The deadline is here. Nobody has any money, but want top starting talent. Huh? Whatever happened to, you have to spend money to make money? Several big deals are coming. Haren and Oswalt top most teams wish lists. As I sat at the Yankee game on Friday, dancing in the rain(literally), I realized that you need two people to do the Kid N Play dance. Huge fail. I still can’t believe that it’s week 17 already for fantasy. Teams that are out of it you won’t hear from again until the draft next year. Top teams are trading pennies for dollars, and the middle teams are saying what about us. Not a great list of viable options this week, continue reading you’ll see, but that doesn’t mean that one start from one of these guys won’t help turn your 4-6 into a 6-4 week. It’s getting late in the game to try and make a move so you may have to start gambling if roster space is an ally. Here are the low end two start options for week 17 in fantasy baseball:

Dallas Braden (@ Tex vs. Lewis) (@ Chw vs. Floyd)
Someone tell Dallas that everyday is Mom’s day. Winless since May 9th. ERA hasn’t suffered, still under 4. May get start Sunday, which takes him off the list. ERA 2 runs higher on the road.

Ryan Rowland-Smith (@ Chw vs. Floyd) (@ Min vs. Liriano)
Hyphens are the Malachi of punctuations. Huge disappointment this year. ERA and win total are poor. Seattle is a team in turmoil, and the S.S Mariner is sinking, call mayday.

Jonathon Niese (StL vs. Garcia) (Ari vs. Haren)
Another fledging team, the Mets, are stumbling to the deadline with Minaya still as GM.  He has to have blackmail photos somewhere of the Wilpons. 2.89 ERA over last 10 starts, will get you 5 Ks per start.

Zack Duke (@ Col vs. DeLaRosa) (@ StL vs. Garcia)
First win since May in his last outing. I wanna like Pittsburgh, but they suck out loud. A peripheral nightmare. When was the last Pirate SP that you had to own? Yeah, that’s right, it was Oliver Perez in 2004.  Mercy.

Jon Garland (Lad vs. Billingsley) (Fla vs. Johnson)
Home cooked, numbers don’t lie. 2 starts at home and I’m buying. Has scuffled as of late, but he is still named Jon Garland. Rely on the facts here:  2 home starts, but temper expectations when chasing wins.

Jason Hammel (@ Phi vs. Blanton) (ChC vs. Dempster)
9 wins already, that’s pretty nice for a #3 guy, the Rox are going to go on a tear soon. 3 ERA in last 10 starts is nice. 3/1 K-rate is sneaky. 53 k’s in last 62 innings. ERA 2 runs higher on the road, so may be a sit at Citizens.

Jake Westbrook (Nyy vs. Vazquez) (@Tor vs. Litsch)
Probably only makes one start for the Wahoo’s, likely to be dealt. He will be a completely different pitcher in the NL, hop on early in deep leagues as he may be a trade deadline darling for the playoff push.

Randy Wolf (Cin vs. Arroyo) (@ Hou vs. Wright)
Seriously gets left in for 12 runs, against the Pirates, nonetheless. Ugh, fantasy ineptitude at its best. I miss the days of the Wolf masks and dancing around like Thriller when he pitched.

Brandon Morrow (Bal ve Bergesen) (Cle vs. Huff)
K/9 leader for starting pitchers. ERA is getting to a respectable level. Awesome matchups this week. Ride the Ks, wins should follow.

Joe Blanton (Col vs. Hammel) (@ Was vs. Atilano)
Name sounds like the guy who runs the neighborhood junkyard. Gives up way too many hits. Throws an 8 K game and then craps the bed, that’s fantasyspeak for waiver fodder.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    why is it thatwhen a guy gets (so called)great matchups, they seem to get hit hardest,morrow scares me this week,but ill be throwing him anyway

  2. Long Bong Hitters says:

    Woke up this morning to see that late last night, someone proposed a trade to me.

    They give me Alex Rodriguez

    I give up Casey McGehee and Matt Capps.

    I am sitting here wiping me eyes to make sure what I see is true.

    Seeing that I already have Feliz and Soriano this is as big of a no brainer I’ve ever recieved.

  3. elwood blues says:

    NL Only – Need to pick up a pitcher, but I am in search of both wins and saves and options are limited. Who’s the better play?

    Guitierrez or Enright? (Do I dare trust Wolf or Blanton?? I say no)

  4. Serious suck-ass options in deep leagues this week. Which of these bums do you like best? Wolf, Hyphen Smith, Duke, Blanton

    I’m leaning Blanton… or I may just see what Enright and/or Kennedy do later in the week and dump them for an available SP later in the week…

  5. batman the horse says:

    10 team H2H 5×5
    i get: youkilis and elvis andrus
    i give up: longoria
    drop current SS bartlett?

  6. Jeff says:

    Which 2 of the following pitchers would you want for the rest of the year; Danks, Nolasco, Beckett?

  7. Telemachus says:

    pick 3 bats:

    Rajai Davis
    Luke Scott
    Alfonso Soriano
    Seth Smith

    I wanted to start Scott, Davis and Damon…but I’m worried about Damon and Davis not being available…thoughts?

  8. Telemachus says:

    @Jeff: Nolasco and Beckett

  9. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Cause I say it’s a great matchup a jinx
    @Jeff:ranks and nolasco I’m not a beckett believer at all
    @Long Bong Hitters: Yea accept quick
    @elwood blues: Saves Guitterez dont trust anyone especially wolf
    @3FingersBrown: If those are ur options u may be better off streaming two guys mid week
    @batman the horse: Looks good to me

  10. Telemachus says:

    @batman the horse: tough decision, if Andrus was still running wild I would do it. See if you can eek out an upgrade at closer as well. Like trade Capps and get Street

  11. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Telemachus: Scott Damon and sori

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can I get an explanation of why Dunn, Reynolds and Stewart have earned the ‘donkey’ distinction? I’ve owned Dunn and am now acquiring Stewart in a dynasty league, so I figure I’ll change the team name to The Donkey Squad

  13. Ozzie says:

    What do you make of Lind’s performance since the break? Am I a fool to put him in my lineup next week? (rosters lock weekly). My replacement is Tabata.

  14. fitz says:

    hmm Haren to the Angels hopefully he will pick it up with a change of scenery – we shall see.

    Should I drop De La Rosa for Wandy?

  15. Aussie Ryan Rowland-Smith is ready for some wins. A pitcher with several losses is always getting closer to a win. Rowland-Smith has pitched better than his record shows. Nicholas R.W. Henning – Australian Baseball Author

  16. vottomatic says:

    i have alot of two start pitchers this week. which five should i pick out of javy vasquez, gavin floyd, josh johnson, brandon morrow, clay bucholz, jaime garcia, chad billingsley, and ricky nolasco?

    im thinkin johnson, nolasco, bills, morrow, and floyd. is that good?

  17. manfromearth says:

    I’ve got Rolen and am glad I picked him off the waiver wire,,,,he’s been pretty productive, to say the least, up until about a month ago,,,now, the DL may be his home for the next 15. Should I punt Rolen and pick up Chris Johnson, Jayson Nix, or Neil Walker?

  18. Eddy says:

    If my Razzball history is correct, donkey first originated for Adam Dunn. He has a ton of power but no speed whatsoever. That’s what constitutes being called a donkey. Mark Reynolds was labeled Mini- donkey for his immense power but somewhat lack of speed (not including last season’s aberration). And Ian Stewart is MMD (mini mini donkey) because of the similiarity to Reynolds for power and minimal speed.

  19. Black Beard says:

    Morrow is probably not getting two starts this week. The Blue Jays are reportedly going with a six man rotation.

    In which case, who would you go with:

    Kuroda, @ SD
    Morrow, BAL
    Wandy, MIL
    Scherzer, @TB, @BOS

  20. dingus says:

    I have Garza and Scherzer both pitching today.
    Do I start both/neither?
    Garza against a banged up Tigers lineup looks promising, but he’s been shelled lately.

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