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It must be remotely close to a new fantasy baseball season as the Fantasy Roundtable returns from a couple months of dormancy.

This week’s Fantasy Roundtable is being hosted by the roundtable creators over at FantasyPros911 – the only fantasy baseball blog that my namelganger Rudy Giuliani reads.

THE TOPIC: What were your biggest mistakes in 2009?


  1. Bobby Nice says:

    Why is it that no one ever reccomends picking a top closer? I’m assuming we all play in competitive leagues where everyone is eyeing the waiver wire and waiting for any borderline closers to blow a save so they can jump on his back up. In some cases the back ups are already rostered just in case, every league has that guy. I guess my point is why wouldn’t you take a Nathan or a Papelbon with your 5th or 6th pick and then scoop up who ever is left in the 14th – 17th rounds. This way you can count on 30 – 40 and still wait for a run or two later in the draft to fill out the position? It may help you sleep better during the season.
    I know I’d rather have Nathan then say Chone Figgins or Alfonso Soriano. But then again maybe I’m a complete boob.

  2. peter says:

    Biggest mistake of 2009? Thanks for reminding me of my Corey Hart tramp stamp tattoo. Way worse than Pujols..

  3. Critter Nagurski says:

    I love these, by the way. Just wanted to register that sentiment….

  4. matthole says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Hi Last year you wrote a piece on the “BRAN” Strategy that I found helpful as a draft guideline. Do you still abide by the method?

    Its long so i’ll post just an excerpt as a reminder, etc (accidenally just posted it under CQ Sleeper post):

    Anyway, here are the objectives of the BRAN strategy:?1) Get as much value as possible out of our first 9 picks which means keeping flexibility to take advantage of bargains.
    2) Remain balanced enough w/ your roster to take advantage of bargains at any position in rounds 10-25 – i.e., if you stack up on OFs in the 1st 9 rounds, you have to ignore OF bargains in favor of backfilling other positions (like pitcher).
    Here is the plan:?In the first 9 rounds, fill 6 set positions (1B, 2 OF, 2 SP, RP) and 3 ‘flex’ picks that can be used on the best values across any position

  5. @matthole: BRAN is still my draft strategy of choice (here’s the URL for others –

    I think it’s really important to draft for value instead of need – e.g., I hate reaching for a player just b/c I really need someone at a certain position. If you get too imbalanced, you can’t take advantage of certain value picks (e.g., I can’t believe that OF is available in round 18 but i’ve filled up on OFs!).

    The other point I think is important is that you optimize value by waiting as long as possible to draft players you want. I’ll probably have Lincecum and Halladay in my top 12 but wouldn’t grab either until maybe the end of Round 2 because I know they’ll be greater value for a guy like Haren in Round 5/6…

  6. @Critter Nagurski: Cool. We’ll keep doing them as long as our ’roundtable’ partners keep posing questions…

  7. big o says:

    the biggest mistake i made in 2010 was taking crawford instead of ellsbury .

    (thought i’d get this in , ahead of time) .

  8. GopherDay says:

    @big o: The biggest mistake I made in 2010 was taking either one of Crawford or Ellsbury when Pierre was available in the last round!

  9. Keith says:

    Around July I traded Rollins in a keeper league for Bartlett. That was by far my worst deal. I stole Reynolds in April for Bedard and I traded Heath Bell, Sizemore and Cantu for Fielder in April but the Rollins deal annoys me.

  10. Dave says:

    Biggest mistake in 2009 was dropping J-Upside in my keeper league.

    My biggest mistake in 2010 was overpaying for Am-Ram because I panicked in the draft and 3b seemed shallow just to watch Beckham break out huge in June.

    PS: Rudy, I love all of your strategy posts. That closer article is spot on.

  11. @big o: @GopherDay: Man, I’ve seen Ellsbury go in the first 15 picks in some drafts. Crazy! I think the 2010 1st version of Point Shares ( that will go up with a post tomorrow show how those SBs come at a price (Ellsbury comes in at #39 with him being worth 3.6 points in SBs and – 2.5 points in HR/RBI vs. the average OF).

    @Dave: Dropping J-Upton in a keeper league. Ouch. Thanks on the compliment. Thinking through an updated post on middle infielders (here’s a previous one to chew on until then –

  12. Dave says:

    I think that’d be helpful Rudy. It looks like every offensive position except 1b and OF is shallow this year. If you follow a BRAN strategy it seems like you’ll be stuck leaning on a sleeper break out in at least one if not two infield slots. I don’t like having my high risk players in hard to replace positions.

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