You hear that? It sounds like the Angels may actually be forming a respectable lineup around the best player in baseball. Over the past few years critics have rightfully been pointing out that Trout’s prime years have been going to waste due to lack of a supporting cast. The Angels still have a ways to go if they want to fulfill our wish of seeing the best player of this generation back in the playoffs, as his lone appearance in 2014 isn’t enough. However, as of late his supporting cast has been putting forth some under-the-radar production to help the Fish Man out. Ohtani’s 2019 debut was much awaited to help give Trout some additional protection, and the Angels have won 5 of their 8 games since his return to the lineup.

Since the start of May, the Angels have scored the 8th most runs in the MLB with 60. On the season, their 200 runs scored in their 41 games played is good for 13th in the league. Their team batting average of .275 is 4th best in the bigs for the month of May, while their .249 season average is just above the league average and ranked #14. Their .755 OPS on the season is right in the middle of the pack at 15th. However, their .824 OPS in the month of May is 5th best in the bigs. You get the picture. On the season, the Angels are right around league average in most offensive categories. Since the start of May, their offense has been heating up and ranks quite favorably in most hitting categories. Small sample? For sure, but it seems like many Angels not named Mike Trout have been putting forth some pretty solid production.

Andrelton Simba Simmons has really picked it up after having a slow start to the season, and Ohtani has been able to produce some runs since being back in action. However, they have been owned in the majority of leagues. Here are some hot bats on the Angels that are pretty widely available and can help make an impact for your fantasy squads. Here they are with their ESPN position eligibility as well as ownership percentages, ranked on how I value them ROS:

Tommy La Stella, 2B/3B (25.7% owned in ESPN, 32% in Yahoo)

Kole Calhoun, OF(30.5% ESPN, 17% Yahoo)

David Fletcher, 2B/3B/OF (16.1% ESPN, 15% Yahoo)

Here is the last 30 days of production for them:

La Stella 76 .323 1.059 15 17 7 0 .441
Calhoun 110 .287 .972 18 19 7 2 .398
Fletcher 95 .281 .787 14 11 3 1 .335

Worst case scenario, ride out these bats while they are hot and reap some production out of them. Best case scenario? These guys continue to produce, and Ohtani is an impact bat to give the lineup some much needed protection and depth. A 2-3-4 of Trout, Ohtani, and Simmons can give the Angels a very respectful heart of the lineup. La Stella and Fletcher have been leading off for the most part lately, and at least one if not both of them should continue to get on base at a good clip to set the table for them. Calhoun won’t hit for a high average, but we know that bat has 20+ HR potential. I know this offense won’t carry them to the playoffs, but it is certainly one that can give us some useful fantasy production and help win us some matchups. La Stella, Calhoun, and Fletcher have all shown they are capable of putting forth a solid months worth of production, so why can’t they do that again? There isn’t much pointing towards a sharp decline in stats for them. La Stella and Calhoun especially have been producing on very low BABIPs, at .212 and .255 respectfully. So there should be more production to come. H2H leagues are about winning as many matchups as possible, and riding the hot hand can help you win offensive categories week by week.




  1. Wonderk1nd says:

    would you drop LaStella for Mercado? or do you think LaStella will hold enough value to pass on him

    • Yost

      Yost says:

      Definitely intrigued by Mercado, but unless you’re really in need of speed I’d probably roll with La Stella

  2. T Cole Anderson says:

    12 team H2H SO -1 BB 1 1B 1 HR 4 Run 1 RBI 1
    would you pick up Chavis for any of the following
    Yandy Diaz


    • Yost

      Yost says:

      I would scoop Chavis and drop Kepler personally

  3. BadFantasyManager says:

    Thanks for this post. I thought I was crazy for adding LaStella and Fletcher at the beginning of last week but they have been on a roll and your post confirms that.

    • Yost

      Yost says:

      It felt weird for me too. could always be a flash in the pan like any instance, but I’m riding it for now. Especially with La Stella, he’s doing this well on a .222 BABIP so I think his success will continue. Fletcher won’t provide a ton of power but can hit for a solid average and add some steals. Both of them are actually walking slightly more than they’re striking out, so that is always really encouraging.

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