Our friends over at FantasyPros911.com – who had the temerity to relegate us to their ‘Blogger’ league vs. ‘Expert’ league – have included us in the mighty Fantasy Roundtable.  I asked that Grey and I be referred to as Sir Rants-a-lot and Sir Gamblahad but no dice.

The first 2009 post looks backwards and forwards – just like that creepy chick in the Southwest commercial:

What was your biggest fantasy disappointment from 2008? What is your goal for 2009?

Here is the link.  Here are the participants:

Jon Williams: RotoExperts
Tim Dierkes: RotoAuthority
Rudy Gamble: Razzball
Jason Collette: Fanball.com
Brett Greenfield: FantasyPhenoms.com
Adam Ronis: New York Newsday
Derek Carty: The Hardball Times
Patrick Cain: Albany Times Union

  1. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Why was this roundtable like a vain older man’s hair? (Answer: No Grey.)

    Surely you had some regrets in ’08, Mr. Grey? Like telling pliable schmoes like me to invest heavily in Alex Rios? Surely you’ve lost some sleep over that? Surely a single tear rolls heavy down your cheek now and again, as you imagine the pain you (and Alexis Noodlebat) spread through out the land? No? No?

    Hell, this is 2009. Onward and upward. Hope and change.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I told you to pickup Dioner Navarro, surely that’s worth something. (BTW, Rios’s Final Numbers of 91/15/79/.291/32 were good for 15th overall in the Outfield in 2008. The power never came which was a bummer, but c’mon, I had worst advice that. Rich Hill was my one pitcher everyone had to draft last year at this time. Speaking of which, draft Billingsley!)

    EDIT: Typo. Word.

  3. i will gladly refer to you as those names in the future! i am making a change right now…..

  4. big o says:

    @ rudy :
    granted the “blogger” league lacks some big name player recognition.
    however , finishing 1st or 2nd affords you a place in the “expert” league , next year.
    additionally , if you finish 1st , and dicaprio wins the expert league , you would win his first place prize .

    is that enough reason for you to root for him ??

    i’m not a muslim , so i’m rooting for you to bring home the bacon .
    GO RAZZ !!

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