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The week before the MLB trade deadline is upon us. This is why we keep a few extra FAAB bucks available. Wish they were good for a happy meal, because those toys always come in handy. With about 6 weeks to the fake playoffs, there is still time to make that last move to steal a few points in categories that your team may be lacking. So stocking up on some starts if you’re behind in innings isn’t always a bad idea.  Enjoy the week to come and good luck. (Please keep in mind that pitchers and matchups change.)

Cory Luebke vs. Ari – Kennedy
Bruce Chen @ Bos – Lackey
Ervin Santana @ Cle – Carrasco

Chris Capuano @ Cin – Bailey
John Lannan vs. Fla – Volstad
Kevin Correia @ Atl – Lowe

Josh Collmenter @ LAD – Lilly
Gillon Gee @ Was – Gorzellany
Tim Stauffer vs. Col – Hammel

Freddy Garcia (Sea vs. Vargas, Bal vs. TBD) What year is it? 2001? I don’t get it, no one predicted it. This is why overpaying for pitchers is what drives us all crazy. Yankee lineup makes him sexier.

Brandon McCarthy (TB vs. Price, Min vs. Pavano) Still building innings since return. Home ERA is tiny — 2.33. Good buy low guy, as he was prolly forgotten about for awhile.

Chris Narveson (CHC vs. Dempster, Hou vs. Myers) A Smokey fave, guess all my trashing is starting to get to him. 5-2 with a 3.80 ERA at home this year. Second half stunner last year, maybe it’s the start of something magical. Yeah, I said magical.

Rubby de la Rosa (Col vs. Nicasio, Ari vs. Saunders) K’s are nice, but anyone actually seen the Dodgers offense lately. Yeah, they score as much as the US women’s soccer team do on penalty kicks. What, too soon?

Andrew Miller (KC vs. Duffy, @Chw vs. Humber) Match-up with Duffy, first one to 6 BBs wins. Still like the chances of that lineup thwarting anything, peripherals be damned. We want wins. WINS, I say.

Dustin Moseley (Ari vs. Saunders, Col vs. Nicasio) Insert random Padre home start colloquialism. Still gets garbage run support. May not have a bullpen by Sunday to back him up.

Nick Blackburn (@Tex vs. Holland, @Oak vs. Moscoso) Lack of K’s makes him very unattractive. Only allowed one ER in last 2 starts. Name still sounds like a rash you contract on spring break.

R.A. Dickey (@Cin vs. Leake, @Was vs. Marquis) I thought first name initialed guys only wrote books. Only 1 win in last 8 starts, with a 3.38 ERA. Better pitcher on the road by a whole run.

Joe Saunders (@SD vs. Moseley, @LAD vs. De La Rosa) If effectively mediocre was a tier for starting pitchers, he would be the Sy Sperling of it. Hasn’t allowed more than 3 ER in last 7 starts. ERA just a tick above 3 on the road.

Mike Leake (NYM vs. Dickey, SF vs. Bumgarner) The much anticipated Leake-Dickey matchup. Who will win? Depends.

  1. MrHappyTime says:

    Pagan or D Jennings the rest of the season?

  2. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @MrHappyTime: I’d ather gamble on the unknown of Jennings than the mid 600 ops that Pagan has already given.

  3. airweino says:

    Rubby DLR or Buehrle the rest of the way? (it is a keeper league)

    Isringhausen or Guerra to close out the season? (get it…close out…)

  4. OregonianRedbird says:

    Am I crazy to drop David Hernandez for either James McDonald or Juan Nicasio? It’s a 14-team mixed weekly league, I’m short a starter, and I’m assuming Putz is coming back so Hernandez won’t be useful anymore.

  5. radiohead says:

    trade thoughts please … Cain and Morse for Hanley and Vogelsong?

  6. genghis chone says:

    Where does this BS about Duffy having bad control come from? OK, he walked a bunch of guys in his first ever MLB start, vs. Texas. He hasn’t walked more than two in any start since mid-June, and he’s walked less than two in four of his last five starts. As far as I can tell he had no substantial control problems in the minors; on the contrary, he had excellent control in AA and AAA, with a BB/9 under 2.15 at each level.

  7. EMC Squared says:

    14 team keeper league that takes players salaries into account (we have a salary cap based on players’ actual salary)

    Would anybody trade Granderson for Bruce? I’d be the one giving up Granderson.

  8. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @airweino: Rubby DKR and Izzy.

    @OregonianRedbird: keep Hernandez until Putz is back in the saddle.

    @radiohead: Keeper yes, id want Han Ram side.

    @genghis chone: Just facts man. 4.12 BB/9 if he had enough innings to qualify he would be bottom 6 in baseball.

    @EMC Squared: Grandy for me.

  9. drew says:

    would you start either of these 2: beachy @ Cincy or Stauffer @phillies

  10. SetPhaserstoDL says:

    @ Smokey

    *clap clap clap*

    There were too many fine puns made in the post on Leake. Thank you good sir for brightening my day.

  11. Robert says:

    I have Jemile Weeks in a util spot for steals and avg. Would Desmond Jennings be a better option?

  12. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @drew: No

    @SetPhaserstoDL: no prob

    @Robert: fantasy wise they are about the same value wise. Des may struggle, who knows? Stick with Weeks

  13. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:


    Thanks for the rundown.
    “The much anticipated Leake-Dickey matchup. Who will win? Depends.”

    Worthy of the master who runs this website. Its so good I’m thinking of plagiarizing it!

  14. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Smokey and/or anyone else:anyone starting Pineda today at Fenway?

  15. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Smokey:8 team points league,1250 IP limit,and W’s are like gold….which SP would you p/u?





  16. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Thx and Morrow. But keep an eye on Baker right after his start this week vs Texas.

  17. anthony says:

    Smokey I have AGon if you could get pujols would you do it ?

  18. anthony says:

    Also Todd Helton vs David Ortiz for util spot. Who would you put in util spot? I think just playing matchups might be the best way to go here

  19. genghis chone says:

    1.80 @Smokey: Duffy’s last six MLB starts: 4.8% BB/PA, 1.8 BB/9. Small sample, but five or six more starts like that and you might want to reconsider your characterization of him.

  20. genghis chone says:

    sorry, did not mean to come off as so snarky.

  21. Mr2Bits says:

    REALLY La Rusa? You f’ing asshole Why would you pull Lohse after 64 pitches. Let him get the QS you freaking jerkoff

  22. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @anthony: i’d be content with AGon to be honest. Ortiz for util.

    @genghis chone: No its cool, I agree that there is an uptick in his control but he doesn’t have anything that shows he will be dominant from start to start. I am just saying temper expectations as he looks like a #3 starter in real life, back end of the rotation or a spot start guy in fantasy.

    @Mr2Bits: Lohse does a finger thing going against him.

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