This week is bloated with guys who are most likely owned in your league. Or guys that should be owned. Though maybe not in ESPN abandoned leagues.  ESPN owners, raise your hand if you’re not here. Guess they’re not here either. I wish I had the time to waste on a draft that I was going to do and 20 games into the season be like, “Eh, I’ll see how I’m doing later.” The funny thing is we’ve all been in leagues where a dead team actually wins. I guess they want to get a head start on football, so they can leave that team dead too. Take a gander at my list of two start pitchers for week 4, and I welcome all questions or insults.

Davis Huff (@ LAA vs. Weaver) (Min vs. Liriano)
He isn’t as good as his start against Tex, but isn’t as bad as his last.  He is your typical 6 innings 4 ER guy, and in a pinch and get 2 start scenario, I’ll take that. Not a huge K guy which is why he isn’t owned everywhere. I am still not sold on Liriano.

Matt Harrison (Det vs. Bonderman) (@ Sea vs. Hernandez)
Yeah, I know he gets The King this week, but should be able to keep Tex in the game and may sneak a quality start against Detroit. Got killed by not keeping the ball down in the zone vs. Boston. Look for a good first start and play it by ear later in the week if you’re ahead in any pitching categories.

Carlos Silva (Was vs. Lannan) (Ari vs. Haren)
Another great one start and maybe not later in the week guy. Has 2 home starts, and has performed admirably in his chances so far. Do I believe it? No, I think it’s smoke and mirrors.  After the change of league it takes 8-10 starts for the league to be say, “Duh, he’s throwing underhand.” Great first start matchup.

Dana Eveland (Bos vs. Beckett) (Oak vs. Gonzalez)
I normally don’t root for a guy named Dana. They are always last one taken in any sport and never know how to play. He sorta knows what he is doing. WHIP nightmare as he pitches to contact, which maybe bad against the hibernating Red Sox bats.

Bud Norris (Cin vs. Harang) (@Atl vs. Lowe)
More of a first name that I can trust. His uncle Chuck guarantees a 2 win week, and I’m not going against his logic. Doesn’t get great depth into games, will K his share. Two matchups that would have been great 3 years ago. Harang’em and bang isn’t what he used to be…Well, he is still a pitcher, but, well, you know. Lowe is what he is, a great ground ball pitcher.  They never go out of style.

Mat Latos (@ Fla vs. Johnson) (Mil vs. Gallardo)
Two tough starts for Latos.  Guys who can blow up or shut you down. Coming off a gem vs. the Giants. Any start at Petco is worth the gamble. Tough to start a guy against big name pitchers. Good for at least one win.

Zach Duke ( @ Mil vs. Gallardo) (@Lad vs. Kuroda)
Got shelled in his last start vs. Milwaukee, who scored 36 runs in a 3 game sweep of the Bucco’s. Not going to win you an ERA title nor keep guys off base, but for a bad team someone has to be the ace. Look for a 6 Era for the week, a win and 8-10 K’s.

Jamie Moyer (@ Sf vs. Wellemeyer) (NyM vs. Perez)
The ageless one is still getting it done with some effectiveness.  Yeah, if I had that lineup I would be pretty decent too. Never a huge K guy, but with the Phils’ ability to score runs behind him and his favorable matchups, I’m buying for a buck for week 4.

Oliver Perez (LaD vs. Kuroda) (Phi vs. Moyer)
Making Silva’s contract look like a bargain.  Guy is the definition of inconsistency. Has the stuff, just can get his arm slot in check. He is going to breakout one game and K, like, 12 and be the WW sensation of the week, just not this one. Look for a mid 5 Era, a win and 12 k’s for the week.

  1. What about Hammel and Gorzellany next week? How well do you like them and in what order?

  2. mikeE says:

    So Bud Norris or Masterson vs. Minnesota and all those lefties? I like Masterson this year and all, but I’m not quite sold yet…

  3. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Hebrew Hammer: I’d prolly take Gorzellany first start than drop him to take Hammel for his 2nd. If thats an option.

  4. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Smokey: I’d take Norris for the pair. Mastersons last start wasn’t bad, defenense sux walking 5 didn’t help either. 5ER in 20 innings isnt shabby

  5. Ben says:

    Justin “Rasta”Master son needs to prove himself still…the K’s are nice but if he stays this wild it is going to be hard to keep rostering him.

  6. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Ben: Agreed. I don’t like to get whipped to death.

  7. Ben says:

    Giving up homers to Eric Patterson isn’t great either

  8. Ben says:

    Cla Meredith comes in for the save after Johnson is blowing in…

  9. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Ben: yea im watching it, ungood.
    not hitting with runners in scoring postion is worse.
    @Ben: situation is not getting any better for saves in Balt.

  10. danimal35 says:

    tyler clippard gonna be named the closer in 3…2….1….?

  11. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @danimal35: Why Capps has been decent.

  12. danimal35 says:

    @Smokey: @Smokey: oh man…brain fart…flipping back and forth between the Wash & Balt game got me mixed up (especially considering their proximal distances)…I have both Jim Johnson and Capps…saw (at work “watching” stats on GameChannel) Clippard pitch well before Capps and flipped over to see Johnson ruin me and just associated the two…side note: Johnson came in in the 8th and got knocked around in the 10th

  13. Ben says:

    Kelly Johnson goes deep again…jeez…maybe need to sell high

    Speaking of which, I want some of what danimal 35 is smoking

  14. @Smokey: Ranks these two start guys in order of preference

    Lowe, Harrison, Moyer, Eveland

    I’m leaning toward Harrison.

  15. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Lowe, Harrison, Eveland, Moyer

  16. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    Please rank (weekly league): Hughes, Penny, Wandy, Slowey, and Floyd. Thanks.

  17. thats not an option. its a weekly league. which do you like more, hammel or gorz? or would you start neither?

  18. @Smokey: Nevermind Lowe… he just got put on waivers and won’t clear until Wednesday. Wow Harrison’s peripheral numbers are lousy. Those numbers with a .240 BABIP = 5.95 FIP. yeeeeech…

    I think Moyer’s got the best match-ups. Going to roll with Father Time this week. Should get 2 W’s whether he pitches well or not.

  19. nyphilsphan says:

    Rudy, I’m not blaming you, but you did lean me toward Mr. Masterson this week (ouch doesn’t begin to describe). err… :) So in my mini-boycott of your list, I’m going with Gorzelanny as my double-start-chump of the week. Although the rub is he’s my SP/RP so if he Mastersons all over my team I’m grabbing the least offensive closer on the WW. Probably Qualls. Good luck.

  20. nyphilsphan says:

    Nice just realized I addressed Smokey as “Rudy.” Now I’m doubly cursed haha.

  21. elwood blues says:

    best short-term? long-term answer? for Pitching.. NL-Only Roto league..

    LeBlanc (anyone with a a guess on how much longer he will be up?)

  22. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: wandy,slowey, penny, hughes, floyd. Right now. Based on how they are pitching, long term i like Floyd better than Penny. They would change for me based on match ups.
    @3FingersBrown: Pops is a good choice this week

  23. @Smokey: Philly should put up football scores and my aim this week is to overwhelm a better pitching staff with counting numbers – we’re counting QS too.

    Watch Oli pitch a gem against The Phils. He only pitches well against them and The Yanks.

  24. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @nyphilsphan: i have been called worse, i got burned by Masterson as well.
    @elwood blues: Leblanc short term ride the hot hand. Guitterez is a great hold/save guy for later. Paulino is end of the rotation stuff.

  25. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @Smokey: Thanks Smokey. Do these matchups affect your thinking for next week?

    Phil Hughes (@BAL, vs. CWS)
    Wandy (@ATL)
    Floyd (@TEX)
    Penny (CIN)

    I read somewhere the Yanks might start CC Tuesday instead of Hughes, not sure if that affects where you’d rank these guys.

  26. mrbaseball says:

    Justin Masterson has been dropped by 3695 teams in Yahoo! leagues

  27. sluggo says:

    CJ Wilson for 2 starts or Slowey for 1 this week? Slowey’s got me a bit concerned.

  28. Brian says:

    @sluggo: You have to start Slowey against the Indians. #28 in the league in offense and that was before they got shut out today.

  29. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Not a pitcher question, but it was brought up in your intro, so…

    I’m involved in several ESPN public leagues where I know half the owners have dropped out (hey, I didn’t know about Razzball until it was too late, the RCLs will have to wait until next year for me). Anyway, I’m an extremely competitive guy, so it feels wrong to just ignore those leagues, but is it really worth it? I mean, if I win, will it really feel like a win? And if I don’t win, isn’t that going to feel like a huge kick in the nuts?

    I’ve never been in this position before… always only been in 1-3 leagues that were full of people I knew (or people they knew) and had, at most, 1 absentee owner in a league, so I’m looking for some guidance from people who’ve been in this position before.

  30. Vince says:

    Smokey, I just got that yr picture is the great Ashy Larry. Well played.

  31. ETMcgee says:

    tommy hanson loses without giving up an earned run. that’s a rough one.

  32. wakeNbake says:

    Gio Gonzalez or Cueto rest of the year?

  33. Eric says:

    Would you start Latos @ Florida in a deep roto league where Ks, WHIp, ERA, etc. are working out to be more important than the W?

    Also, any one-start streamers that jump out at you and that may be low-enough under the radar to be available in a 20-team league?

    And, lastly, is there any reason at all to hold onto Torinto’s Fraser in the same 20-team league? I also have Gregg, and I’d leave Fraser on the bench until he figures a few things out. But can he be dropped in a league like that?

  34. Eric says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I think you should still try. Winning a league like that still beats losing one, and if you just go half-assed from here on out because of the absentee owners it’s not fair to the other active or would-be active owners.

    I’ve got four absentee owners in a 14-team Yahoo! league I started, and that I’m commissioner of. These were all friends and friends of friends, etc. and already four seem to have bowed out (one announced they were leaving because of personal reasons), but the other three just don’t reply to e-mails. Why do people do that?

  35. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @Eric: sure deep league, Frasor depending on yourother options could be a drop.
    @Vince: Marcy [email protected]Awesomus Maximus: You play to win the game.
    @wakeNbake: League settings? based on a basic 5×5 i’d go with gonzalez, both are bout the same. Get the Pepto.

  36. Greg says:

    Am I on crack to two start Jamie Moyer this week? I’m desperate in the pitching dept and I need a win this week in head to head….

  37. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @Greg: Not at all Moyer is a great low en option this week.

  38. crews says:

    @smokey: Know I’m late to the party, but you give ESPN fantasy baseball owners WAY too much credit…more than half of them don’t even show up to draft.
    @Ben @Smokey: Go easy on Jim Johnson yesterday…he pitched two innings and threw 36 pitches…this guy ain’t Goose Gossage or Rollie Fingers and it ain’t 1978 either.
    As far as the two starts go, I probably like Norris best because of the matchups (and the raw talent); if Eveland survives the week with good ERA/WHIP, I’ll start believing…saw too much of him in Oakland to think it lasts; and believe it or not, I’ve seen Silva string together several excellent starts in a row when he was a Twinkie: I think you could do worse in a pinch, even against Haren (who looks more hittable at this stage of the season than usual).

  39. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @crews: its way more than half. I like Johnson i was more speaking of the fact that the Red sox made it 7-6 in the game and they dont win very often. Uncle Chuck told me to pick him this week i went with him and Moyer anywheres i could.

  40. crews says:

    @Smokey: Point on JJ…the Orioles are miserable and more so than usual (but I’m old enough to remember a time…) and he hasn’t gotten many opportunities at saves since Gonzo went down.
    Moyer, huh? I never bet against the guy…I was in San Diego a couple of years ago and saw him pitch against Greg Maddux, both over 40…both went seven, Maddux gave a shot up to Pat Burrell in the top of the seventh that was the only run of the game, both pitchers gave up five base runners. One of my favorite games.
    But I digress…match ups look solid for Moyer. Good call.

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