Ryan Doumit went from sleeper to 2nd tier fantasy catcher last year after he managed to take a year off from his Glass Joe impersonation that dogged him throughout 2006-2007 (2006 = 89 games missed w/ hamstring issues, 2007 = 26 games missed with wrist, and then 20 games with ankle).  Actually, he missed 27 games last year with thumb (20), concussion ( 5 ) and the flu (two separate days), so even when he’s healthy he’s “merely a flesh wound” away from the DL.  He’s now out for 8-10 weeks.  Punt!  (Or stash him on your DL if it’s empty.)  I’d look at Baker, Salty, Shoppach or Hundley, all those names depend on league depth, of course.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Ian Stewart – Has played 5 games in OF (3 started).  He’s 5 games played away from OF eligibility in Yahoo! and ESPN.  He’s already eligible in Yahoo! for 2B and is 8 games away from ESPN eligibility.  With the way he’s hitting (and Seth Smith and Spilborghs are slumping), he might get OF eligibility by the end of April.  As for 2B, don’t count on it.  He’s lucky to get 1 start a week there so maybe you’re talking sometime in late June – unless Barmes gets hurt (what are the exacta odds on Helton and Barmes being on the DL at the same time by end of May?)

Brandon Wood – Called up yesterday.  Wood has the oh-so-coveted superfecta of eligibility.  He should be picked up in all 12 team leagues and deeper.  I’d put his projections at 17/10, .250.  There’s upside on the power and speed and downside on the average.  Granted, I’m a big fan of Wood in the right situations, especially if you’re trying to start a fire.

Freddy Sanchez – Dirty Sanchez hit a HR yesterday off Anibal Sanchez, while Gaby Sanchez wishes he could’ve seen it.

Manny Parra – 4 IP, 5 ER, 4 Ks.  See he does strikeout a guy an inning! And walk a guy an inning.  And give up a run every inning.  I hate to defend this crappy of a performance, but there was a play that knocked Weeks out of the game that should’ve been the 2nd out of the 4 run 1st.

Kenshin Kawakami – 5 IP, 2 ER.  I watched this game because I had both team’s pitchers.  Let’s just say I wanted one to get the Win and one to get the Loss and it didn’t work out how I wanted.  Kawakami looked sloppy at times and other times overpowering with junk, if that’s possible.

Brian McCann – Fitted with new contact lenses and should be fine.  Now is it me or don’t you think when you’re paying someone almost $4 million for 6 months of work you’d have an eye doctor on call to check on contact lenses?  He missed games because of this mishegoss?  What the eff?

Brandon McCarthy – 6 IP, 3 ER. Still giving up too many homers.

Franklin Morales – Left in the 3rd with shoulder pain.  Um, not good.

Aaron Laffey – 7 IP, 1 ER.  Two decent outings with him keeping the ball down.  He gets the Twins next time out.  They couldn’t hit a home run if you spotted them to 2nd base.

Nelson Cruz – Hit his 6th HR yesterday.  Could hit 35 HRs and bat .260.  Cust kayin’.

Cameron Maybin – First HR yesterday.  That’s so Maybin!

Oliver Perez – 4 2/3 IP, 4 ER.  He will give you severe heartburn.

Clayton Kershaw – 4 1/3 IP, 6 ER.  Now you buy him.  See how that works.

Rickie Weeks – Day to day.  Chipper, “Hey, me too!”

Toddy Coffey – Expected to get the saves while Hoffman is out.  Hoffman’s due back this weekend though.  Hastanueva!

Prince Fielder – Batting .163 on the year.  He’s killing me portly.

Matt Cain – 6 IP, 2 ER and the win.  I have a sidebet with myself that he has a better season than Lincecum.  I may welch.

Jake Peavy – 6 IP, 6 ER.  Peavy didn’t take his malaria pills and came down with a bad case of the Renterias.

Jay Bruce – Homered in his return to play.  Sonavabench!

Joey Devine – Will miss the season.  Left side of the mouth says, “Fore,” the right side of the mouth says, “Gone.”

Ryan Braun – 5-for-5, 2 HRs.  Rumors after the game were swirling that Moyer gave up both blasts so Braun would agree to a date with his granddaughter.

Mark Reynolds – HR yesterday.  Someone’s pulling away with the Davis/Reynolds HR crown.

Jarrod Washburn – 7 IP, 2 ER, 9 Ks.  He’s been dynamite so far.  I wish I had him in my AL-Only league, but I wouldn’t trust him in any mixed league short of a 15 teamer.

Ryan Freel – To the DL with head trauma.  He said he was fine and could’ve avoided the DL.  Farney thought better of it.

  1. john says:

    Aaron Hill another jack as well…Sonavabench! Until mini-Dunn starts hitting the long ball, Hill’s my starting 2b cuz at least Hill won’t turn in 0hFers 4 outta 6 games a week

  2. Riaz says:

    Would you buy low on Jose Lopez, or stick around for the Ian Stewart experience? I got a trade where I give Volquez/Ian Stewart /for Peralta and Jose Lopez (thinking of making it Volquez for Peralta – and keeping Stewart).


  3. d2bnz says:

    Consumated a trade in the first week where i managed to shed myself of Pelfrey and Rolen ( last pick ) in return I scored Edwin Jackson and Brandon Wood, its all about to come to fruition with Wood being promoted . This leaves me with an empty Minors spot. I’m currently stashing Carlos Carrasco and Jason Heyward and Mat Gamel are taken. Am I right in thinking Brett Wallace is the next best minors Bat out there ……Keeper league need to punt.

  4. Emporers Monkey says:

    Nice to see Wood finally get called up. Was starting to wonder if Soscia had suffered some sort of head injury recently. I wonder what part of the brain says “I need me some Izturis!”

    Hunter hit his 5th homer, does anyone think he will get over 30 this year?

  5. rich says:

    I watched the sillies and brew crew game last night, and Parra was having control problems. I know he may have had only 3 BB, but he had deep counts on every batter. On a bright note for those who need help at the hot corner, Feliz Navidad!

  6. b00sh says:

    What are everyones thoughts on Justin Verlander this year? Looks to be having some bad luck but is consistently hitting 97 on the gun. I was thinking of buying low on him. I have Vazquez, Nolasco,cueto,duke, delarosa and zimmermann on my staff right now. (16 team league) Anyone think a Duke/Zimmermann package is a good offer?

  7. Eric H. says:

    Do you believe Joel Hannrahan will last as Nats closer, or is there another guy in that bullpen worth owning? I only have one closer and would like to grab someone. Right now, closers in my league are being grossly overvalued so I might have to wait on the trade front.

  8. deepee says:

    Well I missed out on my leagues Joba sweepstakes. How about Romero – drop Cueto?

  9. anon says:

    Is Wood likely to get enough ABs to really help? Aaron Gleeman of rotoworld says just today that the Angels aren’t ready to give him a lot of PT and that he has little value even after the callup. Still, the speed/power combo plus boner inducing eligibility make him an appealing pickup. Would you drop Guillen, Weeks, or Justin Upton for him? He’d be a sub as I have Alexei, Wright, and Tulo at 2B/SS/3B.

  10. cubbies299 says:

    Apparently the owner I’m attempting to trade with says bruce is untradeable. He’s offerin Burrel/Fielder/Kuo (and Bumgarner in the minor leagues of a keeper league) for Beltran. Again, my 1B is LaRoche and my OF are Beltran, Kemp, Quentin, Krisby, Hawpe… It’s not as though I don’t like getting Burrel nearly for free, just that I think everyone in an ops league is looking for steals that don’t come at the expense of OPS, and Beltran could be one of the few guys that provides on that. I think I could cash in bigger

  11. anon says:

    Also should I offer up Jordan Zimmerman or Porcello for Kershaw or is he just as risky as those guys?

  12. Eric says:

    Would you pick up Jose Lopez for Elvis Andrus or keep Andrus?

  13. ron mexico's papi says:

    @ Emporers: No on Hunter. He was off to a pretty good start last year too. Hit 4 HRs in April with a BA over .300. Hit 9 HRs in July and then remembered he is old and he wasn’t very good the rest of the way.

  14. @b00sh: I don’t think Verlander is having bad luck. I didn’t see his first start, which was the miserable one, but he looked decent in his 2nd start and the 3rd start seemed just like his last season starts. Yeah, it’s good that he’s hitting 97 like you mentioned, but, determining good/bad with him is never about velocity. It just doesn’t look like he’s figured out pitching and thinks because he’s going up there throwing in the high 90s that’s all he needs to do.

  15. Harley says:

    @Grey: Who has the better chance of getting saves sooner – Lyon, Mock, Hawkins or Casilla? Also, would you drop any of them, if you were desperate for saves, for a flier on Felipe Paulino?

    Barmes vs. Bonafacio for the rest of the season?

  16. Zebo says:

    drop Kubel for Coffey? Is Coffey definitely getting saves? Rotoworld didn’t say nothing. Is it going tobe like , Hoffman comes back, then he feels some tightness, out for a couple days, coffey gets saves, hoffman feeling good for a few weeks, then is shut down?

  17. BSA says:

    For those of you setting lineups for today, the 12:30 game between Red Sox and Twins have the same lineup as last night.

  18. johnson21 says:

    Grey, Trade away Miggie for A rod and Figgins. I am in desperate need of steals.

  19. Zebo says:

    safe to start Liriano against the vaunted Sawx?

  20. BSA says:

    Only based on the run production lately and the potential lineup changes for game two (Carter and Bailey) I would throw him out there.

  21. Euroalien says:

    In a 12 team 5 x 5 Keeper League my team is struggling for power and BAvg – I know it’s early but would you trade Santana or Lincecum for someone like Quentin or Wright or Utley………. or wait another week or two? My other pitchers are Beckett, Jackson, Cueto (with D. Price on my bench). My best hitters are Bay, Hawpe, Soto, Rios, Howard, Rios, Peralta & Stewart.

    Also is D. Young going to turn things around.,….. and do I drop Parra for Romero?

  22. Teef says:

    @Johnson -I have Arod and Miggie and I wouldn’t trade miggie for that package – He could easily win the triple crown this year and he looks poised for a monster year. To many questions surrounding Arod right now to take that risk just for steals.

    Go to the waivers – I recently did some research on Willy Tavaras and he actually was a career .290 hitter in the minors and was right around there except for last year. the .250 was a fluke and he’s playing well so far atop the reds lineup – plus Dusty loves him some old veteran leadoff hitters.

    Or try doing a smaller trade – why does Arod and Miggie have to be involved for Figgins, try trading jsut for Figgins or Ellsbury or some cheaper source of steals without giving up your first round pick

  23. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Ohh, sort of surprised you didn’t mention anything about LaTroy Hawkins, who will likely get saves now that Valverde is hurt.

  24. Wizo says:

    what’s the deal with Matt Holliday? looking to flip him for a 3B since Chris Davis isnt working out. Have a stacked OF (Kemp, Ludwick, Dunn, McLouth, Lind) Target Youk and/or ARam? and take a loss on Holliday for the sake of position scarcity? League is historically tough to trade in so I fear I must part with Holliday to accomplish anything.

  25. G says:

    Im trying to sell high on Ibanez and try to get Kemp.Should I try Ibanez and Bonafacio or Ibanez and Justin Upton or Ibanez and Rickie Weeks. Would any of these even be fair or am I overpaying for Matt Kemp
    thanks in advance

  26. cubbies299 says:

    @G: no such thing as overpaying for matt kemp. Offer your entire team. Jk, but no, you’re not overpaying with any of those offers. In fact, you’d be stealing Kemp.

  27. ScoutAbout says:

    @G–I have Matt Kemp and wouldn’t take any of those deals.

    @Johnson–no way would I trade Miggie for Figgins’ steals and God knows what from A-Rod. Who knows the impact of a hip injury on his steals.

    And I just need to say that Joe Torre is a douchebag. Think what the outcome might have been last night when Valverde loaded the bases with one out if Kemp had come up to bat instead of Loney and Martin. Yes, I love Kemp’s production this season even from the 7th spot, but for the love of God, is Torre going to keep him in the 7-hold all season?!

  28. Zebo says:

    @IowaCubs: Valverde got the save yesterday.

  29. cubbies299 says:

    Sorry I keep bothering you guys with this trade, but here’s the final form of it. Last time I’ll ask.

    My beltran for his Burrel/Fielder/Kuo (holds league)

    my team
    C: Ianetta
    1B: Laroche
    2B: Bri rob
    SS: Tulo
    3B: Wright
    OF: Beltran
    OF: Kemp
    OF: Quentin
    util: Hawpe
    util: Krisby

    BN: Fred Lewis

    SP: Kazmir/Verlander/Lowe/Vazquez/Baker/Wang
    CL: Corpas/Mariano
    Holds: Grilli/Balfour/Belisario
    DL: Kelvim/Zumaya

    I love Burrel’s ops (over 900 usually), so that helps lead me towards the trade. However, Beltran’s one of the few guys that’ll steal 25 bases without hurting your ops. Does getting Burrell and plugging the hole at 1B make up for this loss or should I hold out till a steals-desparate owner comes at me with better? I’m leaning towards the latter

  30. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Zebo: Yes, and he limped off the field and had to be helped in the dugout.

  31. NoonTime says:

    @ScoutAbout: Think what the outcome might have been last night when Valverde loaded the bases with one out if Kemp had come up to bat instead of Loney and Martin and struck out. Yes, I love Kemp’s production this season even from the 7th spot, but for the love of God, why did Torre move him up to the 5-hole last night?!

  32. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:


    Apparently, Valverde pulled a “Natural”, refusing to come out of the game when obviously injured. From the CBS report:
    “Valverde could barely walk about 45 minutes after the game ended, hobbling into the clubhouse after getting treatment. The ball hit him near his ankle and Valverde said he strained his right calf when he went down to field Hudson’s grounder. Cooper and catcher Ivan Rodriguez tried to convince Valverde to come out of the game, but he refused. “I wanted to pitch,” he said. “I wanted to support my team, and that’s what I did today.”

    I wouldn’t count on Valverde pithing in the near future. Hopefully, he didn’t exacerbate his injury.

  33. NoonTime says:

    @ScoutAbout: kidding aside… I have Kemp too and I would not do any of those deals. Kemp did bat 4th for a game when Loney was out, and 5th when Martin was out.

  34. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Start Action Jackson against the Angels tomorrow?

    You heard it hear first: Todd Coffey saves 30 games this year. Hoffman saves ten, gets hurt again, and retires.*

    *Just a hunch, kids. Just a hunch.

  35. deepee says:

    Funny…I’m in preliminary talks with another owner about prying Kemp from him and Ibanez’s name is in the mix. How does Krispie Young and Raul sound?

  36. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: My good friend who is a Brewers’ blogger confirmed that Coffey will get the saves if Hoffman is absent. Also, I have a hunch that Hawkins could pick up a half dozen or so in Valverde’s absence.

  37. Zebo says:

    drop Snider for Hawkins?

  38. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Riaz: Prefer Volquez for Peralta. Keep Stewart.

    @d2bnz: I hope you took it to dinner before you consummated it. Good trade for you, I like Wallace a lot.

    @Emporers Monkey: Nope

    @b00sh: That offer is fine, but I don’t think Verlander is a strong buy low. Search the site for more.

    @Eric H.: Can you grab Hawkins?

    @deepee: Eh, I wouldn’t do that.

    @anon: I’d lose Guillen.

    @cubbies299: Didn’t I answer this trade in yesterday’s comments? Please check.

    @anon: You’re not going to get Kershaw for them, but offer them to see.

    @Eric: Hold Andrus.

    @Harley: Hawkins, Bonifacio

    @johnson21: Nope, bad trade.

    @Euroalien: Young may not turn it around until July. I’d trade Johan or Lincecum for Wright. No, on Romero.

    @Wizo: Holliday for either of those is fine.

    @G: I’d want Kemp there.

    @cubbies299: I already said yes yesterday. Is this trade different than that one?

    @deepee: I’d want Kemp.

    @Zebo: If you need saves.

  39. NoonTime says:

    @deepee: Sounds like garbage. I mean if Kemp was a struggling buy-low candidate then maybe someone would be duped into trading him for Ibanez + fluff. Kemp is a legit 2nd rounder playing like one. I wish all the Kemp seekers good luck but in a competitive league you are not getting Kemp unless you can afford to overpay for him from an excess stat category or position.

  40. BigFatHippo says:

    @IowaCubs: Just judging the interest in that trade offer last night.

  41. Doug Ault says:

    I grabbed Wood, but now I read he may be sent back down in a week

  42. Tony says:

    @G: Overpaying for KEMP! HA!!! Ibanez and all those smucks aren’t getting you kemps sister in a trade!

    @Wizo: I’m holding on Holliday, new team, new stadium, he’s adjusting… I HOPE, why sell LOW?

    and YES SONOVABENCH on BRUCE…. every time i bench that dang guy he goes yard (so twice this year) when he’s in my line up, NOTHING! Just waiting for that Hot streak… He better get hot/consistent at some point. I guaranteed he hits 30 or more HR’s in my league!

    BOLD? I think its attainable, easily attainable actually….

    Will the fantasy gods please give Dan Haren some run support today, christ 1 run over 3 games, dudes got a sick ERA, he can’t do anymore to earn a dang win!!!

  43. Daemon says:

    I’m being offered Alexei Ramirez and Matt Holliday for Tex and Bedard. Fair trade? I’ve got pretty good pitching, but have Orlando Cabrera at SS and an OF slot rotating to the flavor-of-the-week. My 1B slot is already locked down by Pujols, so giving up Tex won’t hurt me there.

    It’s a keeper league, if that makes any difference. My read is that Tex is a lock for what he always does, Bedard is pitching like a Cy Young guy again (but is fragile), Ramirez is having a rough spot but will get his act together, and Holliday won’t ever hit all that many HRs outside of Coors but will probably be traded out of Oakland by the deadline.

  44. BSA says:

    @Zebo: Excerpt from Terry Francona in the clubhouse this morning, ” For their first twin bill of the season, “we’ll certainly have some decisions to make after the first game, with them having a lefty going in the second game,” Francona said. “We’ll kind of assess where we are and go from there.”

    Mike Lowell might be the designated hitter in the second game, but first “we’ve got to get some things figured out,” Francona said. With lefthander Francisco Liriano pitching, the Sox want to load up as many righthanders as they can.

    The Red Sox want to know how Lowell’s surgically repaired hip responds after the first game. It seems like Lowell DHing would be a good bet — if there is a second game. The forecast doesn’t look great.”

  45. Tom says:

    I think I asked earlier this season if Stewart reaches 400 AB this year, and you doubted it. Possible yet?

  46. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Daemon: I think you’re observations are spot on. The trade’s fair, if it helps you, go for it.

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: 400’s about his over/under. I hope he goes over, but it’s about an even bet.

  48. Freak says:

    “Granted, I’m a big fan of Wood in the right situations, especially if you’re trying to start a fire.”

    I’m somewhat disappointed this wasn’t a sex joke.

  49. AdamPS says:

    @Grey Should I drop Bonifacio for Wood? Either one would just be a bench-stash for now.

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Freak: You don’t know what kind of fire I’m talking about. Rawr!

    @AdamPS: Eh… Depends if you need steals. If so, then hold. Though Wood will probably have more value down the line if he can stick in the majors.

  51. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: Here’s a more philosophical question, to be answered here or maybe in a future post:

    How soon do you, personally, Mr. Grey, start making or thinking about making trades?

    Generally I try to hold off until at least end of April, unless someone bowls me over. I just feel I can’t realistically evaluate my team’s strengths and weaknesses after only a few weeks. Also, player’s values are fluctuating so wildly based on early season streaks and slumps. I figure, I liked this team when I drafted it, I’ll see it through a month.

    But by the end of April, I’ll start re-evaluating (especially if problems I feared — say, lack of speed — become problems I see) and looking around for good buy-low targets.

    Have you made any/lots of trades so far this year? Do you think there’s any wisdom in waiting?

    Also: Start Action Jackson against the Halos?

    See, I snuck that one in at the last minute.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Start him.

    Yeah, I don’t make many trades. Might be the nature of the leagues I’m in, might be because I want too much in trades. I was almost about to make in March for Chris Davis sending Joba. The other guy offered it to me. I said I’d do it, then he rescinded and I never heard boo back. (It’s my AL-Only league.) If the trade’s right, I’d do it whenever, but I’m not going to discount my guys due to cold Aprils. I will try to trade away hot Aprils sometimes.

  53. cubbies299 says:

    @Grey: Hey, yeah sorry you answered it for Bruce, but I couldn’t get Bruce so it’s Burrel instead with Kuo added on. I mean it’s a small change, but just wondering

  54. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: I think the trade is fine for you.

  55. Tony says:

    @Daemon: yeah I like that deal…. Holliday will get moved, I am hoping the A’s tank it enough they do it this year.

    I say do it, you’re getting the two better commodities for tex pretty much. You drafted Bedard really late right? DO IT.

  56. @Daemon: Seems like a balanced trade. If you’re set on pitching and 1B + hurting in OF and SS, it seems worthwhile.

  57. sean says:

    First Round: David Wright
    Second Round: Prince Fielder
    Third Round: Carlos Quentin
    Fourth Round: Alex Rios
    Fifth Round: Brandon Phillips
    Sixth Round: Shane Victorino

    Q: Which one of these is not like the others?
    A: Quentin. Everyone else is KILLING ME!

  58. sean says:

    CBS dudes must read Razzball:

    Sandoval no longer Giants’ backup C

    Pablo Sandoval, 1B SF
    News: San Francisco optioned LHP Alex Hinshaw to Triple-A Fresno and recalled C Steve Holm after Tuesday’s game. Pablo Sandoval, the starting third baseman, is no longer the Giants’ backup catcher now.
    Analysis: Holm takes over the role as Bengie Molina’s caddy. That means fewer games for Sandoval behind the plate, perhaps none. So much for Sandoval getting catcher eligibility in April. He might not earn it all season now. Consider him a low-end Fantasy third baseman until he breaks out of his early season funk. He is better than he has shown, but young hitters tend to streaky and tough to trust consistently in mixed leagues.

  59. Daemon says:

    I got Bedard in the 12th, so middling-late. I think I might explore Tex + Dempster first (since I have little or no faith in Dempster).

    Thanks for the help.

  60. agarthered says:

    Drop tejada for Reynolds? If my starting 3b is beltre and my starting SS is Alexei?

    I also have Howard, so i’m worried about having Reynolds and Howard on same team..but Im lacking Hr’s right now

    thx to sunuvabenching bruce twice, and howard/beltran/beltres slow start in hrs.

  61. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @sean: That’s my draft, except with Phillips in the 3rd, Peavy in the 4th and Alexei in the 5th. So no Quentin to leaven the suckitude. (At least Votto is hitting. Votto!)

    How did Phillips fall to the 5th round? I had him as the third best 2Bman on the board.

  62. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: p.s. I would have taken Q over Phillips in the 3rd, but he went mid 2nd round in my draft.

  63. johnson21 says:

    Grey, Bench Rios, play Cust?

  64. johnson21 says:

    I am actually short on average, steals, and saves. Was thinking of tanking average and steals (since they are so hard to find) and then load up on the Reynolds, Cust, Dunn types to solidify my other categories, and then getting Saves off the wire.

  65. JR says:

    @johnson21: I think that’s an interesting strategy, but why punt steals? They’re not hard to find. Just punt average.

  66. johnson21 says:

    JR, right now i have rios and werth as my lone base stealers. i guess i can have a look at LUGO at SS for stolen bases, but I will be hurting. Tempted to trade Miggy for Kemp + closer since I have reynolds, fielder, and davis to fill two spots on my roster.

  67. cubbies299 says:

    dammit. I think I might be able to do Beltran/Verlander for Shields/Alfonso Soriano. I know I’m probably not getting as much value as the Beltran for Fielder/Kuo/Burrell, but I think I have to do this trade over the other one, right??

  68. bostonaccent says:

    @sean: A: David Wright?

    All the rest have been really unlucky (Phillips .147 BABIP is downright cruel) and should see it turn around soon. The scary thing is, Quentin still has a lot of room to improve (.188 BABIP).

    Wright has been spraying them all over the place, just not over the fence. Now we just have to hope that it’s just an April thing (Mets hit 16 as a team last April) and not a scary deep Citi fences thing… Of course, if Grey is right, and the speed is fading, ouch. He’s Mauer playing third.

  69. Joel says:

    Scott Baker is getting tagged today. I’m sure he’ll be hitting waivers soon. Pick him up?

  70. Eric W says:

    got Doumit in a 16 man league good or bad idea to slide a back up catcher in to his spot. (all the starters left are just going to kill me)

  71. Grey

    Grey says:

    @agarthered: I’d prefer Reynolds.

    @johnson21: Play Rios.

    @johnson21: Don’t punt both. Don’t punt either if possible.

    @cubbies299: I’d want Shields/Soriano.

    @Joel: I don’t like Baker this year.

    @Eric W: Huh? You have to get a backup catcher. Maybe I’m not understanding.

  72. vinko says:

    @Grey: I think we have a new member to the Flat-billed Pitchypus club, Danny Herrera – Redlegs.

  73. Tony says:

    @bostonaccent: did you just compare david wright to Joe Mauer if he loses speed? Please tell me I’m reading this wrong?

  74. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Joel: Razzy!

  75. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Tony: Don’t you remember that year Mauer hit .310 with 32 HRs, 120 R, and 120 RBIs?

  76. Tony says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:

    Mauer has 44 CAREER HR’s. 5 seasons.

    How is he comparable to Wright then? Wright puts that up EACH year, not once…. and Mauer is injury prone, Wright has been anything but that… IDK weird comparison saying “if he doesn’t steal he’s joe mauer” am i the only one confused? HAHA

  77. bostonaccent says:

    @Tony: If Wright stops running AND drops off in power due to that field. Two big ifs. And I have him on my team, so I’m hardly wishing those things on him. And the Mauer thing is more of a position relative thing… Is that enough qualifying?

    Obviously he’s not going to hit 10 like Mauer, but if his line drops to 100/24/100/.320/10, he’s a high average Beltre.

    Look, I’ve got Fielder, Alexei and Iannetta. I’m getting scared and paranoid, okay?

  78. Ashley says:

    I wish Braun could hit against 46 year olds every night!

    What is going on with Scott Baker???

    He only gave up 20 homeruns in 170+ IP last year. He’s already given up 7 homeruns in 8 IP this year.. Why??

    I might drop him if his next start is horrible.

  79. Joel says:

    Are the Yankees the worst defense in the league, or the worsest?

    Thankfully C.C. Sabathia is about to be someone else’s heartburn.

  80. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @bostonaccent: He won’t lose that many homers. Down the line is fine, it’s only the gaps that are huge. What he loses in ding-dongs he’ll gain in long run-driving-in doubles. And he’s still playing half the games on the road. He’s not headed for Mauer or Beltre territory.

    I also have Fielder and Alexei, so I feels your pains.

    @Ashley: Chien Ming Wang Lite. It’s a decent bet Baker is hiding an injury. I’ll guess he hits the DL in two weeks or less.

  81. bostonaccent says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: See, that’s why I have Mauer stashed on my DL. I think that’s THIS year!

    I think I just need a hug. Or maybe another 2 RBI game from Prince.

  82. Tony says:

    @bostonaccent: the best from Wright is yet to be seen… I am not worried about him, he’s a FINISH STRONG at the end of the year guy anyways…. he hit .330 second half last year… I play H2H so thats EXACTLY what i want on my team. He’ll run, he’ll hit, its what day 17? The season is young….

  83. ron mexico's papi says:

    @ Grey: Is James Loney anything more than a slap singles hitting 1B? I mean, the guy isn’t even Todd Helton light right now like a lot of people thought he could be (albeit in a pitchers paradise vs. a Cactus League park on steroids…err…Coors Field).

    Also, is (Grand)Papi’s bat really as slow right now as I’m hearing it is? Both of his extra base hits yesterday were oppo.

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @vinko: Ha! Good call.

    @Ashley: I’ve been saying Baker’s in trouble this year, but I still think he might be able to get something ina trade because someone might think he’s going to revert to the old Baker. He’s probably headed for the Disgraceful List.

    @Tony: @bostonaccent: @Baron Von Vulturewins: I think Laird has a better chance of being Mauer than Mauer being Wright.

    @ron mexico’s papi: I’ve written so many times on these pages Ortiz is done. He’s finished. He’s old. His bat’s slow. He’s fat. Fat players break down earlier than others. He might have a good game here and there but he’s not going to be the old Ortiz…. I mean, he will be the old Ortiz, but not old in the good sense. Loney’s kinda bleh.

  85. Griff says:

    @Joel: You can’t defend walks and homeruns, look at CCs numbers. Their defense is actually a lot better with Teix at first. Gardner flashed some glove to rob Giambi of a double last night, too.

  86. ron mexico's papi says:

    @Grey: I kinda figured that’s what you would say. Unfortunately, I have under contract through next year in my keeper league. Yay! I tried to trade him and his unfortunate contract before the season, but I couldn’t find any takers. Our 1B player pool is paper thin (all of the good ones are locked up through at least next season), so Loney is what I had to fall back on. I do have VMart and Mauer, so I guess when Mauer comes back I will slide VMart over to 1B.

    VMart or Loney at 1B?

  87. Doug Ault says:

    I tried like hell to trade CC last year before his regirth,I felt his inning count was going to catch up to him.Now we’re seeing a replay of last year’s start, will he rebound?

  88. BigFatHippo says:

    Should we be worried about Beltre? He’s not great at 3b anyway, but doubt I could move him right now.

  89. EricB says:

    Which side of this trade do you like better?

    Garrett Atkins & Matt Lindstrom for Michael Young & Ricky Nolasco.

  90. JaHerer says:

    I’m in need of HRs, AVG, and OPS

    Right now I’m working on trading Becket and Granderson for Markaksis and R. Johnson… worth it? Will Markaksis keep up the production even as the O’s inevitably fall deep, deep into the cellar?

  91. Becket and Granderson for Markaksis and R. Johnson, hmm, let me think on this one.

  92. EricB says:

    @JaHerer: I wouldn’t make that trade. Beckett is a stud. Johnson is a marginal player not much better than guys on the waiver wire. It’s almost a 2 for 1 trade where you’re giving up too much.

  93. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ron mexico’s papi: V-Mart

    @Doug Ault: You better hope so (if you have him again, I’m not sure if that’s what you’re saying).

    @BigFatHippo: I liked Beltre coming into this year, felt he had suddenly moved into underrated territory. Might be battling some soreness in his shoulder.

    @EricB: Atkins side

    @JaHerer: You’re basically trading Beckett and Grandy for Markakis…. Eh. Not crazy about it.

    ******If comments aren’t regarding this specific post, please take them to the newest post. Thanks.

  94. bostonaccent says:

    @Grey: Sweet, I’m picking up Laird! Wait, what? (Sorry, it’s just the April fantasy delirium)

  95. Quintero says:

    Related post here…

    in the top 20 catcher post, you wrote:
    “Doumit is injury-prone, but so what? If he hits 17 home runs in 110 games and you can plug in someone else the other 50 games, you’re actually better off than having a subpar catcher for 160 games. Doumit’s injury history is actually how he ended up in front of Iannetta and Shoppach. It’s a plus in my mind.”
    totally with you, couldn’t agree more on that and didn’t trade away Doumit in my ultra deep dynasty league.
    Now, with crappy options hanging out on the wire(Chris Snyder, Jesús Flores, Kurt Suzuki, Nick Hundley, and John Buck, oh, and Gerald Laird), are there any useful indicators to decide which catcher to stream?
    Laird is the hot one, while Buck is the hot one who doesn’t play everyday. Suzuki and Hundley are off nice starts but they ain’t getting any help in their lineups. Snyder and Flores might be the most streaky two…all this factors are not really helping me…will you take opponents into account or just go after the hot one?

    thanks for sharing.

  96. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Quintero: Play the hot hand with the best matchups. You may have to stream catchers for a few until you land on one you like. I’d go with Laird or Hundley, but Buck’s not a bad option either.

  97. johnson21 says:

    Who is Ziegler’s second in command?

  98. Grey

    Grey says:

    @johnson21: Casilla

    ****** See the bottom of comment #94

  99. EricB says:

    @Quintero: I’d get Suzuki. He plays everyday, hits for average at least. Not much pop, but if the team around him ever started to do anything his value would increase. At least he won’t kill you with a low batting average, and he’ll get a run or rbi here and there.

  100. Quintero says:

    Thanks Grey and EricB for your sharing.
    After a long contemplating, here is what I’m going to do: b/c a large 15-man active batting roster(H2H league, ratio cats are AVG and OPS), I will just stream the hot hand with the best matchup, while sometimes don’t stream a catcher at all but stream a SP instead.
    Micro-managing, the life of a fantasy baseballer…

  101. papasmurf says:

    What’s Hundley’s upside, Grey? He has any relation to Todd Hundley by the way?

  102. Grey

    Grey says:

    @papasmurf: They are related. But I think Todd got all the power. I think the best you can hope for with Nick is 15 HRs and a .260 average. So usable, just not crazy upside.

  103. Big League Chew says:

    I have Lackey on my DL right now and Posada as a catcher as well should I just cut my losses with Doumit?

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