Happy Patriots Day my loyal DFS junkies. What is Patriots day you ask? Excellent question! It’s a made up holiday here in Boston and to celebrate there’s a marathon, a Red Sox game that starts at 11, and everyone starts drinking around 8 am.  About 50% of the population in Massachusetts gets it off so the other 50% gets to complain about not getting it off. What could be more Boston than a day of sports, drinking, and complaining? Nothing it’s the most Boston thing ever…or EVA!! Why am I talking about this and what does this have to do with DraftKings? Well, nothing…absolutely nothing. The Red Sox/Orioles game is not included in any of the contests on DK. So we’ll focus on the 8 evening games, and some of the top plays to get you on the road to riches and diamond rings. Real players do real things. Ya dig?

My favorite play of the day is Reds pitcher Anthony DeSclafani. The New Jersey native is off to a hot start scoring 27.4 points in DK the last time out against the Cubs and 17.3 in his first start against the Pirates. Well lucky for the righty he gets another struggling offense in the Brewers tonight. The Brew crew is 29th in the bigs in team wOBA and is without their best player in Carlos Gomez. Granted it’s early and the Brewers look good on paper but at a price tag of $6,200 I’m all over “Disco”. Lots of good higher end options today in Arrieta, Iwakuma, and AJ Burnett. But let’s take a look at a few pitching options with value prices shall we?

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Edinson Volquez, SP: $6,600 – It’s been a nice start to the season for the man formerly known as Julio Reyes. He’s had two 20+ point efforts on DK and gets a rematch against the  Twins and their league worst .254 team wOBA. He’s another value play from the nice price bin at $6,600.

Asher Wojciechowski, SP: $4,400 – Doesn’t have much going for him in the way of strikeout potential, ratios, innings, etc but he’s so damn cheap. Give Asher a roll of the dice in GPP’s and put the contraire in contrarian. He gets extra points from me for having a top notch name as well. BTW stacking Mariners against him may not be such a bad idea. Oh what’s that? Yes I do enjoy sitting on this fence.

Miguel Cabrera, 1B: $5,400 – I have to be honest it’s pretty cheap to suggest Miggy as an option today. It’s like saying “hey play the best player available”. Not very perty right? You don’t come to Razzball everyday to be told the obvious stuff, but there’s a method to my madness. Look at the BvP against C.C., it’s redonk. 10/29, 2 dongs, 12 steaks, and a 1.037 OPS. But what do you expect from a career .319 hitter against south paws?

Starlin Castro, SS: $3,800 – The mercurial Cubbies shortstop is 13/29 all time vs A.J. Burnett. Here I go picking on another pitcher with an initials first name. A career .448 average and a perfect 4/4 in the steal department has me drinking the Castro Kool aid. Castro Kool-aid…is that a slang term for a Cuba Libre?

Matt Kemp, OF: $5,400 – This is sort of the same story as the Miggy play. It’s a no brainer and I feel like I’m stating the obvious but I like the BvP for Kemp against Jorge De La Rosa and the Padres stack at Coors is totally in play.

Will Venable, OF: $4,200 – This is 100% based on Justin Upton’s availability. If Justin is in the lineup then forget I ever wrote this.

Jedd Gyorko, 2B: $3,900 – While we’re talking a Friar’s stack why not stop by the Gyork- store. Lifetime he’s 10/15 off Jorge of the roses, and it’s in Coors. That’s enough for me to throw a little faith in a player I faded a long time ago.

Kris Bryant, 3B: $4,200 – Doesn’t have his first big league homer yet. I’m going to go way out on a limb and say it happens today. He could also K 3 times against Burnett and it wouldn’t be a surprise. But that’s no fun, and fun is why we do this. Right? The guys ISO was in the .300’s over his last 850 PA’s in the minors, so the thunder stick is going to show up sooner rather than later.

Mark Teixeira, 1B: $4,500 – TEX can’t hit for average any longer but he can hit for power. He’s 6/14 off Alfredo Simon in his career with a homer. The Yanks are tied with the O’s for the most home runs in the majors at the moment with 17, and Simon has yet to give up a long ball in his previous two starts. Something has got to give.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It looks like rain will be a major factor for this morning’s Red Sox/Orioles game. Fortunately the game is an 11 am start time so there’s plenty of time for the rain to pass. Other than that we’re looking at a 45% chance of rain in Pittsburgh for the Cubs/ Pirates showdown.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Baltimore @ Boston – I’ll take take the over at 9 and Boston +123. It’s Marathon Monday, always bet on the Sox.

Cubs @ Pirates – I’ll take the under at 7 and the Pirates at -115

Padres @ Rockies – I’ll take the over on 9 1/2 and the Rocks at -115

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