So, it’s derby-day and fantasy baseball over at DraftKings, what could be better? My guess? Being a jockey in the derby, but to not be restricted by all the weight and height limitations. It would be fun for the horse to be totting a normal or abnormal human. I kinda wanna see Shaq on a Thoroughbred.  So like every good mechanic, you need a shed full of tools. Relax, no need to run to the local garden center, unless you actually need something.  It’s planting season, so go get some nice perennials and take a peruse of the Razzball shed of tools: Stream-O-Nator and Hitter-Tron.  Pretty helpful stuff, all free and extremely well thought-out, unlike your last minute science project where you used the same volcano as last year, but changed the name from Vesuvius to Krakatoa.  So enjoy the early games, enjoy the derby, which is a perfect interlude to the late games, and enjoy constructing your winning daily fantasy roster for DraftKings.

R.A. Dickey ($7,600) – I am no dummy, I mean by normal science and stuff I may be classified as “handicapped”, but I know that in order to win DK you need to have SP.  Rah Dickey is about as stoic at inter-league as you wanna career wise 11-4 record , that’s enough for me to buy some gelato, kick my feet up and read the newest Readers Digest.

Michael Wacha  ($10,700) – It’s a hard pill to swallow to spend 10 bills on a SP, that’s like buying an expensive ass dessert that you have to make yourself.  The K’s are what we come for and hope and pray that he doesn’t get beat up like Wainwright did on Friday.  Has been snake bit a little with the wins the last 3 starts, but his numbers say he shouldn’t be on the negative side of  a game.  26 K’s in 17 innings is gettin’ it dun.

Mark Teixeira ($4,400) – I normally don’t suggest a 1B cause the value isn’t always there, but you’re on the Mark…Teixeira.  Those not in the NY media market are mising a gem in John Sterling, Suzyn Waldman you’re better off missing.  We are hoping for a tater and Odorizzi translates into pinata in some language I am almost sure of it.

Yasiel Puig ($4,600) – A fine Cuban is good for smokin’.  He is hot and playing against a SP that doesn’t have much control, coming off an injury and is looking ripe for a beating.  He isn’t the most discounted in price, but you start with him and fill-in elsewhere.

Allen Craig ($4,400) – I like Hot Pockets, people who are hot-to-trot and baseball players who are surging at the plate.  Come on Craig!  I think he goes all fighting Deebo here minus hitting the dude with a brick cause I am not up to date on teh rules but I think it’s illegal.

Brett Lawrie  ($3,700) – I like discounts, especially on guys that have multi-hit games in 4 of last 5 games.  I think he is playing better because Juan Francisco is in town and playing above his head and putting up stats.  So ride the tattoo’s and think a single , double and 2 runs scored isn’t too much too ask.

I Am Only Happy When It Rains

The Northeast is predicting rain all weekend so watch out for games in Philly and Pittsburgh in the night tilts.

Doin’ Lines in Vegas

I like Dance with Fate, Danza and California Chrome on a $5 straight and boxed tri-fecta.  Side bet of Medal Count to place for a special 20 that I got from the Easter bunny.

Gotta love the Dodgers at -120 and the o/u of 8

Also like the o/u in the Bal/Min game of 9





  1. 740 says:

    Hey wsup. 10team roto 5×5. Would u take Springer or Brown?


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @740: springer we know what brown is.

  2. AJ says:

    Should I start Masterson today?

  3. goodfold2 says:

    holds and RW and k/9 as cats who to replace santos with?

  4. Hawks Fan says:

    H2h cbs standard points

    Who wins this trade straight across





    • goodfold2 says:

      @Hawks Fan: all hitter side.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Hawks Fan: miggy side

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