This initial installment is full of fellas who go twice in week one of the 2010 fantasy baseball season. Week 1 is always a “ball and rank ’em” scenario. Guys who are either on really crappy teams, are fantasy irrelevant anyways, fill-ins for an injured bloke. I’m a huge proponent of streaming at least one waiver wire fodder every week. If you have built a team that is made to last the fantasy season you can take the risk of floating a guy here or there. Wins are the most unpredictable category in fantasy. So why not play the odds?

Ian Snell (@ Oak vs. Braden) (@ Tex vs. Feldman)
Guy is still riding his 17 k performance vs. St Mary’s School for the Blind, and everyone hopped on board after he got traded last year thinking he was the savior for a late season push. Wrong, guy is a 8-9th starter at best in fantasy. Only here because Clifton Phifer Lee (can’t make that up) got hurt and threw at Snyder. 2 wins vs. Oak last year, avoid vs. Texas.

Dallas Braden (Sea vs. Snell) (@ ANA vs. Saunders)
Pitched great at home last year. Not a high K guy and needs to work the screwball and change to be effective.  I like him for both these starts and could be a decent fill-in later on.

Jake Westbrook ( @ Chw vs. Buehrle) (@ Det vs. Verlander)
Yikes faces a great hitting team and then one of the best starters in baseball. He is the anchor for the sinking vessel this year called the USS Wahoo. 2 years away from really doing anything.  Looks like a mid-season trade chip to a contender, probably the Dodgers if he can stay healthy. Avoid till you see if he returns to form.

John Lannan (Phil vs. Halladay) ( @Nym vs. Santana)
I like this kid, could win 12-14 games behind a sneaky good Nats lineup. Draws the top 2 pitchers in the NL east. Better stats at home, may fair better in NY. Keep an eye on his first start, but a win may come at the expense of giving up six.

Zach Duke (LA vs. Padilla) (@ Ari vs. Ed Jax)
I personally like guys who give you decisions — Duke had 33 starts with 27 decisions.  Will give you decent numbers for a bad team’s number one. Has two favorable matchups.  Owned the Dodgers last year. Great fill-in this week and could be a relevant mixed league option for favorable matchups.

Nick Blackburn ( @ Ana vs. Saunders) (@ Chw vs. Buehrle)
One of my favorites for week one adds. Awesome versus the Pale Hose last year. Going to have to adjust to being an outdoor pitcher all year. Stats won’t jump out at you, innings eater who is a matchup delight. An ERA hovering around 4; decent 12 win plateau for the year.

Kevin Millwood (@ TB vs. Shields) (Tor vs. Marcum)
Pitched great in a hitters’ park a year ago, but can he pitch in a hitters’ division is another question? Anything near a 4 ERA in the AL East is a good accomplishment. Will be fantasy worthy most weeks.

Vicente Padilla (@ Pitt vs. Duke) (@ Fla vs. Johnson)
Probably the number one add in most leagues based on his 2 start appeal for week 1. Pitched great for the Dodgers down the stretch.  Good offense leads to at least double digit wins. Gotta like both his starts against teams that are inferior to his. Not a stellar spring, but he is Vicente Padilla. So temper your expectations. Could be useful all year in a mix and matchup scenarios.

  1. I like Padilla giving the odds. I’d like Snell a lot more if he wasn’t pitching in Texas.

  2. Sos says:

    Vazguez/grandy vs Lince/ eithier. Stand 12 team. Only hitch is vaz can be kept next year in the 8th. Which side wins or fair?

  3. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    I was offered Oswalt and Choo for CC. the rest of my pitchers are felix, josh johnson, marcum, harang, and bucholz. so losing CC in return for Oswalt wouldn’t hurt too much. I am not a huge fan of oswalt anymore, but him and choo for CC is tempting, any thoughts?

  4. Mic says:

    @Sos: i think its close but i’ll give the edge to the Lincecum/ Ethier side…

  5. matthole says:

    SMOKEYYYY……I presume that youre a fan of Friday (the movie)…..saw Day Day yesterday (next friday)

  6. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @Smokey: Holds league…

    I’ve been looking a bit into Sammy Gervacio

    How much do you like Sammy Gervacio?

    Last year – 21IP, 25K, 6HLD, 2.14 ERA, 1.14WHIP
    This spring – 12 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 15 K

    Do you like him over Masset or Gregerson in a holds league?

    I’m leaning towards dropping Masset for him

  7. matthole says:

    this is a list for the deepest of leagues? if possible, may better in the future to include the format (10 team, 12 team, 14 team, etc) that you think they will be impactful. I sure as shizz aint touching any of these guys in 12 team leagues

  8. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @matthole: i do like the movie, My name is associated with just with what it says.
    @Cheese: i like Gervacio, he sets up nicely behind Lyon(when he is healthy) Houston has some quality arms. I dont see him being a better contributor than either Gregerson or Massett, both guys look like closers in the future for their clubs.

  9. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @matthole: i would say its for more of 12 team and above, i stream regardless of the league but in a 10 team the names are a little more glamourous

  10. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @ThreeFingersBrown: Snell sucks out loud, i do like Padilla given the situation.

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