“You’re going to be hearing a lot about Ezequiel Tovar this offseason, so why not get started now? *phone rings* One second, sorry. “Hello? Yes, this is Grey. Yes, Grey Albright. Yes, the one with the luscious mustache and full head of hair! Yes, the only person who is five-seven but looks at least six-one! Yes, you’re talking to him! This is Future Me? Grey? I thought your voice sounded familiar. What’s up, Future Me, if I may call you that…Call you Mr. Albright? Uh, okay. What’s up, Mr. Albright? Ezequiel Tovar is hitting .350 with power and speed next year? That’s awesome! What do you mean it’s not awesome? Why? Because Bud Black’s playing the 32-year-old Scott Schebler at shortstop? Is Scott Schebler hitting well? Should I pick him up in eight months as a hot schmotato? Hello…Hello…?” I think he hung up.” And that’s me quoting Future Me! That was from when Ezequiel Tovar got called up at the end of the year. Ya know what’s a little crazy? Your aunt? Yes, but I’m talking about how it’s a little crazy how Rockies writers, who seemingly know the club better than anyone else, never talk about how awful Bud Black is. Likely because Bud is where the bread is buttered for scoops — Bud buttered? Hmm, I wish I didn’t think that. I also think most Rockies fans like Bud. *shrugs* Well, there’s no accounting for good taste or sense. Am I still very worried Bud Black will inexplicably find someone random to play shortstop instead of Tovar? If you don’t learn from the past Future Me, you will only repeat Future Me’s past mistakes. So, what can we expect from Ezequiel Tovar for 2023 fantasy baseball?

Some Ezequiel Tovar highlights:

That’s a 103.7 MPH, 25 degree Launch Angle, 405 foot shot, and a home run in every park. A no doubter. It doesn’t appear it to me, but that’s what the stats are telling me. Any hoo, here’s a different, and sorta useless angle, but I thought it was interesting to see how easy his stroke is:

Doesn’t look like Ezequiel Tovar’s going to struggle for power, especially not in Coors, even though I’m seeing some prospectors give him a 35 grade in game power. A 35 is egregiously bad. I don’t think he’s going to be that bad. Ezequiel Tovar might only be a three-homer per month type, but that’s nearly 20 homers on the year. That’s not bad. Of course, I’m burying the lede. He should be an easy 15-20 steals guy. 20/20? Yeah, and I’m not talking like an optometrist. People that know a thing or two about prospects say Tovar is a 50-grade speed guy. Speaking of optometrists, it’s a little cockeyed to throw out what others say on a guy’s power but take as gospel what they’re saying on his speed. My point is more that clearly Tovar has more speed than power, and we showed he’s got some power.

Lastly, Ezequiel Tovar’s best trait might be his bat-to-ball skills. Not to intentionally spread nonsense, but, ya know what, I’m going to. Someone compared Tovar’s bat-to-ball skills with Derek Jeter. Now, not saying he’s going to hit .300 over 20 years, but it does say something that he’s even being mentioned with one of the best bat-to-ball guys ever. Wonder what Ezequiel Tovar’s gift baskets are like. To throw out a lot of what I’ve said, this isn’t the first time people will have overestimated Rockies’ prospects. *cough* Garret Hampson *cough* *sneeze* Sam Hilliard *sneeze* Hmm, now I just think there’s pollen in the room.

So, if Ezequiel Tovar is Jeter with a better glove, but less hit tool or if he’s just a 20/20/.280 possibility, it all works for our purposes. Or porpoises, if dolphins have taken over by the time you read this. The number one thing goes back to: Does Bud Black actually play him for 550 ABs? I’d love to think so, but I’m not Roger Daltrey, and I won’t be fooled again. For 2023, I’ll give Ezequiel Tovar projections of 51/11/41/.264/14 in 402 ABs with a chance for more.