Headley’s an example.  You don’t necessarily have to give or get Headley for this example to work, but a comment I got today made me think of him.  Someone was offered the trade of Miggy Cabrera and Chase Headley for Haren and Kershaw.  Whether you think this trade is fair or not is besides the point, Headley is the point.  He’s the sore thumb in this trade.  To break this down into a real world example, if you were trading someone for a blueberry pie and you had to give an apple pie and one other component.  To sweeten the pot of pie, would you A) Throw in whipped cream? B) Throw in ice cream? C) Throw in dog feces?  A and B can open up negotiations.  I want ice cream, but I don’t want vanilla.  I like your whipped cream, but I’m more of a Cool Whip guy.  You don’t have Cool Whip?  Okay, maybe you can throw in a fork so I don’t have to use my fingers.  Dialogue has now started and a trade may or may not work out.

When I get offered a trade with dog feces, I usually reject the trade and reply, “No thanks.”  Negotiations will not start on my end.  If someone wants to offer me dog feces, I won’t go out of my way to figure out how a trade could possibly work for our two teams.  I don’t counteroffer.  Then my favorite thing (and by that I mean least favorite thing) is when someone will offer dog feces, I’ll reject it and then they email me back something like, “You see anything that could work in a trade for our teams?”  So let me get this straight, you don’t have the decency to offer me a good trade or have the time to look at my team for a counteroffer so it’s up to me to figure out a trade for us when you were the one who initiated the trade?  Yeah, I’m pretty good about getting back to everyone who offers me a trade, but that email could sit in my inbox for days.  And when I get around to it, I usually send a clipped, “Don’t see anything.”

If you’re offering a trade, it’s better to offer the real meat of the trade (to switch up our food analogies), rather than tack on some excrement that no one wants.  For instance, if you want Haren and Kershaw for Miggy, offer that trade.  Don’t push your unwanted Headley onto the trade to sweeten it because it’s doing the opposite.  It’s saying to me, “I’m giving you Headley because I think you’re stupid.  So stupid in fact, you may spell it stoopid.”  Without Headley, the trade is at least respecting the other person’s intelligence and can kick off negotiations.

  1. Grey

    Grey says:


  2. Howard says:

    Thanks Grey, I’ll think twice before I send out trade offers. This morning I tried to trade Stanton for Santana which I think is pretty fair but it’s a one yr league and Stanton hasn’t exactly been hitting up to the hype. The thing I appreciated was I got a loquacious reply!

  3. sean says:

    @Grey: I currently have a tenuous grasp on first place in a ten-team CBS league (2C, 6BN) with daily transactions.

    I could use some advice as to how to set up my pitching. Three teams are streaming, which has given me a huge advantage in the ratio categories (8-ERA and 10-WHIP). I’ve also got a good handle on saves (9). Despite my 880 Ks so far, I’m stuck with the 7 and I’m more than 400Ks behind the three streamers, so I figure Ks are a lost cause and I just need to be the best of the rest. I’m lagging way behind in wins though (61 wins for 4 points), but the guy getting 7 points only has 70 (ie: I can pick up three points w/ 9 wins).

    To this end I’ve accumulated the following starters: J. Johnson, Lester, Haren, Nolasco, Hamels, Filthy Sanchez, J. Garcia, G. Floyd, Medlen, and Arroyo between my pitching spots and bench spots (I’ve got Marmol, Gregg, Jenks, Feliz, and Gregerson for RPs).

    Am I playing this wrong? Suggestions are welcome. Also, should I just focus on making up the difference in hitting?

    C: Olivo, Soto
    1B: M-Cab
    2B: MMD
    3B: Youk
    SS: Theriot
    MI: Aviles
    CI: Pena
    OF: Pacman, Kemp, Podsednik, Span, and Werth
    U: Vlad

  4. eltoo says:

    word. ever since i renamed my team after colby rasmus both he and my team have been on a roll. i’m starting to think he is the chuck norris of fantasy baseball. both the theories of regression and babip gravel at his feet. now if he can just overcome the TLR, who continually bats him 6th behind freeze, factor i’ll be impressed.

    my little colby

  5. Good stuff. I’m going to post a link to this on my keeper league’s message board. I love the “I like Jeter, what do you want for him,” emails I get from time to time… when he’s not on the block and I don’t have another SS. You want someone, make a damn offer. Obviously I’m pretty bright – since I’ve made the playoffs every year and won the damn thing last year – so spare me Baker and Sean Rodriguez for Jete when I know you’re on the verge of dropping both.

    I may lowball someone, if I know the guy’s a dummy, but I’ll at least try to fill a need. No I don’t need a power hitter who’ll hit .240. I need pitching and speed… at least look at my roster and consider what I already have when you make an offer.

    I’m getting all Zambrano in this bitch today. It’s hot as balls in NYC and it sounds like Pagan will be on the bench. GRRRR

    @Grey: I hate punting anything – it’s admitting defeat, which I loathe to do. Alcides, Sean Rod, or Frandsen? OBP counts. I’m thinking maybe I get lucky and catch Sean Rod on a good week…

  6. Jason says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but who is mmd?

  7. mr baseball says:

    Who stole Evan Longoria cap ?

    B. J. Upton

    I don’t understand why two grown players in a middle of a game would almost come to blows over a cap

  8. hoju says:

    The art of trading is easily my favourite thing about fantasy sports. I can add to that by saying that the empty spot on the Miggy side is far more intriguing to an owner than Chase Headley, even though Headley could be dropped. If Headley is included in the deal, his stats will often be looked at first in comparison to who you’re losing (this isn’t a good thing). If he’s not included, the waivers will be looked at – and there’s usually someone on the waivers that’s fairly decent to make the trade worthwhile. You want to make the other owner think he “won” the deal, and letting him choose from a pool of free agents will help him think that way.

    To further my point, when trades are accepted, I’ve noticed that the turd added to the end of the deal is usually kept for a week or two longer than it should have been, because owners don’t like to admit they traded for a turd and actually “saw something” in there. This is why a guy like Headley will make the entire deal look like a ripoff.

  9. cain fan says:

    I disagree grey. I at least want to know who my trade partner is planning on dropping. What if his dog feces is your diamond in the rough? It can’t hurt to take the guy in the deal and drop him the day it goes through. At least you had the first crack at him over the wire. Just my thoughts.

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Howard: Cool, thanks!

    @sean: How do you make up points in hitting? Did you mention that? Your pitching is fine for what you’re trying to do. Agree with you to forget Ks, just maintain what you have.

    @eltoo: Yeah, noticed that. You and Colby should get a room. Emoticon.

    @3FingersBrown: Sure, try Sean-Rod. Agreed with lowball offers. You pretty much summed up this post in 400 less words. Damn you!

    @Jason: Mini Mini Donkey – Ian Stewart.

    @mr baseball: Ha!

    @hoju: Guess you agree with @cain fan: with one man’s turds is another man’s diamonds. Could be, but I get more annoyed by add-in turds than if someone just offers the actual deal.

  11. El Famous Burrito says:

    Also, stop trying to get a first-round caliber player for 3 flavor of the week types.

    No, I will not trade Cliff Lee for Daric Barton, Cliff Pennington and Bill Cartwright.

    The last one doesn’t even play baseball, ass.

  12. Jason says:

    Thank you much.

  13. danimal35 says:

    @mr baseball: Hilarious…they should make that the next commercial

  14. sean says:

    I can make up ground in hitting in the following ways:
    AVG (3 points w/ a .270; the 7 is only at 271.7)
    HR (10)
    R (9)
    RBI (6 — 13 RBI behind two teams tied for 8.5)
    SB (5 — 12 SB behind the 8)

  15. Eddy says:

    Great article Grey, and I agree with everything you said. There are about 2-3 managers in my league who are unbearable with trades. They send you their shitty bench players for literally your best player. It gets annoying. Nothing ever comes to fruition though, but the worst part is that they are also stingy. Actually, scratch that. EVERYONE is stingy in my league save 1 or 2 managers. It’s time like these where I wish everyone in my league knew more about baseball and its players, such as who has upside, how they’re projected to play for the rest of the season, etc.

    When Adam Jones and Wieters were struggling about 2-3 weeks ago, I could not get ANYTHING for them. It was to the point where the manager who had Delmon Young and DID NOT PLAY HIM AT ALL (and I’m not exaggerating when I say at all) refused a Jones and Simon trade for him, AND he was in the market for closers. Some people are also oblivious to their place in the standings. The D.Young manager was (and still is) in last place.

    Another nice little anecdote happened about 1 1/2 weeks ago when I offered a struggling Wieters for Arroyo. Mind you, this manager has ELEVEN SP. Not only that, but he has Yadier at C. You know why he declined? “I don’t know much about Wieters and half a season doesn’t make him decent”. God that enraged me so much. The kid’s new to fantasy and he was a last minute add to the league but cmon, put a little effort into it.

    Another huge pet peeve is managers not believing in small trades. It’s either a blockbuster superstardom 7-person trade or nothing. A 1-for-1 trade is apparently taboo in my league.

    It just truly is aggravating. And one final problem, if you want to call it that, I have is wondering whether I should cut to the chase in trades or not. Personally, I like to send the real offer first. I don’t beat around the bush or none of that. But in my stingy ass league, managers are unfortunately under a state of mind that the first offer you get is trash and worthy of an automatic decline.

    Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get all that off my chest. Once again, good article.

  16. hoju says:

    @Grey: No, you read me wrong. I agree with you. In an uneven deal, I like to receive the fewer amount of players because I can find the diamond in the rough on the waivers more often than I can find them on someone else’s team. A player is about to be dropped from anyone’s team because he sucks, not because he’s showing some signs of promise.

    Mind you, I only play in a 12 team league. Don’t know what it’s like in a deeper one.

  17. sean says:

    @sean: @Grey: that was an 8 not a 8) (stupid emoticons)

  18. mike says:

    Funny… I never took you for the sensitive type…

    Here, I’d look at the trade purely as Cabrera for the pitchers, ignoring the “throw-in” of Headley that I’d assume was only made to open up roster space the proposer who wanted to give you first crack at him instead of throwing you to the mercy of the waiver wire. Or maybe in his dementia, he thought you may actually find him worth something…

    Either way, don’t be so easily insulted. Just drop Headley and pick up who you want after pulling the trigger (assuming you think Cab is worth the deal all on his own).

  19. penpen says:

    Got Bills coming off the DL today. Drop one of these pitchers to make room?

    Nolasco, Baker, Hammel, Medlen, Morrow, Scherzer

    Or keep him on the DL to see how he do?

  20. Carlos Z has slurpees says:

    ha ha, looks like clay won’t be the #1 idle player for the sox–this year could still be his coming out party!

  21. hoju says:

    @Eddy: About your last point – I’ve said this before, but trading is not all about Xs and Os. It’s more about a mind game.

    If you receive an offer that’s half way decent looking from an owner who generally knows what he’s doing, your first thought is that he’s swindling you. There’s way too much going on in the world of baseball that any player could be better or worse than we really think, and not too many people are at Grey’s level of knowledge. Try sending out a feeler first, including the main guy you want and the main guy you want to sell, and just say “how about this for the start of a conversation?”. It allows the other owner the chance to counter. It’s all about getting the discussion started, not about making a deal in 20 seconds.

  22. herschel says:

    @Grey: tulo replacement of the week (12 team, 5 x 5, weekly changes, roto):

    miguel tejada (3 games vs oak, 3 games @ bos)
    al escobar (3 games vs hou, 4 games @ stl)

    thanks in advance.

  23. Eddy says:

    Yea I understand. I’d love the chance to negotiate with managers because it’d give me a chance to spew out stats to convince them, but unfortunately my managers either want to win out huge (if they want a closer from me it HAS to be Bell, not Dotel or Lindstrom) or they feel like they’re getting ripped off.

    And say you want to rekindle an old trade such as the time the Delmon Young manager asked for Lindstrom straight up when Simon was on the DL. I was hesitant to trade him away back then. Fast forward 1 1/2 weeks when I offer him the EXACT same trade, and he refuses and asks for Bell when he’s still in the search for a closer. He didn’t even provide reasoning. People assume that when you accept a trade on the first go, or agree to do an old one, there’s something you’re not telling them and they automatically go into shut down mode. That’s what frustrates me.

  24. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Very well said, Grey.

  25. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Cahill over Kennedy rest of the way? He reminds me a lot of Anderson…

  26. alex says:

    should i drop Cecil for MadBum?

    also i need to lose a OF’er in a 20-team league. Is it too early to drop Lind in this deep of a league?
    If not which do i drop out of A. Jones, G. Jones, Gardner, Colvin, CarGo, and Guillen

  27. Howard says:

    Pick two of the three going forward: matsui, Cody Ross and Jose lopez

  28. Rans says:

    I’m often inclined to offer the opposite of your hypothetical trade. Owners that are against giving up the best player in a 2-for-1 deal may be more willing to take Miggy and Headley, not realizing that Headley (or the current flavor of the week) is droppable to me anyway.

    This probably won’t work with good, savvy managers, but every league has a sucker.

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @El Famous Burrito: Ha!

    @Jason: No problem.

    @sean: Gotta go for average and steals there, right? I’d lose MMD, play Aviles and try and get some steals and average at MI.

    @Eddy: Ha, nice rant. Agree with you about cutting to the chase. Sometimes I prefer to just email someone and ask if I can get so and so from them. Biggest annoyance is when a trade offer is ignored. Not rejected, just completely ignored.

    @hoju: Ah… My bad for misinterpreting. Yeah, agree with you about starting the convo.

    @penpen: Baker

    @Carlos Z has slurpees: Hehe

    @herschel: Alcides…

    @Cheese: Thanks!

    @tHe ShiT: I’d want Kennedy.

    @alex: I’d go with MadBum. I wouldn’t drop any of those OFs in a 20 team league.

    @Howard: Ross and Lopez…

    @Rans: Guess that’s true.

  30. Long Bong Hitters says:

    I was just comtemplating offering a BIG trade and came here first and see this thread.

    I have Josh Hamilton, as well as a pretty good outfield (Nelson Cruz, Granderson, Pagan, Stubbs, Quentin, and I just dropped Willingham). With Hamilton, its an awesome OF.

    After Morales got hurt, I’ve had Mark Reynolds and Ike Davis rotating at first depending on what stats I need.

    Since I got the depth at OF and no depth on my infield, I was thinking about offering Josh Hamilton for Miguel Cabrera. What are everyone’s thoughts on this?????? Grey?

  31. Rico says:

    Would you start for this week:

    Delmon – Det/TB
    Soriano – Pit/Cin
    Hart – Hou/@Stl

    All have 7 games.

  32. dave says:

    8 team AL only Roto.

    I offered a trade of Cuddyer and BUCK! for Weaver and Lackey… This dude needs offsense bad as he’s in last for HR, R and RBI. I need to make up ground in K’s…

    Fair or dog Feces?

  33. Gallandro says:

    I think you’re being completely unreasonable, unless there’s a limit on transactions or an inconvenient lack of a drop button. If you find a 2-for-1 that meets your needs with some inconvenient chaff, click accept before they change their mind, then as soon as the trade goes through, drop the player you didn’t want. That, or make the counteroffer without the player or one with a fungible player that does interest you but you think he won’t miss.

  34. hoju says:

    @Long Bong Hitters: While that helps your team, are you doing anything to help the other guy’s team?? Remember, he doesn’t care about you. I wouldn’t give up Miggy for Hamilton no matter how good he’s playing. Get him a 1B replacement and suggest that the downgrade to that 1B is worth the upgrade to Hamilton.

  35. yanks4life says:

    If I could get Youk, Holliday, or Zimmerman for Strasburg who would you choose? And would you trade Dotel for Chris Young?

  36. Stephen says:

    I’m with Eddy here. I make feeling trading offers, ones where I start the opening offer. I usually send a little ditty to try and find out if they are interested in trading, even for players that are on the block, to only find my trade rejected with no comments attached. It’s frustrating to look at an opposing managers needs, find the right balance, target the player you ideally would want, find what you have to offer and then they flat out reject your trade because, because …. I still don’t know they wont tell me. My favorite is when you are talking with an opposing manager and you get him ready to trade my Phil Hughes for his Mark Reynolds. He said put the trade out and I’ll accept tomorrow morning when I wake up. He goes on to reject the trade saying, “Ryan Howard has more value, I’m going to trade him soon.” That was two weeks ago and he has yet to move either and he needs pitching and I needed a solid 3B. Granted, the manager isn’t necessarily the brightest, but he was desperate and Hughes is still pitching well. ARGH!

  37. Commish Cauda says:

    mmmm….blueberry feces pie

  38. Eddy says:

    Catcher Adalberto Ibarra is in Boston to take his physical and finalize his deal with BoSox. I looked him up and could only find snippets saying his defense is a work in progress but his bat is pretty good. Do you or Stephen have any concrete stats on him?

  39. dj says:

    is anyone starting cueto today? my gut says no but my heart will kill me after cueto k’s 9…

  40. Sucklingduck says:

    @Grey: I agree with you Grey. The initial offer is meant to open up negotiations. Why not let me decide who I want instead of just giving who you don’t? It could be Headley but please let me decide. Maybe I’d rather have Gordon Beckham because I love getting kicked in the balls.

    I’m trying to trade Rasmus for a pitcher. Filthy Sanchez, Oswalt or Liriano? I’m leaning toward Liriano….his advanced metrics are simply off the wall. Good trade if the other party accepts or do i just keep riding the Colby?

  41. Watch it Buster says:

    @Long Bong Hitters: I have Miggy, and there is no way I am trading him for Josh Hamilton straight up.

  42. Wilsonian says:

    @Eddy: Preach on. That’s exactly how my leagues (generally) are. Especially with your comment about the first offer. It seems that everyone assumes that you know something about your own players that they don’t…meaning that if you’re trying to trade them you must think they are crap and that the players you’re trying to get are much better (I’ve even got responses like that from people – “I don’t want the crap you don’t want.” when I was trying to deal BJ, Krispie and Rasmus – yep, they’re crap alright). That thinking is absolutely ridiculous and drives me insane. I at least would like a small explanation as to why the deal was turned down, which is the same courtesy I give people when they offer me a trade that I don’t like. For instance, I offered V-Mart (before the thumbkin injury) to a guy with Weiters for Tex (he also has Prince), and he at least had the decency to send a reject with a note that said why he was rejecting it. It was very appreciated.

    What I hate most is when shizz like this goes down: 16 Team League, found a guy with 2 decent catchers so I sent him an email just asking if he would be willing to deal one of his catchers. I said I wasn’t looking for a blockbuster, just a 1 for 1 or a 2 for 1, and to let me know if he was interested in dealing. He replies with a 4 for 4 deal, asking for Dunn, Wright, Haren and Hamilton from me for his garbage. Included was a note saying: “I don’t like my team, you can have whatever you want for those four.” Well no shit I can. So I sent a counter saying all I wanted was Napoli and offered a fair pitcher for him and I had a note saying if he wanted to do it, this pitcher was as high as I would go. He comes back with Suzuki for Haren, completely disregarding my last comment. I didn’t have to deal, I had Soto and was in 2nd place, and I told him that. Needless to say, negotiations stopped. I picked up Santana, and continue to kick ass and remain in 2nd in a 16 team H2H league.

  43. Long Bong Hitters says:

    @huju and @watchitbuster,

    well then, I might as well give the offer a try, whats the worst that can happen, he says no?

    I could offer Hamilton and Mark Reynolds for Miggy. Could be a bit much but Reynolds strikes out 11 times in 10 at bats recently…..

  44. vinko says:

    Drop Slowey or Cecil for LeBlanc in 14 team roto?

  45. Wiley says:

    Lost Pedroia over the weekend. Already had Kelly Johnson, but needed a spare replacement. Would Coughlan or Delmon Young be the better bet while Pedroia is out?

  46. Eddy says:

    @Stephen: @Wilsonian:

    I was nodding my head while reading both your comments fellas, you guys only speak the truth. It really sucks that my league is like this because trading is probably the best aspect of fantasy in my opinion. What this also does is put a huge amount of pressure on you in the draft. Luckily I’m very confident in my drafting abilities so I have no problem with that, but you don’t win a league with your original players. One dude in my league held first for 4 straight weeks without making a move. He still hasn’t made a move and he’s in 11th place. And that’s with a team of J-Up, Longoria, CarGo, J-Roll, Kinsler, and more.

    Oh well, I hope that all those stingy managers get their just desserts!

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Long Bong Hitters: I’d want Miggy.

    @Rico: Pick one? Hart.

    @dave: I’d want Weaver.

    @yanks4life: Holliday, and yes.

    @Stephen: Yeah, that’s also very frustrating.

    @Commish Cauda: Ha!

    @Eddy: Even if he’s called up, Varitek should see the majority of the starts if V-Mart is headed to the DL. Also, couldn’t find anything substantial on him.

    @dj: I wouldn’t.

    @Sucklingduck: I’d take Liriano.

    @vinko: Cecil…

    @Wiley: Young…

  48. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    God, i’ve been trying to trade Rasmus since fucking May for everyone from Kershaw to Bills to even fucking Baker, and even the Cards fans in my league aren’t biting. I mean how many more HRs does he have to hit before you like the guy? 30? 39? It’s not like I’m in a 16 team league where people have started fucking Scott Podsednik since mid-April. I’d probably be even more pissed if i wasn’t in first.

    Of course they might be angry about the time last year where I traded Gallardo and Felipe Lopez for Prince Fielder. They have to forgive me for that one, the other guy was the one who offered it.

  49. When I’m making a 1 for 2 kind of offer like this, rather than including the Headley-type, I leave him out of the deal and then include this note in the offer:

    “Hey, if we can make this deal work, I’ll end up dropping Headley to make room. If you want first shot at him, I’d be happy to include him in the deal, otherwise he’ll just go on waivers to whoever grabs him first.”

    This way, I’m not foisting crap on the other owner, but I am planting the idea that other owners will want Headley if he’s dropped, so maybe he’s worth something to him after all.

  50. Sucklingduck says:

    @Eddy: There are 4 types of owners when it comes to trading in my main league:

    1) those who will never ever make a trade because they feel like everyone is trying to rip them off

    2) those who are always looking to get the best side of the trade, even at the expense of their own team needs. (I generally trade with these “value” hounds)

    3) those who are unreasonable and clearly delusional in their offers and counter offers. Did douchebag just offer me Skip Schumaker, Brett Cecil and Kerry Wood for John Lester? Yup Douchebag did. I don’t even bother responding to them.

    3) Those who can’t stop trading.

    I’m #3. But if I can improve my team needs even if i didn’t technically get the best end of the trade, I’ll gladly do it. A couple of weeks ago I was looking to trade Ubaldo and asked for Utley in a 1 for 1. I knew his owner wouldn’t go for it so I told him to pick a player to replace Utley with. He counters with Utley for Ubaldo and Hamels! I responded back I don’t think Hamels had 2nd base eligibility but how about Ian Stewart? He accepted and although he might have gotten more value, I feel like I improved my team for the rest of the season. He on the other hand was in last place in in most offensive categories but couldn’t resist a “good deal”.

    Like you said, trading is the best aspect of fantasy. That guy with J-UP, Longo, CarGo, J-Roll and Kinsler could have traded any of them for some help and picked up a Brennan Boesch of waivers. Standing pat just makes no sense unless you’re clearly ahead and guaranteed 1st and at this point of the season, no one should be that confident.

  51. Sucklingduck says:

    I clearly forgot how to count. @aconstipatedmonkey: i’m having the same problem. I admit, I’m trying to “sell high” but I’m not asking for JJ or Lester. I asked for Oswalt and got laughed at! Hey asshole, guess who has a higher slugging %: Rasmus or Pujols? And guess who is on the lowly Astros?

    Now I don’t think Rasmus is going to outslug Pujols the rest of the way but it’s amazing how nobody wants a piece of Colby.

  52. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Which 3 of 6 do you like for the remainder of the year: Gio, Kennedy, DLR, Edwin, Anibal, and Niese?

  53. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Sucklingduck: “hat guy with J-UP, Longo, CarGo, J-Roll and Kinsler could have traded any of them for some help and picked up a Brennan Boesch of waivers.”

    some of us just don’t buy boesch being a stud all year. sure he could be, but i get the feeling he’s gonna be dropped in a bunch of leagues come sept.

  54. Stephen says:

    @Eddy: re: Adalberto Ibarra is in Boston – Don’t know much. THe book I have that he may be in isn’t with me for another week. I’ll let you know then, hopefully. However, by then, you might know as much as everyone else.

  55. Wilsonian says:

    @Sucklingduck: I’m in the same boat. I’ve tried to deal him to everyone in my league, including STL fans…and NOTHING! I got bit by the limp off grand slam and I have Glaus at 1st now, not that he’s doing terrible, but I was looking at an upgrade. I offered Verlander/Rasmus for A-Gonz and got told that wasn’t even close. Are you kidding me? This guy also has Morneau, Youk, and Pena whom he could slot in at 1b. I’ve pretty much said “Funk all youz guys…I’ll do this shizz myself and continue to kick the shit out of you by using my Razzball powers!”

  56. Howard says:

    I feel bad. I traded Vmart three times last week. Too bad there’s no money back guarantee on trades.

  57. @Grey: Haha! Sorry. I rag on the guys in my keeper all the time for their thoughtless offers. “Come on guys, we’ve been at this for 5 years now!” There are like 4 guys out of 12 who understand a fair deal. The rest either don’t trade, only buy or sell at the deadline or are jerk offs who only want a lopsided deal in their favor

    One guy in my league likes Panda. He has deep pitching and crap at his CI/UTL (I don’t understand why he doesn’t want Swish or JWill – he’s an upgrade over the bums he has at 1B/CI/UTL now – Crapolanco, Blanco Polanco and Kouz).

    He’s got Tim, Felix, Oswalt, Good Weaver, Bills, Niemann, Lilly… Who would you offer Panda for – perhaps along with a pitcher like Hamels or Jaime? I’d wind up sliding McGehee over to 3rd put S-Rod and whoever else is going good at 2B/MI. I don’t think Panda will get me Weaver unless I throw in a lesser arm as well. Might get me Bills but I don’t want him that badly.

    Meh. Very frustrating trying to find a deal that works in this league. I’ll probably stand pat until the deadline nears, as it just becomes too much work when I’ve got better things to do then wrack my brain trying to appease a greedy owner.

  58. @Sucklingduck: Feel the same way about Swisher and Willingham. We count OBP as well as AVG mind you. These guys are TTO gods and Swish is hitting for surprising AVG!

  59. William says:

    @Grey – I’m leaning on “YES” but I want to have the ‘stache backing me up.

    I trade Gavin Floyd for Francisco Cordero… I know trading for a closer is bad, but other than dropping Johnny Cueto for Alfredo Simon, I have no other option.

    So should I do it? Gavin Floyd for Francisco Cordero.

    5×5 12 Team H2H

    My other pitchers are – Johan Santana, Johnny Cueto, Brandon Morrow, Cole Hamels, Clay Buchholz, Jorge dLr, Edinson Volquez, Jake Peavy and Max Scherzer

  60. JackInTheBox says:

    @Grey: What are you thoughts on Carpenter the rest of the way? Do you still think he’s 50% likely to breakdown sometime?

  61. danimal35 says:

    i posted a message on the league board and then offered up this trade…my MMD for his Kung-Fu Panda and the guy countered with his Vlad for my Braun (no explanation)…i countered with MMD + Dotel for KFP saying I needed somebody 1B eligible (he has Youk there) and that I didn’t want to swap OF for OF…he rejected (no explanation)

    this is the same guy that autodrafted his team and complained about how bad it was until into the second week of the season he kickin arse and then he proceeded to brag about how great his team was…he autodrafts on purpose btw

    i wouldn’t blame him if he just likes KFP too much and responded with “no thanks man, I have no reason to move Pablo”…I found out later from my friend (his co-worker) that he he rejected it because he had never heard of Ian Stewart…the commish said next season autodrafters will pay double league fees

  62. GTS says:

    I have a dog feces example from just a few days ago: some guy offered me Chris Carpenter and Ty Wigginton for Brandon Phillips. Seriously – why throw in dog feces? I would just drop his ass and pick up somebody else anyway? I’m not in 1st place in my league for nothing. Yes, I’m insulted by such a trade.

  63. GTS says:

    Do I start mad-bum at Coors Field this week?

  64. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    @GTS: I’d say no…….Coors Field in July can make pitchers cry.

  65. Miguel the Mango says:

    Terrific commentary. In one league I get very few saves, so I was thinking of offering Liriano for Rauch. He offered to give up Rauch but wanted Liriano and Branyan. The only problem with letting go of Branyan is I only have Posey to fill 1B. I’m new to this, so mostly wondering if Liriano for Rauch is fair in the first place. Muchas gracias!

  66. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey: When Vmart goes on the DL which of these would you want as fillers?

    Buck, Barajas or Pailino?

    If none of those three work would you recommend me trying to trade off a pick for next year in a keeper league to snag McCann? What round would be fair for McCann if you have a 24 round draft?

  67. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @3FingersBrown: rasmus at least has upside. willingham and swisher are boringly known quantities. and swisher’s high avg is just a sign that he’s due for a big slump. the dude is like a .249 career hitter over 7 season. maybe he maintains the outlier avg, but don’t expect me to give up a useful known quantity for the chance a guy maintains an avg obviously far above his career avg.

    the problem is that someone usually drafts guys they like. they believe in those guys to some extent for one reason or another. maybe someone has an underperforming granderson, but he drafted granderson. doubtful he’s gonna pay for a guy like swisher to fill granderson’s spot when the guy anticipates that sooner or later granderson will take advantage of the RF porch and swish is due to have his avg fall.

    rule of thumb, if you think a guy is a sell high/buy low candidate, then others do as well. you want to sell swish and keep someone else because you expect swish’s avg to bottom out, so don’t get frustrated when your leaguemate expects the same thing regardless of how poorly his current OF is doing.

  68. Sucklingduck says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: i agree that Boesch is not going to continue this torrid pace and neither is someone like Rasmus. I’m trying to trade both but since nobody’s biting, I’ll just enjoy the ride.

    I didn’t mean to suggest Boesch is on par with the aforementioned players, I was just trying to point out that complacency is the worst thing you can do when you have an underperforming team. Instead of waiting around for J-Up (earlier in the year) to start hitting, the owner could have traded him for some help in other areas and then picked up a player like Boesch of the waivers. When Boesch stops hitting, you can move on to Colvin or whoever is hitting at the moment. If Boesch keeps this up, then great! Being proactive not only makes fantasy baseball more fun but can improve your chances of winning. I just can’t stand owners who are in such love with their team that they can’t understand why they’re at the bottom of the standings. It’s because your team is underperforming and you refuse to do anything about it.

  69. cool post. question. what do you think of trading vernon wells for david ortiz?

  70. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Sucklingduck: you must be a hell of a lot better than i am at predicting which waiver wire fodder is due for a hot 2 week run and ditching them just in time to avoid the 1-for-25 stretch following the hot streak if you advocate ditching underperforming studs early in exchange for “parts” and playing the WW to fill their spot.

    i’ve been holding onto fielder all season turning down multiple lowball offers beause i trust him to have a torrid month or 2 to get to at least .275-35-100 rather than for me to put up with a crappy start, trade him (so i miss his hot month(s)) and play the WW to fill in his numbers.

  71. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Frank Kim: i’d just keep vernon. at least he has a position so he’s not locked into clogging you util spot.

  72. @ThePoonTycoon: That makes sense but our league has two U spots so Ortiz won’t clog. Based on that would you recommend trading Vernon Wells for David Ortiz? And who is ThePoonTycoon? :-)

    @Grey: What do you think?

  73. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Sucklingduck: for instance, i’ve had david wright this year, and he’s been very streaky. it’s hilarious that when he has a rough 3 or 4 games i start getting shitty offers and guys complaining i won’t trade him, but when he gets hot no one wants to pay for a hot david wright because they know it’ll cost them first round value. they hem and haw about being worried about his Ks and what not when they wanna trade for him like they are gonna make me forget he’s a likely .290-30-100-30 guy this year then get mad that i won’t take bj upton and carlos marmol for him or something equally as shitty.

  74. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Frank Kim: still probably take vernon. i don’t expect either to be great.

    “And who is ThePoonTycoon?”

    the guy with the most poon

  75. Kazmere says:

    Mike G or Chris Perez?

  76. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: what has pissed me off the most about fielder is he has put together one of those 3 HR in 5 day stretches where it looks like “Finally, here he goes” and he’ll strike out 7 times in 10 AB and he’s back to medicore. Sooooooooooooo frustrating. All of a sudden 3 weeks have passed and Corey Hart and Casey McGehee STILL have more RBI’s.

    Somehow he has also become the master of the Solo HR this year, so when he does hit them, all you can say is “eh, why can’t you do that when weeks and hart are on?”

  77. Sucklingduck says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: “parts” not so much. But how about trading one underperforming player at one position for an underperforming player at another position, then filling that spot with someone of the waivers who’s playing well at the moment?

    There’s a difference between being proactive and being dumb. I wouldn’t sell Fielder for Kris Medlen and Kerry Wood (“parts”) but if someone offered me Liriano and Aardsma and then maybe a Justin Smoak or Adam Laroche was on the waiver wire then I just might pull the trigger.

    I’m just challenging the notion that just because your team looks great on paper you should stand pat even when you’re at the bottom of the standings.

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @aconstipatedmonkey: Yeah, sometimes you just have to run guys out there until they get cold.

    @Mark Geoffriau: Yeah, I’ve received those too, they’re good, comes off as considerate.

    @Kent Bottenfield: Ah, yes, Don Mossi.

    @Fletch: Kennedy, dlR, Edwin…

    @Howard: Ha

    @3FingersBrown: Yeah, sometimes you just can’t talk sense to some owners.

    @William: I’d take Cordero.

    @JackInTheBox: Still think he’s an injury risk, yeah.

    @danimal35: I like the idea of extra for autodrafters.

    @GTS: Ha, yup. I wouldn’t start Mad-Bum at Coors.

    @Miguel the Mango: Thanks! I’d want Liriano in that trade.

    @Mr2Bits: Buck… Or give up a 8th to 10th round pick.

    @Frank Kim: Thanks! I’d want Wells there.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Ha! He is I, I is he would’ve also been accepted.

    @Kazmere: Mike G.

  79. Dingo says:

    Excellent post, Grey — it’s good to be reminded of the importance of showing respect (or at least appearing to show respect) when trying to get a trade done.

    @everyone: This trade just went down:

    Manager A (3rd place in hitting, 4th place in pitching): Receives Adam Wainwright and Ubaldo Jimenez

    Manager B (9th place in hitting, 1st place in pitching): Receives Albert Pujols

    It seems like an overpay for Pujols to me, but I’m curious what people’s are about this. Fair value for Pujols? Is player B giving up too much of his pitching staff? His remaining starters are Kershaw, Price, and Strasburg, with DLR, Jar-Jar, and Volquez on the DL.

  80. Roll It and Burnett says:

    @Grey: McCann for Reynolds a fair deal?

  81. Nate says:

    Headley is just finding his second wind. He’ll make you pay for this one Grey…he muttered something about “spurned sleeper lovin” last-time your name came up.

  82. @Dingo: Definitely. Good point Dingo. I’m far more willing to negotiate with someone who at will at least consider what I might need. I love to trade and negotiate mind you. It’s one of my favorite parts of the game. Of course I want the best for my team, but I like to see the trade partner do well too – that way, we’ll be more inclined to make a deal in the future.

    One thing to consider too is how dangerous your opponents perceive you to be. After winning my league last year with the help of some huge, blockbuster deals near the deadline (that many people thought I was crazy to make – trading Longoria and Kinsler for instance) I think a lot of owners simply don’t want to do business with me and help improve my team.

  83. Sucklingduck says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I agree there are players such as Wright and Fielder and Utley and A-Rod that will put up numbers year after year. I’m less likely to trade those players. But my concern is with unknown entities such as the Justin Uptons and Ian Kinslers who are considered “studs”. Or those owners who wouldn’t trade Adam Lind or Gordo Beckham because they were high draft choices. I’m not saying cut bait and sell them for a box of used condoms (you probably can’t even get that at this point for beckham or lind) but I’m all for trading the Uptons and Kinslers for a couple of useful but underappreciated pieces.

  84. danimal35 says:

    @Dingo: calculated risk…if he feels far enough ahead in pitching and is chancing the return of his DL pitchers can keep him in the lead he gets the best player in baseball who is underperforming…I’m betting he regresses (in a good way) to his mean

  85. DrEasy says:

    Anybody starting Nolasco in a 12-team league today? He’s been nailed to my bench until he shows me something.

  86. @Grey and @ThePoonTycoon: Thanks for the advice. I understand you guys think I should keep Wells and not trade him for Ortiz. Does it make a difference though that it’s an OPS instead of AVG league, other 4 categories being the usual?

  87. danimal35 says:

    @DrEasy: I’m starting Nolasco and Cueto but it’s H2H and I don’t really have much of a choice until Bedard, DLR, and Volquez get off the DL…doesn’t help does it?

  88. Steve says:

    @Grey: Just an FYI (goes to something I posted about Fantasy Razzball a couple of days ago), I’ve sliced about 50 IP off my ‘overage’ in about two weeks going relievers -only. Losing a bit of ground, obviously…

    I also hate trade offeres being ignored to the point where they expire. Either you’re playing or you’re not. And if you are, then respond!

    Also get annoyed when you get offered a player (even a good one) that just can’t be fitted into my lineup. Not that I’m saying I haven’t done it myself, but ya know…

  89. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, sometimes it’s like people don’t even look at the other team’s needs. BTW, I’m top ten now and shaved IP.

  90. Steve says:

    @Grey: Nice. I’m creeping along just inside the top 25. Going so far over the lP limit has killed me. What’s your IP at?

  91. danimal35 says:

    posted whole situation in forum but without the details:

    alexei/zobrist for granderson/stewart/capps

    ian not kristin

  92. Chris says:


    Thoughts on Granderson or Krispy this week? Grandy’s facing 4 lefties…

  93. @Grey: Great article by the way. I love talking strategy and trade psychology… Back to the business at hand. Gotta bench Cueto against Philly tonight, no? I got burned benching him last week, but Philly’s scoring again.

    I’m letting it ride on Dickey tonight. I don’t trust the Knuck but I think he should eat the Fish alive.

  94. danimal35 says:

    also, guy who has Tommy Hanson put him on the market…is it a good time to buy low or stay away

  95. danimal35 says:

    @3FingersBrown: i think Stanton grabs a hold of one

  96. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I’m still at 74 IP, but shaved 15 IP off last week. When you went to RPs, did you drop all your SPs?

    @danimal35: I’d take Grandy’s side.

    @Chris: I’d start Krispie.

    @3FingersBrown: Thanks! I’d bench Cueto there.

  97. dj says:

    i have huge closer issues (lindstrom, simon, heilman, brandon league are all i’ve got…somehow those 4 managed me 7 saves last week)

    however, volquez and de la rosa are looking kind of tasty on waivers.

    would you drop any of the above closers or maybe even clayton richard or ian kennedy for volquez or dlr? should i really be hoarding brandon league in a 12 team mixed?

  98. Steve says:

    @danimal35: @3FingersBrown: Stanton garbs hold of a Dickey? Snigger.

    @Grey: Nah – I held on to some guys I thought I’d need later, but just haven’t been starting them at all. Looking at some of the guys I kept – Pineiro, Hochevar, Floyd – I probably didn’t need to. Think I’ll hold Bannister, though and of course am praying that Porcello comes back to the bigs in the Razztastic shape in which he left it.

  99. Steve says:

    @Steve: grabs…

    Nothing like a typo to spoil some kindergarten humour.

  100. Long Bawls says:

    @DrEasy and @Grey. I’d been wondering the same thing all day, so here I came for the answer. I sought, I found. Just saw it was a home start for NOLA (so named because he’s been about as good as Treme this year); I was hoping for no Metconized Death. Ah well.

  101. Long Bawls says:

    @DrEasy: By which I mean I’m starting him, and I’m already regretting it.

  102. BERTinHOF says:

    Trade Youk (away) for Braun? 5×5, non-keeper league. Thanks Grey!

  103. @danimal35: I wouldn’t bet on it. Kid’s never seen a knuckler in his life. He may K four times tonight.

    Maybe Dickey lets one hang but as long as he’s not walking guys, I think he’ll be ok. R.A. giving up a couple of solo-jacks in a Mets victory will be just fine in my book.

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dj: I wouldn’t drop a closer or closer in waiting if you’re hurting for saves.

    @Steve: Gotcha…

    @Long Bawls: Ha

    @BERTinHOF: I’d want Braun.

  105. Steve says:

    An exploding post-it note just told me that Ben Francisco could start seeing more at-bats and Ibanez could be the one who suffers.

    Which is only fair, as his owners have been suffering all season.

  106. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Ha… Yeah, what a disappointment.

  107. Dexter says:

    I-Stew was just dropped in 12 team H2H. He would replace Kouzmanoff or Branyan. Is it worth grabbing him and how much of a $100 FAAB would you drop on him?

  108. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dexter: Over Branyan, $2.

  109. Gob Bluth says:

    I’ve been offered Billy Butler and Andre Ethier for my Prince Fielder. Thoughts, Grey-dies and gentlemen…?

  110. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:


    Wagner (vsWAS, vsFLA), says he’s OK. Colby Lewis has been pushed back two days and will now face CHW (Garcia) at home on seven days rest instead of ANA (Kazmir) on the road.

    Start Colby or Wagner this week?

  111. Gob Bluth says:

    @Grey, I currently have Vladdy, BJ Upton, Jay Bruce, Delmon Young, and Mike Stanton active. Ellsbury is also on my roster, but holding down the DL.

    Hope the additional info helps.

  112. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    @Grey: Thanks. Yes, the game started, but the Commish (not me) is flexible on last minute (or second) roster moves.

  113. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Gob Bluth: Eh, you know you’re taking on too much risk with Ethier’s injury. You want to trade Fielder, trade him for a different 1st baseman and OF.

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): Gotcha…

  114. artie says:

    Kemp out 2nd straight day… Thank you Joe Torre.

  115. pat says:

    Baker, Scherzer, Cahill are FA’s… drop Hammel, Morrow, or Floyd for any of them?

  116. Grey

    Grey says:

    @artie: Yup

    @pat: I’d hold for now.

  117. danimal35 says:

    Kendrick with a perfect game through three…I think I heard ESPN compare his control to Strasburg’s

  118. artie says:

    It feels especially good having drafted Adam Lind.
    I’m going blind.

  119. Grey

    Grey says:

    @danimal35: He’s so Strasburgian!

    @artie: You keep your Artie head up.

  120. thepizzaman says:

    I really dislike Matt Kemp right now.

  121. Steve says:

    @Grey: Would you be tryng to trade Ethier once he gets hot again? I have him in my H2H league.

  122. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Depends what you’d be trading him for.

  123. Steve says:

    @Grey: As ever. Hadn’t thought that far ahead (emoticon)

    Bah. Dropped Boesch the day before yesterday to grab Guthrie whose Ks I didn’t end uip needing in my matchup. Now that I’ve got CQ in the LF slot, I just KNOW what’s going to happen.

  124. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: At least you didn’t have Liriano crap your bed. Or maybe you did.

  125. Steve says:

    My opponent’s bed FTW.

  126. Big Nate says:

    @Grey – I’m hoping I don’t jinx him here, but If Nolasco finishes off this strong outing he’s putting together is now the time to salvage what value we can from him?

  127. Steve says:

    @Grey: You starting the Parra-trooper today?

  128. Black Beard says:

    Weeks for Corey Hart: which side?

  129. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Big Nate: Don’t see why he can’t put together a solid 2nd half.

    @Steve: Parra vs. the Astros – for sure.

    @Black Beard: Hart…

  130. Steve says:

    @Grey: A couple of them really own him, but I’m trying not to think about that.

  131. Black Beard says:

    @Grey: If I could do Weeks and Haren for Josh Johnson…improvement?

  132. Donnie Baseball says:

    Holy Nolasco!! Struck out 6 of last 7 batters.

    Just might be hitting his groove.

  133. mr baseball says:

    The one day of week you don’t mind starting Ian Stewart he is not in the starting lineup

  134. DSimms says:

    Grey– do you like me trading AGon for Wainwright? I just got votto in a trade and could use an ace. Is that too much or not enough for wainwright?

  135. AL KOHOLIC says:

    branyon or colvin?

  136. artie says:


  137. danimal35 says:

    ahh man, Stanton didn’t get a hold of Dickey…:(

  138. Donnie Baseball says:

    @mr baseball:

    I think they changed that and Stewart is starting now. Said he swung the bat in warmups and felt good, so he’s in lineup now.

  139. thepizzaman says:

    Real nice duel between Hudson and Baby Jesus going on right now

  140. JonNY says:

    Hey Grey, long-time first-time. I’m half hammered and thinking about offering Rickie Weeks and Troy Glaus for A-Rod. Am i crazy?

  141. Black Beard says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey, one more: if you could deal Napoli for Swisher or Gardner, would you do either? If so, which do you prefer?

  142. JonNY says:

    BTW, my trade partner has shizz at 2B. And I’m probably more than half drunk.

  143. danimal35 says:

    Nolasco can lay off the homer sauce

  144. danimal35 says:

    @danimal35: *can’t
    *and instead of “homer” replace with “donk sauce”…so it sounds dirtier

  145. Big Nate says:

    @danimal35: And it’s Jason Bay’s donk sauce at that!?! I thought he was impotent….

  146. thepizzaman says:

    CQ strikes again!

  147. Steve says:

    @Steve: Reverse jinx!

  148. herschel says:

    @Grey: i could use a MI. wondering who you think I should target for a volquez/kelly johnson combo. better of waiting until he starts his first game before trading?

  149. Gagging on my Dickey praise and sonavabenched by Cueto. Ack!

    To be fair to Dickey, Reyes’ fielding goofs hurt him. One run should have been an unearned.

    “Nobody knows anything,” right?

  150. Carl Spackler says:

    Here are my bats.10 team h2h…..
    utl Pena, Coghlan

    bench Gardner, Ian Stewart, Adam Jones

    Any of these guys you would drop for Carlos Q or should I hold tight?

  151. thepizzaman says:

    @3FingersBrown: I can never get it right with Cueto!

  152. JackInTheBox says:

    Ha!, I just offered Colby Rasmus in a trade and I bitched the guy out in the trade comments (due to an earlier trade offer) by saying:

    “If you want ‘names’, I’ll gladly trade you Bay..but if you want to get into the playoffs, focus on the players performance instead”…

    And now Bay defiantly gives me the middle finger.

  153. @thepizzaman: Me neither. Guess I gotta just throw him out there and pray.

    Oh by the way, AJax is raking (and stealing) since I got rid of him. *face meet palm*

  154. Steve says:

    @danimal35: Not so fast!

  155. thepizzaman says:

    Grey are buying into Tim Hudson yet?

  156. Steve says:

    @Grey: Reverse jinxed again!

  157. mr baseball says:

    144 Donnie Baseball Says:
    June 28th, 2010 at 5:53 pm
    @mr baseball:

    I think they changed that and Stewart is starting now. Said he swung the bat in warmups and felt good, so he’s in lineup now.

    believe me I was not losing any sleep on it Donnie Baseball

  158. @thepizzaman: Every time Hudson wins, a Fangraphs writer cries one tear like the native american in the anti-litter PSA.

  159. I’m really liking Roger Bernadina. He’s looking rosterable in 12 team. Should be leading off instead of Nyjer.

  160. yanks4life says:

    RYan howard or Holliday the rest of the season?

  161. GrandSlamSingle says:

    Utley hurt his right thumb – MRI scheduled for tomorrow

  162. Reynolds owners should thank Randy Winn for that dopey HR. How does Winn have a MLB job and Dye & Sheff don’t?

  163. In the spirit of Grey’s title…The Spring Break news letter reports that R.A. Dickey and (knuckle) balls got licked tonight in Miami

  164. sucklingduck says:

    @3FingersBrown: $$$ dye and shef want much much more than randy winn to continue livin the pimp life. Have u seen dye’s crib on MTV? Randy winn will play for a nice house in an upper middle class suburb.

  165. Gob Bluth says:

    The other owner just sweetened the pot on his offer…

    Billy Butler, Andre Ethier, and Buster Posey for Prince Fielder.

    I’ve been putzing along with middling production from Wieters all season at catcher and just recently picked up Olivo to mix things up a bit. Would you envision Posey as an upgrade?

    I’m second-to-last in team BA (12 team roto) and third-to-last in OBP, so I’m intrigued to say the least…

  166. thepizzaman says:

    Well the Mets certainly had a flacid Dickey tonight

  167. Steve says:

    @Grey: Live by the Parra, die by the Parra.

  168. danimal35 says:

    @Steve: well, it wasn’t Dickey donk sauce but Hose-A donk sauce will do just fine

  169. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Die by the Parra, die a slow death by the Parra.

  170. Steve says:

    @Grey: At least we got the Ks. And when I throw Hudson and Dotel alongside it, it doesn’t look so bad…

  171. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, was just an NL-Only for me. I’ll live. Unlike Joel Zumaya…

  172. Dexter says:

    Well, Medlen is staying in the rotation while Kawakami moves to the pen.

  173. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Since Medlen is staying in the rotation, please rank the following SPs: Kennedy, Medlen, dlR, Volquez.

  174. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dexter: Thanks for the heads up!

    @tHe ShiT: Flip flop Kennedy and Medlen.

  175. JackInTheBox says:

    @Grey: Holding the Volquez love until he returns and actually does something?

  176. TastelessGarbage says:

    Globe reporting “slightly” torn hamstring for Buchholz. Need SP help – drop Boesch or CQ to pick up Kennedy?

  177. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Ok so since Medlen is available on waivers should i run 2 pick him up n drop Kennedy? It kinda worries me how they are gna skip Kennedys next start cuz hes in uncharted waters with his IP. It seems they wna protect his arm ala Hughes,etc…

  178. TastelessGarbage says:

    BTW, avoid Zumaya clip if possible….awful sight.

  179. @3FingersBrown: Reynolds’ drive went off right off of Winn’s palm and over the wall. Should have been a pretty routine catch. If he didnt touch it, it would have hit the base of the wall.

    @thepizzaman: For sure. Funny, all 4 hits came in the third inning. He actually didn’t look nearly as bad as his line.

  180. @sucklingduck: Hahaha… yeah I know Dye and Sheff want to get paid. I’m still surprised Dye hasn’t found his way to the Bronx or back to the Sox. Sheff’s a little nutzo, but hey the M’s signed Bradley.

  181. Sons of Sam Demel strike again. Heilman just can’t take pressure. Guy always finds a new way to blow it.

  182. JackInTheBox says:

    @Grey: I mean, do you think if Volquez comes back healthy that he’ll jump to the front of the Shit’s list (Medlen, Kennedy, dlr, Volquez) instead of being at the back of it in your mind?

  183. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JackInTheBox: Not if Medlen keeps pitching as he has for two months.

  184. JackInTheBox says:

    @Grey: Yea, I guess that’s true. He has been stellar. Luckily, I have both on my team (and Kennedy), so I needn’t worry.

  185. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Medlen over Cahill rite?

  186. Steve says:

    You bald? Oh.

    A trip to Petco should fix that…

  187. herschel says:

    @Grey: qualls, demel in order?

  188. @Grey: I’m really running out of patience with Panda. Of course I ran out of patience with Quentin and Floyd too…

    Panda for Figgins & Pettite? Panda for Bills?

  189. herschel says:

    @Steve: jinx.

  190. Steve says:

    @herschel: I know. I need to wait until he comes out of the game before saying ANYTHING.

    Apologies to all Ubaldo owners…

  191. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tHe ShiT: Yup

    @Steve: You just cost him a no-hitter? You should harness that jinxing power for good.

    @herschel: Yup

    @3FingersBrown: I’d want Panda in both of those.

  192. Steve says:

    @Grey: Hang on, I’ve already produced donks from CQ and Ibanez today.

    You’d have thought that a rolling Ubaldo in Petco would be about as jinx-proof as it gets.

  193. pjtres says:

    grey, im a razzball reader and i need help. (thats the first step, right?)

    3 questions:

    1- i have followed your sage wisdom so i have cecil and kennedy on my teams…do you drop either or both for leblanc, takahashi, buerhle?

    2- can you rank bartlett (who doesnt appear to be full time), o-cab, fe-lo

    3- can you rank yadier/doumit/kendall/piersynski

  194. Steve says:

    @Grey: Was it really a no-hitter? If I’d noticed I would have kept my trap shut.

    Problem is, if I’m to avoid the jinx AND the reverse-jinx, I won’t end up saying anything here.

  195. Steve says:

    Barmes you suck!

  196. Steve says:

    @Steve: Hmm, doesn’t always work. Although it did for any Sean Gallagher owners, I guess.

  197. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: True and fair enough. You just gotta work in the reverse jinx more often.

    @pjtres: Cecil for LeBlanc at home. MIs the way you have them… Doumit.

    @Steve: Ha!

  198. hi guys,

    another question. just heard utley is hurt and my league is pretty deep so i’m scrambling. it’s also a weekly league so i can’t get anyone until next monday.

    since i’m in a weekly league i’m debating trading buster posey for ty wigginton. i don’t think much of ty but he does have 2B eligibility. of course this means i have to play pedro alvarez every day.

    or should i just wait until monday and pick up someone like freddy sanchez or renteria?

    bummed utley owner

  199. Steve says:

    @Grey: I’ll try, but one man’s reverse jinx is another man’s jinx…

  200. Martin says:

    @grey- zito or clayton richard?

  201. @Grey: I hear you. Me too, but his value is so low right now.

    Perhaps Panda for Good Weaver? That seems fair, no?

  202. danimal35 says:

    sorry to all Ubaldo owners…while arguing with a friend over who was better (Josh Johnson or Ubaldo)…I argued that JJ’s season was just a good or better and Ubaldo was due for a correction…since then, two non-quality starts…not a jinx, a prophecy!

  203. @danimal35: Can you jinx Strasburg, Hudson, Hughes and Ely for me? This is going to be a long week…

    You called it early in the year Grey, when I first showed you my roster. For a league counting QS, I really drafted poorly with my starters.

  204. Steve says:

    Ethier’s been crap since he came off the DL.

  205. Steve says:

    @Steve: Bah.

  206. Carlos Z has slurpees says:

    What do you call it when you see that Bay, at last, has 2 dingers in a game, but then realize that they were off Nolasco, whom you also own…

    BUT THEN see that Nolasco still got the win, only gave up 3 runs, and had 9 Ks to 0 BBs in your K/BB league!!??

    It’s like some self-serve, reverse ticker-tease action!

  207. TastelessGarbage says:

    Give the Sloshbuckler until the break? Kouz and Bautista are alternatives.

  208. @Carlos Z has slurpees: Mind bending stuff. During the game, they flashed a stat: Something like 15 of 19’s HR allowed have been solo shots.

    Ugh… Panda pinch hit for against the lefty with the tying run on. To make it worse, Posey, who I own too struck out.

    Rough night.

  209. Looks like Tabata’s going to run wild, better snatch him back up after dropping him for Damon two weeks ago. I’m feeling less Dickey now.

  210. Byrd says:

    @ Grey:

    Would you give up Granderson for Hart?

  211. danimal35 says:

    @3FingersBrown: hey you’re double posting here and in yahoo comments…what’s your angle soldier?

  212. akk says:

    price+napoli for lincecum ? which side do you favor? 16 deep roto

  213. @danimal35: B-Fun’s article? I’m all over the place. He’s the only writer over there that seems to give useful (deeper league) info… With the other guys I can’t help but cry bullshit when I see it.

  214. @Grey: Thanks. I hope Utley is okay. Any idea why Wigginton has been so bad for the last month?

  215. @Grey: As a follow up, if Utley is okay would you still trade Posey for Wigginton? As I said before, Wigginton has been really bad for the last month.

  216. @all: Rest of the year, Felix or the Good Weaver?

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