Start the coffee, get the stove lit, and don’t put your boots on to stomp out the flaming bag on the porch! January Grey is back up in this mother trucker just a swinging his hair. Snitch quit talking, quick walking if you down with the set, Grey 2020 got some new ranks on deck. That’s right! New ranks and a lot to dig into. So we’re back for another season as we run through all the players ranked by the Fantasy Master Lothario this offseason. This week we jump into the creme de la creme as we walk through the Top 20 for 2020. It’s the Razzball Podcast back for another year as we dig into the top 20 for 2020 fantasy baseball.

  1. 183414 says:

    Chances that Wander makes it to Tampa Bay this year ?

  2. Trust the Process says:

    Awesome stuff as usual Ralph! Keeper question… Forever keep 7-10 .. 5×5 Roto … plus 10 farm .. (mine is loaded thanks to you) … Anything less than 10 kept enters me into Supplemental Draft until I have 10 … I also own the 1st pick in MLB draft … and I just Took Vaughn 1st in Minors Draft … what would you do ? I have for sure:

    1. Alonso
    2. K Marte
    3. Senzel
    4. Robles
    5. Laureano
    6. Kingery
    7. Abreu
    7-10 (or none)
    Justin Turner

    Thank you as always!

    • Trust the Process says:

      Julio Urias that is

  3. Ballin says:

    Head to Head keeper league with seven keepers from year to year. Penalty for draft pick used previous year. Which seven of these players would you keep. Number round listed with each player.
    Mookie Betts 1
    Bregman 5
    Josh hader 6
    Chris paddack 9
    Blake Snell 13
    Jose Ramirez 13
    Austin Meadows 14
    Cody Bellinger 16
    Vlad Jr 16
    Hoskins 17
    Mondesi 21
    Luis Robert 25
    Thanks love the show

    • Ballin says:

      Round 1-5 players limited to three years kept. No increase in draft penalty. Outside the top five the round penalty increases by 2-3 each year with no max on years kept

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Take team questions to my post

  4. LOLmets says:

    Judge is like Bellinger -5 steals

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Except he’s hit less homers than him over the last 200 games

      • LOLmets says:

        Yeah judge needs to stay healthy. He’s a good value if he does.

  5. Roto-Wan

    Roto-Wan says:

    “He called the shit poop!”

    • Grey

      Grey says:


  6. LOLmets says:

    I know the rankings are coming but Blake Snell over under top 50 overall this year?

    • LOLmets says:

      I guess better way to put it is, is Blake Snell top 50 player value?

  7. TB says:

    Guys! I’m in a pretty competitive keeper league and need advice. Would you trade away Frankie Lindor for Aaron Judge and a first round draft pick? There’s 16 owners and we keep 6-8 players so the first rounder would roughly equal a player in the 100-110 ADP range. It’s a 9×9 CATS h2h league, favoring power hitters for sure. I’m leaning towards accepting but it’s hard to let go of a player you’ve had for 3 years.

    Thanks y’all

    • TB says:

      Grey, I need your help more than ever! Sorry about your food poisoning…

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