Well, you gotta deal with Y!’s crappy waiver wire again, rather than just being able to pick Max Scherzer up. For the uninitiated, he’s a flamethrower with a Nazi sounding name who was called up by the Diamondbacks.  In Triple-A, he sported a 1.17 ERA and a 38/3 K/BB ratio. That’s good, ya’ll. I’d drop just about any fifth starter or second tier middle reliever to pick him up, even in mixed leagues. Keeper leagues and NL-Only leagues should go after him strong.  If he’s inserted into the rotation (and with Micah Ownings ailing, it seems like he will be), he could be as good Johnny Cueto. Which is to say, ups and downs, but very dominant stuff. He can be a bit wild at times, but if this season’s K/BB ratio is any indication, he might have tamed that problem. His spot in the rotation, as of right now, is tentative at best. Anyway, here’s what else I saw today:

Jorge Posada – Going into the season, Posada looked like one of the bigger possible busts (not including Billy Butler’s moobs) because of his unsustainable average from last year, and now he hits the DL for the first time in his career at the ripe age of 36. I think he might be out for the season because he’s going to see Dr. Julie Andrews, the doctor that puts careers on hold for years at a time. Even if Posada doesn’t need season-ending surgery, you don’t need him. Some catchers I’d look at:  Doumit, Navarro, Saltalamacchia, Snyder, Suzuki — really depends on needs, but that’s the order I’d grab those catchers if value was all you were concerned in.

Mike CameronKrispie Young Sr. aka Mr. 20/20/.250 is due back on Tuesday. He shouldn’t be on waivers in any competitive league.

Dave Bush – To paraphrase Lupe Fiasco — Kick, Bush. Kick, Bush. He was sent to the minors to make room for Krispie Young Sr. The Brewers make smart personnel decisions.

Manny Parra – After yesterday’s start (and the last three starts), I could’ve understood him getting the demotion, but I’m glad he didn’t. Meanwhile, he doesn’t look right with very little command of his pitches.

Paul Konerko – As I mentioned the other day, he was dropped in one of my ‘pert leagues last week. Yesterday he hit two home runs. See, we all make mistakes. I still see 35 home runs from Paulie.

Carlos Delgado – Also hit two home runs on Sunday. I’d still leave him for dead. Or trade him.

Gary Sheffield – He just doesn’t look right and the longer you hold onto him the less you’ll ever get for him. At this point, he may be nothing but a throw-in player in a deal.

Brandon Phillips – Hit two runs, as well. I’m still selling.

Justin Verlander – Last year was supposed to be the year after he logged too many innings and got roughed up. Maybe it’s coming a year later? Just like you had to wait out CC, you can’t trade Verlander where is value is at right now.

Edinson Volquez – aka Edison aka Julio Reyes was unhittable against the Ain’ts because either his stuff was filthy or he was extremely wild. Know what, still got the job done. For those savvy owners out there, I’d field offers for Edinson to see what kind of offensive player you could get.

Alexis Rios – Still not regretting having him on four teams.

Troy Glaus – Hit his first home run of the season. As I said a few days ago, everything is telling me no, but Glaus looks fine. Not saying he’s going to hit 40 home runs with a .290 average, but if you can handle .250 for 30 home runs, I think he could get there.

John Lannan – As the French say, he’s a poseur. (The French might not say that, but whatever. Ain’t like you’re quoting me when you’re out on the town with your lady friend.) I don’t buy his starts at all. Play him if you want, but unless he sold his soul to the devil in the offseason, he can’t keep up this numbers.

James Shields – Loved him coming into the year, even going as far as ranking him in my top twenty pitchers overall. Through six starts he has a 2.34 and I’m still buying.

C.C. Sabathia – Of course he’s okay. And so is Big Papi and so is Robinson Cano and so Ryan Howard and so is Prince Fielder and so is any major league starter who is slumping that has proven he’s better than how he is performing right now. As exciting it would be for a proven vet to completely tank (and CC is more or less a tank), it’s not going to happen.

Moises Alou – He might consider peeing on his ankle. He’s going for an MRI, possibly a slight fracture of the ankle.

Jimmy Rollins – Seems his broken ankle was more hyperbole from the world wide web than actual truth. He took batting practice on Saturday.

Jayson Nix – Was sent down. Cut him in all leagues. He won’t be back for a while, if ever.

Blake DeWitt – Nomar’s on the DL. In other news, water is wet.

  1. Tony B. says:

    I own that Nazi from Arizona in my CBS Keeper and have to now activate from him his Minor League status. Which pitcher would you drop to make room for him?

    Clay Buchholz
    Ervin Santana

    The rest of my SP’s go: DL Lackey, DL Kazmir, Bedard, and Lincecum

    Or should I just cut ties with Erick Aybar as my super 2B/SS sub to Furcal and Cano?

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony B.: Your starters are pretty solid. I’d drop Aybar. You don’t need to be backing up Furcal and Cano. Plus, Aybar’s pretty one-note. You’ll get some occasional steals for Aybar and some average, but nothing you’ll miss. I like him, but at the end of the year, you’re not going to be saying, “Man, I’m really glad I got Aybar.” You could be saying that about the Nazi.

  3. Steve says:

    Would you drop Milledge, Adam Jones or Bourn (all bench guys for me) for Cameron? Bourn is the most likely candidate – I have Crawford, Rios and Markakis for steals.

  4. I definitely wouldn’t drop Bourn. At the very least, I’d trade him. I’d drop Adam Jones out of the three. Milledge second.

  5. Lolhamburger says:

    12 team, standard 5×5, H2H league, with 5 OF and 1 UT spots:

    I have Victorino coming off of DL. Drop Ethier, Melky or Butler? Cameron is a FA, surprisingly. Trading is not really an option because half of the teams are not paying attention, making the FA pool rich for the other half.

    I’m leaning Ethier at the moment given the crowded LAD OF situation, but part of me has a hunch that Butler was a pre-season projection mistake, though it’s admittedly too early to tell. Haven’t checked batting statistics yet to see who might be flukish. If forced to guess blindly, would think that Butler’s AVG is real, Melky’s power is fake and Ethier’s AVG is fake. All in a relative sense, of course.

    Anyway, interested in your thoughts, especially since these names were often mentioned in the past.

    Thanks in advance. I’m a big fan of this site. I sit at work hitting refresh all day hoping for new content. I don’t think that I’m the only one that does this!

  6. Tony B. says:

    Another question…

    I drafted the following 3 closers all after round 15:

    Soria, Corpas, and Brian Wilson. I currently lead in saves due to my pickup of Rauch when Cordero initially went down and I’ve held onto him since. Someone recently dropped Accardo and I scooped him up. Closers and their possible set-up men heir apparents are few and far between on our league’s waiver wire so would you hold onto Accardo b/c of this fact or is he not himself at this current point in time?

  7. accardo hasn’t looked too hot this year but i like your strategy in general. i’d consider him the first guy to drop in case you need to bench a starting player for some reason. i held onto rafael perez for a week in one league in case he got a cheap save until posada went down…

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Lolhamburger: Honestly, I think Butler’s going to be great but he’s not hitting more than 22 home runs this year. He’s a weirdly-shaped average hitter. Maybe next year he gets to 30 home runs as his power continues to grow, but anyone who thinks he’s a home run hitter this year, I think is mistaken. I think people look at him and see a 40 home run guy. But he’s not.

    I think Melky is going to hit between 15 and 20 home runs and steal the same amount while keeping a decent average. So he’s already better than Butler for roto when you include the steals.

    Ethier — I’m not that excited about him. He’s got some hype (which I have no idea where it’s coming from, considering he doesn’t do anything really exceptional). He’s not going to get to Melky’s numbers in power or steals. His at-bats should be okay, probably reach 450 to 500 for the year, but the numbers are kinda — whatever. I’d drop him. Considering your league’s not that active, you’ll probably be able to get someone as good anyway in case of an injury.

  9. jason says:

    Trading Rauch + Salty for Helton is a bad idea, right? My average is godawful and although I have Lee I could use him in Util. I also have Soria, Street, and Fuentes, so I’m second in saves and that’s not really an issue. Still, I don’t know if Helton is worth the upgrade at Util over say Beltre or Konerko.

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jason: Actually I don’t mind that trade. You’re fine in saves and you never know when more come into the league so you could get more at any point. I’m all about trading closers. If you need average, can’t do much better than Helton and when looking at only average, like him a lot better than Beltre and Konerko.

  11. G-Men says:

    Trying to fill some holes on my team, rank these players for me at their positions (this is kind of a combination of my team and the waiver wire)…

    SS: Peralta, Hardy, Greene, Keppinger
    1B: Loney, C. Jackson, Votto
    C: Navarro, Doumit, Suzuki


  12. G-Men says:

    FYI – My team is weak in R, HR, RBI. Should be decent in AVG & SB.

    Currently Platooning the three 1b and EE in my Util & 1B spot. Just dropped S. Drew and added Peralta, and also fell victim to the shoulder de Posada.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:


    SS — Peralta, Greene, Hardy, Keppy — these aren’t that close.
    1B — Jackson, Votto, Loney — these are very close.
    C — Doumit, Navarro, Suzuki — these aren’t that close.

  14. Dave says:

    Re: Rollins. Nobody seemed to mention/notice that the reports of the broken ankle were from a Mets blog. It quoted Philly radio WIP. I was listening that day. Never happened. The lesson as always – never EVER trust a Mets fan

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dave: Ha, yeah should’ve known mookiewilsonforpresident.com wasn’t trustworthy.

  16. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Quick waiver wire help for my 5×5 mixed:

    I just traded for JJ. Putz, and now need SP help. Who should I pick up in place of Jeremy Acardo, who I plan on dropping in place of a starter?

    Two options: Mark Hendrickson or Aaron Cook?

    I need some help in wins, i’m okay in whip, era and k’s.

  17. Steve says:

    @Rudy Gamble: How does Bourn for Tulo sound? Or maybe Bourn + Renteria for Tulo?

  18. Steve – love the trade if you can get it done. i think you’ll need to package them both to have a chance…

  19. Steve says:

    Looking at it again, it sounds like like robbery (that doesn’t make sense). But the guy with Tulo is on record as wanting steals.

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: Those options are like, “Do you prefer a stabbing or a bowling ball dropped on your head?”

    Aaron Cook.

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