Playoffs. More like payouts. That’s what I am looking for right now. I know foosball starts on Sunday and I am pretty geeked up, but when there is money on the table I’m excited. I feel like Jimmy Conway after the Lufthansa heist. Now this list isn’t for everyone, I understand this. I’m from the school of, if you have the pitching that got you there then good, but one or two extra starts can really put it away for you. So take a peak, but don’t stare, you may go blind. I give you the semi-beneficial two start pitchers for the playoff push this week in fantasy baseball.

Trevor Bell (@Cle vs. Masterson) (@TB vs. Price)
Yeah, I know what you’re saying, “I’m in the playoffs and I want to pick up Trevor Bell?” You probably don’t, but just in case I put him on here. 3 ERA last 3 starts.

Travis Wood (Ari vs. Hudson) (@Hou vs. Myers)
Playoff pitchers pitch with guts. Cincy has shown that they can and will be able to hold off the ‘Lou. WHIP is a question mark but for quantity versus quality he is atop the list this week.

James McDonald (@NyM vs. Gee) (Ari vs. Enright)
I like him on any other team, besides Pittsburgh. I can say with confidence that he will be the only SP that will be draftable next year for the Pirates. ERA is mid 3’s at home, and the Mets pretty much gave up in June.

Jeff Francis (SD vs. Luebke) (@LA vs. Billingsley)
Playoff contender again, Colorado has it. They get it done when they need to, steal home, sacrifice in weird spots. Jim Tracy is an awesome player’s manager. 3.30 ERA last 6 starts.

Chris Narveson (@Hou vs. Myers) (@SF vs. Zito)
Pitching well without getting noticed, maybe should where a pink tutu and a clown hat. 1.5 K per inning in last 3 starts. Tough matchups maybe a sit and wait for Sunday pitcher.

Barry Enright (@Cin vs. Arroyo) (@Pit vs. McDonald)
Based on matchups you could do worse, cough Zach Duke. ERA still under 3, and it is barely above 2 in road starts. Guy’s numbers are pretty silly, minus one start, for a rookie that came out of nowhere.

Joe Blanton (@Fla vs. Mendez) (Was vs. Maya)
Love pitchers that are in a playoff push, have I mentioned this before. Numbers are mediocre and has burned you probably twice this year already. Pitches 2 runs better at the Citizen.

Carlos Silva (@StL vs. Garcia) (@Fla vs. Mendez)
Yeah, the poster child for “Why am I even reading this?“ Wouldn’t trust him farther than I could throw him, which is about 3 inches. Was 8-0 and ERA at 3.00 at one point this year, which seems like a decade and three heartbeats ago. A Sunday grab vs. Marlins.

  1. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    In regards to Masterson’s blurb:

    If the opposing KC pitcher he faces on Sunday was named Sanchez instead of Bannister, then what is typed to the right of Masterson’s name would read “Ana-Bell… Sanchez”

  2. Czernobog says:

    Masterson got moved to the bullpen this week, because they want him to top out at ~180 IP. So I can’t see him being a 2 start pitcher.

    As for Blanton, 2 runs better at home only makes him a 4.3 ERA, 1.4 WHIP pitcher. He’ll never, ever appear on the roster of any of my teams.

  3. Hi Smokey — I’m third in a competitive 20-team one-year roto league and need some help for the stretch run. My worst SP is Westbrook, and my main pitching need is wins (I top the league in Ks, am entrenched in second in ERA, and tied for third in WHIP, but 16th in Ws).

    I know the folly of chasing wins, but I feel like I need to try something. My options are:

    1. Hold onto Westbrook and figure he’s bound to get luckier. His upcoming matchups are vs. SD, @PIT, @FLA.

    2. Drop him for Volquez (vs. ARI, @MIL, vs. HOU) or Holland (vs. DET, @LAA, @OAK)

    3. Or drop him for a middle reliever who seems to be getting in games where he earns a win, like Joba, Santiago Casilla, or Linebrink, who have all earned 2 wins each in the last couple of weeks — which is 2 more than Westbrook over the same span.

    Anyone else with an opinion on the way to go?

  4. Max says:

    Is Masterson going to pitch on Tuesday? That match against LAA was going to be a great one for him but now he was moved to the bullpen and it is very unlikey that he’ll pitch that day. Regards.

  5. peter says:

    @Smokey: Would you drop Cecil for Volquez – rest of way way h2h matchups? I’m considering holding onto him through his next start (against Baltimore).

  6. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @peter: I’d hold Cecil.

  7. peter says:

    @Smokey: Thanks. I will cradle Cecil through Baltimore, but if he craps in my arms maybe I’ll drop him for Volquez against Arizona.

  8. DJSatane says:

    masterson is no longer starting

  9. MrHappyTime says:

    Do you think Narveson is a good play as far as two start pitchers go this week? His stats have been pretty solid lately.

  10. elwood blues says:

    Maya or Stauffer in an NL 4×4.. as a cheap possible keeper for NEXT year??

  11. Moonlight's Grahams says:

    I’m having a hard time convincing myself to start Daniel Hudson @ Cincy. Should i go out for Francis or Blanton?

  12. Isaac says:

    Advise Please with SPs this week please….

    definitely starting these two::
    *Verlander @CHW
    *Oswalt WAS

    now I have to pick 3 more for the week, heres my options::
    B.Anderson- @MIN
    Arroyo- ARI + @HOU
    Billingsly- @SF
    Kuroda- COL
    Scherzer- @CHW
    ***Travis Wood is on the waiver wire with 2 starts [email protected]

    and J.Johnson is confirmed not pitching this week so there goes my ace just in time for playoffs – que lastima!

    muchos gracias

  13. brendan says:

    yo –

    for RP if you could start 2 of the 4 who would you start.

    1. Brad Lidge (@FLA, WAS)
    2. Rafiel Soriano (NYY @ ANA)
    3. Brian Duesing (vs CHW gavin floyd)
    4. Richard Clayton (@COL vs De la rosa)

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