It’s finally here. The Strasburg watch is finally over as the second coming of fantasy Jesus is here. I saw him in the cave on Sunday getting limber for his 2 awaited starts. I am tempering expectations, since he is going to be on a innings limit. Still he should be owned everywhere, my best comparison is Roy Halladay, sorry for being unoriginal. I’m sure you have heard that already, but people like knowing what they are getting. Week 10 has slim pickings in the deep end of the pool for 2 start guys that can push your team to a victory. Sorry, I don’t make the schedule, but if I did I would make mandatory doubleheaders on Sunday with Mondays off. So with bated breath, take a gander at the least owned, but still valuable (in their own momma’s hearts, at least) 2 start pitchers for fantasy baseball, week 10:

Jeff Francis (Hou vs. Moehler) (Tor vs. Marcum)
Regaining some of his form to being the ace that he once was supposed to be. Only concern would be depth, that and getting mauled by a bear. Not a great K guy. Good play for first start and a “sit and play the scoreboard” for start 2.

Chris Volstad (@Phi vs. Kendrick) (@ TB vs. Niemann)
This week’s road warrior. Minus one start vs. COL, has been effective enough to be fantasy worthy. 3 ER or less in 9 starts. No run support seems to kill him… Well, that and a bullpen filled with crap. 2-0 career at Citizens Bank.

Armando Galarraga (@ Chw vs. Floyd) (Pit vs. Karstens)
Somewhere Jim Joyce is still crying. Is he as good as the “perfect” game? Definitely not. Is a 4.5 era pitcher. At least he got a new Corvette out of the deal, I threw a perfect game in Little league and all I got was Pizza Hut.  Though there breadsticks are tasty.

Kyle Kendrick (Fla vs. Volstad) (@ Bos vs. Wakefield)
Getting better. Has been effective in 3 of last 4. Previously lost to the Red Sox in an ugly 4 2/3 inning showing. Only the desperate would be looking this low for quality, but in an off week for 2 start sleepers he qualifies.

Kris Medlen (@ Ari vs. Jackson) (@ Minn vs. Slowey)
Must be a California thing to wear your hat like you sat on it. Is gathering innings and getting stretched out. His spot, I think, is safe after this week when Jair comes back. Will get his fair share of K’s vs. the D-Backs. 36/9 K/BB is pretty effective.

Clayton Richard (@Nym vs. Pelfrey) (Sea vs. Hernandez)
Basically gets 2 home starts. Has been decent last 5 out of last 6 starts, ERA is still under 3 as is everyone else’s that plays for the Fathers. Good for 10 K’s and a win with an ERA of 3 for the week. Gotta love a guy who has 2 first names.

P.J. Walters (@ Lad vs. Montaserios) (@ Ari vs. Jackson)
Hate initials, especially ones that are short for pajamas. Got lambasted last outing. The ‘Lou is playing like they are lying in the weeds. Has Duncan in his pocket so that is always a good thing. Really low end guy this week since I’m not convinced he has the goods.

Carlos Monasterios ( Stl vs. Walters) ( Laa vs. Weaver)
Good old Charlie Monastery. Has the house of the holy literally on his side. Can’t be all that bad.

  1. Shackilj2 says:

    J. Bay. Bay or McCutchen? H2H .OBP

  2. ‘morning Smokey.

    Would you start Bonderman @KC (Bannister) and Ely at home against Atlanta (Hudson) — both in a 20-team league — and Garza @Texas (Harden) in a 14-team league?

    All three of these starts worry me for different reasons. Bondo was never great against the Royals (though, I know, he’s a different kind of pitcher now) … plus it seems he may have taken half a step back in his last start; Ely has looked good but Atlanta is scoring a lot of runs and Hudson on the mound hurts the chances for a W; and I’m nervous about starting anyone against the Strangers in Arlington — their OPS is almost 200 points higher at home. How safe do you think each one is? My instinct is probably to start the first two but to sit Garza.

    Last question: Does Latos’ last start worry you at all? Is the league figuring him out, or is it just a case of a strong offense in a pint-sized stadium wearing the kid out? He’s a start @ NYM, right?

  3. DJSatane says:

    Since we are on the topic of pitchers, if you could only keep 1 right now out of these 2: Ely or Ian Kennedy, which one would you keep? I guess some may say “wait for tonights game to see how ely does” but I am not sure if I will have the time. thanks!

  4. akk says:

    rest of season , please rank these SP
    price, hamels, nolasco, liriano , thank you : )

  5. @grey What do you think about Ottavino?

  6. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Shackilj2: For the week Bay, for the year the pie rat.
    @Enrique: i tend to not sit anyone in a deeper league, my thinking is this the other guy has equally as crappy or worse options than you. plus you gather other category stats that wont affect your periphs if you have a solid pitching lineup. So i would start all three. Latos got killed in the band box by a good team. i would worry away from petco and towards the end of the year as ithink the Fathers limit his innings to about 170 or so. You officially have my longest response ever, congrats. lol
    @DJSatane: I have seen enough of Kennedy to know that Ely is the choice out of the 2.
    @akk: price, nolasco, hamels, liriano
    @NLFantasyBB: To me he is a back end of the rotation guy, era career in the minors hovers around 4, doesn’t have overpowering K numbers. St louis has the wizard of moundary in Duncan so they will definately get every cent of the dollar he is worth. The breakdown of his pitching is he has 2 fastballs, a change and slider. He has problems leaving the faastball up in the zone and location seems to be his biggest problem. Changeup is his out pitch. Hope that helps.

  7. Wilsonian says:

    Would you drop Axford in an 8 Team H2H Keeper for Cecil when you have Aardsma, K-Rod and Capps already? I’m a fan of Cecil, but I don’t know how well he’ll continue to deal with the AL East.

  8. @Rudy: Piniero, Francis or Jason Hammel going forward?

  9. @Smokey: Hi Smokey … I’m honored by the long response … I’m going to be the answer to a future Trivial Pursuit question!

    Regarding whether to start Bondo, Ely and Garza, I should have mentioned it was roto and not H2H. Does that change your answer for starting all three much? There’s an innings limit in both leagues, but I’m more or less on pace in each instance.

  10. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Wilsonian: AL beast is a scary thing for cusp pitchers, in an 8 team league i would think there would be better than cecil avail. but i dont know roster sizes and what not. Axford is a temporary band aid.
    @3FingersBrown: Piniero for me.
    @Enrique: Not really, Hudson does pitch better at home so take that into account, so if your going to sit one id say Ely but id be comfy with all 3 going.

  11. Grady Branmuffin says:

    This isn’t a pitcher question, but I’ve made roughly 47 incorrect lineup decisions in a row so I thought I’d ask for help. It’s a 5×5 roto league, and I could use help in all categories.

    I need to play 2 of the following: Span, Rajai, Gardner, Bruce.

    Span just tagged me with an ofer week. Bruce has been struggling as well. Is it crazy to go with Davis and Gardner? I hesitate to sit Bruce, since that’s when he’ll hit 5 HRs in one week. . .

  12. @Smokey: Interesting. Due to his peripherals, I thought you’d answer Hammel. Piniero definitely seems the safest bet of the three.

    Would you own Hammel or Francis over Cahill?

  13. Thanks for the feedback Smokey

  14. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Hammels periphs are horrid, he has only faced 2 top 10 offenses and his era is over 6. His last 2 starts have been against anemic o’s. Cahill over both.
    @Grady Branmuffin: i welcome all questions, i would prolly do Bruce and one of those 2 flip a coin. Tails came up for me so Gardner.

  15. @Smokey How would you rank impact for this year & next btwn Ottavino/Cashner/Willis (NL Only). I think Ottavino could do well in rotation. Willis I think will be a WHIP killer but only guy to take his place is Benson (doubt that will happen). Cashner might be a spot starter but more likely the 7th/8th inning man for Marmol. I think he might get a rotation shot next year.

  16. Mike says:

    If you were trading Nyjer Morgan, what caliber of pitcher would you look for in return?

  17. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @NLFantasyBB: Ottavino may have a rotation spot moving forward this year, but i think Walters is a better pitcher stuff wise, next year the cards have Wainwright Carp Garcia and Lohse still under contract. I would say that they are going to sign a FA pitcher to fill that slot. So use that with that in mind. Willis is a going to the same pitcher he is, bad. High WHIP, ERA. Will get you a high K rate but at what cost. Cashner to me is being groomed to be a starter. He had 100 innings his first full yr in the minors in 2009. This yr has 60 already so they are definately keeping him in line with the innings limit to be at about 130 this year. Sp is in his future. I would rate them as Willis, Cashner and Ottavino. Just based on this and next yr.

  18. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Mike: well the caliber of pitcher would probably be on waivers, Morgan has been pretty bad. All depends on desperation for steals.

  19. @Smokey thanks! Good info. With Lohse and Penny out, both he and Walters will get a long look and some tutiledge from Duncan (and Wainright). Ottavino’s biggest issue is the BB’s which if he can get under control should help him. His numbers this yr in the minors suggest he may have taken that step forward. Only thinking of taking a flyer on him.

  20. Terrence Mann says:

    Couple things. First, I’m sold on Hochevar – for at least the next 40 days. He’s pitched very solid as of late (including 10 strikeouts yesterday) and has a very managable schedule over the next few weeks.

    Second, what is gonna happen at the end of the Brewers rotation? They called up Capuano so does he get a shot for a while or does Parra get the last spot in the rotation if he pitches well today? Or does Suppan figure in there? You seem to know these things, Smokey.

  21. @Terrence Suppan is on life support. Parra has been a disappointment. Bush and Davis are battling injuries and are serviceable at best. If Capuano pitches well, he’ll stick.

  22. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Terrence Mann: I agree with you Hochevar, somewhat. He has taken a step forward at least. He still plays for a bad team that has a bad bullpen. He is the category as cusp top 80 sp for now. Ok onto the brewers, Suppan gets released soon, Bush gets traded. and they call up Cameron Loe and Chuck Lofgren to take their place. So the rotation would be Yoga, Wolf, Narveson, Capuano and Loe with Parra in the pen. Its going to be a busy next month for Melvin or whomever is GM in a month.

  23. Bring Back Pluto says:


    in a 5×5 roto league, bench one for next week:

    Nolasco @ TB
    Vazquez v HOU

    (Actually, they both are looking pretty good so far tonight, so maybe let me add one more option to bench

    D.Price v TOR

  24. dj says:

    lind vs. markakke

    who gets the better end of the deal?

  25. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Bring Back Pluto: Yikes, good problem to have. Nolasco altought i wouldnt really sit any of them.
    @dj: Lind, Id rather have hr’s and rbi’s, Markakis is overrated.

  26. dj says:

    not that it’s overly important but i should probably mention it’s an obp league.. so markakke is a bit more valuable than normal (not much, though)

  27. Fred says:

    Afternoon all. Anyone know how Brad Lincoln performs this year? Anyone you can compare him with, talent wise? He won’t get any wins on the Pirates. Thanks.

  28. peter says:

    Bonderman was terrible today. Absolutely terrible.

  29. Wilsonian says:

    What’s up with Soto? He hasn’t played in the last two games. When he does play, he’s worthless. Is it time to cut bait here? I have him in a 16 Team H2H Keeper league. He’s providing me with nothing. These are the available Cs:

    Bengie, Varitek, Paulino, Kottaras, Ramon Hernandez, Nick Hundley, Santana.

    I know it’s not a great lineup there, but Bengie intrigues me. His numbers aren’t good now, but he’s got a solid history. I’m even debating on picking up Santana for Soto and just getting the blank stats (which is better than 0-fors all the time) until he comes up.


  30. Shackilj2 says:

    @Wilsonian: I’m having the same issues with Soto. I play in a OBP. league and he’s still been good with the walks.

  31. barker says:

    20 team league

    i get lind and feliciano i give adam jones c snyder wuertz

  32. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Fred: rumor had it that he was going to get the call up this week.
    @peter: agreed
    @Wilsonian: c is the kicker of baseball, hate em never drafted one high never will.
    @barker: sure both main pieces are struggling but id rather have Lind over Jones
    @dj: Still Lind, by a slight nose.

  33. SoHo says:

    Looking at catchers in a shallow h2h league. Olivo, Barajas, Suzuki, Doumit, and Posey available. I like olivo for this week (all games at coors). who do you like this week and in the future?

  34. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @SoHo: Olivo or Suzuki

  35. jimmyz says:

    Which side do you like better:

    Morneau, Billingsley & Nolasco for Lincecum & Carlos Gonzalez?

  36. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @jimmyz: if non keeper the morneau side wins, as morneau will out produce cargo, and those 2 combined will out win and k Timmy.

  37. RelieverRelief says:

    If Capps gets replaced, will it be Clippard or Storen?

  38. Vic Damone says:

    Going forward:

    DPrice or J Santana?
    D Ortiz or C Pena?
    Wainwright or Price, Ely, and Kuroda?

  39. @Smokey: I hear you, thanks for the reply. I’ll stand pat with what I have there (Piniero & Cahill)

    Talking about Hammel’s peripherals: I was referring to his 3.58 xFIP, 7.92 K/9 & 2.23 BB/9 Liking that K/BB rate coming into the season, I actually drafted but dropped him when he went to the DL. I think he’s got a chance to be a decent back end pitcher, but so far he’s been killed by a .363 BABIP and 60.7% LOB. I have a feeling he’ll find his way back to my roster at some point…

    What you said about his competition is very true and I didn’t factor that. The only good lineup he’s faced is ‘Zona and he scuffled against them twice.

  40. Calogero says:

    Rank who you like for the rest of the season?:

    Gavin Floyd
    Wandy Rodriguez
    Edwin Jackson

  41. MeanMachine says:

    I got offered Soriano for Wiggy. I like the triple eligibility of Wiggy but this seems like a better deal for me. What do you all think?

  42. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @RelieverRelief: ghe is getting the job done, no need for replacement talk yet.
    @Vic Damone: Santana, Ortiz and i’d take Wainwright.

  43. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Calogero: wandy gavin ed jax
    @MeanMachine: Fonsie or Rafael? Either way i say hells yeah.

  44. Kazmere says:

    Which 2 would be the better “hot streak” Util options, 12 team 5×5 roto?

    Matsui, Papi, Coghlan, or Nyger Morgan

  45. Dracula says:

    Did you really throw a perfect game in little league?

  46. elwood blues says:

    so I have Strasburg.. but my league rules will keep me from starting him til he appears in a game… that’s 2 starts.

  47. Wilsonian says:

    FYI: Brad Lincoln is starting Wednesday for the Buccos – per Buster Olney on Twitter…

  48. Calogero says:

    as a keeper – Josh Johnson or F-Her?

  49. Ruah says:

    Having Rolen and Cantu 3B eligible, is it safe to dump Aramis Ramirez at this point? Could use the bench space, but if there are signs that he’ll come out of it, I’ll hold on.

  50. RelieverRelief says:

    @Calogero: F-Her. No question about it. Younger, in a division w/ the royals, A’s, and white sox, and has Lee to pitch w/ and learn from.

  51. ken martin says:

    looking for sites that project two start pitchers beuond 2 weeks… any receommendatons?

  52. ken martin says:

    “Beyond two weeks” sp

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