aren’t putting the ball in play then its hard to get on base. That said, I don’t really look at Jackson because: A) The league I would use him in counts Ks for hitter B) I picked him up in that league and dropped…You guessed it…Vernon Wells. Now Wells is riding the OF of the 2nd place team…NOT me!

  185. Griff says:

    Argh, what’s the deal with Brian Wilson getting benched after his first blown save?

  186. GopherDay says:

    Did I see that correctly in the Box scores…Is Vlad playing Right field??? Amazing!! I would greatly enjoy that position flexibility!

  187. Eddy says:

    Why was Borbon hitting 5th?!? Seriously? Ahead of Kinsler?!

    ***@Griff: @Razzball***

    Brian Wilson has a groin strain, the prognosis is uncertain. Based on seniority, Affeldt is most likely the guy to get the call if Wilson misses time.

  188. Griff says:

    @Eddy: Thanks. That sucks. I have Qualls and Wilson in a H2H league. Both of them had saves poached this week…killin me, Smalls.

  189. @Eddy:

    I added Affeldt, anyone with a bum roster spot might as well too.

  190. Eddy says:


    In my main league I don’t have a spot for him unfortunately. I’m holding on to Meeks just in case, even though I have Dotel. Actually nvm, I’m gonna go pick up Affeldt. But in the RCL, I have Meek, LaTroy, AND Affeldt. SAGNOF to the max. Luckily Valverde and Lindstrom have been good enough to give me the lead there.

  191. Eddy says:

    Ok as of a few minutes ago

    Wilson says his groin felt fine after the game. “I don’t see this as a problem.”

    So if you dropped anyone you may need for Affeldt, I’d think twice. My drop was Barmes and I got EY Jr., so I’m all right. But yea, just wanted to give you the heads up.

  192. @Eddy:

    Hmm, well it wasnt anyone of note.

  193. @Eddy:

    There’s way too many sadsack SAGNOF’s right now heh. Need some clarity.

  194. Eddy says:

    Tell me about it. Someone just needs to dominate for two games and be named the closer already. I’m sick and tired of hearing a manager saying “This guy is still my closer, I’m going to keep running him out there” when someone else just clearly dominated the 9th. Make up your minds already dammit!

  195. Lava says:

    Apparently my team with EverCab on it only has 1 DL slot. Awesome!

    Who should be dropped first, considering that it’s an 18 team league with jack and shit on the waivers?

    Reimold, Inge, Glaus?

  196. Dan says:

    Do you like Headley or Beckham for the rest of the season? Thanks

  197. DrEasy says:


    – Should I drop Pierre and pick up Eric Young Jr?

    – Drop Dotel for Affeldt?


  198. Matt B says:

    zimmerman or sandoval as your 3B in a 5×5 (obp instead of avg) keeper?
    Coghlan or Reimold? Need to drop 1

  199. Spamcakes says:


    Pierre has been moved to the 9 spot in the batting order and rumors out of CHX are that they are looking for a bigger bat to platoon with him or relegate Juan to a 4th OF.

    Young Jr is a serious “upside snitches” award winner this year. IMHO he will have some growing pains as he adjust to the new level, but 400 AB for the rest of the year at 2B/OF (20 SBs?) is sweet. He has good OB skill set that should keep him at the top of the order when he does play.

    Will cut into Fowlers numbers too.

  200. Tony says:

    RCL ADVICE NEEDED: My OF and Utl spot consist of Marlon Byrd, and Cargo both hitting .350, ok not too shabby…. then i have pence, delmon young, juan rivera, and ibanez….

    Not even thinking about booting ibanez or pence, but rivera and delmon? I have Ellsbury on the DL as well.

  201. Tony says:

    i’ve got snider, dejesus, seth smith, ryan sweeney, darnell mcdonald, pagan…. IDK its slim pickens

  202. Tony says:

    EDIT: i’ve got options of snider, dejesus, seth smith, ryan sweeney, darnell mcdonald, pagan…. IDK its slim pickens

  203. Tony says:

    Since Alfredo Aceves pitched an inning last nite there’s basically NO chance he’ll pitch again today at 1pm is there? From the game log it looks like he’s only gotten 6 appearances and after coming in he USUALLY rests for 2-3 or more days? A guy in my league has ONLY him as a RP and he needs ONE more inning to meet the requirement, if he gets nothing today, and nothing sunday i sweep pitching…. he has carp going sunday, i dont know if he will stick him in then or what…. effff

  204. William says:

    @Everyone – Colby Lewis is a waiver, but I’m thinking of picking him up.

    My SPs right now are Johan Santana, Cole Hamels, Wandy Rodriguez, AJ Burnett, Clay Buchholz, Ervin Santana, and Kevin Slowey

    I’m leaning towards dropping Ervin Santana for Colby Lewis. What do you guys think?

  205. Bodymore says:

    Hmm, any advice for what to try to get for Bay in an OPS league? Needs are a power hitting OF… lolz

  206. Tony says:

    @Bodymore: idk i’m trying to sell bay for greinke, the guy just told me shoot the offer over and let him think about it for a couple days? LOL

  207. Crafty35a says:

    Who would you folks prefer for the rest of the year – Quentin or Soriano?

  208. mrbaseball says:

    I hate Quentin

  209. mrbaseball says:

    @William – Colby Lewis didn’t answer the bell in the 10th

  210. mrbaseball says:

    @Tony – delmon young is more valuable in leagues that count hitting the umpire with your bat

  211. knighttown says:

    What do you guys think of LaRoche for the rest of the year. I’m solid at CI with Votto/Wright/Morneau with Berkman at Util so I really won’t get to use him except for off days. Is he good enough that I should deal one of the top guys?

  212. knighttown says:

    I’ve got to make room for Jaime Garcia. DL is full so I’d have to drop either DeLaRosa or Brandon Webb. Prognosis on both is ugly. Who?

  213. knighttown says:

    Anyone throwing Pelfry against the Phills today?

  214. knighttown says:

    Berkman + Lindstrom for Holliday?

  215. knighttown says:

    Sorry about all the questions…just got baby to sleep. Pretend your Grey and tier my pitchers:

    Haren, Nolasco, Sanchez, Price, Pelfry, Ervin, Garcia, Liriano, Slowey

  216. mauledbypandas says:

    @mrbaseball: How dare he not come out for the 10th after 9 scoreless and 115+ pitches! The nerve of that guy costing me a win!

  217. timSTi says:

    Is Vazquez vs CHI today shooting myself in the foot??

  218. knighttown says:

    Is Morneau/Votto + Alexei/Asdrubal + Marmol an overpay for Hanley?

  219. Bobo Brazil says:

    Any suggestions?

    I was offered Lester for Gallardo? I get to keep 6 from my roster this year.

    Who would you rather have this year and going forward?

  220. timSTi says:

    @Bobo Brazil: Jesus. LESTER ALL DAY LONG!!!!

  221. mrbaseball says:

    Anyone throwing Pelfry against the Phills today? – so far I am – He pitched good against them last year – 4 good starts and 1 bad start
    all he needs is a phone booth to change into supermet today

  222. timSTi says:

    @knighttown: How’s your CI situation look? I’d do it, if he’d take Morneau. I’d hold onto Votto. Also is this a keeper league?

  223. Eddy says:

    I’m throwing him in there, luckily I got a 3 point lead in ERA, so I can afford a bad start, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

  224. Eddy says:

    In a bit of a dilemma,

    I’m down 1 SB, 3 HR, and tied in RBI.

    Should I run Rajai Davis out there against Dana Eveland who has pitched well against everyone except the Red Sox, or Quentin who won’t steal me a base, but is going against Vasquez who can shut a team down, but so far has imploded?

  225. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    Who would you rather have as your insurance policy in your DL space: Chris Young or Kerry Wood?

  226. Wilsonian says:

    @Anybody: What’s your take on Colby Lewis v. Kevin Slowey? I just dropped Slowey for Lewis. I know Lewis just dominated the M’s, and Slowey dominated the Injuns until the 5th when he tossed 40+ pitches. Colby just looks like a guy poised to somehow maintain at least his ridiculous K rate. My roster is stacked with pitching, and I didn’t think that Slowey would win me my league, but who’s better going forward?

    My SPs: Doc, Verlander, Ubaldo, Jered, AJ, JJ, Shields, Bucchy, and now Lewis

  227. @knighttown:

    You gotta ask simpler questions, if we could tier off 8 starters at the drop of the hat, we wouldn’t need Grey.

  228. @knighttown:

    Im on the fence with Pelf, but I think Im gonna roll him just on the basis that the Mets are on a roll right now.

  229. Eddy says:


    With that staff it doesn’t matter who you choose. If Lewis maintains this pace then obviously him. But since they make such a small impact for you, it’s really a coin-toss.

  230. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Crafty35a: Quentin

  231. Wilsonian says:

    @Eddy: That’s pretty much the way I was leaning. It is a tiny, 8 team league, which should ‘splain the ridiculous rotation. I just kind of like hearing people let me know I’m not crazy for dropping Slowey. Boosts my managerial self esteem.

    Side bar: I have Crapps, Aardsma and K-Rod, with Wood on the DL, would you drop anyone for Wood when he comes off the DL, or would he be the one to drop, which is pretty much the direction I think I’m going?

  232. pwnightmare says:

    I was hoping to see Gordon Beckham (got him off waivers last week), who has put together a… two game hitting streak, as a Buy. Alas, I guess I’ll just have to search for validation in the workplace. Oh brother.

  233. The Austin Jackson Experience just keeps rolling.

  234. G-RAM says:

    Just got a trade offer. I get Derek Lee and give Ryan Franklin. League counts doubles and triples (puke). I am holding a slim lead in saves in the league. My other closers are Marmol, Aardsma and Morales. I already have Teixera at first. League only uses one Utility spot. I am currently filtering either one of my extra outfielders (Granderson, Hamilton, Victorino, Adam Jones, Quinton) or Headley/Ian Stewart into the Utility spot on a daily basis. I have to accept this trade, right? The only things giving me pause are that (1) I’m eyeing that down year Lee had two seasons ago and wondering if he isn’t headed in that direction again, and (2) I just wonder if I’d even play Lee on a daily basis.

  235. Terrence Mann says:


    If I’m you, I absolutely do this. Greinke pitches against Tampa tomorrow and the dude probably wants to suck one last start out of him before trading him. The way Tampa’s been hitting it could be Greinke’s worst start in two years. If you want Greinke, let that guy ponder keeping him while he’s pitching against Tampa. Worst case scenario, Greinke leaves with a lead in the seventh and the bullpen blows his chance for a win.

  236. penpen says:

    Andruw Jones SONOVADROP

  237. @G-RAM:

    I dont think Lee is giving you anything you dont already have.

  238. HR Mini Donkey!!! It was was out into the trees in the street, crazy. The fans were looking down at the road in shock.

  239. It was literally over the “Hit me and win $1 mill sign out on the church”.

  240. ThePoonTycoon says:

    in a vacuum wright or howard?

    here is my current lineup (towards or at the top in all hitting cats):

    c soto
    1B votto
    2B mmd
    ss alexei (blech i know)
    3B wright
    OF kemp
    OF cargo
    OF pacman (cruz on the DL)
    util weeks
    util smoak/wood

    if i make the trade my lineup goes to:
    c soto
    1B howard
    2B weeks
    ss alexei
    3B mmd
    OF kemp
    OF cargo
    OF pacman (cruz on the DL)
    util votto
    util smoak/wood

    currently i am middle of the pack in avg, leading in HRs and SBs, 2nd in OPS, 3rd in RBIs, 6th in Rs.

  241. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Elijah: more likely, what happens if weeks gets hurt. i’m leaning towards declining, but it’s worth considering and wanted to get others opinion.

  242. J-Upside 2 run HR into the basket, “sitting there taunting the pitcher” as Gracie would say.

  243. @ThePoonTycoon:

    I like it in a vacuum but it strains your roster flexibility so no.

  244. HR Mini Donkey!!!

  245. Steamer says:

    Is Garland worth a spot start tomorrow at home vs Mil? I’m leading comfortably in era & whip, but trailing in wins.

  246. Eric says:

    I can only own one of these guys in a shallow league, who should I pick? Rajai Davis or Juan Pierre?

  247. @Eric:

    Those are the only options?

  248. Eric says:

    @ Elijah:

    Yeah, it’s a roto league and I need steals. I own Pierre, but Davis is available, should I switch?

  249. uncdrew says:

    JJ sent down?

    No, not Jar Jar. No, not Josh Johnson.

    Jim Johnson (BAL). Sent down? That hollow whoosh sound is all your league-mates running to add Simon, then wondering about Uehara and Meredith, then saying “frak this” and not adding anyone.

  250. Terrence Mann says:

    Jim Johnson to be sent to Triple A today. Alfredo Simon expected to assume the closer role in the short term, at least. (per yahoo)

  251. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @Eric: I’d want Davis.

  252. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    Which side do you guys like:

    Nelson Cruz and Adam Dunn


    Jason Bay, J. Damon, and Neftali Feliz

  253. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @Steamer: Brewers appear to be slumping @ Petco. I think it’s worth the start.

  254. @Eric:

    Nah, same players. Pierre more avg.

  255. Eric says:

    I like the Nelson Cruz and Adam Dunn side better. Cruz is a stud.

  256. DrEasy says:

    @Terrence Mann: But who to drop for Simon? I have Dotel, Morales, Chris Perez. Heck Juan Pierre and Jose Lopez are also sitting on my bench.

  257. DrEasy says:

    *** Granderson hurt while running the bases and was taken out of the game.

  258. Terrence Mann says:


    Crap, I don’t know! I just posted the info for my razzpals. You might wanna just hold tight. I expect Simon will be given a short leash.

  259. Daniel Day Lewis says:

    Freese or Reimold filling the utility position?

  260. mrbaseball says:

    Gordon Beckham had two hits yesterday – now he is 0 – 5 today

  261. mrbaseball says:

    Pelfry – not that much help from the Mets today – he should have been out of the inning with no runs across the plate –

  262. timSTi says:

    Baker or Vazquez. One has to go in my 10 team 1300 IP limit roto. Which one??

  263. mrbaseball says:



  264. mauledbypandas says:

    hmm, someone in my 12 teamer just dropped Vazquez. Tempted to use my #1 waiver priority on him, but meh, I dunno. Damn Yankees

  265. mrbaseball says:

    @ DrEasy – Granderson hurt while running the bases and was taken out of the game. He been hurting my fantasy team for not been able to run the bases since he can’t get a hit

  266. Cincinnasty says:

    Werth + Marmol for Holliday. Who wins

  267. mrbaseball says:

    @ mauledbypandas – If I had waiver number 20 in a 20 team league I would not use it on Vazquez

  268. mrbaseball says:

    Werth + Marmol – if you need a closer I quess I might want this part of the trade

  269. mrbaseball says:

    Holliday – if you are loaded with Donkeycorns

  270. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @DrEasy: I think Kerry Wood is very close to returning so that might put Perez out of the ninth. If that’s the case, you’ll be dropping Perez soon anyway.

  271. DrEasy says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: Yeah, but with Kerry Wood I’ll believe it when I see it. He might hurt his arm picking up his toothbrush tomorrow.

  272. DrEasy says:

    @DrEasy: It’s a groin strain for Granderson. An MRI exam is scheduled.

  273. GopherDay says:

    Josh Hamilton is finally starting to heat up!!

  274. GopherDay says:

    @DrEasy: Crap…Not helping me…!!

  275. Tony says:

    wright/haren OR arod/hanson?

  276. Kent Bottenfield says:

    A guy dropped Strasburg. I know Grey loves Slowey, but would any of you drop him for Strasburg?

    My other Starters besides Slowey are:
    Felix, Lester, Verlander, Sanchez, Hudson, Baker, Wandy, JarJar

    Or maybe one of those guys (lookin at you, JarJar)? I’m actually kind of hoping JarJar or Wandy goes on the DL so I don’t have to drop any one. What to do…?

  277. Kent Bottenfield says:

    @Tony: That’s pretty even. Since Haren always falls off in the 2nd half I’d lean toward ARod/Hanson’s side. Tough call though.

  278. Tony says:

    @Kent Bottenfield: Ya i just own wright, bay and reyes in a H2H league and they’re pissing me off (not just today i understand it was Halladay on the hill), but in general, they bat 4-5-6? Seriously?

    Its been another rough week in fantasy baseball land.

  279. timSTi says:

    Where does everyone think Gutierrez’s chances at taking over the closer role sit now after today’s blowup?

  280. timSTi says:

    Frank Frank gets the save. Booo.

  281. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @Kent Bottenfield: Do you own Granderson? He’s likely to go to DL today. I’d drop JarJar.

    @Tony: A-Rod side.

    @DrEasy: True, but it’s not like Perez is doing much for you now anyway. Might be six a’ one in the end.

  282. mrbaseball says:

    Ian Stewart was ejected from Saturday’s game for arguing a called third strike.

    Stewart finished the game 0-for-3 with two strikeouts.

    too bad Stewart was not ejected for arguiring the first pitch thrown to him in the game

  283. mrbaseball says:

    so what is the granderson injury today Razz Doctors

  284. mrbaseball says:

    Curtis Granderson: Likely Headed to DL with Groin Injury – He pulled his Groin

  285. mrbaseball says:

    Hey man – I am taking red lobster – which three shrimp dishes would you pick

    Choose Two 11.99 Choose Three 16.99
    Garlic-Cream Shrimp

    Wood-Grilled Pecan-Crusted Shrimp

    BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

    Crab-and-Seafood-Stuffed Shrimp

    Cajun Shrimp

    Garlic Shrimp Scampi

    Walt’s Favorite Shrimp

    Shrimp Linguini Alfredo

    Coconut Shrimp Bites

  286. mrbaseball says:

    Hey man – I am taking in red lobster – which three shrimp dishes would you pick for dinner

    Choose Two 11.99 Choose Three 16.99
    Garlic-Cream Shrimp

    Wood-Grilled Pecan-Crusted Shrimp

    BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

    Crab-and-Seafood-Stuffed Shrimp

    Cajun Shrimp

    Garlic Shrimp Scampi

    Walt’s Favorite Shrimp

    Shrimp Linguini Alfredo

    Coconut Shrimp Bites

  287. ASAOK says:

    Grandy to DL with Grade 2 left groin strain. mmm Garlic Shrimp Scampi

  288. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Wasn’t too high on my Wright/Kershaw for Kinsler/Halladay trade at the start of the week… feeling a lot better about it after today.

  289. Terrence Mann says:

    I’d get three dishes today. In a few weeks those meals will be $30 unless Red Lobster goes out of business or starts serving Cajun Crude Shrimp.

  290. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    Replacement time! Need someone to fill in for Grandy. Here are my options: AJax, Andruw Jones, Fukodome, Fowler, or Gardner. Thanks.

  291. Carl Spackler says:

    Austin Jackson or Borbon the rest of the way? Is Jackson for real…….Borbon will he ever come around?? Thats what Im going back and forth with

  292. Kazmere says:

    If Grandy goes to DL, I want to get some steals in his absence.
    Eric Young or Rajai Davis?

  293. mrbaseball says:

    Combo meal number 11 – some no pitch

    D. Matsuzaka
    T. Wakefield

  294. mrbaseball says:

    I would be interested in Rajai Jefferson Davis

  295. GopherDay says:

    @Kazmere: I’d hit up Davis, unless you have a weak MI or 2B, then grab EY2. But at a Util slot, I’d go Davis.

  296. GopherDay says:

    @Mojo the Helper Monkey: Depends on needs. If you need power, grab either A Jones or Fukedome. If you need speed, grab A-Jax or Gardner. If I were you though, I would grab Fowler.

    @mrbaseball: No, I pulled his groin.

  297. chisox says:

    I want Grey and Rudy to write autobiography’s.

  298. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @Carl Spackler: I’ve been grappling with the same exact question in one of my leagues…just decided to drop Borbon and ride the hot hand. Hopefully I’m not late to the party.

  299. Martin says:

    guys would u drop DLR in a 12 team mixed league since I own granderson (who is now dl bound) so I dont carry 2 DL players?

  300. Eddy says:

    Rajai but honestly what people don’t realize is that Brett Gardner is going to play everyday.

    Let me repeat that.


    This is a severe case of SAGNOF and is reminiscent to Pierre after Manny went down, albeit for a much shorter time period.

  301. GopherDay says:

    So…who’s gonna come out in the 9th for Milwaukee??

  302. ThePensive says:

    Headley/Hanson/McLouth/Gregg or Pence/Gallardo/Pierre/Hart? H2H dynasty, 5×5 + OPS and Holds

  303. BKK says:

    Hoffman vs Stairs

    Anyone got some Geritol?

  304. BKK says:

    @GopherDay: Hoff with the 3 up, 3 down inning. And all the Hawkins, Villanueva owners collectively sigh in frustration.

  305. ThePensive says:

    There ought to be a glossary term for when an at-risk closer has a good outing and gets the save.

  306. tony b. says:

    @ThePensive: I suggest we use the term “pardon”.

    Hoffman picked up a clean pardon tonight against his former mates.

  307. BeanyBill says:

    Tell me I shouldn’t have trader’s remorse:

    I just traded Dustin Pedroia, Grady Sizemore, and Rajai Davis
    Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Austin Jackson.

  308. BKK says:

    @tony b.: Or: Hoffman was pardoned today for conspiracy to violate your WHIP and ERA.

  309. ThePensive says:

    @Martin: Depends on how big your bench is, but sure if you need the space and see someone on the wire you want to pick up.

  310. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @GopherDay: Thanks GD. I ended up picking up Fowler but I’m going to bench him next week since the Rockies play away the whole time. Hope he proves me wrong.

  311. jpm says:

    Hey guys, I have Berkman at 1b but Konerko is available on the waiver wire. Who do you like better going forward for the season?

  312. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @jpm: They’ll probably be about equal with Berkman with a superior average. No room to put Konerko at Util?

  313. jpm says:

    No, not really, unless I drop Pence, he’s on my bench. I’ve already got Heyward and Cano and Util.

  314. jpm says:

    @BeanyBill – That should be a decent trade as long as Votto has a big year like he should. You are downgrading a little at 2b though.

  315. Spent the day at Yankee Stadium. First time at the new one. We are living in the end of days my friends. If the Romans played baseball, they’d do it on River Ave.

  316. Up 6W’s, 1 K, .07 ERA and .06 WHIP.
    Down 2 QS

    Have Garland and Buerhle tomorrow, opponent has Weaver @Detroit.
    I have a hunch that Det is going to get to Weaver tomorrow. I like Garland @ home, but Buerhle @ Yanks, not so much.

    Bench Buerhle tomorrow? I’m thinking he rides the pine.

  317. ThePensive says:

    @3FingersBrown: How many of those do you need to win? How’s the offense looking?

  318. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @jpm: Berkman really shouldn’t be unowned. I’d try to figure out a way to grab either by dropping a pitcher making a trade. Projecting Konerko and Berkman seems like a real gut call this year.

  319. Tom Reale says:

    I think now is the ideal time to deal AJax to a cradle robber for maximum value.

  320. Eddy says:

    So a 2nd manager in my main 12 team H2H league decided he’s going to stream pitchers. That makes two separate managers who stream (not me). This season just got very interesting.

  321. @ThePensive: Offense is close all around. I don’t need wins since I’m up so much. I would like to win K, without losing ERA and WHIP.

    I’m winning 8-3-1 going into tomorrow. Coming off a 1-10-1 week, so I need to make up ground.

  322. @Eddy: Play the hot hand. Pays to be aggressive, particularly in H2H.

  323. ThePensive says:

    @3FingersBrown: Oh, OK, each category, not most. Yeah, sit Buehrle, especially since he won’t help you much in K’s anyway. Any thoughts on #320?

  324. Terrence Mann says:


    The Pence side. Not really lopsided, though.

  325. big o says:

    mgr. john russell calls right-fielder garrett jones a “choke” artist .

  326. paulzone says:

    What do you all think about Jose Contreras? With Madson on the DL, and Lidge apparently closing games, do you think that Contreras could be in the mix for the main setup role and potential some save opps? He’s been okay in relief thus far…

  327. @ThePensive: It’s pretty even. I like the Headley/Hanson side.

    Since it’s dynasty, I think Headley has a higher OPS upside than Pence. Hanson over Gallardo long term as well.

    Benching Buerhle. Too much risk for potentially too little reward.

  328. MattW says:

    Is anyone taking the chance and starting beckett today?

  329. Elwood Blues says:

    4×4 nl only, 12-team keeper league.

    My team is in the middle of the pack in all catergories and I am down to 3 healthy OF’s..(only available waiver players are scrap heap)
    Dotel is my only closer. (yeah, I know)
    do I punt saves this early in the season to fill OF.. or hold onto OD and trade a Latos or Volstad?

  330. BKK says:

    @MattW: I am but I really have nothing to lose by doing so.

  331. @Elwood Blues: Sounds like you’re better off trying to fill your OF needs by moving one of those young pitchers.

    If the FA pool is garbage, droppnig OD won’t do much for you. What are you going to get for trading him? .50 on the dollar now?

  332. tony b. says:

    Grady Size + And. Bailey for Youk?

    I have a gluttony of 1B-3B guys in Miggy, Longoria, Sandoval, and Ian Stewart. I always start Miggy at 1B and Longoria at 3B which puts me in a position to always plug Panda and Youk at my 2 UTL spots. My current closers are Raffy Soriano, Marmol, and Franklin Morales who will probably be out of a job within 2 weeks. I think putting Bailey alongside Soriano and Marmol can be a shot in the arm for my saves and heavy K categories. I don’t believe Sizemore is done by any means and is just having a rough patch to start the season.

  333. I am the Liquor says:

    Hey guys need a little help deciding between a bench OF spot, with no particular need in mind. Reimold, Maybin, Blanks, Borbon?

  334. @tony b.: I’m not a Grady lover but it’s fair.

    @I am the Liquor: I’d go Maybin. Being at the top of the FLA order, he should score the most runs out of that crew.

    So I’m up .44 ERA/.08 WHIP but down 6K’s.

    Got Garland going in an hour to try and go in for the kill on K’s (and hopefully not wreck my ratios).

  335. CocoPoolies says:

    Which side you guys like: Sabathia or Gallardo and Hamels?

  336. Bill Lumbergh says:

    Razzball Nation- Should I use my waiver wire priority to grab the recently dropped Gordon Beckham in my 12 team dynasty league? It is a H2H format with weekly lineups. Pitching availability is extremely shallow, with any and all marginably rosterable starting pitchers stashed on people’s benches (for 2 start weeks). Currently have Utley at 2B and Wright at 3B, with no position bench players. Gordon would strictly be insurance should Utley, Wright, or Miggy (my Utility) get hurt. Pull the trigger? Would be dropping Niese or Medlen. Yeah – its that shallow! :-)

  337. DrEasy says:

    ARod, Holliday and Youk all sitting? Do they want the death of my team?

  338. DrEasy says:

    Greinke got Greinke’d again!

  339. Kent Bottenfield says:

    @Bill Lumbergh: I’d do it. I doubt you’d really be regretting dropping Niese or Medlen. Plus, like you said, insurance. And I expect Beckham to put it together at some point.

  340. DrEasy says:

    Filthy Sanchez playing with fire. 1 HBP and 3 walks in the inning, eventually got out of it with one earned run.

  341. Donnie Baseball says:

    pick up Chacin and drop Napoli?

    Have Fox to play catcher.

  342. herschel says:

    @ all: 12 team, 5 x 5 roto, weekly changes. looking to make a move in sbs and avg. who do i start at util this week?

    eric young, jr
    dexter fowler
    austin jackson


  343. BabyBatters says:

    Hey fellas I need some help here. Please rank these SP going forward from today through the rest of the year. Thanks for the help in advance!

    J. Vasquez

  344. Elwood Blues says:

    NL 4X4 ..who’s the better pickup

    Fukudome or Rowand?

  345. DrEasy says:

    @big o: Only a robot would have a sticky esophagus.

  346. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Elwood Blues: fuke while he is hot

  347. mrbaseball says:

    Worst Tito Santana look since he lost to Koko B. Ware

  348. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ouch as johan gets smashed,glad i couldnt afford him

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