It’s back again, but this time for longer. No, you won’t need any ointment, it’s just interleague play. It starts at the tail end of this week and continues into week 12. I am still not a fan for fantasy porpoises. (That’s a league of dolphins called Hard to the Albacore, in case you were wondering.) Interleague messes up everything; lineups, in game situations and my ability to conjugate verbs. So be careful when setting your lineups this week, certain players will lose at bats, causing them to lose a little value. On the other hand, pitching gains some value. As they face teams that never have seen them before or just not as frequent. So grabbing an extra relief pitcher or spot starter makes a lot of sense to me. So good luck this week as you peruse the week 11 low end pitching options for fantasy baseball. (Please keep in mind that match-ups and pitchers may change.)


Mark Buerhle @ Min – Blackburn
Charlie Morton @ Hou – Happ
Joe Saunders vs. SF – Bumgarner

Mike Minor vs. NYM – Dickey
Ryan Vogelsong @ Ari – Kennedy
Jeff Francis vs. Oak – Godfrey

Scott Baker vs. SD – Richard
John Lannan vs. Bal – Matusz
Kevibn Correia PIT @ Cle – Tomlin

Randy Wolf (@CHC vs. Dempster, @Bos vs. Lester) Unfortunately, road ERA is higher, that and he faces the demon known as the Red Sox lineup. Last five starts 1-0 with a 2.58 ERA. I still reminisce of the days when fans used to wear wolf masks and do a semi-Thriller inspired dance in Philly.

Carlos Carrasco (@NYY vs. Burnett, Pit vs. Maholm) Comes off the stellar start vs. the Triple-A team in Minnesota. ERA 2 runs lower on the road. Innings he needs to build, good stretch I see in his future. Thanks, Yoda.

Josh Outman (KC vs. Duffy, SF vs. Cain) Seems like Oakland has a series of plug and play pitchers that keep them in games. Low K potential. The Coliseum helps anyone outperform because of its wasted space, which is getting its own home and garden show.

Alex Cobb (@Det vs. Coke, Fla vs. Nolasco) Stays in rotation, for now, until Niemann is better from his boo-boo. Never going to be an ace, but should be a decent fill-in guy for AL only or deep leagues in the future. Needs to stop with the free passes to be effective.

Mike Pelfrey (@Pit vs. Maholm, Ana vs. Chatwood) Previously lambasted by the Buccos. Is usually aided by the confines of Flushing. Gives up way too many hits to be a consistent fantasy contributor. Based on match-ups it’s worth a shot.

Aaron Cook (SD vs. Moseley, Det vs. Verlander) Lunch pail, deep end of the pool pitcher. Only desperation and a start at Petco make him special. Well, what do ya know? He has neither this week. If he really is a cook, then thousands die from food poisoning.

Carlos Villanueva (Bal vs. Britton, @Cin vs. Arroyo) Chuck New House is still undefeated as a SP. Toronto has been killing the ball and last time I checked run support is important. LH batting .155 against.

Paul Maholm (NYM vs. Pelfrey, @Cle vs. Carrasco) A victim of fantasy unfairness. Run support. Still sports an ERA under 3.40 and only has 2 wins to show for his efforts. ERA at 2.45 at home and BAA is a low .223.

Jason Vargas (Ana vs. Haren, Phi vs. Hamels) Is on the cusp of fantasy legitimacy and then this week happens, 2 starts against two top ten pitchers. Previous mastery of Angels helps his cause for an add this week, Philly start makes me regret what I just typed.

Bronson Arroyo (@CHC vs. Dempster, Tor vs. Villanueva) Named after Charles Bronson, and all along I thought he was named after the “Perfect Strangers” guy, who knew? Falls into the same category as Wolf as guys who are always at the top of the waiver wire but are never on a team long.

Josh Collmenter ARI (SF vs. Cain, CHW vs. Floyd) His ERA is barely enough to buy an ice cream, 1.11. His numbers scream out luck, but why not take advantage of a good thing while it lasts; his pitching not the ice cream. Though I was thinking the same thing.

  1. Yep, I said it! says:

    Deep League Questions about Starting Pitchers:

    With Gorzelanny coming back from injury fairly soon, is Yunesky Maya the odd man out in the rotation? Will Charlie Furbush and Alfredo Simon make contributions this year as STARTING pitchers? What’s going on with Alfredo Aceves? Is he in the rotation or is he the long reliever?

  2. Al Swedgin says:

    Hi Smokey, me again with my weekly shallow league dilemma. Can you tell me which three of these SPs you’d start? I know the order I’d rank the starters, but some of the match-ups are worrisome… Thanks in advance

    Shields: v BOS, v FLA
    Matusz: @ WAS
    Bud Norris: v PIT, @ LAD
    Ted Lilly: v HOU
    D. Hudson: v CWS
    T. Hanson: v TEX

  3. Child Please says:

    How would you rank these week 11 starts for a 5×5 league?

    Travis Wood (@LAD)
    Jonathon Niese (vs LAA)
    Jonathon Niese (@ ATL)
    James McDonald (@HOU)
    Juan Nicasio (vs SD)
    Clayton Richard (@MIN)

  4. matt says:

    is it time to just outright drop morrow in a 12 team mixed?

  5. Al Swedgin says:

    Hi Grey, I have two questions. Both relate to the same team in a 5*5 roto league, in which Runs and HRs are my two biggest needs.

    #1) For MI, who would you start for the week?
    Aaron Hill: 3 v BAL, 3 @ CIN
    Ian Desmond: 3 v STL, 3 v BAL

    I could also add one of the following and start them instead: J. Weeks, R. Roberts, J. Turner, or D. Murphy. Are any of those guys worth adding and playing over Hill or Desmond?

    #2) I think it’s time to bench Choo for a while. Who should I start over him at utility? Again, I need Runs and HRs, and if there is more than one name that you would play over Choo this week, then it’d be helpful to hear at least two names.

    B. Abreu
    T. Hunter
    M. Trumbo
    R. Davis
    J. Willingham

    Thanks so much for all your help.

  6. Nate says:

    What should I do with Brandon Morrow? He’s been a solid performer on paper, but he keeps wrecking my ratio stats. If I were in a roto league I’d just ride with it, but I’m playing H2H this year. (Ah, the misfortune of not getting a league until late in draft season.) It really sucks when Scott Baker’s 6 K, no run, 0.14 WHIP start gets so torpedoed by Morrow’s start that I now have a 7.15 ERA on the day.

    My other starters are Max Scherzer, Baker, Jhoulys Chacin, Cole Hamels, James Shields, Edwin Jackson and Francisco Liriano, so I’m not hurting for strikeouts. I feel like even though Morrow is a K machine, he’s had about two full seasons worth of starts now to prove that he can avoid getting hit hard and he can’t do it. Should I try to move him or should I hold him and hope he figures something out?

  7. bubba says:

    Does it make sense to drop Melanocin for Lyon at this point?

  8. EK says:

    Pls rank for Sunday?

    Myers vs ATL
    F. Garcia vs CLE
    Harrison @ MIN
    Chatwood vs KC
    Hand vs ARI


  9. Earl Battey says:

    Hey Smokey,

    Would you rather go with Gallardo (@CHC and @BOS) or Romero (BAL)?

    I’m chasing wins and Ks, but the Sox have been pretty scary lately.


  10. papajason says:

    Better option this week: Maholm or Masterson?

    Masterson’s @ Det and then vs Pit but I’m worried about him as of late.


  11. Joel says:

    Smokey: I’m in second place in my h2h 6×6 lg and playing the first place team next week. Picked up Brett Lawrie last week (ugh), and am gonna cut him for a pitcher. Deciding between Scott baker (1 start v. SD) and Jon Niese (2 starts, at ATL and home v. LAA). Which would u pick up? Thanks!

  12. zshow says:

    One thing that is being overlooked with Colmentor is his insanley easy schedule. I picked him up a while ago for that reason and haven’t regretted it since.

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